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  1. Yo!! What up?
  2. Welcome!
  3. First from hawaii
  4. Finally!
  5. Aloha from San Francisco!
  6. anything goin on 3/10-3/12
  7. where you stay?
  8. Where is everybody?
  9. Tell us a little about yourself...
  10. Serious question for people on Oahu?
  11. What's up guys...
  12. Hello[echoes].........
  13. First Hawaiian Bank Car Show
  14. wow, i go away for a while this happens.
  15. Post Here If You Seen a Fellow Audi Owner
  16. Beautiful Day for a Euro Cruise :-)
  17. Anyone got any 19s they wanna sell me?
  18. Anybody have any fun street race stories?
  19. my GF is going to Kauai for a week.
  20. Any recommendations for clear bra installers?
  21. Audi Cruise Info........
  22. Anybody????
  23. can someone help me?
  24. Props to European Autotech - The reconstructive surgery was a success!
  25. WTS: cheap rims
  26. Newbie here... Pics of my new black on black B7
  27. Pics of my old Oettinger'd out B6 ('05) and my Rieger'd out B6 ('02)
  28. Got my rims.. !
  29. cv joint
  30. props to thomas @ TAI VW..long thread =)
  31. 18" Hp Evo Wheels (great Deal)
  32. 10K service...
  33. howsit'
  34. TTers??
  35. All Import Cruise..
  36. Sup Everybody...................
  37. bodykit question/poll
  38. Fog lights...
  39. I got a phone call.....
  40. Test Pipe Question...
  41. Hello everyone.
  42. StarBucks gtg.....................
  43. FS 17 ssr type cs gunmetal w/polished lip 5x112 $1100 0b0
  44. Yo anybody down???
  45. check this out....
  46. Anybody has a B7 front Euro-license plate holder? Need one bad...
  47. Anyone with a B6 S4........
  48. anyone have h&r coilovers?
  49. intro
  50. wanna borrow head lights for audi
  51. 2005 Uber Euro Cruise (Audi, BMW, VW, MB, Porsche & other Euros)
  52. chipping
  53. FS: Raven Black 2005 Yamaha YZF R6 w/extras
  54. *** ForSale: 19" SSR Vienna Sovereigns *** PICS!!!!
  55. Alohaz!
  56. Mahalo to Tom!
  57. painted lowers
  58. blackout grille trim
  59. Best place for parts On Oahu
  60. recon
  61. S4 turbo upgrade...........
  62. 2 RS6's in Hawaii,and one of them is my customer.
  63. 12.38@112mph *vids also*
  64. New A6 Owner!
  65. FS: Eclipse AVN-2454 double-DIN DVD/Navigation Head Unit
  66. Check these out.............
  67. custom a4 intake *pics inside
  68. Am I the only one that watches Dog the bounty hunter
  69. Howzit everybody!
  70. ok need some traffic ticket help here
  71. Updated pic of my whip, Abt kit, 19" SP-1s, slammed on Abt coils...
  72. Howz the 808 A3 scene?
  73. Tai.. you da man!
  74. S4 Gtg 9/11
  75. Street Car Showoff.....................
  76. My New Black on Black B7 Avant S-Line
  77. So where's the pics???????
  78. intercooler piping?
  79. WTT: full rieger kit
  80. Cooling problem.......
  81. Eh Phillip, I found your twin...
  82. Headed out to Oahu next week... how many island AZers will I see?
  83. What's up guys?!...
  84. andyone got a cf hood?
  85. 2001 Mercedes C-Class, DD sounds, Pioneer DVD, kit, rare!
  86. Come meet me & Executive Konnexion at the "O" - 10/28/05
  87. What's up errbody....
  88. So, Tyler was free on Sunday, and I just washed the B7...
  89. anyone know how to solder
  90. Any s4s for sale in HI
  91. Favor to ask...
  92. Off to Volxgerman...........
  93. check it out..
  94. Other AZ B7 boards say REVO software now available for A4 B7s...can someone confirm?
  95. does anyone wanna buy a roof spoiler??
  96. i want s4 sides and rear
  97. Anybody got the hook ups on tint???
  98. Anybody has VAG-COMM codes for the B7 A4s???
  99. Anything going on this December?
  100. Gtg B4 Hin...................
  101. TT Lumma Tunning Body Kit
  102. Mahalo to Thomas at TAI-VW...
  103. Hey guys!
  104. Who might stock Pirelli PZero Neros on the Island?
  105. I need your help big time!
  106. Anybody on Maui?
  107. WTS: brand-new Defi 52mm Dgauge boost gauge (pics)
  108. FS: '06 Audi A4 OEM/Factory 16-inch wheels w/Michelin tires
  109. McDonald's Are You Mac Enough Car Show: 12-15-05
  110. Anybody know how to change the stock shiftknob? Need pics/instructions...
  111. Come out to the drag strip this Saturday
  112. Stayed up to 2 a.m. -- 1st CF hood on a B7 in the US by EuroGEAR USA!!! (pics)
  113. need a headrest
  114. Mele Kalikimaka
  115. hello hawaii peeps
  116. Rieger RS4 bumper and V2 rear lip
  117. FS: Alpine IVA-D310 touch screen DVD
  118. Bar-B-Cruise Sunday Jan 15th!
  119. anyone with a silver b5 audi?
  120. 6-pot Rotora Big Brake Kit for my A4 B7
  121. WTB: b5 side skirts
  122. Aloha Guys! Newbie Audi owner here!
  123. Any recomendations on Paint Shops to paint lower moldings?
  124. boost gauge install
  125. Aloha! Visiting Oahu (Ala Moana). What to do? Mahalo.
  126. Found some old vids of stuff I took in my old B5
  127. Need some advice on wheels.
  128. Thought this was interesting...
  129. Hello Hawaii folks
  130. any local b5 guys looking for a exhaust?
