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  1. OE European Piano Black Interior Trim Set for B8 A4 and S4 - 6 pieces as new - SOLD
  2. 2011 S4 part-out - TT-RS steering wheel, Eurocode headers, ecode headlights, AluKreuz, etc - SOLD
  3. b8 s4 tow hook cover phantom black - No Longer Available
  4. OEM D3S Philips Xenon Bulbs
  5. WTT magnaflow xpipe mod exhaust for stock
  6. 2012 Audi S4 Sedan 4-Door 3.0L / Super Clean / Super Fast / Best price! - No Longer Available
  7. Borla Exhaust - No Longer Available
  8. B8 Misc parts, brakes, grill, springs, arms, cover, spacers - No Longer Available
  9. WTB: stock s4 exhaust - No Longer Available
  10. Feeler: CPO 2011 Audi S4 - No Longer Available
  11. WTB: OEM Driver Side Tail Light
  12. Audi S4/A4 Winter Wheels/Tires 18" Setup
  13. WTB: Roc-Euro Intake
  14. Wanted: WTB: b8.5 s4 stock exhaust
  15. Wanted: B8 S4 Black OEM Grille
  16. Wanted: OEM B8.5 S4 Grill w/o plate holder
  17. Wanted: WTB:STOCK S4 exaust in NORCAL
  18. Wanted: B8 RS4 grill (black grill w/ chrome surround)
  19. Wanted: Wtb or trade for B8.5 aluminum mirror caps
  20. Wanted: 19" Grey & Machined Rotor Wheels
  21. Wanted: WTB: VMR710 19in for B8 S4
  22. Wanted: WTB OEM S4 Peelers
  23. Wanted: Deval B8 front spolier
  24. Wanted: Used AWE or Milltek Exhaust...Resonated if possible
  25. Wanted: Stock S4 exhaust in DFW area
  26. Part Out: FS: 19" black optic wheels w stock summer tires, or set of 19" peelers with snows
  27. Feeler: Feeler: Hyper black Alufelgen SF-71 19 x 9.5 ET42 CB66.6 w/tires
  28. Wanted: 19" OEM S4 Black Optics Wheels (Rotors)
  29. OEM B8 S4 18" WHEELS AND TIRES - No Longer Available
  30. Wanted: WTB: 19" Peelers
  31. Wanted: WTB Alu Kreuz for B8 S4
  32. Wanted: Wtb: Rock euro intake b8 s4
  33. Wanted: WTB: B8 S4 Aftermarket exhaust (AWE, APR, Milltek, Borla, Stasis, etc)
  34. 2013 P+ B8.5 S4.. Posting for a friend.. - No Longer Available
  35. Wanted: WTB: B8.5 S4 Shift Knob
  36. Wanted: WTB: AWE resonated downpipes
  37. Wanted: AWE Resonated Downpipes
  38. Wanted: wtb: stock s4 parts
  39. Wanted: Coils
  40. Wanted: Looking for a Deval B8 S4 rear diffuser, Stvbek Front Lip
  41. Wanted: WTT/WTB: factory 19" 5 spoke "razor" wheels
  42. Wanted: Drivers side black floor mat & drivers black door panel (drivers seat area)
  43. 19x9.5 ADV1 005MV2 - No Longer Available
  44. Wanted: WTB: Chrome window trim
  45. Wanted: Enlaes Rear Diffuser/Spoiler (or sell Matte CF OSIR diffuser)
  46. Wanted: B8 S4 rear valence
  47. Wanted: WTB: Air Lift B8 front and rear kit with rear shocks/ no management
  48. Wanted: WTB: Deval CF diffuser and/or Front lip for B8.5
  49. Wanted: H&R OE springs
  50. Wanted: OEM B8.5 trunk - a4 or s4
  51. Wanted: Stock S4 Quad exhaust
  52. Wanted: Adjustable Control Arms
  53. Wanted: Bilstein PSS10 & Adjustable Control Arms
  54. Wanted: Black Surround RS4 Grille for B8.5
  55. Wanted: Selling your car? Let's trade trim! (WTT) (b8)
