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  1. Part Out: Selling parts from my Audi S5(HRE Wheels, Spacers, Carbon Spoiler, Shiftknob, pedals)
  2. Wanted: I'm looking for 21"s for my S8, anyone here have any for sale?
  3. AWE Downpipes for sale.
  4. FS AWE Track Exhaust System, Air Filters, H&R Lowering Springs for RS5
  5. Fs: oem grill s5 2014
  6. Rohana RC7 NIB 20x11 for sale
  7. Selling brand new oem rs5 grille (black)
  8. FS: RS 5 trim - prism silver crystal effect
  9. RS5 10 spoke forged with tires -
  10. Eurocode tuning silicone hose kit 2.0tfsi
  11. RS5 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel and Airbag - No Longer Available
  12. New B8 Audi A5/S5 H&R Springs for sale!!!
  13. Diffuser
  14. snovick87s part out thread
  15. FS: RS 5 Ti Rotors
  16. KW V1 new in box $1650 shipped - A5/S5 or A4/S4
  17. H&R 15/20mm Spacers and Ball Seat Lugs
  18. Last Call
  19. B8 A5 Front Plate Delete - Matte Black
  20. WTB: awe track exhaust for 2013 RS5
  21. Duffuser
  22. 15/20mm H&R Spacer and Lug Nuts
  23. WTT B8.5 S4 peelers for S5 peelers
  24. Kufatec Audi A5/S5 Halogen to Facelift LED tail light conversion wiring harnesses - C
  25. KW H.A.S. Height Adjustable Springs for RS5, S5, Lightly used, $200 below retail. - SOLD
  26. Airride
  27. FS: H&R Sports Springs for A5 S5 - Practically Brand New - SOLD
  28. FS: Unitronic/statis exhaust
  29. Iso turbo outlet b8 2.0t
  30. WTB: S5 5-Arm 19" Rotor Wheels
  31. WTB S5 rear valance
  32. FS: Eibach lowering springs for 2008 - 2011 S5 Coupe ONLY
  33. Aluminum S5 mirror caps
  34. WTB: S5 B8.5 rear diffuser
  35. APR RSC Turboback Exhaust
  36. Wanted: WTB: (1) OEM 19" S5 Wheel
  37. Wanted: Wanted: Any Aftermarket Exhaust for 2013-2015 Audi RS5, Capristo, Akrapovic, ect.
  38. Wanted: WTB: RS5 Rear Wavy Brake Rotors
  39. Wanted: Aftermarket exhaust for 2010 S5 V8. Preferably the almighty AWE brand!
  40. Wanted: WTB: OEM front license plate mount for 2013 RS5
  41. Wanted: S5 Peelers or Ti RotorsB
  42. Wanted: Black interior/headliner pieces
  43. Apr Turboback a5
  44. Wanted: Wanted RS5 Exhaust
  45. Wanted: OEM S5 Rotors 19x9 ET33
  46. FS: AP Racing BBK
  47. Wanted: WTB: S5 (2013 +) Grill with chrome strips
  48. Wanted: S5 Rear Valance and 2 19" 5-Arm wheels
  49. Wanted: Wtb/wanted: s5 3.0 exhaust (awe, borla, meistershaft, ect)
  50. OEM AUDI S5 Grill - No Longer Available
  51. Since this won't show up in classifieds - Eurostyle custom RS5 floor mats for sale.