  131. FOR SALE: stock/OEM Audi A4 2.0T FSI (B7) front/rear brakes
  132. You guys might like this
  133. Anybody know a shop locally that carrys these wheels or can get them for cheap?
  134. Feeler Thread: Would anybody locally be interested in my A4 stock wheels & Tires?
  135. Whos the baller???
  136. B5 S4 Front Brake Calipers
  137. Wheel Spacers
  138. I wish our GTGs was like this.....
  139. anyone got a rear b5 bumper?
  140. Do you want an Audi enthusiast forum on ForumsHawaii?
  141. **sigh**
  142. Hey Everyone
  143. Euro cruise coming up next friday...
  144. Holy cow...
  145. Hey wusup
  146. Lookin
  147. wassup again
  148. More props to Thomas @ TAI VW
  149. Anyone here using REVO software?
  150. Vakamon is now servicing Audi/VW
  151. new to hawaii
  152. what boost gauge and pod are you b6 guys using?
  153. any news on the cruse?
  154. need a new bumper
  155. RNS-E Navigation
  156. Holy Crap! Flooding!! My poor car!!!
  157. Who's down for this?..................
  158. exhaust
  159. any local interest in Maya wheels?
  160. FS: 17" Audi A4 Avant Wheels & Tires (pics!)
  161. Another Rave Review for TAI VW/Audi
  162. WANT TO BUY: Dunlop: 265/275-30ZR-19 tires
  163. Yay AZ is back up and running..............
  164. New 808 sighting....................
  165. TT body kit for sale
  166. 2nd opinion on tires.
  167. anyone here running a GTRS elim turbo?
  168. good reason to get a vasectomy: R8 in Daytona/Carbon
  169. so what's up with dyno day?
  170. Anyone here used Auto-rx before?
  171. new thread JUST FOR JESSE lol
  172. New Kamei eyelids installed on my Abt'd A4 :)
  173. My Volk LE37s for sale in the 4sale section above
  174. know anywhere to rent a lift?
  175. Holy ****in Earth Quake!!
  176. Mike and/or Edgar from BMW
  177. fs: 18" falken koblenz rims w/falken ze512 tires
  178. Fs: Fk High Sport Coilovers Audi B6/b7 Quattro
  179. Intro: Dolphin Grey 2004 Audi S4
  180. Seat Belt Chime - VAG-COM?
  181. Laser Detectors/Diffusers - Anyone a believer?
  182. Selling both my cars...links & pics inside! Thanks for looking =)
  183. Executive Konnexion C.C.'s 2nd Annual Shrimp Truck Cruise *all are welcomed*
  184. Audi TT GT2871R dyno
  185. Buddy's car for sale
  186. Coming to Maui
  187. Dyno'd my POS today
  188. Blackout Grilles from VAG Parts [B6 S4]
  189. Anyone selling their stock wheels? Or want to trade wheels?
  190. Audi of Hawaii: Extended Warranty?
  191. FS: 2006 AUDI A4 2.0T S-LINE QUATTRO 6spd
  192. gt2871r
  193. Tai VW Thomas - see below link
  194. HIN flyers are in,...............
  195. Happy Birthday...
  196. Oahu/Kauai
  197. JUst a reminder that the Dyno day is this Saturday
  198. 18" enkei aegis 3pc mesh rims w/tires
  199. FS: Audi A4 B7 (S-LINE) front plate filler panel
  200. Fs: Fk High Sport Coilovers Audi A4 B6/b7 Quattro
  201. Pics and Vids from 11/18 Dyno Day.
  202. Toys for Tots cruise is this Saturday also,......
  203. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  204. ATTN: Tai's VW & Audi
  205. Looking for 18" S4 Avus or A8 rims
  206. 2000 A4 1.8T FS to good home
  207. man, it's hard to find a job in hawaii!
  208. Cruise Sunday 17th?
  209. Catch Can...
  210. Coming to Hawaii
  211. Hi guys, for this H7 HID Kit...MERRY XMAS!
  212. Season's Greetings + Happy Holidays!
  213. attn: brandon aka histates4
  214. free stuff
  215. XK pre-UH SPRING SEMESTER BBQ: 1-7-07
  216. k i have been to hawaii alot
  217. I got this whole weekend off.....
  218. Where to buy summer performance tires?
  219. Woohoo, finally got a job interview!
  220. WTS: two (2) 265-35-19 tires, 99% tread! cheap!
  221. who sells race gas here?
  222. need some help...
  223. nAudi a.k.a. 808Bamboost a.k.a. James Ky is a SCAMMER
  224. Cruise this Sunday - 1/28
  225. Where do you guys go for tint?
  226. Recon Sticker placement
  227. does anyone have a Q7 on here?
  228. Help Please: Recommended Oil
  229. A4 RSR Body Kit?
  230. heading to maui in april 11-18 any gtg?
  231. Audi TT dyno video
  232. B7 RS4 with Magnaflow,...............
  233. RAD dyno day
  234. Need help Got a problem
  235. any audi cruz or hang out
  236. Feeler: Audi Gtg/Cruise...............
  237. Hey Chard,...............
  238. New Forum on Forumshawaii
  239. I'm new!
  240. New to the forums!
  241. Official Audi Cruise post,...............
  242. Need Help!
  243. where to get APR or REVO?
  244. Took some pics yesterday..
  245. Anyone in Maui with a red B6 A4?
  246. Project comming along!
  247. The all new Euro "DAY" Cruise. MAY 19...
  248. Howz it? New guy here....
  249. question about the ecu reflash...thomas?
  250. Redline opens this week,...............