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  1. Official List of Audizine Advertisers & Supporters
  2. Rules & Guidelines for Group Buys & Specials
  3. S4-style matte finish mirror caps GB
  4. STaSIS Street Sport GroupBuy
  5. GB: B5 A4/S4 A! Avantgarde Replica SideSkirts
  6. *OETTINGER RZ 19 X 8.5* SPP Special Pricing
  7. Group Buy B7 A4 2.0 T Test Pipe
  8. 18" RS4 rep V708 wheel and tire package pre-order specials!!
  9. Oettinger Kit Group Buy B6 & A3
  10. GROUP BUY BENEFIT: Special Edition Audizine Decals. *CLOSED*
  11. B5 S4 Rear sway bar!! 5+ = $100 savings
  12. November Special 20% off everything in my stock
  13. Creative Autoworks B7 2.0t Exhaust Blowout Sale!!!!
  14. \\ Official V1 CAN Group Buy \\
  15. Velocity Motoring - B7 RS4 V.2 Reps Stock Status - Nov.21
  16. Stock up on Microfiber Towels!
  17. ***Kinetic Motorsport B5 RS4 K04 Turbo Upgrade $2050.00***
  18. Oettinger Liquidation Special *CLOSED*
  19. Creative Autoworks Holiday Wheel Special!!!!
  20. K04 turbos, inlets, hardware, etc
  21. AWE Tuning full cat-back for A4 B7 2.0TQ 6spd on special
  22. Tein Coilover Clearance! must get rid of!
  23. Full line of Menzerna Products now in stock
  24. Christmas specials on V708 RS4 reps and VB3 CSL reps.
  25. Velocity Motoring Christmas SPECIALS!
  26. Save big with the STaSIS Race Down the Chimney Holiday Sale...
  27. Creative Autoworks D1S 6000 or 8000K Special
  28. Creative Autoworks B6 1.8T Test Pipe Holiday Special
  29. Creative Autoworks B6 1.8T Test Pipe Holiday Special
  30. Creative Autoworks REVO Holiday Special
  31. APR Holiday Sale Update: Stage 3/3+ and Ko4 Turbo Systems Now 10% Off!
  32. Caractere Blowout Sale
  33. **x-mas DPE Special**
  34. *DTMautohaus-A3 Evolution Motor Sports Intake/Heat Shield/Engine Cover Special!!!
