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  1. Will be in Colorado Springs this weekend. Couple questions.
  2. Anybody go to Colorado School of Mines?
  3. Roter Berg Kreuzen: Ouray, CO gtg/cruise april 27th & 28th 2013
  4. Tech Question: B6 S4
  5. 2.7t egt
  6. Drive Next Sunday.
  7. Denver area Monday photo day?
  8. Help :: Need RSN-E Keys in a pinch
  9. Pikes Peak drive-photos-meet?
  10. Props to McDonald Audi
  11. Colorado Emissions Testing
  12. anyone have a spare 2.0t FSI N75?
  13. sunday feb. 24th meet and drive
  14. Semi-urgent: Need a 1.8t clutch disk!
  15. need some wheel repair advice
  16. Back up in this bitch.
  17. anyone have a MBC i can borrow/buy?
  18. Official Wuste 2013/Lucky #7 Colorado Caravan/Rally
  19. Door ding
  20. Saturday Coffee and Cars - 1st Sat of every month
  21. RS4 Paintball!?!?
  22. b7 motor mounts
  23. Got my car back from M&M last week
  24. Got a photo radar ticket, didn't pay it.
  25. Bad accident. People and RS5 down, wasn't me.
  26. Huston to Denver?
  27. Anyone watching are you faster then a Red neck
  28. High Rockies, Need help with maintenance.
  29. Denver shooting ranges
  30. RNS-E or something else??
  31. Small Chip in Windshield - where to repair?
  32. Any tial 770 cars in colorado
  33. Back in an Audi!
  34. Anyone near Longmont that can help with VAG-COM
  35. Start it off right! Moab show end of April.
  36. Anyone looking for a roommate in S Denver? (Or know someone that is)
  37. Howdy
  38. Question?
  39. 7th Annual Das Kolorado Treffen, September 15, 2013
  40. Denver area Vag-Com help
  41. I need help naming my new RockyMtn Euro club.
  42. Short Notice Fort Collins GTG Cruise
  43. Kinda screwed, I need a allroad front susp air bag.
  44. b5 034 Motorsports sway bar and reinforced brackets
  45. 2013 Stasis Upgrade - Scheduled on Monday at Prestige Imports
  46. anyone work at a ski shop? need new bindings
  47. April 6th, 2013 Edays Car Show
  48. New member in Orem. 06 S4. Anyone got a Vag-Com I could borrow??
  49. anybody have a working n75 i could borrow for some testing?
  50. After 4 long months of waiting, my S7 has arrived
  51. Saturday March 30 Drive
  52. Help with outer CV boot on B5?
  53. Sway bars/ end links install in colorado springs
  54. +1 for stammler in boulder
  55. Anyone in or around Fort Collins who can help with the cupra lip install?
  56. Sunday April 1st
  57. Dog-friendly hiking trails recommendations?
  58. nice b7 avant for sale no its not mine
  59. Open Lapping at High Plains --This Saturday
  60. A3 Seats?
  61. Cars and Coffee Lafayette, Saturday April 6th
  62. ??Any Interest on a Dyno Day at Bluewater Performance??
  63. Independent Garage Recommendations
  64. The Rocky Mountain Tool Availability Thread
  65. anyone else doing habitat for humanity denver?
  66. Saturday April 6th - Cruise?
  67. impromptu cruise anyone? (today sunday april 7th)
  68. "Low friendly" parking garages downtown?
  69. Land Rover LR3?
  70. B6 1.8t stock air box with SAI tube.
  71. Urs4 ecu
  72. Faster then a Red neck had S3 on it tonight
  73. Got a lot done last week
  74. Twin Lakes BBQ cruise...anyone?
  75. Terrible experience at Concours Motorsports, Colorado Springs
  76. Audi Spring meet & Cruise (UT) - April 28th
  77. Bandimere Tech and Test day / possible GTG April 20th
  78. Roll/pull fenders
  79. Import Spring Showoff APRIL 28, 2013 (UTAH)
  80. OK, If this is what having an Imola S4 is all about, I like it!
  81. Spring Compressor in NoCo
  82. Soldering/Socketing an Chip Into an ECU
  83. CUSCC car show April 21st
  84. Need a quick VAGCOM recode
  85. Heading to the Rockies this summer
  86. 3 killed in Audi on I-70 crash near Glenwood Canyon
  87. who wants to wrench today lol
  88. Dyno Day Utah
  89. Suspension Help
  90. stereo installer needed, any references?
