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  1. Retrofitting an MY2010 MKII TT RNS-E unit in an MY2003 B6A4.
  2. Noob Questions
  3. CD-Based Nav Unit
  4. MMI Startup issue...
  5. Installed RNS-E now car won't Start
  6. RNS E and Valentine 1
  7. Number of POIs and NavTeq DVD updates
  8. Droid and Bluetooth Not Working...
  9. Has anyone tried out the slotRadio Micro SD cards for our Nav Units?
  10. Calling all RNS-E'ers running 0260 Firmware in the USA...
  11. 2011 Audi A8 packs optional EDGE, Google Earth
  12. Need a know-it-all. :)
  13. symphonyII can-bus code 01336
  14. Does this ipod connector work with Symphony II?
  15. '08 A4 w/ RNSE iPod question
  16. RNS-E w/2009 maps - LOUD BT chime!
  17. B7S4 Bluetooth Install: VAG-COM codes NEEDED!
  18. To Do: Retrofitting an RNS-E in an MKI TT.
  19. RNSE Nav System
  20. .m4a files on a 2G MMI?
  21. 3G Nav (US->Euro)
  22. 3G NAV Live Traffic Updates
  23. BT Module Compatability question
  24. 50 Ohm to FAKRA adapter??
  25. Cheapest Way to Play MP3s on MMI Symphony (B7 Avant)??
  26. Euro RNS-E to US
  27. RNS-E software 260 changes
  28. FISCON install with Symphony III (II+)
  29. Solved my bluetooth / smartphone connection issue
  30. Help, why can't I get my RNS-E screen to open
  31. RNS-E install problem...
  32. Which IMA Multimedia Adapter should I get for RVC and Alpine KCE245i?
  33. Worth upgrading my RNS-E SW? It's from 2007
  34. rns-e eu to us conversion
  35. Assiging seat position to key fob (B7 S4)
  36. Live Traffic Updates
  37. Sirius Receiver Information
  38. Listing of RNS-E SW versions
  39. Help With 04 S4 Stock Navi
  40. Symphony I to Rns-E
  41. 260 Firmware Help!
  42. retrofiting reverse camera ,looking for can bus connections on the rear of car
  43. Can OEM bluetooth kit work with symphony II?
  44. In need of RNS-E: Harness & Nav CD's
  45. Dice iaudir 5v?
  46. 2009/2010 maps wanted!!!
  47. What Software Do I Need For Canada Maps in The RNS-E?
  48. Completed RNS-e Symphony II Conversion - some thoughts and questions
  49. Location of OnStar module?
  50. Rns-e cd/dvd unreadable problems...
  51. SD cards wont read. Tried all the usual solutions...
  52. Bluetooth Information Needed Please
  53. Which car is this bluetooth module from?
  54. RNS-E NA 2009-2010 V.260 DVD (2 Left - Free)
  55. Can someone tell me where the radio mute wire is on a 2G MMI navigation?
  56. Vw outlet has rsn-e 8e0-035-192-f for $499
  57. Bluetooth Harness From NSX JR?!
  58. 2005 A4 Bose Bluetooth Options?
  59. RNS-E J model
  60. Satelite Help!!
  61. I can't get the car to recognize my new RNS-E w/Vag-Com
  62. iphone 3GS not fully compatibe with BT on 2008 A4
  63. Question about pioneer navigation
  64. RNS-E, Iphone contacts??
  65. Do I have bluetooth installed
  66. Audi A2DP Bluetooth Adapter
  67. B7 Symphony II Bluetooth
  68. does anyone hate having to remove the nav cd to play cds?
  69. RNS-E music volume while Nav directions...volume no longer drops
  70. Can anyone get me the wiring pinouts for a telephone interface for a 2009 S5 w/MMI 2G
  71. New rns-e harness, few questions
  72. RNSE: how to change home screen?
  73. DIY: convert Euro RNS-E to USA version
  74. Alpine KCE-425 Ipod integration for RNS-E in Los Angeles?
  75. New to RSN-E NAV
  76. xm receiver not playing stations (only getting preview station) - help please!
