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  1. Wanted: WTB: RS7 or aftermarket rear diffuser for 2015 S7
  2. For Sale: Mertop Headers for 3.0T
  3. For Sale: S6/S7 Stage 3 Hardware Kit (No turbos)
  4. For Sale: 2014 S7 for Sale
  5. For Sale: AUDI Rs7 MILTEK Catless Downpipes w/ Custom Stainless FULL exhaust QTP Cutouts
  6. Wanted: S6 OE Sport Exhaust
  7. For Sale: C7 3.0t epl tune and cable
  8. For Sale: Original A7/S7/RS7 Carbon Fiber Mirror (DRIVER SIDE ONLY) BRAND NEW
  9. For Sale: RS7 Intake for sale!
  10. For Sale: 19 inch black BBS CH-R
  11. For Sale: 2013 Audi S6 CPO
  12. For Sale: KW adjustable coil-overs
  13. For Sale: Rs7 (flat bottom ) steering wheel sale
  14. For Sale: Free to a good home - Carbon fiber rear diffuser for pre-FL s7
  15. For Sale: 3 Milltek Downpipes w/ High Flow 100 Cell Cats
  16. Wanted: Post Facelift S6 Black Optics Grille
  17. Wanted: Looking for cargo mat for A6
  18. For Sale: CETE Active suspension control
  19. For Sale: Chipwerke for 3.0T
  20. For Sale: Gen 2 AWE intake for 4.0t
  21. For Sale: Dunlop winter sport 3D 265/40 R20
  22. For Sale: H&R lowering module $900
  23. For Sale: OEM and aftermarket parts from C7 S6 and RS7 builds
  24. Wanted: What to buy (another) Rs7: Nogaro, Nardo, Daytona Grey Pearl
  25. For Sale: FOR SALE: HRE FF01 20x9 Tarmac wheel set A6/S6 | A7/S7
  26. Wanted: Looking for 21 inch rims and tires for C7
  27. Wanted: s6 s7 turbos - need 2
  28. For Sale: Stinger VIP radar/laser jammer
  29. For Sale: C7 s7/s6 Mechatronic unit $1500
  30. For Sale: OEM 20" S6 Wheels
  31. Wanted: C7.5 A7 20" Wheels
  32. Wanted: WTB Chrome RS6 Grill for C7 S6
  33. Wanted: Looking for these 20 RS7 wheels or reps
  34. Wanted: Front Seat-Back w/net Nougat Brown
  35. Wanted: S6 / S7 /RS7 shift knob
  36. For Sale: 21 inch black optic new wheels/ new tires
  37. For Sale: Custom Carbon Fiber Splitter & Side Skirts for C7/7.5
  38. For Sale: S6 Black Optics Front Grille + Filler Plate
  39. For Sale: EPL Audi S6 ECU/TCU tune
  40. For Sale: Akrapovic titanium exhuast + APR Downpipe
  41. Wanted: C7 A6 Prestige
  42. For Sale: EPL ECU and TCU software, cable and HP tablet
  43. For Sale: ECS 20 mm spacers and bolts
  44. For Sale: A7 MMI button panel for sale $190 free fast shipping
  45. For Sale: HRE P104 21x10 Brushed Dark Clear Wheels
  46. Wanted: Looking ASAP for HPFP 2.0T!!
  47. For Sale: Aurocode sway bars
  48. For Sale: Audi A6 C7 OEM Air Intake
  49. For Sale: CTS Turbo Supercharger Pulley Removal Tool Kit With New Audi Belt
  50. For Sale: Audi Sport OEM LED Projector Puddle Lights from RS6 RS7
  51. For Sale: CETE Lowering Module (2nd Gen) *Never Used*
  52. Wanted: Roc Euro Intake 3.0t for 12 A6
  53. Wanted: C7 S6 20" Rims
  54. For Sale: Brand new REVO intake and filter with S6/S7 inlet adapters, NEW!
  55. For Sale: Neidfaktor Extended Carbon Paddle Shifters
  56. For Sale: F/s oem parts
  57. Wanted: Cross Bars
  58. Wanted: Looking for (1) TSW Bathurst 21x10.5, 5x112, et 32 in Gloss Gunmetal
  59. For Sale: OEM S6 mufflers - $300 shipped
  60. For Sale: AWE S7 S-FLo Carbon Intake $400?
  61. For Sale: Rosstech HEX CAN cable $250
  62. Feeler: C7 S6 front brake calipers, Rotors, EBC blue Stuff pads and anti rattle pads < 1200mi
  63. For Sale: 2014 Audi S7 black optics grill
  64. For Sale: Audia7 / S7 And rs7 parts for sale some b8 parts
  65. For Sale: OEM 2013 S6 exhaust. Gauging Interest.
  66. For Sale: CETE Active Valve Control for RS7
  67. For Sale: [IMG]https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180102/6e9e39f2c8d2bd571d9caa21e86a372e.jpg[/