  91. Relocating...a change in scenery.
  92. Clutch Install in CO
  93. Need to borrow 20mm spacers
  94. Own fuel pump?
  95. Car inspection request in CO!
  96. Could I borrow low-friendly jack and/or garage?
  97. CUSCC Pictures
  98. "Spirited" Drive - April 27/28th - Location TBD
  99. Body/paint shop in the Springs for my FCA Rear Valence?
  100. New to summit county.
  101. radio Help B7 S4 with Nav issue
  102. Boulder/Denver
  103. Sunday April 27th
  104. Getting back into the scene...
  105. Nice day for some photos - S7
  106. Weekend Plans? May 4th and 5th
  107. New Guy In Montana
  108. Should TJ and Arjun kiss and make up?
  109. Cars and Coffee Lafeyette Saturday, May 4
  110. Revvolution / EAS Automotive Lifestyle Event at PPIR
  111. CAR SHOW / BIKINI WASH - MAY 18th in LAKEWOOD ->>>
  112. 1,000 Car Street Racing Club in Denver on Sunday nights?
  113. need to borrow a vag-com cable for diagnostics
  114. need help!!! colorado springs
  115. Interesting S4 avant for sale in Vail (RS4 Widebody)
  116. AZ members of Colorado Springs/ surrounding areas- it's time for a cruise
  117. MAY 19th -> PATRICK REZA's CO Debut
  118. Lift use in the Denver area?
  119. Instagram if you have it
  120. school me on swaybars. . .
  121. Open Lapping at High Plains -- Friday 5-17
  122. Damn CO!
  123. Part outs
  124. Anybody around Denver/Boulder do their own sandblasting?
  125. Denver - Coilover Intallation
  126. scuffed rim repair near colorado springs
  127. Tuner Mayhem, June 9th
  128. Anyone for Fast and Furious 6 this Friday?
  129. Denver Cruisers!! Every Wednesday evening.
  130. Passing Emissions
  131. What to do in Telluride
  132. Audi Meet this weekend?
  133. Know Your Roots
  134. 034 sway bar end link worth it?
  135. Memorial Day Special at Detailer's Domain Starts Now - Stock up!
  136. Water pump issue in Broomfield
  137. APR is please to present Wuste 2013 - Friday May 31st to Saturday June 1st
  138. Good tint shop in the metro area?
  139. Track Day - Friday May 31st - High Plains Raceway
  140. Audis in Telluride, Ridgway, or Montrose?
  141. This Would Be A Fun Little Toy
  142. 93 Octane in colorado Springs?
  143. C&C June 1st
  144. B5 Motor Mounts
  145. WUSTE PICS / I'll show you mine if you show me yours... ;)
  146. Brake bleeding
  147. June 8th Cars and Coffee - Park Meadows + Cruise
  148. Tools for Various Part Installs - VAG-COM, Sockets, Ratchets
  149. Picture hore time!
  150. x-post: Big props to Berg Performance (RS4 40k carbon clean, 034 content)
  151. got a spare $75k floating around? then buy this audi
  152. epc light from hell , please help :(
  153. what's a fair price for some used Milltek high flow sport cats + downpipes (B7)
  154. Conti tire shop near Downtown
  155. HPR Track Day - open Lapping - June 28th (Friday Morning)
  156. 719 area: Wanting to hear Stassis 2.0 Exhaust notes in person
  157. Hanging lake
  158. Hot Summer Nights 2013 - July 20th, 2013 - 6pm to 9:30pm - Golden, CO
  159. Who needs ac in Vegas
  160. All Audi Dyno Day- June 22nd
  161. FSI 2.0T - Know of any part-outs? Need a LPFP
  162. 2" 45 degree silicon coupling, who has one for me?
