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  2. No tach with stand alone. what are the options
  3. Any benefit to using a mkV 2.0t intercooler?
  4. Fuel pump relay clicking
  5. Fabricating seat brackets?
  6. Which caliper is frozen?
  7. Instrument Cluster Pin Out Help
  8. misfire/rough idle
  9. 2.7t with Codes?
  10. Question about coolant loss
  11. Oil Dripping - Transmission related. HELP!
  12. fwd springs on awd?
  13. Can the prefacelift armrest/center console be cut to fit double din stereo surround?
  14. Who can remove, transfer and re-solder a chip from one ecu to another for me?
  15. Where does this go
  16. W8 Swap is it possible
  17. Alarm/battery issue.....
  18. Will b5.5 passat base bars (roof rack) fit on the b5?
  19. Code 18010
  20. Ran out of gas, now car wont start
  21. Agtronic Motorsport: 1.8T Tubular manifold GB feeler!
  22. External to internal water pump conversion on ATW block?
  23. a4 2.8L 30v v6 turbo or supercharger??
  24. EuroDyne Maestro Tuning Suite - Looking for some more first hand info
  25. RPM bounce
  26. N75 boost duty problem
  27. Clicking noise, when rpms are going down, only in gear. Like a bike cassette almost
  28. Power Supply for Angle Sensors location?
  29. Windshield washer fluid secondary reservoir DELETE/removal?
  30. 99 harness into a 99.5, problems...
  31. F-ing xenon autoleveling.
  32. Injector pulse..I know the basics but school me
  33. Brake fluid leak
  34. clarification needed on ECU swap
  35. Is this feasible
  36. Question about driver's window controls
  37. 2.8 30v Clutch Questions...
  38. Anyone with Bilstein Sport Shocks on their B5 A4 Quattro...
  39. Will B7 wheels fit on a B5?
  40. carDAQ-plus pass through re-flasher
  41. At h2o and I need a bolt down coil pack
  42. Lug bolt/nut question
  43. anyone here have a set of scales? weighed your B5 A4?
  44. 98 1.8t quattro rought idle - stalls
  45. BT Build, Cylinder head ?
  46. Is the crank supposed to "blue" at the rod journals?
  47. lean while coasting and then stalls
  48. What was the oil clearance on your stroker motor? Reason I ask is...
  49. BOV Selection... can a BOV be too big?
  50. How "free" should my ball bearing turbo spin?
  51. 1.8t died while driving, code p1517 pending
  52. HELP! A4 1.8 turbo cylinder 2 not firing!
  53. 1999 a4 2.8 automatic fwd, code p1545
  54. Ecu swappable between years?
  55. AEB Clutch slip
  56. HELP! Strange sound in first gear, clutch slipping a little under power in 2nd & 3rd
  57. Fuse box wiring/ Harness question
  58. Which rods? IE (h-beam) vs Brute (i-beam) vs Scat (h-beam)
  59. Q: Installing exhaust valves and valvesprings.
  60. 01 A4 1.8T Quattro Manual won't start
  61. really good header/manifold fabrication video series
  62. hmm my car wouldn't start on the first try either, 99 A4 1.8TQ AEB
  63. Gauge Cluster Help
  64. pre facelift knuckle
  65. Abs Module part number?
  66. 50 trim / Max boost / stock block / dyno - question
  67. Faulty windshield fluid level warning display
  68. Damage to compressor wheel - how serious?
  69. Loud ANNOYING noise from trunk.. HELP!!
  70. High boost + Meth = How high EGT?
  71. touareg bbk what brake lines?
  72. 98 Tiptonic went into limp mode.