  77. 2010 bluetooth module at genuineaudiparts.com
  78. Navigation Driver Information Display with New RNS-E
  79. Need my RNSE updated!!!
  80. additional info for my updates
  81. Bluetooth Stopped Working
  82. Safe mode symphony II+, how to get out of it?
  83. RNS-E problems
  84. VIM Unlock/Firmware Upgrade for RNS-E
  85. Removed Sirius Unit...now no sound from iPod
  86. Installed Sirius Sat radio module, getting codes
  87. Does anyone have a DIY on burning RNS-D discs?
  88. How to determine what year nav dvd I have in my RNS-E?
  89. could be a noob question
  90. What's the latest RNS-E firmware and where can it be acquired?
  91. BT PN Question
  92. Bluetooth - aftermarket for A4
  93. 2010 MMI w/bluetooth
  94. Pulled a few codes related to my RNS E retrofit
  95. Replacing RNS-E Screen.
  96. Any known issues putting an RNS-E from sedan into a cabrio?
  97. Is there a retrofit diy that details the vag-com changes required?
  98. Need HeellllllPPPPPP!!!
  99. North American 2010 RNS-E
  100. Using Bose Adapter in a non-Bose Car?
  101. symphony II+ mp3 play really fast
  102. RNS-e sat radio install? Bluetooth upgrade wiring?
  103. Bluetooth kit with ipod control. Nice ebay found?
  104. concert II to rns-e
  105. Ordering RNS-E upgrade adapater ... so confused.
  106. Anybody buy an EU rns-e off ebay recently?
  107. Dynavin Navigation - iPod Issue
  108. DVD NAV Disc Too Expensive!
  109. Need bluetooth coding help
  110. Phonebook no longer showing up with Droid update
  111. Symphony II+ "CD ERROR SERVICE" message
  112. Symphony II and A2DP
  113. RNS-E in B6 S4
  114. North America Map DVD Version 2010-2011
  115. Rns-e: Iphone and video
  116. Navigation overheating? 2006 A6 Avant
  117. Plan of attack
  118. C-NAV??? Need one disk!!
  119. RNS-E gala acting weird.
  120. iphone4 BT connects and disconnects 3 times in the morning.
  121. RNS-D Compass Not working
  122. dvd will not eject....wtf
  123. What is the best NAV option?
  124. Bluetooth & Blackberry
  125. Cockney Boys modding his MMI panel with matching custom LEDs got me thinking
  126. Any phone cradle for Nokia 3120 classic?
  127. have rnse and want to buy dock for iphone so i can play music
  128. Blinder M40 opinions?
  129. Needed advice for bluetooth module for an Audi S4 Cabriolet (2005)
  130. Control Module Telematic Fault
  131. 2005 S4 Bluetooth Question
  132. Customizing the Kenwood/Garmin units? (Splash screens, vehicles & backgrounds)
  133. 2011 A4 B8 Navi Manual
  134. iPhone 4 compatibility w/armrest cradle 3G/3GS interface (8P0051435HC)
  135. RNS-E retrofit into B5 S4 problem: Nav Disk is unreadable?
  136. B6 S4 RNS-E retrofit questions
  137. OMG somehow this button cover came off my RNS-E ** Where can I buy this part?
  138. RNS-E GPS Signal Problems - HELP
  139. RNS-E Nav issues
  140. iPhone 4 makes V1 go off
  141. HELP!! Sirius Sat Radio Install
  142. B8 S4, 3G MMI, DroidX - No names in phonebook?
  143. SD card issues
  144. Expert advice please. Considering pulling RNS-E -Adding Kenwood DNX5140
  145. Please help? My phone has stopped working (a8 -97)
  146. Ross-tech's vag-com on iPhone !
  147. Symphony II Plus BOSE to RNS-E Harness Question
  148. How to reset BT code?
  149. RNS-E navigation not working, no signal.....
  150. RNS-E is lost and confused
  151. Pioneer AVIC 910 External microphone
  152. RNS-E doesn't give out any sound.
  153. Glovebox DVD player
  154. Anyone know how to bypass the auto shut off for the in-dash dvd player in a '10 Q7?
  155. Dumb question. How do you install the Navi CD?
  156. Let's talk CAN Bus.
  157. Rumor iOS 4.2.1 Breaks MMI compatibility (anyone already try it)
  158. Audi TT 08 ** failing to dial through BT from dash display ** loses some digits
  159. iphone 4 and bluetooth.....help
  160. RNS-E - Battery died and now no button lights or Dietz
  161. iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 jailbroken in 2011 A4 P+ with AMI but not NAV
  162. OEM BT to RNS-E
  163. sirus sattelite wont work!!! please help
  164. RNS-E sourced from UK
  165. 2011 A3 RNS-e US version 193 Install PROBLEMS!!! PLEASE HELP
  166. My rant about large chain-stores not being in Special Destinations...
  167. can anyone burn a rsnd map disc?
