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  1. Ordered the AWE vent gauge!!!
  2. I'm heading out to Honolulu May 3rd-15th anything cool going on?
  3. Mini meet at Audi today....lol
  4. Change my project order.....
  5. Can Anyone Confirm Or Deny?
  6. need to buy a new front bumper....
  7. Pictures of you and your ride.
  8. Anyone have VAG COM I can borrow?
  9. 2001 Audi A4 up for sale
  10. where to go for safety check?
  11. Any AutoXers here?
  12. Glass scratch repair? Know any places?
  13. wts: 05.5 audi a4 (b7), 2.0T, quattro, 6-spd, blk/blk
  14. wts: 05.5 audi a4 (b7), 2.0T, quattro, 6-spd, blk/blk
  15. Ordered the NAVplus (RNS-E)
  16. where can i buy this lip?
  17. Me and Fellow Dubber are coming to Oahu for a couple weeks
  18. May 26, ALL EUROS
  19. rims for sale
  20. Hooray!!!
  21. you guys better come damn it!!!
  22. It has arrived...
  23. Happy Birthday 808projekt and AudiA4T!
  24. wts: 2005.5 Audi S4, 16K miles, $39,900
  25. Name with Face Thread.
  26. Got back into a Dub...
  27. Thinking about moving to Hawaii
  28. rim repair
  29. Condo for rent.............
  30. All in favor......
  31. Euro cruise pics
  32. The Great All Euro GTG and BBQ
  33. Visiting Oahu this weekend. any recommendations?
  34. 4of July in Maui
  35. anyone here in that crash?
  36. Dealt w/ Red tape just for this.....
  37. Posting from the 9th Island!
  38. photoshoot
  39. Fender Roller
  40. where to stay in Maui???
  41. TNT Tinting wrecked my ride!
  42. Someone got a few new toys today
  43. Happy 4th of July guys!
  44. Whats up im the new guy in town......
  45. Whats up im the new guy in town......
  46. Thank Ju Audi of Hawaii!!!
  47. best place to get an exhaust?
  48. Audi hang out thread.
  49. Where to buy oil?
  50. Anyone have spare O2 sensors?
  51. Finaly four rings back in the garage. (new guy in town)
  52. adjusting stasis coilovers
  53. end of the summmer cruz all euro
  54. looking for parts
  55. Where can I get myself a cone filter?
  56. Where can I get myself a cone filter?
  57. anyone know someone thats wants to buy a B6 a4?
  58. Ok i think the joke is over now, but i want to sell my car
  59. For You IT Guys
  60. This is one sic ride,..............
  61. Back In Town
  62. Any good shops in Honolulu that service Audi's?
  63. FS: Work VS-XX rims FOR SALE
  64. Need to borrow a B6 1.8T MAF for 5 minutes
  65. new audi owner
  66. Two more days.....
  67. Pics from the Cruise? :D
  68. Anyone interested in a Dyno day?
  69. Street Car Showoff roll call.............
  70. for anyone that is looking for a body work done...
  71. who here?
  72. F.s 18" rs6 wheel
  73. Euro' s n the Garden
  74. Stock turbo inlet hose replaced with samco?
  75. Fs: 2004 A4
  76. I heard...someone got caught at a fairly high speed!
  77. Yay!
  78. In Oahu till 9/5...whats crackin???
  79. Ordered a new car - switching to the dark side
  80. New to this forum...
  81. Any B6 a4 parts for sale?
  82. broken motor mount
  83. any good shop?
  84. BIG thanks to TAI VW
  85. carbonio
  86. rs4 sttering wheel
  87. Well here are the CF doors,........
  88. f.s Nuespeed race springs b6 a4
  89. wats wrong
  90. Where Can I Get VAG-Com Program??
  91. Newbie to this forum
  92. GTG tonight at NEX
  93. Ok I think it's time we had,...............
  94. APR Exhaust Vs. Milltek ??
  95. Veterans Day Cruise
  96. Look what I spotted in Hawaii Kai....
  97. B5 S4 guys I need your help.
  98. I'm sad my baby is down...............
  99. keep a look out.....
  100. Toys for Tots................
  101. Happy Thanksgiving.......
  102. fs: BIG BRAKE KIT (never installed/used/unwrapped)
  103. Screw the R8 I'd rather have this...
  104. WTB: B6 A4 Black Glove Box Door
  105. Who's car is this?..............
  106. Hows the Weather in Maui???
  107. Anyone interested in 19" DTM Kreuz wheels? $1000 LOTS of PICS
  108. Im back....
  109. Wow
  110. My Fast has a PROBLEM Cruise
  111. need help
  112. BIG savings during A.W.E. Tuning's Week Three Holiday Sale
  113. for B6 models
  114. someone was being naughty naughty last night...
  115. Look what santa brought me.......
  116. shops on oahu
  117. Who's interested.............
  118. Safety hook up
  119. S4 is in pieces.. !!!!
  120. Anyone with black leather seats or factory wheels FS?
  121. Pictures from this Mornings Cars & Coffee
  122. Yeah, I'll be getting new tires!!!
  123. alright its a new year... lets try this again shall we?