  68. Wanted: WANTED: 1 20" C7 S6 OEM wheel
  69. For Sale: Vossen VFS-2 21x10.5 with almost new Michelin PSS
  70. For Sale: 2016 S5 Black Optic Plus Wheels + 10/12mm H&R spacers w/ lugs
  71. Wanted: OEM Chrome/Silver Mirror Covers w/Lane Assist
  72. For Sale: For sale: ECS 12.5mm hub-centric spacers
  73. For Sale: Going back to stock sale. Roc euro, apr downpipes and tune
  74. For Sale: C7 S6 Parts
  75. For Sale: 2013 Audi A6 Rear Valence
  76. Wanted: Chipwerke for 3.0t / Roc Euro Intake for 3.0t
  77. For Sale: Rohana RF2 Wheels with Michelin P4S Tires
  78. For Sale: RS7 Front Rotors 390x36
  79. For Sale: Original Audi A6/S6/RS6 C7 carbon panels complete
  80. For Sale: BNIB OEM Ti matte wheels: 20x9 (4H0601025BS), plus extras, $1800 shipped
  81. For Sale: Ecs tuning wheel spacers....8mm,17.5mm, and 20mm
  82. For Sale: C7 A6 2012-pre face oem rear sway bar as well as two sets of oem springs .
  83. For Sale: OEM S6 Grill
  84. Wanted: A7 Carbon Fiber mirror caps/rs7 front splitter
  85. For Sale: S6/S7 OEM Spark Plugs, Brand New, Set of 8
  86. Wanted: WTB: All Weather Mats 13 A6
  87. For Sale: EPL stage 1 ECU & TCU Tune w/ Cable C7/C7.5 S6/S7
  88. Wanted: RS7 factor intak and EPL 3.0t tune
  89. For Sale: Used OEM S6 Front Grille with Black Audi rings (Pre-facelift)
  90. For Sale: 21 RS7 wheels and tires
  91. For Sale: A/S/RS7 Carbon Mirror Covers and 21x10.5 Vossen VPS-310T Wheels
  92. Wanted: Want black optics grille for 2013 S6
  93. For Sale: C7 A6 AWE Touring Cat-Back Exhaust w/Resonated Downpipes
  94. For Sale: Audi Rs7 PArtout Roc Euro, P3 Gauge, 21'' Ag Wheels, Downpipes, Cete lowering module
  95. Wanted: WANTED: 4.0T C7 S6 Roc Euro Intake
  96. For Sale: Free to a good home - AWE touring mufflers for S7
  97. Wanted: Looking for AWE center muffler/resonator
  98. For Sale: Supercharger Removal Tool
  99. Wanted: B8 avant coilovers
  100. For Sale: FS: EPL Stage 1 ECU/TCU S6/S7 C7/C7.5 /w Cable Free Shipping
  101. For Sale: Cpo s7 2014
  102. For Sale: RS7 ADV1 Wheels & Akra Exhaust
  103. C7 A6/A7 Air Leather Perforated Steering Wheel and Shift Knob - No Longer Available
  104. For Sale: AUDI OEM MMI iphone lightning Adapter Module 4F0 051 510 AC 3315 WL
  105. For Sale: S6/A6 Rubber Winter Mats For Sale...
  106. Wanted: WTB: Factory Downpipes/cats for 4.0V8TT S7/S8/Rs7
  107. For Sale: c7 s6/a6 winter wheels and tires
  108. For Sale: A7/s7/Rs7 weathertech Liners Black
  109. For Sale: HRE 21 P101 Wheels Midnight Blue Satin
  110. For Sale: Milltek Catless Downpipes, Sport Cats & Non Res Exhaust Available
  111. For Sale: H&R Lowering Control Module for S7/RS7
