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  1. Car cruise
  2. Buy my Stage 3 S4 so I can buy all the cars on my list.
  3. Does anyone here hunt wild pig ?
  4. Whos near Pearl Harbor??
  5. Euro car meet and greet tonight
  6. Any other stage 3 s4's running 60# injectors here?
  7. She's Alive...............
  8. Car broke..what would you do?
  9. Anyone want to hang out........
  10. Car is Finished, BUT!!!
  11. job openings
  12. Pics from July
  13. oooo
  14. b6 a4 front bumper
  15. Movie Night?
  16. Sneek peeks of my transformation..........
  17. How many Audis you got/had??
  18. More than likely - I will part my car out - 02 S4 lots of mods
  19. anyone got the dope stickers?
  20. What up from Iraq
  21. Cars and Coffee 10/11/08
  22. Volxgerman!
  23. Emission Law
  24. Jess wanted to say yo!
  25. DIY carwashes?
  26. Kind of pissed off!
  27. Audi Meet Thursday 10/30 Pearl City Walmart
  28. Cars and Coffee 11/8/08........
  29. Tint recommendations
  31. Some recent pics with the HDRness
  32. Looking for tire and alignment shop recommendations.
  33. Toys for Tots Cruise.............
  34. What do you guys do about tickets?
  35. New pics.. same car..
  36. Bye bye old & busted...hello new hotness
  37. Well she's coming home..............
  38. Anyone want a widebody?
  39. need vag-com help
  40. Anyone here have a hook up on repainting a car>?
  41. Anyone off tomorrow and want to help me out..............
  42. Beat the rain today!
  43. Happy Bday Jesse
  44. Official Toys for Tots drive...............
  45. junkyards w/ audis?
  46. 18" tires wtb
  47. The newbies thread..
  48. Volxgerman has changed their name..........
  49. Engine and tranny oil/fluid and filters?
  50. anyone from Maui?
  51. happy thanksgiving
  52. Are there any casablanca B5 S4's on the islands?
  53. Good Roads?
  54. front plate tickets
  55. How often do you wash you car here?
  56. Coupon for HIN if any of you are going.
  57. HIN pics..............
  58. Feeler for a Christmas Lunch.................
  59. Check out this ridiculousness.
  60. Taco Bell
  61. Tis The Season. Revo Technik's Holiday Sale Has Begun.
  62. anyone got a jack i can use?
  63. dolphin grey b6 guys
  64. Hooligan's
  65. Merry Fscking Christmas!
  66. Whats the Haps Tonight?
  67. Euro Meet 1/4
  68. HIN Hawaii 2008 to be featured on HINtv: 1/6/2009
  69. Curbed a rim. What should I do?
  70. not my luck
  71. anyone selling/thinking of selling their b5's?
  72. Do you guys change your own oil usually?
  73. Anyone have extra B5 S4 Airbox
  74. will be stopping in hawaii for a couple weeks...