  73. Tuning experts whats going on here
  74. touareg / cayenne bbk brackets for a4
  75. Major electrical issue. ECU? ABS light on solid, e-brake light flashing. RPM bounce
  76. Any Ideas......
  77. A8 brake conversion
  78. AWM cam chain rensioner replacement
  79. Gt3076 build finally done but what tune to get?
  80. Ignition coil connector question
  81. I need HEL!, 1.8T -4.2L V8/ Clutch / flywheel issue
  82. Securing a canoe on a B5 sedan W/oem roof rack?
  83. Anyone experienced sudden drop in ride height on a front wheel before?
  84. Safe to keep for now? Suspension related issue with picture
  85. Need assistance with the 1.8T motor
  86. Supertech valve spring shims
  87. Rear wiper
  88. 98 Quattro, cheap way to lift the front end up a bit?
  89. Seat Airbag Connetor/Wiring
  90. Wheel bearing help?
  91. lowering springs a bad idea?
  92. weird noises.
  93. A4 B5 K03 turbo to mani Bolts/Screws
  94. What is needed in a 1.8t exhaust.
  95. Post facelist driving light mod?
  96. Point me in the correct direction please.
  97. Can someone answer some questions i have B5 A4.
  98. c5 a6 rear brakes?
  99. who ran a PES t28?? need honest opinions.
  100. 16v engine into A4 B5 chassi?
  101. 2001 tip
  102. 1.8 Clutch replacement? Pull motor or Transmission?
  103. won't do more than 1800rpm!?!
  104. 97 1.8tQ... Limp mode, won't drive in gear.... New parts everywhere
  105. Kinda-freaking out! Shifter or tranny?
  106. AEB timing belt clarification.
  107. Radio quit working
  108. Priming lifters properly
  109. 1.8t stumble/miss full throttle under 3300rpm
  110. Wheel bearings
  111. MAF idle value
  112. Radiator replacement on Automatic tranny
  113. Beefing up the trans
  114. Need help...I am trying to help a friend out with an a4 he just bought......
  115. Weird boost issue?
  116. Parking brake cable
  117. Should i make my k04 a hybrid?
  118. Can't Open Hood - Release Handle Not Working
  119. LC-1 Wideband Wiring
  120. Cam seal leaking
  121. Coolant/oil fittings
  122. Starting question. Delayed
  123. Enlarging stock intake manifold plenum
  124. Turbo replacement
  125. Name that bolt!..... please I cant find it anywhere.
  126. 1999 aeb bt runing lean at part throttle
  127. What is rear O2 really doing?
  128. Bad Dv or Boost leak
  129. CEL CODES. need some help.....
  130. mysterious battery drain
  131. CPP Adjustable Control Arm Parts
  132. gt2860rs on a stage 2 tune *low boost*??
  133. crank but no start... help.
  134. Rear Bearing Job, Assembly Questions
  135. Weird issue. Help
  136. Another does this BBK kit work thread.... 18Z Toureg Calipers
  137. 550cc injectors
  138. 2000 A4 Avant 1.8t P1517 ECU Relay malfunction
  139. Boost Gauge behavior
  140. A6/S4/Purems strut bar length/measurements?
  141. Vag-com dyno data...
  142. turbo coolant lines
  143. Intermittent no spark issue
  144. 3rd brake light blowing bulbs. Ideas?
  145. possible additions to the boost gauge install DIY
  146. Catch can install... Now major smoke
  147. 1998 A4 remote for 1998 Passat?
  148. 034 motorsport ICM delete and 2.0t conversion problems
  149. ATW to AWM conversion help. instrument cluster
  150. Dash lights flicker
  151. Radio help - NOT "safe" related I swear
  152. Eurodyne BT user, what injectors and FPR are you using?
  153. Universal upstream 02
  154. Transmission Issues out of the blue! HELP
  155. Clutch went need some advice. What would you do?
  156. Point me in a direction, Vagcom wont connect to ECU, and wont rev past 1500 rpms
  157. 00 1.8tqm to 00 S4 front brakes issues :(
  158. :: ECS Tuning :: D.I.Y - VIN Decoding!
  159. 5v 200mA source for bluetooth adapter
  160. Power Steering Pressure Hose 1.8T Replacement.
  161. Thinking about trying biketsai's auto motor with manual trans
  162. 1.8T visco fan clutch: front plastic piece off - holding 'pin'?