  56. Feeler: BRAND NEW Eibach Pro-Kit Spring S4
  57. Wanted: WTB: B8.5 Cat-back exhaust + CAI
  58. Wanted: OEM B8 S4 exhaust NYC tri-state area
  59. Wanted: looking for for grilles
  60. Wanted: AWE 102MM B8.5 Touring Exhuast
  61. Wanted: APR or AWE 90mm black diamond exhaust tips
  62. Wanted: Black interior/headliner pieces
  63. Wanted: AWE Downpipe tool
  64. Wanted: WTB B8 S4 stock down pipes
  65. Wanted: Intake
  66. Wanted: Dunlop Sport Maxx GT 255/35/19
  67. Wanted: Endlinks or Sale Info
  68. Wanted: Deval or Enlaes rear diffuser
  69. Wanted: Brake kits (or Rotors, Calipers, Pads), Roc Euro intake, local Awe Touring exhaust
  70. Wanted: Looking to buy drivers floor mat
  71. Feeler: Roc Euro
  72. HRE 560R Forged 3 Piece Wheels 19" by 9" ET37
  73. Wanted: Eurocode F&R Sway Bars.
  74. Wanted: Adjustable Control Arms / Bilstein PSS10 / DEVAL Diffuser or Spoiler
  75. Wanted: WTT: My 2014 S4 Rotor Wheels for your 2015 S4 Petal Wheels
  76. Wanted: Buy/Trade: Titanium Rotors (19/20) for OEM Peelers
  77. Wanted: WTB: Nogaro Blue (or similar) Floor Mats
  78. Wanted: Black options fog grills s4 B8.5
  79. Wanted: 245/35/19 tires all season
  80. Wanted: Wanted: B8 S4 Cylinder Heads
  81. Wanted: b8.5 piano black or layered alu/black wood trim set
  82. Wanted: Wanted: b8 (90mm) or b8.5 (102mm) AWE Touring Exhaust system
  83. Wanted: dsg shift knob with boot
  84. Wanted: Deval Rear Valence
  85. Wanted: B8.5 Black Optics Grill & Fog Grills.
  86. Wanted: WTB OEM B8.5 Rear Diffuser / Valence
  87. Wanted: Wanted: B8 Alu Kruez and B8.5 DCT Shift knob
  88. Wanted: 10mm spacers
  89. Wanted: stock exhaust from a b8 s4
  90. Wanted: 255-35-19 High Performance All-Season tires
  91. Wanted: 8mm & 12.5mm spacers and ENLAES deck lid spoiler
  92. Wanted: Amber corner lights
  93. Wanted: 255 35 19 tires
  94. Part Out: B8.5 stock grill and full exaust for sale
  95. Feeler: B8.5 OEM S4 Grille with plate bracket
  96. Wanted: B8 Lane Assist mirror caps.
  97. Wanted: WTT 5mm spacers X2 for 10mm spacers
  98. BC Forged HB040 19x10+30 - No Longer Available
  99. Wanted: Michelin, Hankook, or Bridgestone 255/35/19 Tires.
  100. Feeler: Buying B8 S4 in near future, looking at what everyone is selling
  101. Wanted: DEVAL/ENLAES Diffuser & ENLAES Decklid Spoiler
  102. Wanted: H&R OE Sport Springs
  103. Wanted: Vmr wheels
  104. FS: oem rear s4 brake pads
  105. Wanted: B8 s4 drivers left vent
  106. Wanted: WTB: B8 S4 front filler plate (no plate holder)
  107. Wanted: Driver side E-Code headlight, pre facelife
  108. Wanted: WTB: B8 S4 19" Peelers
  109. Wanted: WTB DSG S-tronic shift knob 2013 and up
  110. Part Out: APR Exhaust/ Black Tips...OEM RS4 wheels with brand new Bridgestone RE11's.. and more
  111. Wanted: WANTED: Black BBS CH-R 19x8.5 for B8 S4
  112. Wanted: WTB: Two 19" Peelers
  113. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 Tires 255/35ZR19 - No Longer Available