  75. Next Audi meet..................
  76. NEVER use Discount Tire
  77. S5 out the door for $47k?
  78. Stud broke off of turbo...need help!
  79. Saw BJ Penn on my way home from Hilo today.
  80. thinking of giving up
  81. Looking for Mark -First event at Kalaeloa Raceway Oahu
  82. Drifting
  83. help
  84. Need new tires, opinions?
  85. who's goin to win BJ or GSP
  86. Help Stop the Pit Bull Ban in Hawaii!
  87. Is there a 4 wheel dyno somehwere on Oahu?
  88. I need a turn signal realy/flasher!
  89. cheap tire mounting
  90. anybody goin
  91. Need Vaggy?
  92. GSP vs. PENN III Summer '09?
  93. Small vent................
  94. Henry....
  95. needed screws
  96. OT: Is there any shopping outlets near Waikiki Beach
  97. So my new toy arrived yesterday
  98. Where to go to powder coat valve covers?
  99. Need to get my wheels balanced
  100. Hope this wasn't anyone we know
  101. OT: Sights in Hawaii?
  102. Anyone ever change their ABS module?..........
  103. Recession / Depression?
  104. Honest Opinion
  105. safety check
  106. Just seeing if there is any interest...
  107. Ok, I think we need to start having GTGs on the regular
  108. Was there a Tsunami warning today?
  109. whats up everyone I'm back..And selling my car
  110. Do we have a local APR distributor on island?
  111. Detailer?
  112. Took my car to WrenchWerks yesterday, tried out my "USFidelis" warranty
  113. Join AWE Tuning on Facebook, Twitter and My Vintage Racing League!
  114. btt
  115. Anyone been to this site yet?
  116. Roll Call & Poll for GTG Days
  117. B5 A4 Flywheel
  118. Does anyone want to make a movie with me?
  119. Did anyone go to the Journey concert?
  120. First Hawaiian Auto Show.. Anyone going?
  121. Thank you Anthony (AZ Founder)!
  122. axle shafts
  123. Anyone know where I can get a driver side rear door molding?
  124. GT turbos for your B5 S4?
  125. B7 A4 HID's
  126. Xbox 360 Gamer Tag
  127. just wanted to see if any one wants to go
  128. S5 Paint Correction Detail
  129. EYE CANDY!!!!
  130. Tonight??
  131. Cars and Coffee tomorrow 4/11/09
  132. New to Audi....A convert....
  133. just wanted to say
  134. saturday nite
  135. BMW vs Audi - the billboard wars here in california
  136. FYI...Got TB tools?
  137. Gauging/Estimating Public Turnout for the 2009 Euros in the Park
  138. So I cleaned my car today...
  139. Whaaat ?! will be in the area june 4th in O'ahu .. Waikiki for the 2nd time
  140. Audi 17' OEM Premium rims and tires $300
  141. Hemi Drift!
  142. What is a legit price for an s4 nowadays....
  143. Kapolei Car Show May 3rd, anyone down?
  144. Interior LEDs
  145. anywhere on island for a new battery?
  146. where can i find the non s-line, s-line grill?
  147. wtb
  148. vortex gtg tonight
  149. Lookie Lookie...lol
  150. Decided to try some new wax for my car
  151. anyone have waikiki hotel hook ups!?!
  152. Best flights to Kauai?
  153. This is the deal ..
  154. Decided to try some new wax on my car too
  155. Coming to Hawaii, Oahu this May 14th - 19th. Who wants to give me ideas!
  156. I need help finding a puppy!!!
  157. Anyone have a coilpack they want to sell?
  158. New to the Rings
  159. Craigslist Ads
  160. GTG for Lloyd this Wednesday at D&Bs
  161. FS: S-Line Bumper/Grille and suspension
  162. On the Big Island For Vacation
  163. A8L TO S8L Conversion: Some of you wont like this.....
  164. Join EuroGEAR on Facebook - Visit our new updated website !!!
  165. Angels & Demons Tonight, anyone?
  166. Brake Caliper Tool?
  167. Cracked rim
  168. valve cover
  169. Coming to Oahu on the 24th. Ideas ???
  170. Anyone friends with a correction officer here?
  171. Just checking in from Washington.........
  172. Hawaii spotting thread? Nogaro B5 S4 Avant in Honolulu.
  173. I'm hooked on Meth.....
  174. IPod Question?
  175. Terminator Movie
  176. Shrimp truck run tomorrow? (Sunday 5/24/09)
  177. Well....I used to have VW's......(?)
  178. what's happenin' **with quick pix**
  179. O_o [droolz]
  180. Anyone want a GT kit for their B5 S4? $4.5K
  181. Tonight VW GTG
  182. washed, waxed, & ready for the weekend!
  183. The Senator is back...
  184. vag-com?
  185. Spacers?
  186. ford escort
  187. Hooked on Meth part II
  188. Hello
  189. Need Anything?
  190. Dyno Day?
  191. What you got?!
  192. Cheap way to afford a r8 lol.......
  193. Servicing Car
  194. Audi on Huffs (temps)
  195. any real estate agents? I need an agent
  196. VMR Wheels
  197. New iPhone anyone?
  198. Dyno day Sign up thread (07/25/09)
  199. Junkyard and/or part request
  200. Street Car Supreme August 28-30
  201. Transformers 2
  202. Anyone with an A3 or MKV GTI want a K04?
  203. Coilovers finally going in....
  204. Transformers today or tomorrow?
  205. Exhaust work, where's a good place? Thomas?
  206. Okay.. decisions decisions..
  207. im landing on july 16th
  208. studio for rent
  209. Errr... Aug. in the islands?
  210. 1233am..anyone wanna take a drive?
  211. Mobile 1 on sale @ Checker
  212. vag-com
  213. Cars and Coffee this Saturday........
  214. tt
  215. Changing ATF & filter
  216. they came in...
  217. First it was Meth, now I'm on Crack
  218. mr.Audiboy808
  219. Can I get a stereo install kit locally?
  220. WTB: n75 valve
  221. Cool stuff....lovin' it.
  222. Some dumb ass tried to run me off the road today
  223. APR Coming Back to the Islands
  224. B7 A4 Gauge cluster swap with B7 S4/ RS4??
  225. Puerto Rico
  226. Feedback on Exhaust and Roof Spoiler
  227. facebook
  228. Need help..........again..........lol..........
  229. Going to Kauai. Need a car.
  230. my car needs a new lung???
  231. Race Gas
  232. Need Your Opinions!
  233. Mo-Fukin' Centipedes...
  234. MotherFather!
  235. S4 N75
  236. VHT night shade???
  237. what a bad morning...
  238. Japanese mustang
  239. Ugliest tuner in hawaii.
  240. wtb:2.7t throttle body boot
  241. gt28rs for b5 s4
  242. WTB:stock audi rims
  243. Anyone know where I can buy...........
  244. caught a few audi's in oahu this past weekend...
  245. anyone down for tonite?
  246. 2.0 Twin Turbo V6?
  247. Anyone going to the show..............
  248. Anybody know how the DMV calculates vehicle weight?
  249. AGAIN!!!
  250. Oahu Wedding Spots