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  47. What else to replace
  48. How Do I Know What ECM to buy for my 2001 S4?
  49. High octane, bad fuel pump?, great races
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  51. Anybody make DIY coilvers?
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  53. alignment issues
  54. ABS diagnostic techniques
  55. O1E center diff roll pins.
  56. Need help
  57. Dirty ball socket
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  59. B5 s4 electrical problem??
  60. Who makes LM reps that clear stock brakes without any spacers?
  61. Need help on choosing parts for my bloc!!
  62. got sent wrong rear calipers, can i make them fit?
  63. Help! For the life of me, i cant get the fuel injectors in
  64. Can oem oil temp sensor work with innovate gauge?
  65. how to flash a stage 3 ecu to my car
  66. Catch can install. Whats EVERYTHING that can now be removed
  67. Rear strut mount bushings
  68. Speaker repeatedly going bad
  69. nefmoto not seeing vagcom cable but vcds lite does
  70. BOSE amp question?
  71. K04 inlet
  72. 02 b5 s4 hvac electrical diagrams
  73. After makrket flywheel or stock
  74. Cut/box/notch fenders for air ride. Please help...
  75. LINDW4LL's SRM K24 Stage 3 S4 Build
  76. Please Help With Boost Leak!!!!! 00 2.7 b5 s4
  77. Wire identify? Front signal harness...
  78. Engine dying, not starting.
  79. fender rolling
  80. Shaking when accelerating 01 s4
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  82. Tiptronic trans fluid
  83. Map Sensor
  84. Rs4 engine into S4 b5
  85. My Pride and Joy k24 nogaro
  86. What else should I do before I get my S4 tuned?
  87. Leaking valve cover, possibly PCV valve?
  88. Runs on stock file, not on tuned file correct for the b5s4
  89. No power assist after engine rebuild, install
  90. 034 STK how did you re route your wiring harness?
  91. Check this out
  92. Stock injector resistance?
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  98. Wheel bearings
  99. wierd missfires in
  100. https://youtu.be/et9gBZsC2wQ
  101. Boost levels are suddenly crazy???
  102. Fuel pressure regulator
  103. RNS-D and Instrument cluster not communicating
  104. Need opinions
  105. Tiptronic faceplate omit
  106. Nogaro Blue Daily Driver Build.
  107. need help finding correct brake pads for aftermarket brakes
  108. Need thread pitch for trans mount
  109. Code 16684 & p0304 code b5 s4
  110. Code 16684 & p0304 code b5 s4
  111. What wmi kit should I go with?
  112. Keeping coilovers in good working condition.
  113. Just got my S4 (Dahlback ecu question)
  114. Internals for tial 605ís
  115. No heat heater core?
  116. Data Logging 2.7
  117. Rs4 rear bumper on sedan
  118. Tipcke Repair & Performance Blueberry Shop Car 770whp/650wtq Build (PIC HEAVY)
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  120. B6/B7 Seat Swap
  121. Brake booster hose
  122. Over Boost Code
  123. My alternator died...
  124. Trunk wont open normally
  125. Please Help with ABS/ESP Issue
  126. Any wiring gurus? Need help identifying
  127. N75 valve disconnected so I only boost 10psi weird noises
  128. What are these
  129. Subframe/propshaft alignment after 6mt swap
  130. Sticky thermostat?
  131. F21 550cc E85
  132. Quattro trany rebuild
  133. Lo or mid rise lifts
  134. REVIEW: Motoza Tuning for our B5 S4
  135. Anyone run either SRM's K04+ or Frankenturbo F21 long term? Opinions?
  136. 2qs of oil in Intercoolers but turbos look Prestine with no play ?