  163. EE/CE jobs in SLC?
  164. Audi Saves the Day - Colorado Springs Black Forest Fire
  165. 2013 Dubs Along the Rockies; Aug 10th Parker, CO
  166. Springs area, it's time.
  167. Finally Lowered
  168. Pikes Peak IHC
  169. Saturday June 22nd - Car Show and Bikini Wash @ Hooters 6th & Kipling
  170. Looking for an allroad box
  171. Anyone in Denver area with a Vag-Com?
  172. My birthday is on Friday, so guess what happended today???
  173. The Avant Only Photk Day, Vol. 2
  174. Windshield replacement shop in Boulder?
  175. Estes park or telluride
  176. moving from hawaii
  177. need to borrow diverter valve for diag
  178. Body shop advice
  179. SEMA?
  180. Anybody have Weeder's contact info?
  181. Places to go, things to do.
  182. J Fonz Tuning for colorado
  183. AC test help
  184. New member Here
  185. Headlight Restoration
  186. Car Totaled. Who Needs Parts?
  187. Cali to Denver..putting awd to use.
  188. Need to borrow some coilover wrenches.
  189. Fender Bass Instrument value?
  190. Anyone have radio keys I can borrow?
  191. HPR Track Day - Open Lapping - Friday July 26th (Morning Session)
  192. Speeding Ticket........ugh
  193. Hot Slumber Party Nights Cruise; July 20th
  194. Youtube Car Show Guide
  195. Denver Shop Open on Saturday? **Please Help Coming this Weekend**
  196. Selling my car soon
  197. For Your Entertainment (My truck)
  198. New to Colorado, Need Some Help
  199. Coolant leaking Issue
  200. Emergency vag com assistance needed!!! Arvada co
  201. Slc area meet tonight.
  202. New ride 996 twin turbo :)
  203. How's your Aspen: cruise and camp, August 24-25
  204. Oh Say Can You Ski?! Looking for Snow in July
  205. Photo Op: Guanella Pass, Sunday, August 4th
  206. Cosmetic shops
  207. Off audi topic but EPIC
  208. Talented videographer/editor needed at Integrated Engineering (Utah)
  209. Need help pulling a COde in Lakewood
  210. Sedan Only Photo Thread
  211. 2004 allroad suspension troublehooting help
  212. Boost readings on Torque App
  213. best way to clean MAF
  214. Aspen Camping Weekend: Please Pick What Weekend Works Best For You
  215. [up] Blue Water Performance
  216. Oktdubberfest anyone?
  217. oil sale for 0w40 mobile1
  218. Avantoberfest: Rocky Mountain Regional Expedition
  219. Mr. Fister. The wheel gap photo thread.
  220. Farewell, for now!!!
  221. Back in the Game!
  222. Asking for little help with a Mercedes
  223. Good car detail shop in DEN
  224. Does anyone know of any one bedroom places in the downtown area that are pet friendly
  225. S4 down in socorro nm!!! Need help
  226. Anybody know this car in Gypsum, CO?
  227. Cut/Buff
  228. Colorado "Share The Road" Bicycle License Plate Irony
  229. Anyone have a JHM I could borrow/rent?
  230. coolant system pressure tester
  231. Can't Get This to Buff Out - Need Advice
  232. Local Alu Kruez install? Downtown Dever
  233. Need radiator clip.
  234. Thule Roof Rack install Q
  235. Avants Only Dyno Day?
  236. Power Bleeder
  237. HPR Track Day - Open Lapping - Friday Sep. 20th (Morning Session)
  238. anyone have a 2.5 inch silicone elbow?
  239. desolate long straight roads within like 40 to 60miles of denver?
  240. s4 instrument cluster LCD repair
  241. STaSIS and 3Zero3 Present - Tuning and Track Day Event
  242. Insurance for 2001 Audi S4 - is $1,000 yr overpriced for book value covrerage?
  243. Avant for Sale Denver Area
  244. Can I start one of these HELP ME! threads too?
  245. Machine Shop?
  246. Anyone have a VAG Com I could use for less then 30min?
  247. 2013 WestFest Pictures
  248. Labor Day 2013 Special at DetailersDomain.com
  249. Non-Affiliated Enthusiasts Meet, Fort Collins Sept 7th
  250. Whats it worth thread??