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10-27-2006, 11:14 AM
(dunno if this is in the right forum, figured i'd ask fellow b5'ers first...)

Last weekend i see my front drivers tire flat to the ground... (out of nowhere, drove fine, looked fine night before, i check pressure every week and baby the sh*t out of my car cosmetically...) Ends up after putting it on the lift at my mechanics that its balding and worn to high-hell on the inside nearly to the point of rubbing on the rim. "panic". back tires are fine - and passenger side tire was worn out and getting there too...

"It needs an alignment".

I searched around, saw that we need 4-wheel alignments, called up Sears Auto nearby (needed it quick and fast) and they confirmed that they can handle Quattro alignment and 4-wheel, etc...

Question(s) if someone would be so kind to help me out with -

Has anyone here had this wear/tear/misalignment problem happen?
Was that a sign that the previous owner aligned it only for 2-wheel?
How often should i now re-align or go for maintenance?

Is quattro alignment different than 4 wheel drive alignment? (i know all 4 usually get aligned, but for our cars, is it different?)

And does anyone else use Sears ? (or has? good/bad results?!! )

Thanks for any feedback - I appreciate it in advance.

10-27-2006, 01:51 PM
our cars are nothing special to align, actually have less to adjust than most, as you cant adjust the camber(short of wiggling the subframe).

most cars get a 4 wheel alignment, 2 wheel is old school and takes just about as much time.

a 2 wheel alignment just doesnt take into account the rear tires being parallel to the front, so your toe, camber and caster is still set in the front.

if the rear is waaay out you get some tire wear, but itll be all the way around or just on the rear

the tires worn on the inside, depending on the wear pattern could be from incorrect toe, excessive negative camber(most likely on lowered cars) or a possible rubbing problem.

i never take my cars to sears for anything. same goes for walmart, jiffy lube, pep boys, etc. take it to an established alignment shop, or even the dealer.

10-27-2006, 03:15 PM
Has anyone here had this wear/tear/misalignment problem happen?

Yes. When I bought my A4 from the previous owner, the car was lowered and I suspect that he never had it re-aligned. Not to mention the wheel bearings were bad so I'm sure that contributed to the problem.

How often should i now re-align or go for maintenance?

I bought a unlimited for a year alignment for $99 from NTB. They did a good job but I'm sure shops vary. You can take it to a dealer (as some do here) but, you are going to pay top dollar and they usually send it out anyways. Alignments are a PITA if you don't do them often from what some techs told me.

Make sure that whatever shop you take it to gives you a printout of before and after results...Good luck

10-27-2006, 04:06 PM
Take it to an independent shop.
Will run @$80-@$110
Get it done once per year

10-27-2006, 04:17 PM
depends where you take it. out here in LA its more expensive than 80 bucks. however, you should get it checked every 6 months.