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  1. Front O2 Oxygen Sensor 06A906262BE - No Longer Available
  2. Rear O2 Oxygen Sensor 078906265AA - No Longer Available
  3. Ignition Coil Pack Set of Eight 077905115T - SOLD
  4. Wanted: Nj b7 s4 exhaust and valence
  5. For Sale: 2007 RS4 Intake Manifold $400
  6. For Sale: 2005.5 S4 Sprint Blue Pearl 6MT 170k miles - $8,000
  7. For Sale: Corsa Exhaust b6/b7 s4 Mt $1200 picked up
  8. Wanted: WTB: B7 Avant OEM sport springs
  9. For Sale: APR Carbonio Carbon Fiber Intake
  10. Trade: ECS Tuning B6/B7 S4 2pc Cross Drilled Brake Rotors
  11. For Sale: Audi S4 B6 Bi-xenon euro headlights, 2 pair (The Netherlands)
  12. For Sale: 2005 S4 Cabriolet 6Speed, 92k $9k obo
  14. For Sale: Audi Rs4 Engine Covers CArbon F !!
  15. For Sale: RS4 TRunk
  16. For Sale: Complete non-running 2004 Imola Yellow S4. Also spare low milage motor.
  17. For Sale: B7 S4 left over items for sale
  18. For Sale: Europaparts S4 Exhaust - $800 obo
  19. B8.5 Steering Wheel Package - No Longer Available
  20. For Sale: Evolution Thor Aluminum Skid Plate Kit (Fits B5, B6, B7 A4's and S4's)
  21. For Sale: Rear Sway Bark Link (Lemforder, 8E0505465AF)
  22. For Sale: B7 S4 steering wheel
  23. Wanted: WTB Rolling Shell
  24. For Sale: B6 s4 Feeler $20k 101k miles
  25. For Sale: 2008 S4 Exhaust system
  26. For Sale: JH Motorsports tuning Flash Cable
  27. For Sale: Fast Intentions/JH Motorsport B6 S4 Cat back exhaust
  28. Audi B7 A4/S4/RS4 Front License Plate Cover - No Longer Available
  29. For Sale: Door blades 2005 s4
  30. For Sale: B7 A4/S4/RS4 Front license plate holder
  31. For Sale: B7 S4 JHM LW crankpulley and Kevlar belt
  32. For Sale: FS: ECS Performance Rear Differential Mount - New
  33. For Sale: 2004 Audi s4 platinum recaro seats (full set)
  34. For Sale: B7 S4 body parts - fenders, bumpers, grille, more
  35. OEM S4, TTS, Flat Bottom Steering wheel w/ Airbag - No Longer Available
  36. For Sale: Aluminum (fishscale) dashboard and door trim
  37. For Sale: some left over parts Best offer
  38. Wanted: S4 rear calipers /Carriers
  39. For Sale: B6 S4 Black Recaro and Black S4 door blades
  40. For Sale: Yard Find Milltek Exhaust with Cat delete $925 Shipped OBO
  41. 2004 S4 Alternator 079903021D - No Longer Available
  42. Wanted: B7 S4 Engine
  43. Wanted: Audi b7 s4 radiator support (8E0805594H)
  44. For Sale: For Sale: Recaro Seats (Feeler Post)
  45. For Sale: RS4 shift knob/boot - Brand new
  46. For Sale: B7 Audi S4 - Dolphin Grey
  47. For Sale: For Sale - S6 LED Lights
  48. For Sale: For Sale - Metal Valve covers
  49. For Sale: For Sale - Dual Guage Pod w/Guages
  50. For Sale: For Sale - RNS-E
  51. For Sale: OEM navigation from my 08 s4 and mirrors
  52. Wanted: WTB Aftermarket Exhaust.
  53. Wanted: OEM B7 RS4 Grill
  54. For Sale: Audi s4 lightweight JHM crank pulley brand new for sale
  55. For Sale: Audi Flat Bottom Steering wheel W/Airbag
  56. For Sale: 2005 S4 Blk/Blk, 6spd, 75k miles $13,000 obo
  57. For Sale: 2007 S4 - Great shape, mods
  58. For Sale: Free stock mufflers
  59. Wanted: Audi Rs4 passengers Door badges !!
