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  1. OFFICIAL: NorCal Sighting Thread
  2. Biggest Drift Event in NorCal this year!
  3. Mountain View KK meet this Thursday 7/1
  4. GTG: July 3rd mountain biking by "PIAADOLL"
  5. Havent been on in a week or so......
  6. Anyone know who Audi Skate Snow is? His name is Charlie. He owes me some tires!!!
  7. July 18th ALMS Carshow Update and Directions
  8. NE1 been to 1751 Social Club?
  9. Great time last night (GTG & Midori's)
  10. July 3rd, nor cal Mtn Biking Itinerary - Saratoga gap
  11. Thanks to everyone that came out Mt. Biking today!
  12. Greetings from Munich!
  13. Hooters on thursday?
  14. Who's going to the Drift event this Sunday?
  15. i want an audi
  16. anyone have the tool to change brake pads?
  17. Anyone else get this e-mail re: custom chip tuning?
  18. Problems with 19s? in the Bay Area
  19. Formula D Car Show at Infineon is SOLD OUT!
  20. Peninsula/South Bay Caravan to Drift thingy thing Sunday
  21. Formula Drift Schedule for this Sunday @ Sears Point
  22. NorCal Audi - ALMS Car Corral
  23. Flag Girl Needed at Infineon for ALMS
  24. Thanks to all that showed up at the Formula Drift Event today!
  25. Marine World gtg July 31st (Saturday)!!!
  26. Give a Hoot, don't let Dusty down! (Dub Hooters gtg TUES!)
  27. Hookups with Reservations @ Cheesecake Factory?
  28. Looking for a B5 S4 Avant.....anyone know?
  29. JGTC is coming...
  30. East Bay Caravan to ALMS...
  31. hello from the jury selection room
  32. xpost: 1.8T challenge
  33. Used A4 anyone?
  34. went to life time muffler today
  35. quattro30v / lolo ken =)
  36. Thurs July 15th... Small GTG... San Ramon Target... 8:00pm
  37. Parting out! - lots of stuff for locals
  38. South Bay Peninsula Caravan to ALMS July 18th
  39. Auto-X Sat 7/17 Golden Gate Fields
  40. FS: 17" OZ Sl's with Falken Azenis Sport Tires 1100
  41. Paging oettybasel
  42. I think we should have a Cali Avant meeting sometime
  43. Where in the Bay can I get a Smog check for less than 60 bucks???
  44. Which Service Manager should I ask for?
  45. Lidatek Group Buy ? Anyone else taking the plunge ?
  46. Summer Car Detailing
  47. WTB: BLK B5 hood,f/r bumper skins
  48. AZE storm the GG AutoX
  49. AZElite dominate Sonoma GP Carshow!!
  50. Nice pic of the Champion R8 at Infineon! Also, spot the AZ member!
  51. anyone in SAN JOSE with a VAGcom?
  52. Murcielago!!!
  53. NASA vs NCRC and insurance
  54. Attempting to do major mods this weekend
  55. pics from ALMS/Speed GT/Speed TC at Infineon (11 pics, slight BWW)
  56. WTB: 18s for a '96 A4 on the budget tip
  57. Special Screening of Catwoman for 2 lucky AZ'ers.
  58. Anyone have a stock b5 quattro exhaust lying around?
  59. paging:BALTIK
  60. Looking for a place to get my rear fenders rolled in Norcal..
  61. Eurocode Tuning in Bay Area
  62. Feeler on Group Alignment @ Auto Plus in Daly City
  63. Carbon fiber custom work in NorCal?
  64. any meets in the bay area this week?
  65. where and what time is the auto-cross this weekend?
  66. evom intake help.... noobie installer
  67. my trip down to Bakersfield
  68. Bay Area GTG to celebrate ALMS Car Show Win
  69. FS locally: Black 16" Swings w/tires $200 pick up.
  70. ALMS Carshow gtg - Dave & Busters THIS FRIDAY!!
  71. ATP dyno Friday afternoon (7/30). Anyone else wanna go?
  72. paging illusive45
  73. sacramento ROLL CALL
  74. Happy BDay Mike M. (Belated)
  75. Cheap smog testers in South Bay?
  76. SFR autox - august 1st @ GGF
  77. Auto-X: 7/31 Saturday.
  78. Love Mercedes Tour - Alameda 2morrow!
  79. H&R coilovers installed last night
  80. Dolphin B6 involved in accident this weekend on 880 near Fremont?
  81. Bay Area Peeps, where do you get your rims refinished?
  82. Destination: Socal and Vegas!
  83. FYI: Coilovers and roadkill = bad combination
  84. Anyone in the South Bay up for a GTG? (more)
  85. About to scedule an appt for Audi of Livermore...
  86. poll: what field are you guys in?