  112. For Sale: S6 Sport Exhaust with x-pipe (4k miles)
  113. Wanted: ROC-EURO Intakes for 2014 S6
  114. Wanted: WANTED: Roc Euro Intake for 3.0T A6
  115. Wanted: Stock s6 s7 turbos
  116. For Sale: STaSIS 21" SE992 Cast Alloy Wheels for Audi A7 A8 Q5 5x112 CB66.6
  117. Wanted: Wanted C7 S6
  118. For Sale: 2009 S5
  119. Wanted: Wanted APR Downpipes
  120. For Sale: Front Brake Caliper for 400mm Brakes (pass side)
  121. Feeler: 2018 Post Facelift Black Optic Grill for sale
  122. For Sale: OEM Audi A6/A7 Sport Steering Wheel with Airbag and Paddle Shifters - Great condition
  123. For Sale: Stock S6 Wheels and Tires
  124. Wanted: Roc Euro Intake for 3.0T
  125. For Sale: Lowering links for S6
  126. Wanted: WTB: OEM S6/S7 (non-sport) Rear Mufflers
  127. Wanted: WTB: C7 S-Line/S6 Headlight Washer Caps
  128. Wanted: WTB C7 Eurocode Alu Kreuz
  129. For Sale: 20x10.5 Aristo Forged Bronze Wheels w/Michelin PS4S for RS 7
  130. For Sale: 255-35-20 Bridgestone Blizzak LM32
  131. For Sale: 20 inch Audi S6 rotor wheels powder coated gloss black
  132. For Sale: FS: OEM Post-Facelift Extended Shift Paddles
  133. Part Out: 2016 A7 part out!!!!!
  134. Wanted: Looking for a few things for 2013 S6 before buying new
  135. Wanted: WTB 2016 forged wheels
  136. For Sale: 12.5mm ECS Spacers
  137. Wanted: Oem Turbos
  138. Wanted: C7 A6 downpipes
  139. Wanted: WTB: C7 Black optics grill
  140. For Sale: C7 20" Forged Wheels
  141. Wanted: FEELER: Downpipes C7 S6
  142. For Sale: Custom Carbon Fiber/Alcantara Steering Wheel
  143. For Sale: EPL stage 1+2 tune with trans tune for Audi S7 cable included
  144. Wanted: WTB: Akrapovik for Rs7
  145. For Sale: S7/A7/Rs7 WeatherTech Floor Liner set
  146. For Sale: 21x10.5 Vellano Wheels $2700
  147. For Sale: EuroCode Sways and End Links
  148. Wanted: WTB Crankshaft Pulley
  149. For Sale: Flat Bottom Steering Wheel- Brand New
  150. For Sale: S6 Tail Lights
  151. For Sale: 2013 Audi S7 Phantom Black Project Car Build PART OUT! Interior SWAP Alcantra/Blk/Red
  152. Wanted: WTB: AMS DPs for 4.0TT
  153. Wanted: WTB: C7 S6 Rear Diffuser
  154. For Sale: 42DD 10mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers w/bolts
  155. For Sale: APR Down Pipes
  156. For Sale: CHIPWERKE PRO Digital Tuner - A6 (C7) 3.0 TFSI 300 HP
  157. Wanted: WTB: Quantity (2) S6 20" wheels silver #58920
  158. For Sale: FS: Roc Euro Intake 4.0T - Brand new, never installed, in plastic
  159. For Sale: Michelin Super Sports
  160. For Sale: 18" Wheels 18x8 with Continental ExtremeContact DWS 245/45ZR/18
  161. For Sale: S6 Mufflers