  60. Wanted: one less than perfect OEM RS4 wheel
  61. For Sale: OEM B6 cabriolet wind defelctor
  62. For Sale: B6 Avant front and rear bumpers, sedan rear bumper
  63. For Sale: Avus Factory Wheels FS W / Michelin PS2
  64. For Sale: B8 S5 Calipors
  65. For Sale: Audi RS4 Capristo Exhaust
  66. For Sale: B8 RS4 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel with Airbag
  67. For Sale: 2004 Driver's Side Headlight
  68. audi a4 s4 b7 a6 q7 black interior rear view mirror compass autodimin - No Longer Available
  69. Wanted: Wanted/Parts needed for B6 S4 front end
  70. Wanted: Front passenger side door blade
  71. For Sale: Audi Rs4 steering wheel/ Airbag
  72. Wanted: RS4 undertray/ Belly
  73. For Sale: B8.5 wheel and airbag
  74. For Sale: JHM Cheetah Cable RENTAL
  75. Wanted: WTB: B7 S4 aftermarket (non-oem), quad tip rear section of catback
  76. For Sale: A4/S4 B6/B7 Recaro Seats
  77. For Sale: B6 A4/S4 Bi-Xenon headlights (complete)
  78. For Sale: JHM Intake Spacers for Audi S4. Free Shipping! $160 New - $75.00
  79. For Sale: Front License Plate Bracket
  80. For Sale: Audi RS4 Weathertech front floor mats, 4-8MM ECS Tuning spacers w/ lugs
  81. For Sale: Brilliant Black S4 door blades
  82. RS4 Capristo Exhaust - No Longer Available
  83. Wanted: upgraded snub mount, motor mounts, and trans mounts
  84. For Sale: Gutted DP
  85. For Sale: B7 25 Quattro Catback and Downpipes $100 San Diego
  86. B7 S4 25 Quattro Exhaust and Downpipes San Diego - No Longer Available
  87. For Sale: RS4/S4 Magnaflow exhaust - Brand New
  88. Wanted: WTB: B6 front bumper wiring harness 8E0971095P or garage opener socket
  89. For Sale: FS/Trade OEM B7 Xenon Headlights(Painted Black Housing) CC'd w/Euro Clear Corner Cap
  90. Wanted: Wanted: Looking for JHM or stock RS4 transmission rebuild kit for B7 RS
  91. Wanted: B6 S4 Black Airbag
  92. For Sale: FS: S4 Avant H & R Springs *NEW* $180
  93. For Sale: 2007 RS4 Milltek Downpipes & Stock Suspension
  94. For Sale: JHM Short Throw Shifter
  95. For Sale: S4 alternator water cooled for sale brand new $300
  96. For Sale: 3 practically brand-new continental extreme contact DWS 235/40 ZR18
  97. For Sale: B7 RS4 Fog Light Grille $60.
  98. B8.5 Euro RS4 Steering wheel w/airbag - No Longer Available
  99. Wanted: (Gen2/mk2) rns-e LED Navigation unit model "193"
  100. For Sale: Chrome RNS-E Volume & Power Knobs
  101. For Sale: Genuine audi rs4 rs5 steering wheel
  102. For Sale: APR Tune
  103. For Sale: Ecs RS4 H-pipe almost new
  104. For Sale: Uber rare Audi B7 RS4 factory presentation portfolio
  105. For Sale: 04 S4 Radiator
  106. Wanted: WTB 2 1/4 or 2 1/2 straight cat back. 04 S4
  107. For Sale: FS: B7 S4 Tiptronic Piggies
  108. For Sale: 2006 Audi S4 Engine Transmission Wiring Harness ECU Complete Drivetrain
  109. For Sale: Front Carpeted Floor Mats - Black
  110. For Sale: 2007 Rs4 for sale.
  111. Wanted: Dash buttons
  112. Wanted: All weather s-line fliormats
  113. For Sale: 4 255/35/19 Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires
  114. audi a4 s4 rs4 b6 b7 brake handle with red & white stitching - No Longer Available