  35. Creative Autoworks FALKEN Tire Sale
  36. **GB K04-015 for B5/B6 A4 1.8T by KINETIC Motorsport!!!***
  37. KW Coilover BLOWOUT SALE! TT & A3
  38. APR Holiday Sale and Stage 3/3+ Raffle Ends Today!!
  39. Futrell: Carbonio Intakes SALE + Free Shipping *SALE EXPIRED*
  40. Renn-Art's "Final Days Of 2006 Sale"!!!
  41. Group Buy...OEM Audi S4 Door Blades *CLOSED*
  42. New Years Deal! 1 x B6 A4 Black Anodized RaceTec FMIC
  43. Futrell: Neuspeed Sport & Race Springs B6/B7 MEGA SALE *SALE EXPIRED*
  44. Almost ready what do you guys think of our my new site and get 20% off the sale....
  45. Adam's Polishes Photo contest for free Adam's Polishes
  46. Oettinger RZ - 19 x 8.5 et35 5X112 - 1 set left
  47. We need new group buys
  48. KONI Coilover Special for Audi A3 - $876
  49. Velocity Motoring pre-sale wheel specials!!
  50. Maya, Sportechnic, Oettinger, Volk, HRE, Work Wheel Specials!
  51. Supreme Power Parts: Electric Fan Kit Group Buy
  52. SPP: Kerscher Cf Lip
  53. Velocity Motoring - 18" and 19" RS4 Reps IN STOCK / Arriving!
  54. Coilovers
  55. Koni Coilovers - B6/B7 A4 - Limited supply
  56. Official Rota Group Buy
  57. Interested in B7 6 Speed AMS SS Group Buy?
  58. Rival Motorsport Signs on to be US Distributor for VEI Gauge Systems
  59. STaSIS Big Brake Kits On SALE !!
  60. FS: B7 RS 4 Rear Sway Bar Kits $145 Shipped
  61. FS: B7 RS 4 Steering Wheels $650 Shipped
  62. Volk Racing LE37T 19 x 8.5 et35 Silver and Gunmetal
  63. Super low price on Porter Cable Kits -- $149.95 Shipped!!!!!!
  64. FS: STATUS Racing Carbon Fiber Alcantara Ring Seats $2100 Shipped *PAIR*
  65. Velocity Motoring is now VMR Wheels!
  66. $20 off all Interior Xenon Lighting Kits from AUDMODS.COM *CLOSED*
  67. stasis street sports
  68. Lets get another LEXION wheel GB going...
  69. Need more GroupBuys!
  70. Press Relase: GReddy B7 Front Mount Intercooler Kit
  71. JHM "solid" short throw shifter group buy for B5 A4s and S4s
  72. FS: OEM B7 RS4 Sway
  73. Will there ever be a AWE vent gauge GB??
  74. VMR Wheels - GET READY FOR EARLY SPRING!! 2/15 - updated wheel pricing + SPECIALS
  75. B5 A4 FMIC KIT for NDBW***FEELER***
  76. tring to get a group buy from tmtuning for bumpers
  77. CREATIVE AUTOWORKS KW Coil Over Group Buy B5/B6/B7!!!
  78. CREATIVE AUTOWORKS B7 2.0TQ Manual Exhaust Blowout Sale!
  79. $20 off coupon for JHM "solid" short throw shifter B5 A4s and S4s
  80. GB: B5/B6/B7 South Bend OFE Clutch Group Buy Special *CLOSED*
  81. GB: B5/B6/B7 Power Source Innovations TEST PIPE Group Buy Special *CLOSED*
  82. Detailer's Domain End of Feb Microfiber Sale
  83. ATTN: Rival Motorsport Signs on to be the Northeast SDS Wheel Distributor
  84. Any interest in a GB B6 A4 milltek exhaust?
  85. Any chance of another Stasis Street Sport GB for spring??
  86. PRE-ORDERS for B6 A4 (5-Speed) JHM "Solid" Short Throw Shifter
  87. 05 S4 Map light vibration
  88. Adam's Essentials Kits back in stock
  89. Clutch Kit and Flywheel
  90. March Special at Detailer's Domain look inside
  91. Adam's Glass Cleaner Special (2 bottles)
  92. Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray special
  93. The amazing new way of washing your car the Shmitt Wash Mitt Special!
  94. Detailer's Domain has 8 bottles left of Menzerna PO85RD
  95. Stoptech 332 (Red) for B6 A4 *brand new**cheap*
  96. Detailer's Domain's Current Specials For March
  97. Audmods.com's Solaris InvisiBulbs $10 Off each set *CLOSED*
  98. Audizine Super Special RS4 Turbos *CLOSED*
  99. Interest in APR exhaust group buy?
  100. F.S. OEM Audi A4 Aerodynamic Styling (Votex)
  101. PRE-ORDERS for B6/B7 A4 (6-Speed) JHM "Solid" Short Throw Shifter
  102. CANADIAN GB for coilovers
  103. GB: Neuspeed Big Turbo Inlet Pipe!!
  104. F.s. Who Wants It??
  105. Renn-Art Spring Price: B5 RS4 Front Bumpers! *CLOSED*
  106. PRE-ORDERS for B6/B7 S4 & RS4 JHM "Solid" Short Throw Shifter
