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  1. Welcome Tech Heads!
  2. To start things off...
  3. 1.8T guys: Let's talk upgrading turbos :)
  4. Q about GT28RS
  5. What's required to piece a KO4 kit together? (B6)
  6. Neuspeed SKO4 for the B5
  7. Turbo Question...Any one wanna help find my answer?
  8. Questions about the PES Supercharger for 2.8 30v
  9. E05 for the B6
  10. giac gt-30 ??
  11. KO4/FMIC w/ REVO Done, now have check engine light!
  12. So, we're going to have to start getting used to seeing the new 2.0T under our hoods.
  13. i need bigger than k04!!!
  14. diesel vs. gasoline
  15. what's the negatives on this system?
  16. Maintaining a Hyperboost DV?
  17. K04 Testimony...
  18. anyone running a GT28R on a 1.8T AWM manual??
  19. B6 turbo upgrade options?
  20. KO4 might be shot! Damn, this sucks...
  21. having a slight boost issue with my set-up
  22. B5 S4: stock 2.7T 250hp vs. 265hp ?
  23. European Audi A4 1.8T S-Line turbo question
  24. full-race manifold
  25. The bar just got raised again..
  26. Whats the difference?
  27. What is needed to fit a GT25 turbo?
  28. OpenECU
  29. Lets Compare Turbos
  30. Power surge, BPV problem?
  31. Whats required to piece a GT28RS kit together? (B6)
  32. turbo upgrade options..please
  33. turbo upgrade with auto, who has it?
  34. anyone runnin this???
  35. Will holley 42# injectors work well with...
  36. bov or dv?
  37. NS Big Injector Program for 05 GLi
  38. Fmic
  39. Air Intakes
  40. chipping a 2005 1.8t CVT
  41. Force Feeding a high compression motor
  42. needs opinions!!!
  43. My 1.8t is not seeing any boost??
  44. K04 w/o FMIC
  45. ABT and FMIC
  46. Doing K04 upgrade -Is it worth porting the exhuast man?
  47. help!!! Did i blow my tranny??
  48. any one know how to measure or calcualte the CFM of a turbo?
  49. Dual GT28r on S4
  50. got any crap to talk ,forge fmdvr
  51. Gt28rs
  52. Theorhetically speaking.....
  53. Downpipe size for a KO4
  54. how to make turbo to make that "tssssk" sound? +a couple more questions regarding ...
  55. Reliable EBC?
  56. boost leak or normal?
  57. waht are you guys with apr chips putting down
  58. alternative to k04s
  59. Cold intakes
  60. K04 or GIAC FX?
  62. Externaly wastegated Gt28rs
  63. Timing retard
  64. Downpipe Chip Questions
  65. mbc on a a4
  66. Timing on higher octane gas
  67. How to Turbocharge a NA car ??..
  68. BT HW For SALE for B6
  69. boost leak question
  70. relocating bpv to intake side?
  71. How Do You Remove The Stock Air Box To Clean The Air Filter????
  72. Motronic Code
  73. help! overboost mode w/o CEL, APR sIII
  74. evoms diverter valve
  75. chip??
  76. wideband setups... whatcha got, whatch seen, whatcha thinkin
  77. Software you use in conjunction with a VAG cable?
  78. what comes next?
  79. 2004 1.8T question
  80. DV sounds??
  81. so exactly what items do i need to run a turbo XS RFL bov on a bone stock engine?
  82. free flowing cat
  83. Chip Gains and Prices
  84. b6 a4 1.8tq Intercooler question
  85. whats your whp?
  86. antone running a water to air intercooler?
  87. Meth/Water Injection systems
  88. Turbo project...
  89. Gt28rs B6 vs B5
  90. Boost problems, need Turbo GURU's
  91. K04 upgrade question..
  92. :: ATP Partners UP ::
  93. boost problem
  94. E05 And Apr (k04).boost Cut-off...help...
  95. turboing a 2.8 30v........