  115. For Sale: JHM rs4 intake spacers
  116. For Sale: 17Z Brembo calipers
  117. For Sale: B6/B7 Sport All-Weather Cargo Mat (Sedan Trunk)
  118. Wanted: Wanted: Front Grille RS4 Emblem
  119. Wanted: WANTED: B6 S4 Door Blades
  120. For Sale: "Vorsprung durch Service Position" gifts for Audi fans (including yourself)
  121. For Sale: 18x8.5 ET46 wheels & tires
  122. For Sale: 2007 S4 DTM, very low miles at 46k, manual, Phantom black pearl, black/alcantara, JHM
  123. For Sale: B7 S4 Avant - 6MT - low miles
  124. For Sale: B6 S4 6MT Radiator
  125. For Sale: New Rear Hotchkis Sway Bar
  126. For Sale: Stock Parts
  127. For Sale: S4 calipers with anti rattle clips
  128. Feeler: Ecs wobble bolts ?
  129. For Sale: OEM stock air box for B6 B7 S4
  130. For Sale: B6 S4 right side lower grill
  131. For Sale: Air Lift 3H Full Kit
  132. For Sale: Radiator Air Duct - Lower Right for B6 S4
  133. For Sale: 034 Density Line Adjustable Control Arms Kit
  134. Inner trunk tail light for B7
  135. For Sale: B6 B7 S4 brake front right dust shield
  136. For Sale: B6 B7 Secondary Air Injection Pump 079906601A
  137. For Sale: ONBOARD POWER SUPPLY CONTROL MODULE / body control module - AUDI A4 S4 - 8E0907279E
  138. For Sale: Headlight dimmer switch
  139. For Sale: B6 B7 S4 RS4 air intake snorkel
  140. For Sale: Non working rns-e plus
  141. For Sale: 2004 audi S4
  142. For Sale: JHM 2.5" Downpipes w/ gutted cats
  143. For Sale: RNS-E - working great - $370 - very good condition! with unlock code + books
  144. Wanted: Headers!
  145. For Sale: B6 B6 stock springs
  146. For Sale: B7 S4 left engine brake cover
  147. For Sale: RS4 Euro Seats
  148. 2001 audi s4 stage 3!!! Rs6 turbos!! Race car!!! - No Longer Available
  149. For Sale: B6 parts
  150. For Sale: B7 s4 recaros for sale!!
  151. For Sale: B6 S4 Engine Cover Driver side, brake
  152. For Sale: B6/ B7 Manual Sport Wood steering wheel
  153. For Sale: B7 steering wheel
  154. For Sale: Motor and parts left from 2.7 swap
  155. For Sale: Audi R8 Coolant Cap
  156. For Sale: FS _ NEW! Quad Exhaust Conversion Audi B7 OEM Rear diffuser $225.00 -Woodstock
  157. For Sale: 2007 Rs4 Seats
  158. For Sale: OEM B6 S4 Shifter
  159. Wanted: Audi S4 Fuel Leak Detection Pump B6
  160. For Sale: 2005 b6 s4 stuff
  161. Wanted: B6 S4 cluster
  162. For Sale: Sprintbooster sale
  163. For Sale: Painted Silver 9 peice interior trim set Auto
  164. For Sale: H and R 5mm wheel spacers
  165. For Sale: BHF heads 107k miles $300 obo +shipping
  166. For Sale: BHF Valves, springs, retainers, and keepers (used) get em SUPER CHEAP. +shipping
  167. For Sale: Forgestar F14 $2100 shipped BRAND NEW
  168. For Sale: Used h&r coils for sale
  169. For Sale: Mirror
  170. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4 B6 with 6 speed Manual Transmission - CLEAN - Located in NYC
  171. For Sale: Rs4 b7 JHM Flywheel & JHM intake spacers.
  172. Wanted: WTB B7 front bumper cover
  173. Wanted: Wanted Steering rack
  174. For Sale: Audi Sport rubber mats, Cargo net, Bentley Repair DVD
  175. For Sale: Grey B7 Center Console
  176. Wanted: Wtb: Euro RS4 Seats !
  177. For Sale: Going back to stock B7 S4
  178. For Sale: 2004 S4, Nogaro/Nogaro
  179. audi a4 s4 rs4 b7 a6 s6 black interior rear view mirror compass auto dimming - No Longer Available
