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  1. Any one want in with me?
  2. Attn: BoostBeeyaatch...you should get this
  3. MY 2010 B8S4 price
  4. New Toy
  5. coming to hawaii
  6. I brake checked a pig!
  7. Transmission Control Module
  8. Need to vent..............
  9. New Shoes
  10. When it rains it pours................
  11. LED Lights
  12. Toys for Tots Cruise....November 28th
  13. just wondering
  14. She lives...............
  15. Finally...long time coming...
  16. Vag com anyone?
  17. soldering
  18. gathering
  19. Supps...
  20. giac stage 1 chip opinions
  21. Secret to speed: History of quattro
  22. Anyone know a good machine shop?
  23. Second car options.
  24. Look what the brown truck just dropped off today.
  25. WTS: AWE Exhaust
  26. Recognize this A4?
  27. no front plate ticket
  28. what up
  29. New rims
  30. anyone have radio keys?
  31. European Cars Spotted
  32. Got Auto?
  33. Auto detailing
  34. vette
  35. how was that Haliewa contest?
  36. 414whp
  37. **Cash In With Revo Technik This Holiday Season!**
  38. LED's
  39. who wants a animal
  40. Trans Control Module went out, but Tina from Audi saved me
  41. I need to get my painted buffed!
  42. I need wheels for my A4! Trade my subs!
  43. Happi Burfday Drew!
  44. Anyone have a extra set of headlights?
  45. Dealer reputation...
  46. I'll be at Momilani Elem on Saturday evening.......
  47. Tire mounting?
  48. Window Tint
  49. my tcm just went out too
  50. Avatar in IMAX
  51. How difficult to change the front foglight bulb?
  52. Vag Com
  53. Heading over to Waikiki and Kauai for the next couple of days, must do's?
  54. Speeding Ticket
  55. Anybody sell a red B6A4 on craigslist recently.
  56. Merry Christmas.............
  57. B6 A4 hood
  58. This ones for LAS...........
  59. I hate bird shit!
  60. Happy New Year..............
  61. Happy New Year Guys....
  62. Attn: PSYC0TIC ONE
  63. Hawaii AZ xbox live gamertags
  64. Hella Flush is coming to Hawaii......
  65. Exhaust manifold for 1.8t a4
  66. Military MRE's
  67. Rear brake tool
  68. Car Crack
  69. Anyone want to hang out........
  70. Hello Hawaii!!
  71. got my roof racks...
  72. waves
  73. New exhaust (about time)
  74. Check this douche bag out...
  75. any of you heard of Monarch insurance?
  76. Shopping for tires - Vredestein Sessantas or Bridgestone RE-11s?
  77. Anyone heard of Smartwax....
  78. PRK Surgery this morning
  79. Huge boost leak!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Missing a4
  81. 3" Down Pipes??
  82. 1st Event for EuroSunday
  83. Sunday Cruise?
  84. Painting wheels - local shop?
  85. Spec oil
  86. B6 Lowers anyone?!
  87. Audi rentals
  88. Audi rentals
  89. Need opinions..........
  90. Any input on the Ford Island 10k and YMCA Camp Erdman 10K?
  91. Anywhere on island stock Lubro Moly Synthetic Oil?
  92. AZ Hawaii Members Heads up
  93. trippy tides...
  94. BTT show registration is on now here's the info............
  95. Audi Cruise Circle Island Run 2010
  96. Sparco wingman baby seat
  97. HID's in fogs?
  98. Welcome to AZ Hawaii
  99. Anyone Planning a STG3 upgrade?
  100. ATT:Gino
  101. Can someone translate this song for me? It's for my daughter's halau.
  102. Look what came in the mail...yup another small mod thread [:p]
  103. Who was it that had BBS CHs on their S4?
  104. Just want to vent about today...
  105. Vag Com near town?
  106. new member
  107. ruh roh :(
  108. B6 1.8t help
  109. APR sale going on from now until April 30th...
  110. Revo Technik Spring Sale Marth 27th - April 11th 2010
  111. DOH!!!
  112. MRR and Roderick wheels...?
  113. Lookie Lookie Part 2...lol
  114. anyone know who drives the black 2010 Audi A4 with license plates DAXXX???
