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  1. Initial Color Options for US Release of 2006 A3
  2. Dealer Brochure, Order Options for 2006 A3 (BWW)
  3. The new A3 is finally coming to the US! Thoughts?
  4. First Person On AZ to buy an A3
  5. From Audi Sport A3Sportback forum. Superchip for 2.0t
  6. Bodykit options for the A3 Sportback
  7. Italian A3's
  8. petition to audi canada
  9. A3 from Sweden
  10. Why buy the A3 over the new golf hatch ?
  11. Pics of the new A3 Sportback
  12. new forum smell
  13. modded a3
  14. A3 @ LA autoshow (pics)
  15. S3 info?
  16. Sunroofs or Not
  17. Link to sportback page
  18. I'm looking forward to DSG...
  19. Spotted A3 in LA
  20. Modded A3 Sport backs (pics)
  21. Back Seat Pics =(
  22. A3 Euro Goodness...
  23. Anth...What About The A2?
  24. How are the cloth seats?
  25. AMS Show for Saturday will be rescheduled
  26. A3s now listed on AudiUSA.com
  27. so.. is there roof-rails or no rails on the new a3?
  28. Bolt pattern of new A3?
  29. Saw A3 3.2 Quattro
  30. Per AoA: No Quattro-manual combinations regardless of engine
  31. A3's from the wrong state
  32. What got me re-excited about the a3 PICS
  33. Some new A3 pics
  34. Talked to those A3's Audi Tour Drivers (pics)
  35. Yummmmmmmmm
  36. A3 vs 330i
  37. HPA confirms that the DSG tranny is very upgradable
  38. 2.0T uses a new variant of the K03 turbo
  39. AMD get more HP out of the 2.0T FSI
  40. Color options on A3?...
  41. A3 Brochure
  42. MTM BiMoto on A3
  43. Test drive two A3s today
  44. Pictures of DSG console and/or wheel with paddles?..
  45. Anthony, have you seen this thread?(link)
  46. About to place my order, but need some reassurance
  47. Get ready to drool...
  48. when is the s3 coming?
  49. S.A. A3
  50. Why hasn't anyone posted the A3 prices here yet?? Got em for ya
  51. Picked up new A3 Sportback 1.6 FSI today...
  52. A3 is here!!
  53. A3 Sportback pics - 2.0T & 2.0TDI S-line
  54. Some A3's Waiting to be Purchased
  55. Yes, the A3s are arriving to US dealer showrooms a bit early. Details to follow...
  56. Silveraudi A3 Sportback.. THE PICS !
  57. Pics of the A3 at Audi of Nashua (New Hamp)
  58. My thoughts, impressions, and photos of the A3 Sportback
  59. A3 Specs and Features
  60. Test Drove The New A3 2.0T !!!
  61. sorry if old news but anyone else seeing..
  62. A3 Stolen from Audi Forums
  63. Broke down and ordered a A3 Sport back
  64. A3 spotting!!
  65. audi a3 complete wipeout
  66. A3's are at Stevens Creek Audi in Santa Clara!!!
  67. 33 itunes songs free from AudiUSA
  68. Maybe no one has seen this yet...sorry if repost
  69. A3 @ Burlingame Rector
  70. New A3 stolen from dealership showroom.
  71. Build your A3!
  72. Question about the 2.0T FSI's turbo...
  73. Audi A3 best 4 door Hatch in Cargo magazine.
  74. A3 Commercial?
  75. B6 is sold, now the wait for the A3 starts...
  76. Some S line pics...
  77. My vision of the Sportback
  78. Another PSHOP
  79. Is the A3 for Real ?
  80. 272bhp A3
  81. Tuned A3's
  82. Onyone have the low down on the Haldex system used on the upcomming A3 3.2Q
  83. Some A3 Stuff on LLteks site...
  84. New Front Bumper For The A3!!!!
  85. Peep this out A3 fully modded
  86. Take a carefull look at this pic...
  87. Facelifted 3 door A3 now on audi.de
  88. S-line exterior pack now on audi.de
  89. Talk to me about the A3 front seats.
  90. A3 vs Legact GT
  91. [Toronto] Test Fly a Mini
  92. kooks
  93. what color is this a3?
  94. Whoohoo I get to be the first!!! I beat you all...
  95. $30,385 for an A3 Sportback???
  96. what color is this?
  97. say it aint so...
  98. So the new Audizine Project A3 is here! Now with Pics!
  99. New A3 commercial from Audi
  100. Those of you with a standard shift A3.
  101. I got to admit . . .
  102. Votex bodykit for the A3 has arrived, paint and installation in a few weeks.
  103. Audi A3 Sportback Sportec RS280.
  104. How much...?
  105. December 2005 availability of Quattro
  106. Peeped my first A3 live-much bigger in person!!
  107. Pics of my Brilliant Red A3, including some with a B6 S4..BWW!
  108. A3 two door in the states?
  109. What Turbo is in the A3?
  110. Anyone know if TDi is in the works for the A3?
  111. The AZ A3
  112. Brand new A3
  113. What do you think about these wheels?
  114. Some Pics of the A3/A4 Launch Party hosted by my Dealer!
  115. Pics A3 3.2
  116. Badge
  117. What is out
  118. Dubwar Pics are up!!!
  119. quattro a3's - december '05
  120. S-line A3 anyone?
  121. Pics of Artic White A3 with Votex kit (as promised)
  122. DSG vs. SMG
  123. euro plate
  124. Dyno'd the stock A3 2.0T
  125. Well the full kit isn't on yet, but the painted front bits and sides are on.
  126. New A3 based on Golf V or B7?.. plus a few more ?s
  127. Rapper Mike Jones featured in XXL magazine with a new Audi A3.
  128. my new black/black a3
  129. Finally I'm here: first impression
  130. Buying my A3
  131. FS:OEM Audi A3 Sportback Euro Spec front plate bracket and trim.
  132. My almost brand new A3 Red (Pics)
  133. Silver roof rack runners
  134. FS: A3 Sportback S-line Styling
  135. fell in love with the A3
  136. Some New pics of a wet Sportback...BWW
  137. is it me or do a3's come with BOV's?
