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10-23-2006, 07:52 PM
I did search before posting this thread... but I had a quick question.

Im looking at going from my current 3.0 brake setup to an S4 one, but was wondering exactly what it will take. I have read people go from 1.8 brakes to 3.0, but arent they the same? Going from 3.0 to S4, do I need to change the rotors as well as the calipers, or will the stock size rotors work? I plan to upgrade the rotors anyway, but was wondering if I needed to change the size. Im pretty sure the S4 calipers will work fine, just wanted to see what everyone else thought. I plan to do SS Lines with Hawk pads... but beyond that, wasnt real sure about the whole caliper/rotor thing. Thanks for your help!

10-24-2006, 08:10 AM
1.8t are 245mm rotors. 3.0L are 255mm rotors. So, it is an upgrade to some extent. You have to get 3.0L carriers and of course the larger rotors, but the caliper bolts right up as the caliper is the same from 1.8t to 3.0L.
ECS has both a 3.0L upgrade and an S4 rear vented upgrade. I have the 3.0L upgrade with Hawk HPS and CD/Slotted rotors and like it. I think the S4 rear upgrade is overkill unless you heavily track your car. Nice bling factor, though.
But for you going from 3.0L already, maybe you want more.... so yes, the S4 kit from ECS might be something. The carriers, calipers, and rotors are totally different for the S4 from the 1.8/3.0, so you'll use nothing of what you currently have.
If you want the ultimate, Stasis has a nice rear upgrade kit. Front is what is important, though.

10-24-2006, 05:00 PM
rxrep, thanks for the help. Yeah, my 3.0 has its bone stock brakes and the pads from the day it rolled off the lot... so Im ready for something new. I dont want a BBK simply because as bling as it would look, its way overkill for my daily (non-track driven) driver. I think that the S4 upgrade would look better and work better than my stock setup without needing to drop a bunch of cash.

So... not only do I need the S4 calipers, but I will need the carriers and the rotors? I was under the impression that the calipers will fit right onto the 3.0 rotors...

10-24-2006, 06:08 PM
Not sure about that... I don't know what size the s4 rotors are, but I saw a B6 S4 at a show this weekend and the rear rotros were way bigger than my 255mm ones. So I'd have to guess you'd need S4 everything for that upgrade.
Seriously, though, if you aren't tracking your car, doing much of anything beside pads, lines, and maybe slotted rotors is overkill.

10-24-2006, 10:04 PM
Im looking more towards the S4 setup for looks... its not going to make a huge difference since like I said, I dont track my car (I've done it once, and would like to do it from time to time...)

Im mostly thinking of doing the front with the S4 stuff... I'd like to get CD/Slotted rotors then getting some to match for the rear but keep the stock rear caliper setup. What do you think?

10-24-2006, 10:05 PM
rxrep, after rereading your last post... I see you were talking about just the rears. Do you know if the front S4 calipers will bolt directly to the stock 3.0 rotor size?

10-25-2006, 10:46 AM
That I don't know. I know there is dfifference from B5 to B6 S4, but I'm not sure how they bolt up to a non-S4 B6. Sorry. Most people I know who went that route ended up going to an aftermarket BBK anyhow, so I just cut out the middle man and am going straight to a front BBK.
I'm pretty sure that you still need the front rotors and caliper/carriers, though. I think it is direct bolt on if you have the parts, but you don't re-use anything from your current set up. But I'm not sure....