  87. good place in bay area to make custom downpipe
  88. Impromptu NorCal Audi Club lunch on Tuesday, August 10th in Sunnyvale
  89. Suspension install in the bay area.
  90. Tints in the Bay Area.
  91. Kayaking in NorCal 411 anybody?
  92. emergency, need stock sp's for a 6sp 00 s4.
  93. Anybody got in Norcal got stock s4 manual DP's i can borrow?
  94. The perfect 16v MKII GTi in Berkeley
  95. ND Open House and BBQ -Saturday August 14 2004
  96. those of you with camelbaks...
  97. Silver S4 avant in San Jose w/ rs4 front bumper where are you?
  98. Hi everybody, just a lil intro :::waves:::
  99. Congratulations to Audimus_Ed!!! 1st in 1.8T Challenge!!!
  100. Mtn Biking Save the Date 8/22 Oakland Hills
  101. Road Biking Save the Date 8/29 SF-Sausalito.
  102. timming belt change
  103. need help..for making a decision.
  104. Any Shops in Bay Area that Powder-coat Wheels?
  105. Happy Birthday NEOPRUFROK (Rich)
  106. Need a Job
  107. KK gtg next thurs?
  108. Pics of my new house in Oaktown
  109. paging Chard !!
  110. nevermind
  111. look who's our new moderator
  112. Sunday beginner mountain biking
  113. Fender Rolling (Bay Area Folk)
  114. Feeler: Drag Day Sept 18th or 25th weekend?
  115. Who's coming out to ND tomorrow?
  116. So why did the SouthWest Forum get split into two?
  117. FEELER: Paintball on August 22nd ...
  118. IF Only i was 35..i would do this...
  119. AZ NorCal Dinner GTG the weekend of Aug 28th
  120. hahahaha..
  121. Anyone looking for a place in Hayward area?
  122. FYI... Norcal Audi Mt. Hamilton Drive is postponed...
  123. GTG at Mtn View KK this Thrusday 8/19 ?
  124. NASA HPDE @ Hyperfest anyone?
  125. plexiglass work prefer east bay...
  126. NorCal "End of Summer" GTG / John's Bon Voyage - Aug 29th
  127. Aug 22 (Sunday) Mtn Biking... SF East Bay
  128. So I got rear ended the yesterday...
  129. Car Heaven...
  130. Performance Auto Brokers - Grand Opening
  131. South Bay Meet Tonight! *sorry late notice*
  132. help installing brake pads and rotors
  133. Maint. shop recommendations
  134. When Ecode's Dave coming?
  135. Suggestions for a peninsula/sf mechanic?
  136. Paging Neoprufrock... <stat>
  137. Extended Warranty?
  138. Europrojektz @ Nisei Week Import Showoff !BWW
  139. ECODE Tuning in Bay Area
  140. 98.5 A4 1.8tq in SF cheap! Hahahahah!!!
  141. Timing belt for b5 s4
  142. ROLL CALL: Marina SFR-SCCA Autocross, Aug 29th
  143. AudimusEd... look what i found.
  144. What dealership to buy a new A4 from?
  145. Suspension Install in Bay Area
  146. Cool 64 DKW conv. up for grabs in Bay Area.
  147. CHARD wants to go MTB'ing in Tahoe on Labor Day weekend
  148. Xpost rant on Porsche driver last nite who was way way out of line!
  149. Am i the only hardcore 5er for hte 'zine norcal?
  150. Any tint job place in SAC?
  151. Paging Chard - your codes are ready...
  152. my avant for sale
  153. September 11-14???
  154. Anyone going to the Marina Auto-X a little later than 7AM!?
  155. is M&M audi house in Cambell, CA good?
  156. cheapest place to do timing belt install?
  157. help!
  158. anyone willing to donate a sprint cell phone?
  159. Happy Birthday, ne_or_audi!
  160. Giants Tickets Vs D'backs On Sat.
  161. Anyone can do the CC mod on the B6 in the Bay Area?
  162. Finally!!...
  163. Hey Ken and Jenith, the A4 made it home....
  164. clunky/clicking sound from my right front brake when coming to a stop..
