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  1. B6 A4 Easter Eggs! Features not found in the owner's manual.
  2. DIY: B6 A4 - Boost Gauge Install
  3. DIY: B6 A4 - Bi-Xenon Conversion
  4. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Dual Intercooler Install
  5. B6 A4 Dual Intercooler Installation
  6. DIY: B6 A4 - B5 S4 Front Brake Upgrade/Install
  7. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Diverter Valve Install
  8. FAQ: Vag-Com Data Logging FAQ...(first revision)....
  9. DIY: B6 A4 - S4 Mirror Cover Install
  10. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Taking out a Borg-Warner Turbo
  11. DIY: Symphony II to RNS-E (OEM DVD based Navigation)
  12. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Tennis Ball Method for Finding Boost Leaks
  13. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Greddy Full Auto Turbo Timer Install
  14. DIY: B6 A4 - Rear Coolant Flange Change
  15. DIY: B6 A4 - Ultrasport Lower Front Bumper with Stock Upper
  16. DIY: B6 A4 - Change Your Rear Diff Oil
  17. DIY: B6 A4/S4 - Valentine V1 Hardwire
  18. DIY: B6 A4/S4 - Police Scanner Hardwire
  19. DIY: B6 A4 - 194 LED Parking Light Mod for Ecodes
  20. FAQ: B6 A4 2.8/3.0 FAQ Sheet!
  21. FAQ: B6 A4 Ultimate Performance Noob Writeup/FAQ. Read first!
  22. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Boost Gauge Installation
  23. B6 A4 Ultimate Modification Information Thread. A must read!
  24. DIY: B6 A4/S4 - Removal & "Blackout" of Ultra Sport grilles
  25. DIY: ALL 1.8T - Boost leak tester
  26. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Engine Speed Sensor (G28) Replacement
  27. DIY: B6/B7 A4 - Suspension Removal and Install
  28. DIY: B6 A4/S4 - Interior Trim Removal
  29. DIY: B6 A4 - Fabricating Ultrasport Rear Rebar
  30. DIY: B6/B7 A4/S4 - CityLight with Fog Mod
  31. DIY: B6/B7 A4/S4 - Citylight LED Regulator Install
  32. DIY: B6 A4 - Swap out stock wipers for the later model Aero wipers
  33. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Timing Belt and Water Pump Change
  34. DIY: B6 A4 - O-Ring Fix for S4 and E-Code Bi-Xenons
  35. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Throttle Body Cleaning
  36. Specs: A4 Stereo Information Thread
  37. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Thermostat Replacement
  38. DIY: B5/B6 A4 1.8T - Head Removal and Install
  39. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - Seat Memory and Mirror Memory/Tilt
  40. Specs: K04...GT2X...GT28r...GTRS/GT28rs - Official Turbo Comparison
  41. DIY: B6 A4 - Cabin Air Filter (Pollen Filter)
  42. DIY: B6 A4 1.8T - AMB Valve Cover Gasket
  43. DIY: B6 A4 - Camber Adjustment
  44. DIY: B6 A4 - Fuel Filter Replacement
  45. DIY: B6 A4 - Window Regulator & Motor Replacement
  46. DIY: B6 A4 - Installing the B6 (ARDU) Apikol Rear Diff-support Upgrade
  47. DIY: B6 to B7 Keyfob Instructions w/o VAG
  48. B6 Dyno Thread
  49. DIY: B6 A4 - Interior LED Lighting
  50. DIY: B6 1.8T Cam Chain Tensioner Gasket replacement
  51. DIY: B6 MANHERTM'S Steering Cooler Upgrade
  52. DIY: B6 A4 - Interior upper pillars and headliner removal/swap
  53. DIY: Removing the shift console on a B6 Quattro TIP
  54. Specs: quick list of torque specs fot 1.8T engine
  55. DIY: B6 A4 - Symphony 2 to Symphony 2+ Upgrade
  56. DIY: How to tap ECU wires, and/or Junction Box wires.
  57. DIY: B6 A4 RS4 B7 ebrake handle install
  58. Now Open! The B6 A4 Tech subforum, only for our Active Members.
  59. DIY: 1.8T Coilpack Replacement
  60. DIY: 3.0 Coilpack Replacement
  61. DIY: B6 1.8T Dipstick Replacement
  62. DIY: Measuring Wheel Offset
  63. The B6 A4 DIY Master List
  64. DIY: How to submit your own FAQ/DIY write-up.
  65. DIY: 3.0 G62 Green coolant temperature sensor
  66. DIY: Rear Outer CV Boot Replacement
  67. DIY: JH Motorsports 4:1 center diff install HOW TO for 02X 6-speed M/T
  68. DIY : Rear differential axle seals
  69. DIY: Gas tank problems Evap Canister Leak Detection pump
  70. DIY: Head Gasket 1.8T w/ pics
  71. DIY: B6 A4 E-Brake Cable replacement (PIC HEAVY)
  72. DIY: Easy Cracked Radio Reciever Fix
  73. DIY: DIY front toe settings
  74. DIY: TipTronic to Manual Transmission Swap
  75. DIY: B6 S4 Rear Brake Install
  76. DIY: Cayenne/Touareg Front Brake Installation (low-cost BBK)
  77. DIY: B6 1.8T Tensioner Compression
  78. DIY: DIY: 3.0 PCV Replacement
  79. DIY: Oil Level Sensor Replacement for 1.8T
  80. B6 1.8T Oil Pan Removal/Install DIY
  81. 1.8t Oil Pressure Survival Guide and troubleshooting DIY
  82. DIY: Frankenturbo F21L Installation
  83. DIY: Front Alignment Settings For Your Lowered B6 A4
  84. DIY: Headliner Removal
  85. DIY: DIY: Front & Rear Dash Cam Installation (2004 B6 A4 Avant)