  114. Wanted: WTB / WTT for B8 front license plate holder
  115. Wanted: WTB: OEM B8.5 S4 Rear Diffuser
  116. 20" 5 arm rotor titanium matte finish- brand new
  117. Feeler: (4) Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires 255/35ZR19 - 600 Miles
  118. Part Out: Adam's Sport I Rotors for 2010+ B8 S4
  119. Hartmann HRS4-252-GS RS4 Replicas - 19x8.5 ET 38 - No Longer Available
  120. Wanted: wtb: s4 3.0t cooling/aux fans
  121. Wanted: OEM 19" Peelers, S4 or S5 specs, Hypersilver color
  122. Wanted: Wtb p3 digital vent gauge
  123. Wanted: AWE Track exhaust
  124. Wanted: WTB B8 S4 driver side foglight grill
  125. Wanted: B8 S4 stock rear valence
  126. Wanted: Want to trade my OEM peelers for your titanium rotors + I will give you cash
  127. Wanted: AWE Touring exhaust
  128. Wanted: Ring Holder for aftermarket Audi grille
  129. Wanted: AWE Non Resonated Downpipes
  130. Wanted: B8 S4 AWE Touring exhaust with Non-resonated/Resonated Downpipes
  131. Wanted: AWE Touring exhaust
  132. Wanted: WTB: Exhaust
  133. Wanted: Stock airbox
  134. Wanted: B8.5 Black Optics Fog Light Covers
  135. Wanted: WTB: b8 headlight Amber reflectors
  136. Wanted: AWE ColdFront system
  137. Wanted: Magnaflow or Borla Exhaust
  138. Wanted: 19" OE Peeler Wheels
  139. Wanted: JHM Short Shifter
  140. Wanted: Wanted - B8 S4 mirror caps with side assist
  141. Feeler: HRE P43SC 19x9.5 et39
  142. Wanted: WTB: front engine cover w/"V6 TFSI"
  143. Four (4) Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice WRT 225/45R-18 - No Longer Available
  144. Wanted: WTT S4 Black Optic Wheels for Peelers
  145. Wanted: WTB: B8 Sprint Blue S4 with Sport Diff
  146. Wanted: Trade my AWE Track for your Touring
  147. Wanted: S4 18" Winter wheels and tires
  148. Feeler: 19" Peeler Wheels with Tires
  149. Wanted: AWE or APR Exhaust B8
  150. B8.5 Black S4 Door Blades - No Longer Available
  151. Feeler: 2013 Audi S4, 20,500 miles
  152. OSIR Designs Carbon Trunk Lip - No Longer Available
  153. 2011 Audi S4 Prestige - No Longer Available
  154. B8-B8.5 whispbars rook rack
  155. B8.5 rs4 grill done rite! For sale never used
  156. Wanted: WTB your AWE Touring Exhaust
  157. Feeler: For Trade/ sell HRE FF01 SLV 20X105 ET35 5/112 with PSS
  158. Injen Intake and Continental ContiSportContact 3 255/35R19 summer tires - No Longer Available
  159. Wanted: WTB: RS4 Grill / Facelift S4 DSG shift knob
  160. FS: Rotiform SPF 20x10 et35
  161. Part Out: Alu Kreuz Drivetrain Stablizer for all B8 S4 Models
  162. Part Out: 2010 S4 part out
  163. Wanted: Looking for a set of winter wheels & tires B8.5 S4
  164. Wanted: Wtb, APR pulley removal tool
  165. Wanted: WTB B8 or 8.5 OEM S4 Rear Diffusor, let me know what you have and priced shipped.
  166. B8.5 RS style mesh grill - No Longer Available
  167. Wanted: Wanted: Enlaes Deckkid Spoiler - Non Carbon Fiber
  168. Feeler: 2010 Audi S4 prestige 20k obo
  169. Wanted: H&R OE Springs or H&R Sport Springs
  170. Wanted: Looking for a B8 or B8.5 S4, M6, Sport Differential under $40k, anywehere
  171. Feeler: Fastest S4 in The World - 2012 S4 - Prestige - DSG
  172. Wanted: Enlaes carbon fiber spoiler and rear diffuser
  173. Part Out: H&R 5mm Spacers - Brand New
  174. Wanted: 19" titanium package rims for my 19" OEM prestige package rims
  175. HRE Flow Form FF01 20x9 ET 25 Conical (BNIB) set of 4 - No Longer Available
  176. Wanted: B8.5 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
  177. Wanted: Stock B8.5 Exhaust (locally)
  178. Certified Pre Owned 2012 S4 - No Longer Available
  179. Wanted: S4/A4 Interior trim with Silver Border
  180. Feeler: 2014 Glacier white 6 spd S4 w/black optics pkg lease takeover
  181. Wanted: Wanted: 1 - 19" black optic/ v-spoke rim