  115. Anyone want to go check this out tomorrow?...............
  116. Next show..........
  117. Smartwax at WrenchWerks
  118. My B7 Avant S-Line
  119. Is it true....
  120. Need a little help - Oil light on and smoke from under the hood
  121. B7 Recall??
  122. Feeling Sluggish
  123. Anyone know anything about WO-Aviation?
  124. New goodies.....................
  125. Toys for Tots Cruise.............
  126. Project Tarantula begins!!!!
  127. Fund raising
  128. n75 valve
  129. Anyone have a VAG-Com
  130. Anyone have experience changing wheel bearings?
  131. Extra ticket
  132. Break recommendations?.
  133. Euro Sunday tomorrow...........
  134. TFO Euro Cruise
  135. Hawaii peeps with Dynavin 7-IN Touch Screen LCD DVD Player experience?
  136. Tracy Morgan
  137. Mods and where to start!?
  138. Body work, paintless dent removal recommendations?
  139. fuel pump
  140. Another up coming show Helluva 1
  141. STS808 (o_O) Big ups!
  142. Messing Around
  143. Local suspension shop for product + install
  144. VW 337 1 - Audi R8 0
  145. Honeymoon to Maui in July...ideas?
  146. Finally brought the S home..
  147. 5x112 steelies to borrow
  148. wtb rims asap
  149. Just smoked my b6 ..... Still gotta slam em''
  150. TFO Show & Shine, June 6th at STS808
  151. rim question
  152. Sup bitches.......just thought I'd drop you a line......
  153. sticky window buttons
  154. Clear Bra Installers
  155. Decided to sell the ride: 99.5 A4 1.8t Quattro with lots of goodies
  156. Stereo shop recommendations
  157. coilovers
  158. aloha brotha's want to rep the HI on dah mainland any help!
  159. Anybody know where to find an official document listing the requirements for recon?
  160. Motorcycle Help...
  161. Thomas replaced my cam follower today, results were good. B7 related
  162. Need your guys opinion...............
  163. SpoCom Honolulu
  164. Car Wash/Detailer
  165. iPhone 4
  166. Anyone interested in another Dyno day?
  167. Anyone interested in another Dyno day?
  168. anyone have radio removal keys
  169. Just wanted to say "Mahalos to Kurt"
  170. What rims are these?..................
  171. Dub Invasion Tuesday night meets, Who We Are, Official Sponsor To Waterfest 16
  172. Buying tires
  173. Thanks for all your opinions and help in choosing a set of wheels for my car.
  174. It's that time of the year again
  175. ATTN: Boostbeeyatch aka Ricky!!
  176. V-TEC just kicked i Yo.....
  177. New Shoes for my AVANT - Look see:
  178. Jesse, where the hell is the info on your new wheels
  179. Duplicate title from DMV
  180. Street Dreams Showdown
  181. The smart car I want..........
  182. Mk6 meets A3 night sesh
  183. Wussup fellow a'zerz!
  184. Karting in Hawaii
  185. Today Sucked Ass!
  186. So who's car caught fire today?
  187. Did I Miss Anything While I Was Away??
  188. CEL came on today :(
  189. today sucked ass 2
  190. Just got an A4 B6 and I'm brand new to the scene.
  191. hey guys, planning my wedding on Oahu
  192. new to the island
  193. Cars and Coffee - 2nd Saturday @ Ala Moana Center Sears/Piikoi Parking
  194. Heading to Maui.
  195. Process to get Hawaii to pay for bent and cracked rim?
  196. Gettin some work dun..
  197. any of you Maui az guys rent homes?
  198. A$$h*le
  199. another problem
  200. I want this......
  201. Heads up................
  202. I need a safety check..help!
  203. I found it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  204. Really far out/random question but...
  205. Honolulu vs Waikiki
  206. 8 weeks is a long time to wait for a set of wheels
  207. FS: '05 G35 Coupe- (Black-on-Black, 5AT, 48k miles)
  208. Hawaii Audi license plate frame
  209. Helluvaride II Show this Sunday.............
  210. Tattoo shop recommendations
  211. A few shots at Pearlridge Parking Garage
  212. Any one want to go on a night cruise?
  213. powdercoating: where and how much for a set of rims...
  214. Need Help with Suggestion
  215. Revision Cruise.............
  216. Finally got the new wheels installed
  217. new wheels in, and on....
  218. Toys for Tots Cruz
  219. Hawaii tint law question ???
  220. Hawaii Audi Dealer???
  221. Need Votes................
  222. Rolling fenders
  223. Helluva Rides III Pics
  224. Who's on Big Island?
  225. Andy Irons - RIP
  226. Funny
  227. Remix Show on December 18th.................
  228. New wheels arrived, now to steer clear of the potholes........
  229. Anyone down for an audizine Hawaii meet?
  230. Does anyone know where I could get my H&R OE springs istall for my S4???
  231. FINALLY..GT5 is being released next week!!
  232. UPDATED XDC SHOWCASE 12.11 @ the Blaisdell
  233. Honolulu nightlife
  234. Anyone got a VAG-COM?
  235. more DTC codes :(
  236. Imagine this at one of our meets...
  237. Tire & Wheel Questions
  238. To My Audizine Fam....
  239. In Maui... say someone wanted to find something on their honeymoon...
  240. Go cart track......
  241. Shipping my car down here
  242. Looks like she took a bullet
  243. I think this guy is mad at me!...............lol
  244. Some updated pics of the car
  245. on maui
  246. Yay or Nay................
  247. Vredesteins in the rain
  248. Update on my Nogy (sorry to thread jack other post)
  249. I fixed my AC problem
  250. tires