  168. Bluetooth addition to B7 A4
  169. She likes to tell me to turn left...!
  170. Anybody get an RNS-E unit from ebay?
  171. RNS-e safe mode
  172. RNS-e and Bluetooth issues
  173. RNS-E + OEM Bluetooth Blowing radio fuse!
  174. adding of external gps to Q7'08 with MMI 2G, no navigation
  175. Upgrade to Symphony II+ in a C5 S6???
  176. RNS-E lost TV option from sources list??
  177. bluetooth install
  178. mmi resets while driving!
  179. Getting buzzing/humming from speakers after upgrade to RNS-E
  180. RNS-E Problem / Help
  181. Cassette Card reader???
  182. RNS-e security code help pls ...
  183. AUX IN?
  184. Bad AMI? Having to re-seat power cable.
  185. Part #'s Help
  186. Rearview Camera Parts Updates?
  187. Sat Radio Control Unit Q's
  188. RNS-E with Sirius and CD Changer?
  189. RNS-E "Model Letter" differences?
  190. RNS not reading not reading nav disc
  191. Trunk mounted CD changer question
  192. MMI3G Hidden menu details wiki
  193. How do I play videos on my RNS-E (2011 A3)?
  194. Problems with RNS-E and SD card
  195. 2005 a6 navigation unit removal
  196. Is 12 vdc available at the rear view mirror for Radar Detector mounting and.....???
  197. would like to upgrade my audio system help please???!!!
  198. RNS E Repair?
  199. RNS-e Laser replacement instructions
  200. RNS-E pin
  201. which bluetooth module
  202. Anyone make VIM hack CD for Euro to U.S. RNS-E????
  203. Some basic info plz :)
  204. Adding bluetooth to Bose Symphony in my B6 A4
  205. SD Card format other then mp3?
  206. Question about navigation
  207. MMI3G/AMI iPod issues
  208. Help me get my RNS-E fully setup. b6 a4
  209. 2002 JAGUAR S TYPE
  210. Be Wary of Ordering from NavParts
  211. 2003 Audi a4
  212. 99 A6 Concert Stereo in "Safe" mode - Please Help!
  213. Nav-C Disks
  214. RNS-E for 2000 (b5) S4 AUDI
  215. Symphony II+ Cd Error Service
  216. ***Kufatec Summer Sale is Here***
  217. A6 Gateway Module Install? Programming? Help please!
  218. Telephone Phonebook has duplicates?
  219. How do you turn off the RNSE BT connection DING?
  220. B6 EBAY Navigation - NO REAR SOUND
  221. RNS-E and Rear View Camera Problem - ERROR Message- HELP!
  222. Symphony I **> RNS-E CAN H and CAN L Question
  223. Nav, Backup Camera, and/or video retrofit for Q5 Symphony?
  224. C5 (2004 A6) telematics microphone tie-in w/ aftermarket symphony replacement
  225. RNSE display and polarized lenses
  226. which system could i upgrade to???
  227. RNS-E turn on to stored list rather than total channel list?
  228. rns-e navigation w/o sharkfin
  229. 2004 S4 - Bluetooth with Symphony II?
  230. How are you guys making playlist for the MMI?
  231. Found an MMI Interface Box...From A8. Will it work?
  232. Any insight into how the SD-card maps are activated on MMI 3G Plus?
  233. New NAV DVD on RNS-E "Navigation is being Initialized"
  234. Your Help really required..........
  235. what happened to audiforum.us?
  236. RNS-E functions help
  237. Blackberry and MMI Bluetooth
  238. Making a backup RNS-E Nav Dvd with Mac?
  239. MMI restarting, cycling through screens on its own
  240. Center armrest cradle for CDMA
  241. MMI quit working on my 2011 S5.....
  242. Flash current Navigation system with Google Navigation - Is this possible?
  243. B6 S4 Avant GPS Antenna advice
  244. Where to buy bluetooth kit?
  245. Need RNS-e Pin
  246. nOOb navigation upgrade question
  247. Happy Halloween from Audi!
  248. MMI 3G and HDMI/MHL Input
  249. New England #7 C-Navi RNS-D Disc?
  250. pioneer install problems