  107. Renn-Art: Vogtland Coilover GB! *CLOSED*
  108. APR Tax Refund Sale
  109. Renn-Art Timing Belt Special!
  110. Looking for a GB on B6 S4 Door blades
  111. NEUSPEED EXHAUST For B6 $699.00
  112. G.B. OEM Audi B6/B7 S4 Door Blades *CLOSED*
  113. G.B. OEM Audi Aspherical (Blind Spot) Mirror Set *CLOSED*
  114. Interested in H&R race spring GB?
  115. NOW AVAILABLE. C5 A6 JHM "solid" short throw shifter!!!
  116. Guaging interest in floormats B5
  117. FS: One unique set of Volk Wheels, forged, lightweight and beautiful...
  118. FS: One GHL A4q2.0t Catback Exhaust...
  119. GB: ADR M-Classic Wheels in 18's and 19's non-staggered - VERY LIMITED
  120. Group Buy...OEM Audi RS4 Pedal Sets *CLOSED*
  121. BBK group buy; or when are the things on sale?
  122. Taking Pre-Orders for AutoSpeed Front Mount Intercooler Kit (FMIC)
  123. When Britlman exhaust sale going on again? (2.0T)
  124. AutoSpeed is now a Master Distributor of Zeitronix...
  125. BLOW OUT B6/B7 Neuspeed Race Springs $150/Shipped!
  126. RS4 Clutch $ale
  127. RaceTec Engineering Front Mount Intercooler ~Group buy~
  128. AutoSpeed Spring B5S4 Fueling Kit Sale!!!
  129. :: ECS Tuning Group Buy :: ECS Adjustable Short Shift Kit (02M)
  130. B5 A4 "solid" LINKAGE UPGRADE now selling (from JHM)
  131. PRE SALE: Omori Multicolor Gauge & Podi Kits!!
  132. can someone paint interior trim pieces...
  133. SALE: Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta UHP Tires
  134. FS: B7 RS4 steering wheels
  135. B5 Race Springs
  136. For the ROAD RACERS.....Put a GB together for 18X9 Rotas!!!!
  137. Presale RNS-E package for B6/B7 A4
  138. Apr Bbq Sale Ends Tomorrow !!
  139. Canadian Wheel Special - RS4 Reps from AUDMODS.COM
  140. Menzerna PO85RD has landed place your orders now
  141. Are you "taxing" your stock suspension? Looking for that last $500 deduction?
  142. LM Reps for sale 19 x 8.5 et35
  143. Stasis SS Coilover GB?
  144. can any of you shops get Volk....
  145. LLTek Motorsports: B6 A4/S4 CARACTERE GROUP BUY!!! *CLOSED*
  146. Group Buy for Findanza Aluminum Flywheel
  147. Overstock wheels!!!!!
  148. rsk04 turbos groupbuy???
  149. Quattro de Mayo Spoiler Special for the B7 S-line A4/S4
  150. Hello from 1Z einszett Car Care Products!
  151. SALE! on all of JHMs "solid" short throw shifters and linkage upgrades.
  152. Detailer's Domain 48 hour special 15% off get your cars looking shiney!
  153. Penske Audi brings you Volk Racing Wheels in Audi fitments!
  154. *** HID Bulb Special from audmods.com ***
  155. ICHIBA USA Aluminum Hubcentric Wheel Spacers Audi & VW All Size Available
  156. Special At Dtm! Velocity V708 For A3
  157. Any group buys/special pricing on Greddy turbo timers???
  158. FS: B6 A4 Ultra Sport front bumper/grills
  159. STaSIS Engineering B5 Memorial Day Sales Event... (x-post)
  160. VMR Wheels - Product line updates and info, along with some new pics.
  161. PRE ORDER CREATIVE AUTO DESIGN A4/S4/RS4 B5,B6,B7 Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms
  162. OEM B6 S4 Rear bumper GB?
  163. Items on my shelf
  164. OSIRIS stepper motor gauges /w remote control
  165. New Vendor deal
  166. Memorial day weekend sale on all JHM "solid" short throw shifters & linkage upgrades
  167. B6 A4 (5-speed) "solid" LINKAGE UPGRADE now selling (from JHM)
  168. NEW! "solid" shifter Stabilizer bushing upgrade now selling (from JHM)
  169. ATP turbo kits
  170. Detailer's Domain will be running a 15% off special for the next 48 hours so load up
  171. B6 Koni Yellows
  172. fuel management special
  173. GB: Turbo Timers - Greddy/APEXi/HKS
  174. K-MAC CAMBER BUSHINGS GB FOR B5/B6/B7 A4's and B6/B7 S4's (Sponsored by DTH)
  175. RS4 Sway Bar Group Buy???
  176. LM REPS 18" and 19" LIMITED STOCK
  177. Brand New Stock Audi Wheels+Tires
  178. revo flash special!!!