  96. B7 2006 Audi S4
  97. need some help
  98. Turbo/turbo kit gains and prices
  99. .6 or .8? that is the qustion
  100. 380 vs 386
  101. GIAC Big Turbo Kit?
  102. Help! Limp mode? Lost boost...
  103. Gutted MAF, now rough idle??? need help!!!
  104. Green or blue spring for forge007 dv if I'm consistantly hitting 25psi?
  105. links to various 1.8t big turbo threads
  106. itchin for more power...
  107. Glowing K04
  108. added intercooler and atp dp worse track times
  109. not audi but is 1.8t related
  110. Supercharger question
  111. Turbonator
  112. What car came stock with K04?
  113. Different Turbos
  114. Question about upgrading a BT kit
  115. Theoretical Parts List for GT2871 setup
  116. Silicone tubing, couplings, etc.....get them here.....
  117. chip and test pipe
  118. well this forum is a steaming pile of information
  119. Boost Leak Problem
  120. B5 Ko4 upgrade questions
  121. Curious about Modded Tip b5 s4's
  122. Chip for 2.7t?
  123. "diode" mod
  124. RS6 chipped and Hi-Flowed Turbos???
  125. Having starting problem
  126. gt28r, rs, any gt turbo
  127. Anyone good with the 5cyl turbo motor?
  128. 400Hp S/C 3.0
  129. GIAC and "throttle lag" for tip tranny
  130. Options for the B6 4.2? Who,What, and When?
  131. RS6 Coil Packs?
  132. Turbo Comparisons
  133. Changing head gaskets
  134. Mod list
  135. ****IE: Mahle PowerPack 1.8T Pistons added to our lineup and shipping NOW!!!
  136. Unitronics 440cc file for 1.8T AEB nDBW
  137. How to run log with vag-com
  138. A4 B6 3.0 AWD NEED MORE HP.....!!!!
  139. How to use Unitronic support ticket system
  140. Turbochargers and compressor maps
  141. Getting Flashed this week... What DV to get?????
  142. Recommended Unitronics tune for B6 1.8T Frankenturbo??
  143. 2004 AUDI S4 COLD AIR INTAKE QUESTION........
  144. Best S4 Cat- Back Exhaust Question??????
  145. RP Turbos???????????
  146. Help reading Block 115 results - Specified never greater than 5psi
  147. Loss of boost. Wastegate gasket?
  148. Audi A4 1.8T Cylinder Head Compatability Question
  149. k03 hairline cracks around wastegate
  150. Dahlback RS6 hybrids, anyone have specs?
  151. C5 A6 Exhaust upgrade
  152. Looking for a Used K04-15
  153. Sketchy??
  154. 04 2.7t
  155. Thinking of the PES G3 for my 3.0
  156. 2.8l twin turbo
  157. Forced induction understanding
  158. Always wondered about why lower compression
  159. Noob ...need HELP!
  161. Question for MAFless ATP Eliminator users.
  162. Is this a boost leak??!!
  163. need help with oil pan.
  164. Chip creating engine problems?
  165. Borg Warner EFR Discussion Thread
  166. Carbonio fsi intake doesn't sound like it should?
  167. How to get more hp on my 06 a4 2.0t
  168. Cone vs. Flat air filter/intake
  169. 2.7T - injector time
  170. 2009 A4/B8 with 3.2 V6 - any way to add blower?
  171. Need help identifying this hose please!
  172. what turbo is this?
  173. Exhausts for TDIs??
  174. 2.7T Turbo Upgrades
  175. TIAL 770 kit 2.7t
  176. Cold Air intake B7 A4 2.0T
  177. Found a free APR software give-a-way
  178. Cold start issue? Codes p1128, p1130
  179. Vag com
  180. Help! stuck in Warner Robins GA and need vagcom
  181. ****official release of the 2011-2012 unitronic performance software****
  182. Which Badge Style would you proudly display on Your Car ?
  183. The Natural Evolution is Upon Us - Get Unitronic!
  184. ***UNITRONIC Worldwide Holiday Sale*** 50$ discount promotion.
