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  1. Car Magazine drove the R8
  2. R8 at the local gas station Pics inside
  3. 2 R8 for sale!
  4. R8 on Racetrack
  5. R8 will help to fortify brand
  6. Some R8 group photos
  7. R8 Tested
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  11. ?
  12. My R8 ride and drive experience....pics
  13. My pics of the R8
  14. Audi R8 sighting
  15. colorado had the best r8 sighting
  16. Found this on cnn.com
  17. WHOS going to be the first?
  18. Oettinger R8!!!!
  19. Saw the new R8 on the road
  20. Las Vegas R8 sighting...
  21. needs the v10 option:)
  22. Audi R8 for EUR9..
  23. New R8 kinda disappointing?
  24. If you could pick: C6 Z06--Dodge Viper--Audi R8--BMW M6
  25. R8 Pricing
  26. R8 and 996
  27. Car Show Pics
  28. Audi R8 Commercial
  29. Audi R8 Testmule.....
  30. R8 Amsterdam Motorshow
  31. R8 on fire. Hope it's not a repost.
  32. R8 by ABT
  33. Finally pictures of a blue R8
  34. R8 Carbon Sigma Side Blades Dropped from Initial launch options
  35. Exclusive RHD R8 images and video
  36. Tiff in the R8...
  37. R8 on my street.
  38. R8 @ shanghai auto show
  39. Australian Pricing released
  40. Anyone been to Neckarsulm this year?
  41. My R8 Experience (22 Pics + Short Video!!!)
  42. Tri-state area, be alert, an R8 is on the road!
  43. leno test drive the R8
  44. Jeremy Clarkson loves the R8 (more than his own Lambo)
  45. Best R8 Mod
  46. R8 Diesel rumours
  47. How a new R8 is born
  48. AUDI R8: Featured in GT HD
  49. R8 vs 335i
  50. R8 in SF Chronicle
  51. Wheels on the R8.......
  52. R8 on FIRE (literally)
  53. R8 spotted in Redmond, WA
  54. R8 vs 911 4S
  55. Mercedes/McLaren to build an R8 clone??
  56. R8 Spotted at LAX on Thursday! BAD pic included.
  57. R8 in Tampa
  58. R8 in NorCal (Bay Area)
  59. R8 on the Audi Event, Chicago
  60. how to detail an R8....tons of photos
  61. R8 in Boca Raton..
  62. R-tronic gearbox
  63. Penske Audi R8
  64. **RS4 Leaves GMG Happy**
  65. Rs6 To Share Motor With Rs8
  66. Poor R8 :(
  67. R8 to star in "Ironman" movie
  68. Audi R8 vs Porsche 997 Carrera Fifth Gear video
  69. Picture of Black R8
  70. Pick up an R8 without a 3 year wait
  71. R8 - Exotic? Yes or No?
  72. R8 Viewing In Columbus Ohio
  73. Offical R8 Brochures
  74. R8 Ny
  75. R8 at stevens creek audi
  76. Kicherer R8
  77. Sighting!!!!!
  78. 1900 Miles and its everything they said it would be
  79. Audi R8: Driving across Canada
  80. R8 Vs. GT3 Vs. M3
  81. New Wheels and Tint
  82. R8 in Times Square
  83. Orange R8
  84. R8 V10
  85. Any mods for R8 yet?>
  86. It's HERE !
  87. Top Gear: R8 vs 997 CS
  88. how many R8s does it take....
  89. 20" HRE 590R's!!!!!!!!!!!!
  90. R8 @ Nuerburging
  91. Ibis White R8 available....at over MSRP
  92. Milltek R8 Exhaust At SEMA Show
  93. Audi R8 - V10 Model
  94. R8 test against M3, CLK63 AMG and 997 C4S in Spanish magazine AUTOMOVIL
  95. !!!!audi R8 Available For Sale!!!!