  52. Wanted: Supercharger for Audi RS5
  53. Wanted: RS5 Black Rotor Wheels
  54. B8 Replica RS5 Grille - SOLD
  55. New BC RS43 19x9.5 et20 in brushed - No Longer Available
  56. Feeler: Selling 20" Vossen wheels, 19" OEM S5 Wheels & Tires, Springs, and more...
  57. Wanted: WTB: S5 19x9 Titanium Rotor Wheels
  58. Wanted: WTB: Want to Buy Taillights, front grill, diffuser, exhaust
  59. Wanted: 19x9 et33 OEM S5 "Peelers" in Silver
  60. Wanted: 19" OEM Peelers w/ or w/o tires
  61. Part Out: Relak Glossy Black Paddle Shifter Extenders $30.00 + $7.00 to Ship
  62. AMI/MMI iPod 30pin connector w/ Tune2Air module.
  63. Part Out: BBS CX-R 20'' x 10 Wheels + Continental Extreme Tires 275/30-20 - 4 wheels + 4 tires
  64. Part Out: S5 Part out
  65. Feeler: For Trade/ sale HRE FF01 SLV 20X105 ET35 5/112 with PSS
  66. Part Out: 2013 Audi S5 Part Out Thread
  67. Wanted: B8 A5 AWE Or APR Quad Exhaust
  68. Part Out: Alu Kreuz Drivetrain Stablizer for all B8 A5/S5/RS5
  69. Wanted: WTB: B8.5 S5 rear diffuser with the aluminum trim piece.
  70. Wanted: Black center wheel caps
  71. Wanted: RS5 20" Rotors (finish and condition not an issue)
  72. Part Out: S5 B8 parts for sale
  73. Part Out: H&R 5mm Spacers - Brand New
  74. Feeler: Avant Garde Wheels (AG) M580 20x10
  75. Feeler: 2012 B8 S4 DSG - World Record Holder - Feeler
  76. FS: 20" HRE Flowform FF01 Black - No Longer Available
  77. Part Out: Trying to get rid of 2014 S5 items: Springs, Grille and Exhaust
  78. Wanted: Wanted : exhaust and intake for s5 3.0 preferably awe. May consider others !
  79. Wanted: AWE touring exhaust for a5 2.0T
  80. Part Out: A5 Cat
  81. Part Out: B8 S5 Parts
  82. Part Out: 2013 S5 Parts
  83. Wanted: looking to trade GMG springs for H&R OE Sport
  84. VOLANT Air Intake
  85. Wanted: RS5 Grille Badge
  86. Part Out: 2013 S5 Rear diffuser/valence
  87. Wanted: WTT: My S5 Peelers for your RS5/S5 Rotors
  88. DPE LS5 wheels
  89. Wanted: Awe polished silver exhaust tips
  90. Part Out: B8 AFS E-codes
  91. Wanted: WTT: Peelers for V-spokes
  92. Feeler: 275/35/19 Goodyear Asymmetric A/S Tires 9/32nds
  93. Selling h&r sport springs long island
  94. Audi s5 v8 stock exhaust 2010
  95. Wanted: Ross-Tech Cable or Help from Member with Coding
  96. Wanted: WTB B8 S5 Exhaust
  97. Wanted: WTB H&R Street Coilovers for S5
  98. Feeler: B8 S5 (4.2) Milltek Non-Resonated Exhaust
  99. Wanted: RS5 License Plate Bracket
  100. Feeler: Incurve IC-S10 20x10.5 et 30
  101. 2015 RS5 For Sale?