  163. Losing wiper range
  164. Computer Question
  165. Bad maf?? please help!
  166. optimal afr
  167. Not even sure what to call this. Car jerks on acceleration?
  168. Power source for fuse box (Fuses 1, 2, 24, 25, 26)
  169. Engine out Windows down?
  170. i have a short somewhere -.- help?
  171. finally happened, turbo is done for.... next step
  172. Help Car won't crank / turn over
  173. GT style 5 bolt test pipe. Where to find?
  174. Coolant gauge/thermostats issue?
  175. Rear squeaking passenger side squeaking
  176. crankshaft removal
  177. Engine Overheating!
  178. My wheel bearing removal [VIDEO]
  179. DIY $13.00 DSLR Rear-Deck Quick Release Mount
  180. for those of you on bags
  181. Unitronic stage 1
  182. Need help ,FAILED emissions test today ! RESULTS INCLUDED
  183. vacuum leak from fuel rail
  184. P0441 , need help !
  185. Leaking power steering fluid
  186. Non Bose to Bose
  187. Oil spitting from a sensor just above oil cooler?
  188. Taller 5th gear in the 01A? Anyone done it before?
  189. b5 a4 2.8 12v batt or alt broblem
  190. Rear control arm bushings
  191. Stage 3 ECU choices
  192. Cayenne/Touareg calipers on B5 A4 (front and rear)
  193. Calico main bearings?
  194. Need help removing 99.5 dash
  195. This pops up when I first start it then goes away
  196. 2.8 quattro coolant leak..
  197. ECU under rear seat
  198. Need your 2. Why doesn't my 2000 A4 have any sort of seatbelt warning?
  199. 1.8T Stock Cam Options
  200. Quattro Trip, No 4th or 5th gear???
  201. Wheel bearings??
  202. How much hp?
  203. Custom Exhaust Setup - Exhaust Cut-Out
  204. 2.2 swap info b5 in-case anyone's interested
  205. Front end wreck. Motor help
  206. Metal shaving removal...
  207. '96 2.8Q.... Coolant temp sensors
  208. MBC .... 1.8t, QMT
  209. This may be a stupid question but ....
  210. 98 A4 B5 2.8 alternator
  211. 1.8t ............. supercharger vs turbo
  212. Overheating problem
  213. Thermostat Question!
  214. getting some motor ticking
  215. Timing belt Job.. Possible Issue
  216. different widths of alloy wheels in Quattro
  217. Pulsating sound/vibration from rear end
  218. Lost power steering on a bumpy road
  219. B5 Main Propshaft - disable?
  220. Transmission Compatability?
  221. Final answer on AHA 30v V6 spark plugs, their gap, and why there's so much confusion
  222. Random Misfire Issue - Suggestions
  223. Boost Pull Problem
  224. Learn from my mistakes...
  225. GT2871r T3 vs T25 hotside
  226. another power/heated seat thread
  227. my car wont crank help plz
  228. swap info
  229. What are the tolerances of a thermostat?
  230. p0102 and p0103 with random loss of power
  231. I have a 98 non-DBW 30v 5-speed quattro, which V8 is best for me?
  232. Auto to manual swap problems, 00 ATW flywheel options? single mass?
  233. Using a AEM uego to give AWM ecu signal
  234. Stock intake and Vaccuum hose help
  235. hearing noises on passenger side wheel
  236. Chirping noise under load
  237. AEB Big turbo setup
  238. Ugly sound from engine
  239. AWM no start, no cel, no epc, no communication
  240. LS Swap Into 96 A4 Theory
  241. Anyone have a good combination of mufflers for a quiet 3" exhaust?
  242. Audi 2001 ECU swap (AWN ecu)
  243. 2001 A4 slow to build boost.. stumped.
  244. Missing frame bolts?
  245. B5 A4 Projection Fog Light Retrofit
  246. Swap questions
  247. Stereo Sound Q's
  248. Looking for wiring help/answers
  249. Pulled this pile of junk turbo out of my car, Culprit for 3-5 pounds of boost?
  250. Center Differential uh oh