  185. how much hp on 2.7t stock internals
  187. **** AWE Tuning Holiday Sale @ Rabe Motorsports ****
  188. - UNITRONIC - Evolving Beyond Software - Get Unitronic!
  189. 2.7T - stock MAF limit
  190. Front Mount vs. Side Mount Intercoolers
  191. Need help
  192. 2.7t clutch
  193. 2001 audi tt upgrade help
  194. Help with frankenturbo setup
  195. ceramic coating plz help
  196. B7 s4 supercharged?
  197. Cam tensioner help
  198. help on building
  199. Supercharged R8 Losing Power after Stasis Exhaust Install - Any thoughts?
  200. Nubworks custom A2W IC piping, Linder Power System couplers
  201. TT Boost issues for 4+ years.. PLEASE HELP!
  202. 2.7T - intake bottlenecks - Bi-Pipes?
  203. B6 boost problem with loud air noise
  204. CB on FSi - do I buy or steer well clear ?
  205. *** 034Motorsport - Introducing the 3.2L 24V VR6 Billet Fuel Rail ***
  206. :: ECS Tuning :: Save 10% on APR R1 Diverter Valves!!
  207. Problem with B6 actuator
  208. audi a4 b5/b6 2.7 / 2.8 / 3.0? biturbo - what do you think?
  209. Water Meth Question: Will cutting boost be enough to save engine from detonation?
  210. Audi Turbo Map Question
  211. 2.7 Biturbo relay functions, numbers, and correspondence.
  212. Greetings Robert Didiana a Newbie Here!!
  213. 2.8 30v sced evap/cruise delete help
  214. Emissions question 2001 s4
  215. Carbonio intake question.
  216. Intermitted misfire under hard accelaration
  217. 2.7t p0300 code help
  218. Zero Lag Turbo Technology
  219. 2.7T - K04 - inlet/outlet pipes or hoses or adapters
  220. 2.7T RS4 turbo - pipe/tubes to/from turbo
  221. No Unitronic in Michigan?
  222. A6 2.7T 250hp vs. S line 265hp engine
  223. Unitronic at Napierville International Dragway - By Unitronic
  224. Audi S3 Build - By Unitronic
  225. WORLD RECORD Unitronic sets FASTEST Street Legal MK5 Rabbit Record!
  226. Engine revs after shifting
  227. $10K Thermal Imaging Camera vs. ETS Intercooler on the dyno
  228. Any suggestions for K04 on Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T
  229. fact allocation to his angel of Konoha
  230. Somebody please help!!
  231. O2 sensor testing
  232. K04-028&029 - Compressor wheel upgrade, what's possible?
  233. KKK K04-2283 - Information Needed
  234. SIZE of K04 s3 2.0 TSFI
  235. Big turbo ecu change won't start
  236. 00 S4 Frankenturbo Software Choices/Recommendations?
  237. Diverter Valve DV upgrade - symptoms of failing/bad DV?
  238. B5 S4 surging at WOT. engine light flash!!!
  239. Another Unitronic Record (2.5l TURBO Rabbit content inside) - Video
  240. Boosting issue in a 2001 s4 - HELP!!!!
  241. Crankcase Pressure after changing Suction Pump
  242. Cruise Control retro fit coding problem
  243. Stop motor, oil pressure warning, when car isn't on?
  244. Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALE at Unitronic - Nov 19th to Nov 30th
  245. GIAC K04
  246. B5S4. Fuel pressure still dropping after replacing fuel pump, filter, FPR, help!!!
  247. A6 VS S4 2.7t intake manifold, which would you use?
  248. 2001.1 S4 roug idle, misfires, loss of top end power...PLEASE HELP
  249. b7 loss of power rough idle and no CEL
  250. 1.8T 50 Trim Tuning