  102. HRE S101
  103. Wanted: S5 Fitment Rotors and Aluminum Mirror Caps
  104. H&r sport springs
  105. AG F331 20x10 et25
  106. Wanted: OEM grill for 09 S5
  107. Wanted: WTB - B8 S5 Deval Front Lip, FI Exhaust + More
  108. RS5 OEM grille for sale
  109. Wanted: S5 License Plate Bracket
  110. Wanted: Fog light grills
  111. Wanted: B8 S5
  112. Wanted: OEM A5 10 Spoke Wheels
  113. Wanted: OEM S5 Aluminum Dead Pedal
  114. Wanted: B8.5 AWE Track Exhaust
  115. Wanted: Audi B8 S5 Stock or Aftermarket Intakes...
  116. Feeler: B8.5 A5 OEM Exhaust
  117. Wanted: A5 License Plate Panel
  118. Wanted: WTB: Exhaust/Catback for '08 3.2 A5. Preferably one similar to the AWE Touring
  119. Part Out: OEM S5 Parts for Sale
  120. Wanted: 2013 Audi A5 Cabrio items! South Florida
  121. Wanted: WTB - Spare Wheels & Tires - Summer tires only - NY
  122. Feeler: S5 3.0T AWE Tuning Non-Resontated DPs - SoCal Local Only $400
  123. For Sale: 09 S5 for sale
  124. For Sale: 15mm and 20mm Hubcentric Spacers for Sale $60 shipped CONTUS B8 B8.5 A5 S5
  125. Wanted: Ross-Tech Cable
  126. For Sale: B8.5 S5 OEM Grill Painted Satin Black
  127. For Sale: H&R Street Performance Coilover System 29092-1 - $650
  128. Wanted: A5 and S5 trunk lids
  129. Wanted: wtb, complete stock S5 rear sway bar assembly
  130. Wanted: wanted A5 front bumper cover
  131. For Sale: B8 APR Carbonio intake for sale
  132. For Sale: 2014 Audi S4 Steering wheel DSG Paddles and Airbag
  133. For Sale: Brand new Eibach Pro-kit springs for A5
  134. For Sale: 2013 Audi A5 18' stock wheels! South florida
  135. For Sale: Selling S5 peelers.
  136. For Sale: Selling OEM S5 Grille
  137. For Sale: 2013 RS5 Sport Exhaust - Free
  138. For Sale: US Mill Works Lightened License Plate Bracket - Black (A5, S5, RS5 2007+)
  139. For Sale: BLK 901M Forged Wheels - 20x10.5 - Incl. Refinish & Shipping!
  140. For Sale: S5 Grille - $200obo
  141. For Sale: 2014 RS5 Daytona Gray - 12k miles
  142. For Sale: Blizzak snow tires
  143. Wanted: 10mm spacers with extended bolts
  144. For Sale: For Sale RC7 20x11 with tires Less than 50 miles. Graphite Black
  145. For Sale: Winter Wheel and Tire Set Up - Dayton Oh Pickup Only
  146. For Sale: Genuine RS5 Grill - Genuine Audi - Perfect Condition - $800
  147. For Sale: 19" oem s5 wheels
  148. For Sale: square set 20x11 RC10 et28
  149. For Sale: 265/35 R19 Bridgestone Blizzaks 1k miles on them. $500
  150. For Sale: '14 S5 - Cleanly Modded - Stage 2 GIAC/AWE Build
  151. For Sale: 2011 A5 suspension
  152. For Sale: full b8 sportkt
  153. For Sale: 20"x10.5" Rotiform SLC 3 Piece wheels with tires
  154. For Sale: Apr k04 tfsi - $2000
  155. For Sale: CTS Intercooler kit with boost pipes $600
  156. Wanted: Ecodes
  157. Parting Out - All parts for Sale
  158. For Sale: OEM 19" S5 Titanium/Black Optic 5-Arm Rotor Wheels
  159. Wanted: WTB: Ecodes or OEM DRL headlights for B8 A5
  160. For Sale: Black front license plate delete
  161. For Sale: 2013 B8.5 S5 coupe, 6-speed, Ohlins / Stasis, BBS, AWE, etc
  162. For Sale: Brand New Falken Azenis FK-453 275-30ZR20
  163. For Sale: Audi A5, S5, RS5 Kw coilover V2 for sale, brand new, 700 eur
  164. For Sale: B8.5 post-facelift Nappa leather steering wheel
  165. For Sale: 2011 S5 Convertible For Sale
  166. For Sale: 2009 AUDI A5 COMPLETE Engine 3.2 FSI 80k miles!! (fits 08 09 10 A4 & A5)
  167. For Sale: Audi RS5 CAPRISTO exhaust
  168. For Sale: 2012 Yellow Audi S5 less 20k miles
  169. Part Out: 2013 b8 s5
  170. For Sale: SALE Black WeatherTech digitalFit Front floor/rear trunk Matt's Fits B8 A5/S5/RS5
  171. Wanted: Aluminum Mirror Caps with Side Assist
  172. For Sale: Pre-FL RS5 grill
  173. For Sale: 2009 Sprint Blue S5 FOR SALE
  174. For Sale: VOLK RACING TE37 ULTRAS 20x10 ET25 FACE 3 w/Pirelli P-Zero 275/30/ZR20 Tires
  175. For Sale: RS5 GMG Lowering Springs w/ Stock Rs5 Struts
  176. For Sale: Chipwerke S piggyback
  177. For Sale: License Plate tow hook adapter/relocator
