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  1. New to HI
  2. Recon setup
  3. Roll call oct 2013!
  4. mil light on.
  5. B6 avant and C5 allroad at ABC used auto parts
  6. Wheel refinishing/repair?
  7. Luaus on Oahu or near Kapaa Kuai
  8. Any of you guys withthe DSG tranmission change your fluid yet?
  9. Walker Cruise HI - Memorial Cruise for Paul Walker - Sunday, Dec 29th, 2013
  10. Fuel injector cleaning service on Oahu?
  11. Radio Removal Keys
  12. Looking to buy a car in Hawaii / Honolulu
  13. April 3rd Audi A3 Launch Party!
  14. clutch
  15. Car wrapping question
  16. Headed to Maui!
  17. i need help to reset my caroil service and delete my drl.
  18. Which ECU tuners still have local representation on the island?
  19. Moving to Oahu!
  20. maui VCDS?
  21. Anyone wanna hang out from July 16-22?
  22. Rotiforms
  23. Body Shop Recommendation
  24. New Shop?
  25. New Audis and VW's
  26. ACNA Members in Hawaii? Does Audi of Hawaii give the ACNA discount?
  27. B8 Fog light upgrade
  28. Help!! Anyone have VCDS? Need my RNS-E serial number!!
  29. Can anyone help me buy a box of a limited cigar that was only release in HI?
  30. Anyone in maui? My phone crashed and I need a computer w iTunes to do a restore
  31. Throttle body alignment code, please help
  32. What are the popular shops nowadays?
  33. July Cars and Coffee
  34. Bouncy ride after Wrench Werks. #@%#!
  35. ST Coilovers for sale, B7 A4 Quattro
  36. Audi Hawaii Euro Show November 22nd!!!!
  37. B8 S4 at VW dealer
  38. Looking for b5 carbon parts and race seats, preferably used
  39. Vag-com help in ewa beach?
  40. 15% off and Free Shipping over $99.00 - Detailer's Domain Winter Special exp: 1/25/16
  41. A4 B6 stunning inside and out and fast for sale
  42. Audi Cruise 2/21/16
  43. audi a8l D3
  44. Audi meet
  45. AWE Exhaust - B8/B8.5
  46. Vagcom and Audi/VW tool locator map
  47. Can't make it to our 8th Annual Dyno Day & Open House? We've got you covered!
  48. Anyone with a WHITE R8 on OAHU?
  49. :: EuropaParts.com :: Win a VCDS Hex Net by supporting our Veterans
  50. Is anyone still active?
  51. Visiting from Seattle
  52. Best Audi Mechanic on Kauai?
  53. Wow