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12-05-2006, 02:11 AM





Extra Lip:

I'm really busy with work and my masters, so I don't have time to enjoy my car.

Car comes with ALL stock parts (Stock ECU, Exhaust, Wheels, stock headlights, stock sport suspension, loer door trim, whatever else I took off the car, etc..) + a bunch of extra stuff I've accumulated over the years (extra rear deck, pair of A pillars, full set of AC vents, extra lip, etc..). KBB Private Party value for STOCK excellent condition is $11,245. Please make reasonable offer for car w/ mods. The EL lighting (it's all blue indiglo lights, not neon) alone cost quite a bit. (I'm trying to sell the car w/ the mods, not stock) I'm willing to work something out!

Will not part out unless someone wants the car first. This month is pretty crazy for me with term papers, so I may have to wait until late Jan to sell.

BTW - the speakers in the kickpanels will be MB Quart QSD's (MBQ top of the line). The pic I posted was used for some magazine shots, and we needed to finish it, so we slapped in whatever would fit at the time (MBQ Premium). I will re-EQ for the QSD's with an Audiocontrol RTA.

I don't log on here too often. Please email me at garyt808@gmail.com.


P.S. I need to say "Thank You Security & Sound for giving me a place to spend all my money!"

12-06-2006, 01:38 AM
You're still trying to sell your car? I thought you sold it by now. I remember from the very first Audi cruise, you said it was up for sale. I was driving a Santorin B5 A4 back then.

Jesse S.
12-06-2006, 05:41 PM
Damn.. I need some parts.. lol