  182. Wanted: Wtb apr full exhaust
  183. Part Out: VOLANT air intake
  184. Wanted: WTB: (2) ECS 12.5mm spacers
  185. Used Magnaflow unresonated X-pipe/Used universal DC Sports exhaust tips - No Longer Available
  186. Wanted: Awe track exhaust and 3M trans mount b8.5
  187. Wanted: Looking for a Stock exhaust Nor Cal
  188. Part Out: B8.5 S4: Exhaust, Springs, Sways, Grill, Intake - $$$ OBO
  189. Wanted: B8.5 S4 fog light grille(s)
  190. Wanted: Looking for 18" wheels for winter
  191. Feeler: Bilstein B16 (PSS10) Coilovers
  192. Feeler: BC forged
  193. Wanted: B8 Roc-Euro Intake
  194. 19" 5-V spoke wheels in titanium finish - OEM - Rare! - No Longer Available
  195. epl flashing cable - SOLD
  196. Wanted: Headlight Assembly with Adaptive steering and aiming ect.
  197. Feeler: H&R Sport Springs (Brand New in Box)
  198. Wanted: WTB: B8 RS4 Grille with rings - chrome surround / bay area preferred
  199. Wanted: AWE polished silver exhaust tips
  200. B8.5 S4 A5 A5 S5 KW V1 Coilovers $1300 Shipped NEW IN BOX - No Longer Available
  201. Red Brembo GT 380mmx32mm BBK - No Longer Available
  202. Feeler: Part Out pending: AWE, Eurocode, Roc Euro, VMR
  203. Wanted: KW Spring Spacers 15mm or 30mm
  204. Stage I + II APR Carbonio Intake - No Longer Available
  205. Feeler: Used (1 week old) Remus axle back exhaust for Audi S4
  206. Feeler: 2011 Audi B8 S4
  207. B8.5 RS4 Grille in silver/gunmetal for A4/S4 cars - No Longer Available
  208. Feeler: Chipwerke Pro (Updated Version)
  209. Wanted: Alu-Kreuz for B8 S4
  210. Wanted: 19" Rotor Wheels from S4 or S5
  211. Wanted: RS4 Grill , Supercharged Badges, AWE Touring Exhaust all for 2012 S4
  212. Wanted: Aluminum Finish mirror caps with Side Assist
  213. Feeler: 2013 B8.5 S4 Glacier White Premium Plus-DSG
  214. Feeler: 2014 B8.5 Audi S4
  215. APR Stage 1 Intake Audi B8/B8.5 A4/A5/S4/S5/Q5/SQ5 - No Longer Available
  216. 2011 Audi S4 for sale
  217. Wanted: Wanted AWE Exhaust Track or Touring b8.5 s4
  218. Wanted: Trade: 627HP 2015 Mustang GT Premium Loaded for 2012 S4 Prestige
  219. Feeler: All weather mats and trunk cargo liner
  220. B8.5 A4/S4/RS4 AFS E-codes - No Longer Available
  221. Wanted: New or slightly used CTS/Roc Euro Intake
  222. Wanted: 18" Wheels / winter tire set for B8 S4
  223. Wanted: WTB: OEM or Rep 19" Peelers
  224. Wanted: WTB: Coilovers
  225. Feeler: B8.5 2014 S4 6MT - Brilliant Black - Premium Plus - Black Optic - MMI -12k mi - $44k
  226. NEW! Alcon 375mm rotors w/pads - No Longer Available
  227. Wanted: WTB: OEM or Rep 19" Ti-rotors
  228. KW HAS (Height Adjustable Springs) - No Longer Available
  229. Wanted: Stock B8 s4 diffuser or Deval Carbon diffuser
  230. Wanted: AWE Resonated Downpipes
  231. Wanted: 15mm spacers w lip
  232. Chipwerke Pro - Updated - No Longer Available
  233. Wanted: Vossen CV2 20x10
  234. Wanted: Eurocode Alu Kreuz for B8.5
  235. Part Out: Brand new SS brake lines and fluid
  236. Part Out: Like new 255/35/19 Michelin Pilot Sport a/s 3
  237. 2011 Audi S4 For Sale - 48,950 Miles - No Longer Available
  238. 19" 5 V-Spoke Titanium Finish Wheels w/ tires - No Longer Available
  240. AWE Pulley and Belt - SOLD - No Longer Available
  241. Audi All Weather Trunk Liner for B6, B7 or B8/.5 A4-S4 models - No Longer Available
  242. Wanted: WTB: Set of 19" factory Peeler style wheels
  243. AWE Track Exhaust for B8.5 S4
  244. Wanted: 18" or 19" Winter setup - rims + all seasons (would consider snows)
  245. Wanted: Looking for enlaes spoilers
  246. Wanted: b8 s4 front lip.
  247. OEM Audi S4 Peelers 19 inch - No Longer Available
  248. Wanted: WTB: Chipwerke pro or Chipwerke S
  249. Wanted: WTB: Chipwerke pro
  250. OE Sport Springs - No Longer Available