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12-04-2006, 08:04 PM
i wrote this up earlier in an email and i thought it was good info

so i thought id post it here..maybe some of you can use the info one day since more and more ppl are going bt

this is a tweaked 28rs/440 file and these are my hardware/software changes in a nutshell..if you ever had any ?'s about my car this should answer them..

anyways..heres my set up:

gt3076r-13 @ 20.5psi daily..would like to be able to run more, the turbo is good for 30+psi, diode the map perhaps?
siemens 630cc injectors @ 3bar currently
descreened vr6 maf housing, stock 1.8t sensor
cat cams 1013651 camshafts..lift (intake/exhaust): 245 / 262° duration: 207 / 217°
front mount intercooler
3" d/p, 2.5" exhaust
no catalytic converter
no sec air pump
no combi valve
no n75, i use a manual boost controller

i have main fuel trim @ -20%, timing @ -3.75deg, idle torque @ +15, idle speed @ +100rpm...all lemmiwinks tweaks

part throttle cruising stays right ~14.7, idle is right ~14.7, under boost is ~12.0 going to mid 11's in the higher revs...i have seen timing as low as 8-9btdc w/ lots of timing pull...i had timing @ -3deg and was still getting a decent amount of pull, i made the 307whp @ -3.75deg so thats what im running now

12-04-2006, 09:05 PM
i realize that you posted this so we wouldn't ask questions about your setup so much but....

with that size of a turbo, when do you start to build boost and when do you reach 20.5 psi?

12-04-2006, 09:11 PM
spool is mid 4k

i can get 15psi in 3rd gear @ 4k under the right conditions