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  1. For Sale: S4 06 plate exhaust for sale
  2. For Sale: 2004 S4 deciding to sell as is or part out.
  3. For Sale: 2006 S4
  4. For Sale: Apikol Diff Mount and Snub Mount
  5. Part Out: 2005 Silver S4
  6. For Sale: 2008 RNS-E A4 S-line
  7. For Sale: 08 Symphony II
  8. For Sale: 2006 S4 Avus Silver Q25 special edition
  9. For Sale: B7 RS4 Front OEM rotors without about 25k miles
  10. For Sale: B7 Front lower Control arms / whole tie rod assemblies / sway bar end links / all har
  11. For Sale: Milltek Cat-back Resonated exhaust for B6 04-05 S4 - Almost new
  12. For Sale: JHM Solid Linkage Upgrade and Solid Shifter Stabilizer Bushing
  13. For Sale: H&R Spacers 20/25
  14. For Sale: 18x9 ET30 Fifteen52 Turbomacs w/ 345/40 Sumitomo HTR A/S P02 and/or 3x Blizzak LM60s
  15. For Sale: 2x B6 Cup Holder and 1 Credit Card Holder Perfect Shape
  16. Wanted: Need b7 s4 front license plate filler
  17. Trade: Trade or wanted a neuspeed cat back for b7 s4
  18. Wanted: Oem valves
  19. For Sale: B7 S4 DTM
  20. For Sale: Symphony II+ Radio w/Unlock Code
  21. For Sale: B7 Cargo Net
  22. For Sale: Stock B6 S4 suspension
  23. For Sale: 06 B7 S4 Calipers and new Stoptech pads with sensors
  24. Wanted: AUDI S4 B6 - Front Plate Filler
  25. Wanted: JHM Solid Linkage Upgrade
  26. For Sale: B7 RS4 GMG WC Sport Exhaust $800
  27. For Sale: B6 S4 Xenon headlights
  28. Wanted: Front Ash Tray (Brushed Aluminum)
  29. Wanted: WTB RS4 Aftermarket exhaust
  30. Feeler: RS4 Carbon Fiber Trim | Individual Pieces
  31. For Sale: Dension iGateway iPod & Aux connection for Stock/Factory Radio
  32. For Sale: Dice Electronics iPod / Aux Connection for factory radio
  33. For Sale: OEM Silver Avus 19' Rims
  34. Wanted: Front lip spoiler for b6 s4
  35. Wanted: WTB Rear deck lid spoiler and grille filler plate
  36. For Sale: For Sale: B7 RS4, OEM Exhaust
  37. For Sale: Fore Sale: B7 RS4 OEM Bumper/cover
  38. Wanted: Dolphin grey blades and trunk, stock b7 catback
  39. For Sale: Complete 2.7t swap-in-a-box. Engine, harness, ecu, intercoolers and more!
  40. For Sale: B7 A4/S4 calipers, in mint condition!
  41. Trade: B7 S4 Shocks Struts and Springs - trade for beer
  42. For Sale: Audi B6 S4 Automatic TIP Transmission 80K Miles - NJ - $800
  43. For Sale: 2007 Sprint Blue RS4 For Sale $33,000
  44. For Sale: B7 S4 front brake set up - calipers, rotors and pads
  45. Wanted: B6 BLACK door blades
  46. For Sale: Brand New: SPC Adjustable Upper Control Arms
  47. Wanted: B7 black chrome front grill
  48. Wanted: Stock B7 S4 Steering Wheel ASAP SoCal Preferred
  49. For Sale: B7 S4 STE Integrated Gauge
  50. Wanted: Parts I need for my B6 S4 NY NJ Area
  51. Wanted: B7 S4 Auto cats
  52. Wanted: Any neuspeed catback for b7 s4?
  53. Wanted: Rs4 front bumper cover
  54. WTB: OEM CF 25th Anniversary/DTM rear spoiler
  55. For Sale: Volk Racing LE-37 18x7.5 ET30 Gunmetal Grey Wheels
  56. Wanted: One Center Cap for 18" Avus Wheels
  57. Wanted: WTB: Oem rs4 wheels
  58. Wanted: WANTED B7 S4 Auto Piggies or full exhaust system
  59. For Sale: 1 ballast and hid osram d3s
  60. Part Out: Complete 2004 B6 Audi S4 part-out
  61. For Sale: Complete 2.7t engine, harness, ecu, intercoolers and more
  62. For Sale: B6 S4 6mt downpipes
  63. Wanted: B6 S4 Lower Center Grille and filler plate
  64. For Sale: Rear BBK
  65. FS: Rear BBK
  66. audi Rs4 a4 s4 b6 b7 brake handle - SOLD
  67. Wanted: STaSIS B7 S4 exhaust system
  68. Wanted: RS4 Rear Sway Bar
  69. Audi Rs4 Euro Flat Bottom steering wheel
  70. For Sale: Audi Rs4 Flat bottom steering wheel
  71. Wanted: Rs4 b7 fog ligths Grills !!
  72. Wanted: **wtb: B7 rear seat bottom white alcantara **
  74. PRICED TO SELL - Brand New B6 B7 Audi S4 OEM Accessory Belt, Tensioner, Idler Pulley - No Longer Available
  75. For Sale: ECS tuning spacers: 10mm front /15mm rear w bolts
  76. Wanted: B6 Alternator