  180. For Sale: Clear corner and smoked corner lights
  182. For Sale: 2004 S4 B6 taking the car back to stock - few items for sale
  183. Wanted: RS4 or larger rear swaybar for 08 B7 avant
  184. Wanted: WTB 2.5" downpipes
  185. For Sale: B7 S4 Recaro Passanger seat
  186. Wanted: WTB: B6/B7 S4 6 speed center driveshaft
  187. For Sale: [SoCal] B7 S4 Recaros in Black 9.5/10 Condition Heated - $800 obo
  188. For Sale: 2006 S4 Avant
  189. Wanted: Looking for B7 S4 parts
  190. For Sale: S4 Door blades
  191. For Sale: B7 RS4 catless downpipes (need new flex joints)
  192. For Sale: Driverside bixenon b6 headlight housing. One tab broken.
  193. For Sale: Symphony II HEAD UNIT
  194. For Sale: Blitzsafe Aux adapter
  195. For Sale: DTM S4 front plate holder
  196. For Sale: LeD city lights
  197. For Sale: Rs4 oem grill
  198. Wanted: looking for a B6 S4
  199. For Sale: FS B7 S4 Avant sway bars
  200. For Sale: S4 Recaro seats full set
  201. For Sale: B7 Adaptive Xenon Headlights
  202. Wanted: B6/B7, A4/S4/RS4 Parts
  203. Wanted: RS4 STOCK Downpipes
  204. Wanted: [LOOKING FOR] B7 belt tensioner
  205. Wanted: B7 S4 Recaro's
  206. For Sale: B6 Side Skirts
  207. Wanted: DTM Carbon Rear Trunk Spoiler
  208. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4 B6 Parts/Part out ILLINOIS
  209. For Sale: audi a4 s4 b6 b7 a6 CARGO NET HOOK HANGER TRUNK TIE ANCHORS DOWN
  210. Wanted: OEM B7 S4 Exhaust
  211. For Sale: NEW ABT Sportline Body Kit (front and side skirts) and a LLTEK front grille
  212. For Sale: B6 Avant Passenger Tail light
  213. Wanted: Rs4 Aluminum Hood
  214. For Sale: Left over parts from 2.7 swap
  215. Wanted: Wtb dtm bumper
  216. For Sale: OEM B7 RS4 rear bumper & OEM Ti catback exhaust
  217. For Sale: rs4 styling perforated black(white,red) leather parking brake handle
  218. For Sale: b6/b7 GRAY PAIR SUN VISOR w/ HOMELINK w/clip
  219. Wanted: B7 RS4 Downpipes, Coils, and any other parts
  220. Wanted: Looking for Recaro seat bottom with heating element and leg extension
  221. Wanted: WTB: Rear set of B6 tail lights.
  222. For Sale: audi 4.2 motor
  223. For Sale: OEM carpet floor mats set
  224. Wanted: B6 S4 OEM catback exhaust (or similar)
  225. For Sale: 19"x8.5 VMR 710 gunmetal and like new summer tires
  226. For Sale: Microphone for vehicles with bose sound system
  227. For Sale: B7 A4/S4/RS$ Air Ride
  228. Wanted: Looking for S4 Rear Valance
  229. For Sale: a4 s4 rs4 b7 a6 s6 black interior rear view mirror compass auto dimming
  230. For Sale: Pair of OEM B7 S4 Front Rotors - New $100 pair.
  231. For Sale: Like new 2005 b6 floor mats oem
  232. For Sale: JHM Short Shifter
  233. For Sale: B7 S4 Avant Sport Seats (black/white)
  234. For Sale: Euro RS4 wheel
  235. For Sale: RSNE
  236. For Sale: B6 S4 side mirrors
  237. For Sale: 2005 OEM B6 Exhaust $100 Pick up only near Pittsburgh
  238. For Sale: 18x8.5 ET46 wheels & winter tires
  239. Wanted: Broken cam adjuster
  240. Wanted: Wanted B6/7 4.2 intake manifold flap
  241. For Sale: Black 2005.5 6spd B7 S4 - JHM Tuned + upgrades and Major Maintenance $7,500 OBO
  242. Wanted: S4 6 speed manual shift knob
  243. Wanted: Wanted, moro blue b7 front doors
  244. Wanted: wanted: rs4 b7 r/h wing mirror
  245. Wanted: WTB: b6 silver town hook cover
  246. For Sale: Euro RS4 Trunk Lid and other B7 RS4 items
  247. For Sale: 2005 - 2008 Audi A4/S4/RS4 center console switch #8E1941567
  248. For Sale: Drivers Side Engine Cover
  249. For Sale: Rear Seat Side Bolster
  250. For Sale: Passenger Seat Drawer