View Full Version : springs or coilovers?

10-30-2006, 09:46 PM
1-I want to lower my B7 3.2 S-Line, but not sure if i should get coilovers or sport springs. I dont take my car to the track, but do like to take some fun drives time to time, nothing crazy though. What coilovers or springs would you suggest? Also where could i get them installed? basically will the springs damange anything, and will it be a harsher ride then my sport suspension i have now?

2-If i got the springs/coilovers, would 10mm wheel spacers fit in the rear with the car lowered or should i just forget it?I want the wheels flush even if it is not lowered. What are the +/- of wheel spacers?

10-31-2006, 06:07 AM
coilovers are adjustable in height and most in dampening. springs are set in height and dampening. being you live in long island you might want to think about raising the car back up to stock height for the winter when you change your tires back to stock (if you have larger ones on now). i live in CT so i know how that goes. if your low on cash you can always go with springs and shocks as they are much less expensive but none adjustable. neither will damage anything.

some of the less expensive coilovers:
StaSIS street sports $995
tein basics $739 from ecode tuning
tein SS $1049 from ecode tuning

they are very close to stock ride comfort with way better handling.

Stasis has a group buy on the street sports for 799 which is a great deal but so many people got them that if you want them now they are backordered till december. not like you really wanna lower your car in the winter anyways. luckily i got in on the deal before they went over.

as far as spacers im really not sure i think it depends on your rims and tire sizes so youd have to check on that. i know some people run staggered settups with wider in the back.

hope that helps