  96. Apr8
  97. Ibis White R8/ Carbon Sideblades
  98. [film] R8 exhaust by Sportwagen-Herrman.de
  99. DD's Huge Holiday sale starts today!
  100. Wheels and other products from MILLARACING
  101. Trade in
  102. Pre order H&R springs for your R8 and take advantage of our free shipping special
  103. IbisWhite/Carbon R8 Available
  104. R8 Dyno: Sad numbers
  105. R8 crash
  106. Carbon Fiber
  107. Some pictures of new R8 with Europe spec
  108. SALE: Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Program
  109. Limited Edition Audizine T-Shirt Group Buy - ENDING SOON!
  110. My R8 and the Milltek Exhaust
  111. R8 322 Km/h!
  112. 888bhp R8
  113. Highway patrol R8
  114. New development car at STaSIS.
  115. A follow up to the RS 8 V10 crash
  116. Whens the R8 getting a diesel
  117. Audi R8 -Bergdorf Goodman Edition
  118. Is there a R8 convertible coming?
  119. Encounter with a R8
  120. 50% off list for my 2008 R8
  121. ABT R8 at Essen Motor Show Pictures
  122. Polished R8 Wheels ala Ceramic Brakes
  123. R8 cheaper..
  124. R8 GT Racer!
  125. Any R8 Owners in SoCal looking for a photoshoot?
  126. So Sad
  127. R8 lowering springs availability?
  128. Save BIG $$$ on everything A.W.E. Tuning carries with extended sale!
  129. Nice R8 pics ;-)
  130. R8 opinions
  131. R8 V12 TDI pics!
  132. Turbocharged diesel V12 in the engine bay of Audi R8 at the Detroit auto show
  133. March or April 2008 G2G - Palisades Intertstae Park next to the Hudson. Interested?
  134. Canadian R8 Pics (Different Bumper)
  135. R8 V12 TDI Video
  136. UFC Champ Quinton Jackson has a new R8.
  137. Audi AG: Audi R8 Sports Car Goes Diesel In Detroit
  138. R8 EDO Competition Soundfile!
  139. Awesome video of R8 Milltek Exhaust !
  140. Doesn't fit!
  141. The Perfect R8...
  142. RS8 in SLO town
  143. Audi to advertise R8 during Super Bowl!
  144. R8 Euro Mirrors - In Stock!
  145. Superbowl Commercial
  146. New R8 Commercial
  147. R8 Carbon Pieces
  148. R8 at MSRP??
  149. Huge Special on Adam's Polishes and Einszett!!!!
  150. Audi RS4 vs. R8...
  151. Audi R8 RAZOR by PPI- anyone seen this?
  152. Made some R8 IPhone wallpapers... enjoy
  153. lol does anyone here actually own a R8 ??
  154. Terrible Audi R8 crash, hope nobody was hurt
  155. R8 successor?
  156. what type of quattro does the R8 have?
  157. COR Concords on Audi R8
  158. White Audi R8 Available.....
  159. We've got twins!!
  160. R8 Convertible pics!
  161. MTM to start its R8 project.
  162. Audi R8 TDI Le Mans
  163. Saw an all silver R8 at the dealership today in NC! will add pics...
  164. TDI V12 Porn in Geneva
  165. r8 at msr in houston..
  166. Video R8 V12 TDI!
  167. apollo blades for sale.
  168. White R8 Pictures
  169. Sweet exhaust
  170. Silver R8 in Albie New Mexico
  171. Stupid Question (Begging pre-forgiveness)
  172. pop's R8 has arrived (56k warned)
  173. R8 vs GT-R vs GT3 vs z06
  174. Spotted V12 TDI R8
  175. [PS] Audi R8 Spider
  176. We're in the market for an R8
  177. Red R8 for sale at sticker...
  178. Audi R8 Ibis White Available - PRICE ADJUSTED
  179. Looking for a GTR to eat for lunch
  180. Audi RS8 V10 Twin Turbo Confirmed???
  181. Autobahn Exotics | Capristo Exhaust system for the R8 Available!
  182. I just walked away from AW and Fourtitude
  183. White R8
  184. How 'bout some Suzuka Grey R8 pics?
  185. Preview of things to come...
  186. Just got my R8!
  187. REVO Software now avail for R8!! **Performance-Cafe.com**
  188. does anyone know the rims that are on the apr r8 that was at the european car show.
  189. VIDEO: Winding Road drives the Audi R8 TDI LeMans
  190. IronMan vs. R8 (behind the scene video)
  191. Spotted silver R8 on Peninsula Rd. in LI today!
  192. Brand new R8 spotted in Scarsdale,NY today!
  193. R8 vs Targa in the Wet
  194. Disconnect R8 exhaust valve, so always open?
  195. MTM R8 Supercharger
  196. More White R8 Photos
  197. Got a ride in an R8 yesterday...
  198. PPI Product List for R8
  199. Brilliant Red R8 Pics
  200. Another Brilliant Red R8 (for sale, btw...)
  201. R8 tdi for production...
  202. R8 with 20" HRE 794R
  203. VIDEO: God's ringtone is a V10-powered Audi R8
  204. Audi R8 race car to tackle N├╝rburgring 24 hrs
  205. Race spec R8 at Nurburgring
  206. MTM Berlin Audi R8 (Yin and Yang)
  207. R8 spyder (5.2l 525 ps) confirmed in march 2010
  208. Daytona Grey...
  209. Harness & Roll Bar System for Audi R8?
  210. R8 Available ( Mugello Blue with Tuscon Brown Interior) 6-Speed
  211. SoCal R8 Owners
  212. Full LED headlamps for the R8
  213. R8 ??
  214. This Sucks :(
  215. new here, just got my r8
  216. [PS] Audi R8 V10
  217. ATTN: R8 owners of NORCAL....photo opportunity!
  218. New Commercial Video
  219. Anything better for the track?
  220. Dads R8
  221. R8 Dyno
  222. R8 ??
  223. Its Here A Year and Half Later.
  224. Comparison R8 vs. 911 GT3
  225. The New R8 Anti Theft System.
  226. anyone have sideblades for sale? prefer silver...
  227. What the R8 WON'T DO...
  228. High Res R8 V10 pics!!!
  229. r8's at infineon
  230. R8 V12 TDI Video
  231. insurance question
  232. R8 by SKN-Tuning
  233. R8 vs ZO6
  234. R8 @ DTM race
  235. V10 R8..errr. R10?.
  236. Who here drives their R8?
  237. R8 with Miltek
  238. Wheels for the R8
  239. Finally got one!
  240. I finally got my R8!!!!
  241. R8 vs Corvette LS3
  242. Waterfest Specials/Updates @ GMP Performance/RH Wheels Booth!!!!!!!!!!!
  243. have you heard the new tdi quick video!
  244. MTM supercharged r8 clip
  245. just listed my R8 for sale
  246. anyone else have this issue?
  247. OEMpl.us: Dymag Carbon/Magnesium wheels...
  248. R8 Experience
  249. R8 V10 Drifting
  250. m6 or r8?