  178. For Sale: 2008 S5 61k miles $29,000 obo Manual Transmission
  179. For Sale: Sho N Go License Plate Motorized
  180. Wanted: AWE ColdFront
  181. For Sale: B8 S5 4.2L Milltek Non-resonated Exhaust - $600 Plus Shipping
  182. For Sale: 2013 RS5 For Sale
  183. For Sale: MagnaFlow exhaust for 4.2L s5
  184. Trade: Trade My 102mm AWE Quad Exhaust Tips for Your 90mm AWE Quad Exhaust Tips
  185. For Sale: Driver Side Chrome Mirror Cap - Like New
  186. For Sale: H&R OE Sport Springs
  187. Spacer sale: H&R 5 mm, 15 mm, & 20 mm pairs, plus an unbranded 8mm pair
  188. Wanted: S5 19" 5-arm rotor wheels, OEM matte grey color
  189. For Sale: Piano Black 5 piece trim set for A/S/RS5 2008-2016
  190. For Sale: Brilliant Black Mirror caps-Non side assist for 2010-2016 A/S/RS5
  191. For Sale: H&R Rear Sway Bar for B8 S5
  192. Wanted: Rear S5/RS5 Calipers
  193. Wanted: WTB: Looking for H&R Springs for B8 Audi S5
  194. For Sale: Wts: Rs5 eisenmann race exhaust with connecting pipes (los angeles) $1300
  195. Wanted: RS5 Carbon Atlas Inlay Set
  196. For Sale: S5 mirror caps, NA Halogen tail lights, B8 steering wheel
  197. For Sale: RS5 front discs/rotors (UK)
  198. For Sale: Adi S6 LEDS - Used
  199. For Sale: OEM front grille
  200. Wanted: WTB Stage 2 parts GIAC AWE and exhaust
  201. Wanted: Drivers side trunk cubby stealth subwoofer enclosure
  202. For Sale: 18' Audi Dunlop SP Winter Sport Tires/Wheels
  203. For Sale: Vag com, stock mats, weather tech fronts
  204. Wanted: RocEuro Intake
  205. Wanted: WTB OEM S5 Downpipes
  206. For Sale: Morr VS11 20" x 10" et27 with Michelin PSS10 for Sale
  207. Morr Monoforged VS11 20" x 10" et 27 with PSS10 for sale
  208. Feeler: B8.5 AWE Touring Exhaust.
  209. For Sale: Vossen staggered set
  210. For Sale: (4) 12.5mm spacers and bolts $100
  211. For Sale: Audi trunk liner/tray
  212. For Sale: Hawk Performance HPS 5.0 Front Disc Brake Pad, HB641B.696, for A4/A5/A6/A7/S4/S5/Q5
  213. For Sale: FS: OEM RS5 Grille & Black Optic Fog Surrounds
  214. For Sale: Stock exhaust for sale
  215. For Sale: S5 v8 floor mats!
  216. Wanted: WTB B8 Ecodes
  217. For Sale: APR RSC Exhaust for Audi S5, RockEuro Intake, APR Carbino Intake
  218. Wanted: WTB Facelift s5 front bumper, or aftermarket bumper
  219. Feeler: s5 Manual
  220. For Sale: 2009 S5 Stock Exhaust
  221. For Sale: Stock b8.5 s5 springs and intake
  222. For Sale: FS: AWE Track Exahust & DP for V8 S5
  223. For Sale: B8 A5 Filler Plate
  224. For Sale: Roc-Euro Cold Air Intake
  225. Wanted: Wanted complete 3.2L heads
  226. For Sale: Audi TT MKII Flat bottom steering wheel with airbag **SHIPPED**
  227. Wanted: Stock B8 S5 Downpipes & Exhaust
  228. Wanted: OEM S5 19" Rotors
  229. For Sale: VMR 710 19x9.5 $500
  230. For Sale: Air Ride Performance V2 Kit
  231. Wanted: Carbon Fiber MMI and Vent surrind
  232. Feeler: For trade or sale! B8 08-09 CARBON mirror housing
  233. For sale or trade b8 carbon mirror housings
  234. For Sale: S5 Grille
  235. For Sale: Wheel Spacers & Extended Lug Bolts
  236. Wanted: Rear Caliper RS Nameplates
  237. For Sale: OEM - Sepang Blue A5 / S5 Mirror Caps - Painted - Mint Condition
  238. For Sale: Continental DWS ExtremeContact Tires
  239. For Sale: 2015 Audi Ibis White RS5 Titanium 8k miles and Fully Modified (Chicago, IL)
  240. For Sale: HRE P40SC Staggered Fitment Audi S5 (19 x 9.5 & 19 x 11) with Michelin PSS
  241. For Sale: B8/8.5 A4/S4 and A5/S5 BC Racing Coilovers with Extra shocks (Mint Condition)
  242. Wanted: looking for audi rs5 exhaust!!
  243. Iím selling my 2009 Audi A5 S-line
  244. For Sale: AWE Tuning Audi RS5 Track Edition Exhaust System, Used item.
  245. For Sale: 2012 S5 front bumper with S5 grill, fog grills & fogs. LX7R | Moonsoon Grey
  246. Wanted: Audi RS5 in the UK
  247. For Sale: New in box Corsa RSC 4.2 S5 catback
  248. For Sale: A5 - Aftermarket Mod part out
  249. For Sale: H&R OE Sport Springs + H&R Spacers (20mm & 25mm)
  250. For Sale: 18" OEM winter wheels w/ Blizzak