  138. A3 lease rates
  139. Couple of Q´s
  140. Awesome vid of S3 - sorry if repost
  141. am i the only one?
  142. New wheels, how about the new RS4?
  143. Where is the A3 Sportback/Bimoto thread. ???
  144. A3 Red Pics (After a Detailing Weekend)
  145. 19x8.5 et 30 wheel stick out quite a bit ????
  146. My Audi S3 2000
  147. I'm looking for a HIGH QUALITY blow off valve...
  148. Check it out.
  149. 2006 Audi A3 2.0T
  150. Software out for A3's yet?
  151. A3 only 100 lbs lighter than new A4?
  152. What the hell is an RS3???
  153. S-line front bumper
  154. i think someone messed something up...
  155. A few shots of Stasis' new A3, from this weekend's ALMS weekend
  156. A3 dyno plots for Neuspeed
  157. 3.2 quattro
  158. I thought the A3 was
  159. Just bought some Xenons
  160. The Votex kit on the AZ A3
  161. APR chipped...
  162. DC,VA,MD people gtg this Sun 7/31
  163. Another A3 owner here!!!
  164. A3 Fronttrack in the Rain??
  165. 2006 A3 2.0T vs 2006 A4 2.0T
  166. A3 3dr?
  167. a3 built off?
  168. Some idiot scratched my mirror up
  169. Help on how to remove.....
  170. my new sig
  171. Is it coming and if so when?
  172. SALE: Neuspeed's RS10 Forged Wheels On Sale at NA Motorsports
  173. need some help choosing a car...
  174. how is the front wheel drive on the a3?
  175. Test drove the A3 today
  176. Anyone have a pic of their A3 on a hoist/underbody pic?
  177. H&R Springs, H&R Cup Kits, H&R Coil-Over Kits all In stock
  178. Clear bumper markers for A3 2006?
  179. Invitation!!!
  180. need help about k04
  181. Project A3 to be lowered soon. Teaser...
  182. a few questions about leases and that sort of mishigas
  183. 2 Week Sale: Rieger Audi A3 Body Kits On Sale at NA Motorsports
  184. A3 Split Mirrors in stock now
  185. S3 kit, will it fit an A3?
  186. APR in the AZ A3
  187. Beware of the car holder beside the blinker...
  188. Toronto A3 Meet...
  189. my car went from Fahrenheit to celcius...
  190. Traction Issues.....
  191. First time Audi owner
  192. S-ine kit is on order...
  193. Buying an A3
  194. EuroCode becomes the first official in-house dealer for Neuspeed Optican Powerflash
  195. New wheels for daily driver
  196. A.W.E. Tuning at H2O International September 25th
  197. All H&R sway bars now in stock (front & rear)
  198. skidpad numbers?
  199. Great place for tint!
  200. What offset???
  201. Early numbers for Revo
  202. I got tint!!!
  203. S-line kit is here!!!
  204. ABT Sportback for sale on ebay.de
  205. MD gtg tommorow
  206. Widebody A3 from Indonesia
  207. What offset are stock A3 wheels?
  208. APR's A3 Full Exhaust is Released!!
  209. worth the trade??
  210. A little help on the A3!
  211. A3 3.2
  212. A little disappointed =/
  213. No Cal Shop Update
  214. Audi A3 Giveaway
  215. Any Cali folks want to order S-line bumpers or other parts with me?
  216. In-Pro Polished Mirror Covers Now in Stock
  217. A word about Votex body kit pricing for the A3, Promotion deal ends soon!
  218. Special Audizine Gear Sale extended until Oct. 29th - Represent & Donate Now!
  219. Customize an A3
  220. whats everyone think of this front end?
  221. Anyone know the interior cargo volume with the seats folded down.
  222. A3 3.2 will hit my dealer next week. I am first in line for a test drive.
  223. SEMA sneak peak....
  224. BWW: Picked up my A3..
  225. Another "Double Best-Pick"!
  226. Where to get xenon housings?
  227. Xenon Question
  228. Anyone have a pix of the A3 Quattro for the USA ?
  229. SALE: 10% Off Everything Sale at North American Motorsports (see post for details)
  230. any idea if.....
  231. Any A3 owners need wheels for show season next year?
  232. how much and which ones?
  233. S-Line suspension
  234. A3 Press Release.
  235. Look REVO Software
  236. 18' vs 19's
  237. Brand new A3 body kit
  238. phatA3....S-line question
  239. when's the quattro 2.0t launch?
  240. A3
  241. Photos of the A3 3.2 quattro S-line from the San Francisco Auto Show
  242. The A3 w/ Neuspeed Springs on, finally...
  243. ABT anyone? =)
  244. Rain + A3 3.2 quattro = Huge Smile!
  245. My Car Got Fucking Broken Into!
  246. so I just pulled my dealer's first A3 3.2q out of prep for stock
  247. Newbi Audi Question A3 3.2 = S3
  248. S3 Info and Pic!!!!
  249. If anyone wants to know when GIAC releases the 2.0t chips:
  250. Anyone have a collection of Pix of A3 Sline in different colors