  124. Surf Vacation???
  125. FS: B5 S4/A4Q Stasis Street Sport (Koni) Coilovers
  126. FS: ecodetuning FMIC For B6 models
  127. Help w/ unlocking iphone
  128. Tint shops
  129. Anyone have wheel spacers to sell?
  130. Wheels for sale 19" DTM Kreuz 5s
  131. I'll be out there in late May for a 3 year tour...
  132. It's the most wonderful time of the year!
  133. Audi Sunset Cruise
  134. wat next
  135. Any Marines on here from Kaneohe Bay?
  136. Junkyards
  137. Vag Com
  138. Anyone have an extra set of 5x100 wheels?
  139. Which rim?.............
  140. Just got my ICs in..
  141. Directions to Tai?
  142. 1st Official Install Day.. !
  143. Just Test Drove The New S5
  144. where to take the S
  145. Back from VG (Volxgerman)
  146. Install day GTG 2nd attempt................
  147. Maui, Checking In.....
  148. How Many Of You....
  149. Oahu Euro Cruise March 8,2008
  150. USP front
  151. Alignment
  152. How is Volxgerman for doing minor work.
  153. Anybody near Kona? Audi shops on the big island?
  154. Feeler: OEM B7 S4 Rims!
  155. It Finally Came, BUT!
  156. Double-DIN deck in a B5 = PITA install!
  157. In Memory of Dave Tang...........
  158. Well, yes I have a new whip.....
  159. in Kona for spring break and my 18th birthday... what to do?
  160. Install GTG's
  161. My car finally came in...
  162. lookin
  163. B5S4 alternator replacement. Who's done it?
  164. Feeler: 07 S4 6M
  165. Car and Coffee.........
  166. Big Dog on the roads
  167. Renting a Supercar in Hawaii
  168. Body Shop Recommendation?
  169. Shrimp Truck Cruise............
  170. Suspensions
  171. Car audio shop on Oahu?
  172. Alright Jesse....
  173. Got Boost?
  174. Somebody went to the dynoez..
  175. I hate our f_ _ _ ing roads...............
  176. Suspension shop?
  177. Wassup Guys LONG TIME
  178. What will it take to fix this...
  179. Coilover self install
  180. Visiting Oahu - Where to stay??
  181. Just arrived from mainland...
  182. Official Post your ride thread.
  183. Fix curbage on rims Recommendation.
  184. Contact at Volxgerman for repair work.
  185. Best place for an alignment...
  186. Guys that bought your Audi in Hawaii...
  187. Shrimp Truck list..........
  188. Bad news about out of state registration, and a question on where to buy...
  189. Feelings of Inadequacy
  190. New guy
  191. Blue B5 S4 car shopping at BMW?
  192. Calling gqpinoy
  193. Anyone here go to the vortex gtg's on fridays?
  194. Anybody have stock rear speakers from a B5 A4/S4.
  195. Anyone off on Thursday?.............
  196. anyone have dead front brake pads?
  197. Where to go for test pipe install?
  198. Car & Coffee....
  199. Harbor police pulled me over
  200. want to buy
  201. ATT: raudi
  202. Feeler for the next car and coffee
  203. New Brakes..
  204. Aloha Stadium July 4th...
  205. B6/B7 S4 Brushed aluminum mirror caps
  206. God Hates Me
  207. Put my sub in today :)
  208. Looking to borrow someones stocks....
  209. Best Luau on Oahu??
  210. Look what UPS brought me today....
  211. You don't see this everyday....
  212. Tint Shop? Just failed Recon
  213. anyone got a vag com?
  214. TFO Cruise this weekend...........
  215. I'm such an idiot.
  216. It's official.
  217. Audis at the Movies..
  218. Annual Visit
  219. who wants to help me install
  220. needed
  221. Pictures from the TFO Show & Shine this past weekend
  222. New photos
  223. AWE Intercoolers
  224. Whats up from the hazy ass Louisiana
  225. Starbucks/Jamba meet? Friday (8/1)
  226. Capone's
  227. How to get my stuff and Car over to hawaii?
  228. Family car
  229. Guess whos car is for sale..
  230. white b5 s4 on craigslist
  231. Who traded in their RS4 to Cutter Waipahu
  232. Sorry need to vent a little................
  233. why are fire trucks yellow in Maui?
  234. Okay, so who's going......
  235. Anybody gone to the Bodies Exhibition at Ala Moana?
  236. I'm back
  237. looking for a spare 225/35/19 tire
  238. Visiting for a few weeks!
  239. Anyone have a "hookup" for tires on island?
  240. Anything going on this weekend?
  241. Cars + women + makeup = stupid idea
  242. Willy's transmission Kaneohe :(
  243. Reputation
  244. Earwigs and GIANT Centipedes...
  245. Does anyone have the special Audi Drain plug tool?
  246. intercooler
  247. myspace?
  248. New wheels, with me modeling them
  249. The Cars & Coffee Thread.
  250. cam tensioner seal