  162. Wanted: WTB: S7 Rear Diffuser/Valance (Dual Outlet)
  163. For Sale: C7 S6 Stock Downpipes/Cats
  164. For Sale: OEM S6 Calipers and Rotors, < 1200mi, basically brand new
  165. Part Out: C7 A6 Part Out
  166. For Sale: Cete Active Value Module
  167. For Sale: FS: Roc Euro 4.0T
  168. For Sale: S6/A6 LPFP (Low pressure fuel pump)
  169. Feeler: 2013 Audi A6
  170. For Sale: Magnaflow exhaust for A6 or A7 3.0L, Brand new never installed
  171. For Sale: C7/7.5 Chassis Alu Kreuz, brand new never installed still in original box
  172. For Sale: C7/C7.5 19X8.5 BBS CH Black Series with 255/40/19 Blizzak Winter Wheel setup.
  173. Wanted: S6 Black Optics Grill
  174. For Sale: 4.0 Roc euro intake
  175. Feeler: Interest in C7 EuroCode Rear Only Swaybar?
  176. For Sale: (3) Brand new Michelin Pilot Super Sports, 255/35/20
  177. Wanted: WTB - Headlamp
  178. For Sale: 20" Forged OEM Audi C7 Wheels
  179. For Sale: JHM Tuning-Flashing Cable for JHM ECU Tuning
  180. For Sale: Interior Brushed Trim from 2013 S6
  181. For Sale: 3.0T High Pressure Fuel Pump and New Piston - Used 19k Miles
  182. For Sale: C7 eBay RS6 Grille with Quattro
  183. Wanted: CETE air suspension controller
  184. Wanted: Pair of S6 turbos
  185. For Sale: 2016 Audi S6 Sepang Blue Matte Fully Loaded- WILL NOT PART OUT!!
  186. For Sale: Brand new Aluminum seat buttons $13 shipped
  187. For Sale: Side markers for s7. Make your own deletes. $80 shipped per set
  188. For Sale: SOLD. For Sale! OEM Dunlop Sport Maxx GT with 8/32 all around (265/35/20)
  189. Wanted: Iso cete air suspension control module
  190. Wanted: WTB a s-line rear bumper for c7 a/6
  191. For Sale: Round heated steering wheel with airbag
  192. For Sale: Set of 5 HRE FF01 in Hyper Silver 20 x 9 ET35 CB 66 w MPSS 255/35/20 4-5 MM
  193. For Sale: Milltek Cat Back Exhaust for the S7 and RS7
  194. Wanted: Front License Plate Bracket for RS7
  195. For Sale: RS7 Turbo inlets, NEW!
  196. For Sale: Used S6 turbos for sale!
  197. For Sale: FS: 2014 Audi A6 TDI Prestige **LOADED / MINT CONDITION / LOW MILEAGE**
  198. For Sale: H&r ets electronic lowering module $1000
  199. For Sale: 2016 S7 Loaded for Sale $65k OBO
  200. Feeler: C7 a6/a7 tune
  201. For Sale: Set of 4 Brand New OEM Audi S6 Takeoff Wheels with Pirelli PZero Tires
  202. For Sale: C7 A7 Pre Facelift Bumper/Grille, Tail Lights, Rear Valence For Sale
  203. For Sale: Revo rs7 airbox and filter for s6/7
  204. For Sale: FS: 2012-2017 S7 A7 RS7 FULL Black Alcantara & Valcona INTERIOR SWAP + Cash
  205. For Sale: Oem Black optics package oem 20" wheel set Gloss Black trade plus cash