  137. Driveshaft
  138. Leaking fuel injectors b5 s4
  139. Clutch searching- for stage 3 k04
  140. Another weird Misfire issue -
  141. Heated Seats Green Plug (wire info)
  142. Help clutch pedal stuck to floor.
  143. Track Rod Adjustment Following Complete Front Suspension Rebuild
  144. Need help changing my mileage on my b5 A4
  145. Need help changing my mileage on my b5 A4
  146. B5 S4 Repair manual
  147. Intake Manifold Gasket - Turbo Install
  148. K-Sport Coil Overs
  149. XSpower vs project B5
  150. Car pulling hard to right
  151. Anyone use Innovate Motorsports Boost/Wideband Combo Gauge Kit
  152. 2.7t in a rwd platform
  153. Looking for help getting more low down torque on S4 B5
  154. Just replaced timing belts, chains, tensioners, water pump (and aux).... but now a CE
  155. Weird noise
  156. Car died on highway today. Possible timing belt?
  157. AEM meth mounting
  158. Coolant Temp Sensor cause EPC code and no throttle?
  159. Oil in lower intercooler hoses.
  160. Need some help with codes on 2.7biturbo
  161. Bad cluster or bad calibration???
  162. o2 sensor
  163. Problems starting and shutting off
  164. Using my S4 for Auto-X this weekend - Having trouble classing it...
  165. Hit Nasty Pothole.... now dealing with the consequences
  166. Concerns Putting New ECU in.. O2 sensor short?
  167. Ets Blake bundle
  168. Oil chain tensioner
  169. SRM Dual 450 Fuel Pump Install Help
  170. Will 2.8 heads fit?
  171. Weird Issue with my MFD
  172. Respectable Tuners that can Dyno Tune in the South
  173. Does anyone do Engine Accent Lighting
  174. The-Tuner Narrow Fan Set
  175. First time 2.7 build
  176. Philadelphia area reliable mechanic/tuner
  177. CEL with codes P0501 and P0507
  178. Rear Suspension Torque Specs
  179. What's that's noise ?
  180. Tune out egt sensor
  181. Straight pipes
  182. 3" downpipes to 3.5" single exhaust project
  183. STK Charge Piping and FMIC
  184. Tip to 6mt wiring
  185. Need Lowest profile trans mounts
  186. Help.. No spark or injector pulse. crank postion does show rpm in vcds
  187. Help: Fuel Pump Harness Wiring Diagram
  188. APR Stage 3 Tune -- power loss?!?
  189. 2001.5 Audi s4
  190. 2.7T Oil Analysis Thread
  191. What do I need?! For the wheel gurus out there!
  192. Odd buzzing noise with car off
  193. What and what not to delete - single turbo s4
  194. 2.8 intake cams install question
  195. Driveshaft/axle bolt questions
  196. Auto ECU in a 6 Speed?
  197. Best oil for k04 stage 3
  198. Removing reference lines from turbos
  199. My 03.99 doesnt have rear O2 sensors
  200. lookn for each cylinders ignition coil firing wire pin# at the ecu
  201. K04 Compressor Wheel Damage- How Much Is Too Much? (photos)
  202. 01 S4 6 speed not cranking/starting
  203. Possible Drive train Issues
  204. B5 s4 timing concern
  205. 2000 S4 6MT Engine codes P1606 and P1176...WTF??
  206. What the hell happened here?????
  207. What Alerts to set in Vfiz?
  208. Cant find oil leak. Drivers side
  209. Safe boost level on stock motor w/DP's
  210. Power steering leak tear in boot
  211. What is this stain from?
  212. Have any of you dealt with this same water leak?
  213. Are these two issues related?
  214. Any reputable mechanics bucks county/phila area
  215. Misfire codes for cyl. 4,5,6
  216. Stupid check valve question
  217. Cam chains life expectancy??
  218. Need help with LUK RS4 clutch kit authenticity
  219. B5 s4 alloy crash bar in bumper help
  220. Headlight washer pump hose retaining C-clip
  221. Differences between 01.5 and 02 PCV systems
  222. S.O.S
  223. Moisture in Spider hose
  224. Maxing out MAF readings
  225. 2.7 Biturbo -Boost Pressure Control Valve N249
  226. Boost issue
  227. Single Turbo Engine Bay Photos
  228. Help me save this S4!
  229. Spring Rate preferences for full interior weekend warrior B5s
  230. Labor cost for knuckle & control arms
  231. Normal oil pressure
  232. Stage 3 k04- diagnosing power loss
  233. Engine ground location etc.
  234. EGR Delete
  235. 4:1 Diff
  236. Who has apr stage 1 tune?