View Full Version : watching dvd on b7

10-30-2006, 08:56 PM
is it possible? i have the nav on a 2007 a4.

10-31-2006, 10:11 AM
Yes I would also like the info, I checked the references from the B7 forum, but nothing helpful, Everything was taken with the Crash, so what module is needed & use a PS2 or a DVD player

10-31-2006, 06:51 PM
I think PROXUS can best answer this. From my knowledge, the DVD drive in the RNS-E can only read CDs, MP3s, and DVD map data for NAV. To view video, you need a multimedia interface (like the Dietz 1417 adapter or something similar). From there, you can hook up any external device to it as the interface would accept simple RCA video and audio connections.

Once that's all hooked up, then you'll have a new option from the CD/SD button when selecting the source: CD, SD, and TV. TV will now give you access through the interface to the external device (dvd player, PS2, video iPod, etc.). Now if you want to view while in motion (faster than 8mph), there are some people here (PROXUS) who can reflash the RNS-E to make that happen without the need for any switches or additional adapters.

The setup is the same to those who have the B6 A4/S4. I'm currently setting up a Blaupunkt ME3 DVD/CD/MP3 player with built in TV tuner that will be installed into the glovebox (where the CD changer would be for those who already have that).

The main device you need is the Dietz 1417 adapter. Now... Dietz stopped making that adapter, but some other company has picked up on it. I don't recall the name, but you can find it and lots more info over at www.navplus.us

11-03-2006, 12:43 PM
CyberPMG is right....

...in simple words to view external Video on RNS-E you need:
1. Multimedia Interface
2. Video source - for ex. DVD player

Multimedia interface will conect to back of your RNS-E (wide connector) and DVD player is connected to Multimedia interface.

To enable TV-In-Motion you need either send your unit to unlock (cost $100~$125) or get Dietz1280 box (cost $150~$200).

unocking i sthe cleanest way without any boxes or switches, and of course is cheaper, but if you doesn't live in North America, shipping your unit could be expensive and dietz 1280 could be good option.