  206. For Sale: 2012-2015 c7 Audi A7 S7 RS7 Custom blackout headlights. Gloss black 1 of 1.
  207. For Sale: 2012+ C7.5 A7/S7/RS7 2016 + tail lights with sweeping turn signals Europrice
  208. For Sale: 2012+ C7 S6 S7 Milltek full Turbo-Back Exhaust Valvesonic. Black ceramic tips
  209. For Sale: H&R Lowering module Audi S7 RS7. Mint condition. 500 miles nearly new.
  210. For Sale: CETE Exhaust Valve Controller '11+ A6, S6, RS6, A7, S7, RS7
  211. For Sale: Milltek s6/s7 Exhaust valve controller
  212. For Sale: 2011+ C7 S7 RS7 Black optics and blackout exterior kit
  213. Feeler: 2013 s6
  214. For Sale: Jhm test pipes 3.0t
  215. For Sale: Oem led c7 a6 Head lights
  216. RS7 sold: parting out various aftermarket mods
  217. For Sale: 20 OZ cortina matte black wheels
  218. For Sale: OEM 20" Wheels and Tires A7
  219. For Sale: s6 luxury floor Mats
  220. For Sale: Wheels and Tires !8 x 8 with Continental DWS Tires
  221. For Sale: Heated Sport Steering Wheel with Airbag
  222. For Sale: EPL ECU Stage 1 and TCU Tune
  223. For Sale: RS6 replica grill
  224. Part Out: Rs7 air intake cover/ intake hoses (free)
  225. For Sale: Stage 2 EPL tune
  226. For Sale: 2013 Audi C7 S6 Oem LED Headlights. CHEAP!
  227. Wanted: WTB: 2012 A7 Prestige grill insert or entire grill
  228. Wanted: Roc-Euro 4.0t intake
  229. For Sale: Audi RS6 6Pot Brembo Ceramic Calipers Only !!!! to fit 380x38 discs
  230. For Sale: Feeler: 2016 A6 3.0T loaded
  231. For Sale: FS: 2013 Black A6 full part out (engine+trans already sold)
  232. For Sale: EPL stage 1 Ecu + TCU + 104 oct file for sale
  233. For Sale: OEM RS7 Carbon rear diffuser - Light crack on corner. Few other S7 parts coming soon.
  234. For Sale: OEM C7 S6 Rims
  235. Wanted: WTB.....OEM S7 / S6 Exhaust.
  236. For Sale: Heated sport steering wheel and required clock spring / slip ring combo!
  237. For Sale: Stage 1 EPL ECU + TCU Tune With Cable
  238. Wanted: A6 S-Line front bumper
  239. For Sale: Try again! Set of 5 HRE FF01 in Hyper Silver 20 x 9 ET35 CB 66 MPSS 255/35/20 4mm
  240. Wanted: Wanted S6 OEM turbos
  241. For Sale: Audi S6 EPL Stage 1 tune and TCU tune and a cable
  242. For Sale: EPL Stage 1 ECU and TCU tunes + Cable
  243. For Sale: C7 3.0t engine parting out.
  244. For Sale: 2013 Audi S7 Phantom Black Loaded 29k miles
  245. For Sale: 285/35/21 Michelin Pilot Sport Tires
  246. For Sale: NIB APR downpipes with Stg 2 authorization code
  247. For Sale: Stock A7 3.0 Air Box
  248. For Sale: STaSIS BF Goodridge Stainless Lines
  249. For Sale: Roc-Euro Intake for 4.0T
  250. Feeler: EuroCode Sway Bars & End Links - Front & Rear for C7 S6