View Full Version : CQ 6500K Installed

12-17-2006, 09:11 AM
Well Got 'em in yesterday. The Install was basic as all hell and probably could be done w/o instructions as there's only one way to hook up all of the wiring(male/female connectors). I'd say the most difficult part for me, was squeezing the bulb and the cover back into the housing with the clearance that you have (like none). I ended up clipping the retainer clip in half to get it over the hid bulb. I'm sure there's an easier (smarter) way to do this, but it worked. I mounted the ballasts on the firewall right next to the weather stripping. I didn't want to take out the housings and put them in the oem spot. I think someone said the CQ ballasts are too thick. Either way it looks clean, and all of the wires are ziptied and tucked away.
Performance wise, couldn't be happier. They are bright as hell and look super white. (really not blue at all). Looks great. Cant wait to get the 3000k for the fogs!! [wrench]