  179. Group Buy discount on Fast Intentions B6/B7 exhaust
  180. Autobahn Exotics Introduction
  181. Special offer on DPE Wheel Orders @ Autobahn
  182. MTM Motoren-Technik-Mayer
  183. Penske Audi OEM RS4 Sway Bar GB *CLOSED for now* THANKS!
  184. DD's Foam Gun Kit Group Buy
  185. APR R1 DV - who would be willing to offer a deal ?
  186. STaSIS TrackSport coilovers back on special!!!
  187. JHM "solid" short throw shifters in stock and ready to ship! (For all B5/B6/B7)
  188. Creative Autoworks Kw Coil Overs A4,s4,rs4--b5,b6,b7
  189. Super sale on our PC kit sale price $159.75 please read to get the details
  190. STaSIS B7 A4 2.0 Exhaust Intro Sale!!
  191. DD's Summer Specials
  192. FS: B7 Rs4 euro steering wheel
  193. BBk group buy
  194. B6/B7 Kerscher Front Lip Splitter GB! EVEN CHEAPER!
  195. GIAC chip groupbuy
  196. DD's Huge July 4th special!
  197. OSIRIS stepper motor gauges
  198. Brembo BBK Special Pricing
  199. Feeler: 19x8 R8 Reps
  200. 4th of July sale on all JHM "solid" short throw shifters & linkage upgrades
  201. Full line of ATP turbos and products now available at Autobahn
  202. Summer Special on RennArt GT Turbo Kits! $75 off for 10 days!
  203. FS: B7 RS4 euro steering wheel w/airbag
  204. GMP Supports APR's Waterfest 2007 Sale
  205. Official 1Z Einszett Kit from DD. Order now and save.
  206. SPP GB RaceTec FMIC's
  207. WTB: Greddy parts
  208. Streetwerke / APR Waterfest sale !!
  209. DD's Waterfest Special starts now! 10% 15% and 20% off!!!!!
  211. STaSIS Engineering Waterfest Sale is on...
  212. We're back! PureMS.com Coupons!
  213. New Product - B7 A4 2.0T Carbon Fiber Engine Cover - EuroGEAR USA
  214. ** GB/Special Deal for 8P A3 on Koni COs, FSD, Springs from SPP **
  215. Stiffer springs for JHM "solid" short throw shifters now available.
  216. Forge Diverter Valve Group Buy @ Autobahn
  217. FS: 19" Sportec Mono 10's
  218. Group Buy - New DEVAL B7 A4 Front Bumper (05.5-07) -
  219. 380CC Injectors- Genesis, Siemens or Deka 1- who would be willing to offer a deal?
  220. TSW made Petrol Fate Wheel BlowOut!!!
  221. G.B. OEM Audi RS4 Pedal Sets sponsored by DTH
  222. GB Feeler for Hood Latches to go with the CF Hoods...
  223. revo free trail
  224. Stewart Warner Gauge/Podi Package SALE
  225. **GROUP BUY on NEUSPEED Rear Sway Bars for A3's***
  226. GB for Aerocatch Hood Latches for CF Hoods
  227. FS: SPORTEC Rear for B6 Sedans
  228. GMP RH Wheel Package Special!!!!
  229. Penske Audi Clear Bra Group Buy!!!!! A3, A4, S4
  230. New AutoSpeed Website goes Live!!!!!
  231. Neuspeed Products now available @ Autobahn Exotics
  232. FS: B6 SPORTEC Avant Rear Bumper (3 available) $325 plus $39 shipping
  233. B5-B6 A4 5-speed JHM "solid" shifter - linkage and stabilizer bushing. GROUP BUY
  234. FEELER for GB: S4 door blades
  235. Group Buy OEM Audi S4 Doorblades by Deutsch Teile Haus
  236. Group Buy...OEM Audi B6/B7 Aspherical (Blind Spot) Mirror Glass
  237. ::EURO TEILE USA:: A4/B7 OEM Votex Style Front Chin Spoiler $280 Shipped!!! G.B::
  238. RaceTec B7 FMIC - Intro
  239. New DPE Wheel Designs Available @ Autobahn Exotics
  240. F/SMilltek B6 S4 Cat-Back Exhaust Used from GMP PERFORMANCE!!!!!
  241. GMP PERFORMANCE Now Has APR Bi-Pipes Back In Stock!!!!!
  242. One set of RARE Volk LE37T 19x8.5 + 35 5x112!
  243. Detailer's Domain 15% off sale for Labor Day! Get your stuff for the weekend.
  244. EuroGEAR USA - Pre-Production Group Buy List for Carbon Fiber Trunk Lids
  245. Christmas comes early...Volk TE37 TIME ATTACKS
  246. Free Stern Snub Mounts (B5 A4 1.8T)!
  247. End of month sale on STaSiS Motorsport kits
  248. EuroGEAR USA - Carbon Fiber Front Splitter Group Buy ---
  249. Labor Day Weekend Coupons!
  250. NEW Replica Wheel 19 x 8.5 et45 Black w/ Red Lip Overstock Sale