  165. Can anyone help out with a BPV install?
  166. OT: Hello from HK
  167. Know NE1 that needs a job?
  168. East Bay Vag
  169. Ed, Don't do it!!!
  170. Can someone VAG my B6?
  171. Can someone VAG my B6?
  172. Dublin Hooters GTG, Wednesday 9/8 7:30PM
  173. Speedring (& Speed Racer Ed) kicks (our) ass!
  174. HeeeLLP!! VAG or other help needed!
  175. 19" BBS Ch's For Sale Locally!!
  176. Crabbin' GTG...only in NorCal or waaaaayyy North
  177. Rector Audi Service...
  178. Earthquake Last Night
  179. Congrats Piaadoll....
  180. Anyone interested in free teef cleaning?
  181. Where do you go for a good....
  182. bout to head out to the bay area
  183. Anyplace near DSR where I can buy a snub mount?
  184. Where to get Amsoil in the bay area?
  185. Greetings from Roma!
  186. GREETINGS from MAYnila!!
  187. The Double Life of a Moderator/Go-Go Dancer
  188. Help From Folks Familiar With The Berkeley Area
  189. Happy Birthday to Nelson(bong2611) and Dan (dparnas)...
  190. Has anyone gotten an alignment with their A4 @ Wheel Works?
  191. Street Dance in Saratoga
  192. good tinting place in the south bay...
  193. any1 got a used ko3 or ko4 they wanna sell?
  194. Greetings from the Kingdom of Tonga!!
  195. Greetings from San Jose!
  196. Need to borrow a dremmel
  197. new traffic cameras heads up...
  198. Go Kart Racer in Burlingame GTG 9/30 @ 7:30
  199. SFR-SCCA Autocross Slush Season Round 1
  200. Thanks to Lawong~~
  201. baby meet?
  202. anyone got their audi sport stem caps stolen?
  203. Happy Birthday Craftwerx_Girl!!
  204. Krispy Kreme gathering 9/26
  205. Krispy Kreme Gathering 9/26
  206. Hector Back to Rector....
  207. Hot Import Daze OCT. 2nd 12pm-7pm..Saturday
  208. 10/2 Mt. Hamilton drive...
  209. Happy Birthday Dusty!
  210. Looking for the owner of a blue b6 avant in Santa Cruz riding on 19's
  211. x-post: 18" BBS CH's for sale
  212. Best place near SF for an alignment?
  213. cool, earthquake
  214. ALMS Laguna Seca - Oct. 15, 16 & 17
  215. any one know where i can powder coat the rims??
  216. Anyone heard of M Motorsport in San Bruno? Reputation?
  217. A4 parts FOR SALE
  218. Fixing curbed tires in Nor Cal?
  219. Try outs for Real World..18 - 24..
  220. Santa Clara CA - 6th Annual Car Inspection Day -- Sat Oct 16th - FREE EVENT
  221. *ATTN* Killer Show Commin UP!
  222. 101 Race last night, heading South from EPA
  223. Mt. Hamilton drive was a blast...
  224. Norcal Golfers - NCGA membership....
  225. Greetings from Hawaii!
  226. Best place to purchase a battery in the BA for my B5
  227. Thanks for your help- Eugene, Ken, & Ed!
  228. Sacramento?
  229. Boba Fett is in the BA this week...anyone for KK this Thursday?
  230. East Bay Audi Meet??!!
  231. ALMS Oct. 17th - final details (updated 10/12!)
  232. NOR CAL GET TOGETHER sacramento ----> San Francisco. OCTOBER 16th! come join
  233. Mt. View KK Meet @ 7PM 10/7/04..afterparty too..
  234. Friend looking to buy a B5 A4. Anyone know anyone local selling 1?
  235. Round 2?
  236. joke: Oldie but goodie
  237. Hey guys! (It's me snooky)
  238. What are the signs for needing a new CVT transmission?
  239. anyone want an S4? only 52k...used.
  240. Who know's reserved seating at the Warfield?
  241. Sacramento GTG?
  242. Stevens Creek Audi is hiring
  243. Crap!!! So glad I bought that radar detector...
  244. Big SoCal Euro GTG Jan 15th 2005
  245. FYI San Jose people: Mini LeMans in downtown San Jose tomorrow
  246. Busted my K03, looking at either a K04 w/ chip or SK04
  247. what does AZ think about san leandro???
  248. Anybody else into firearms?
  249. AUDI R8 in Laguna Seca this weekend
  250. Any stray K04's in the BA looking for a good home?