  77. For Sale: RS4 JHM Resonated Catback
  78. For Sale: Denison Gateway Lite BT
  79. For Sale: 4.2 Block and heads bent valves
  80. Euro RS 4 Wheel(Silver Flat Bottom) - No Longer Available
  81. S4 Door Sills - No Longer Available
  82. 2007 Audi S4 Avant V8 Manual Transmission (B7) 62,000km in Toronto, Canada (C$22,000) - No Longer Available
  83. 2008 AUDI S4 DTM PACKAGE RARE!!!! 1 OF 70 MADE - No Longer Available
  84. For Sale: B6 Audi S4 Front and Rear Bumper
  85. For Sale: H&R Sport Spring for 07-08 RS4 Brand New
  86. For Sale: FS: B7 RS4 Euro flat bottom steering wheel
  87. For Sale: B6 Black Interior Carpet Floor Mats - Set of 4
  88. Wanted: Stock B6 S4 Exhaust
  89. For Sale: 2008 Audi RS4 - Steering Wheel w/ Airbag
  90. For Sale: B7 A4 and S4 Airlift Performance Series Rear Shocks
  91. Part Out: B7 S4 6MT Dolphin Grey (NJ)
  92. For Sale: B6 S4 Complete OEM Suspension
  93. For Sale: spare bhf 4.2 v8 for sale
  94. Wanted: B7 Audi Rs4 fog ligth grilles !
  95. Wanted: R8 airbag and RS4 harness
  96. Wanted: B7 S4 aftermarket catback and Piggies/downpipes
  97. For Sale: 2007-2008 OEM Audi B7 RS4 Throttle body
  98. For Sale: Audi RS4 Carbon fiber shifter surround and ash tray lid
  99. Wanted: WTB Downpipes and Cat-Back for B7 S4
  100. Kufatec 46492-1 RNS-E Reverse Camera Interface
  101. For Sale: Kufatec 46492-1 RNS-E Reverse Camera Interface
  102. For Sale: B6 S4 Remaining Items from Part Out - All Best Offer with Pictures!!!
  103. For Sale: For sale: Fast Intentions non resonated exhaust/extended tips
  104. Fast Intentions exhaust/extended tips
  105. Wanted: WTB RS4 B7 High Flow DownPipe
  106. Wanted: Wanted: Air Intake Duct
  108. Part Out: Complete 2008 Audi s4 DTM partout 62k
  109. For Sale: Audi wheel tire tote
  110. Wanted: Headlight Switch - excellent condition
  111. Feeler: B7 RS4 Want to trade AWE non-resonated catback for resonated catback
  112. For Sale: Rs4 Euro Console / start button
  113. For Sale: Euro Rs4 B7 steering wheel
  114. 2004 Audi s4 4.2 v8 - No Longer Available
  115. For Sale: Various b6 S4 parts / carbrio parts
  116. Wanted: Looking for the front tow hitch cover, preferably sprint blue but whatever...
  117. 2006 Audi B7 S4 Avant - No Longer Available
  118. 2005.5 S4 - No Longer Available
  119. For Sale: S4 Avant Rear Cargo Shade/Privacy
  120. For Sale: R8 engine oil cap and engine coolant cap (fits rs4 and s4) brand new in box
  121. Wanted: B7 fi exhaust
  122. For Sale: Rs4 left outside mirror complete assembly - housing, glass, motor, brand new in box
  123. For Sale: B6/B7 RS Footstep (Auto)
  124. Wanted: RossTech VCDS for B6
  125. For Sale: DTM Carbon Fiber Rear Valance - Best Offer
  126. Wanted: B6 S4 valve covers
  127. Wanted: WTB: Milltek Catless Downpipes for B7 Audi S4 Tiptronic!!!
  128. For Sale: Audi B7 Rs4 front Grille.
  129. For Sale: OEM Audi Rs4 B7 fog ligth / RH
  130. For Sale: RNSE Navigation (with Aux-in) complete kit
  131. For Sale: Audi Rs4 B7 engine cover set ( Carbón Fibre )
  132. For Sale: S4 Front Grille
  133. Wanted: Wtb door blades
  134. Wanted: WTB: RNS-E Navigation disc
  135. For Sale: B7 S4 Coils set of 8 used but very nice 077-905-115-T
  136. For Sale: B6 s4 rear bumper
  137. Wanted: Suspension Parts
  138. Wanted: 2008 or 2009 S4 B7 convertible in good to excellent condition
  139. Audi S4/A4, B6 steering column assembly, KEY, steering wheel & airbag. - No Longer Available
  140. Wanted: looking for B7 RS4 lower grille passenger side
  141. For Sale: 19x10 Rottiform SNA wheels !
  142. For Sale: OEM RS4 wheels
  143. Wanted: JHM/APR Flashing Cable for Rent
  144. ECU - No Longer Available
  145. For Sale: Left over parts - 2007 B7 S4
  146. For Sale: FS: S4 Door Blades, Piano Black Interior Trim
  147. For Sale: JHM Nitrous kit w/remote opener
  148. Wanted: WTB S5 19x9 Peelers
  149. Wanted: WTB - filler plate and passenger fog light
  150. For Sale: B7 OEM summer carpet mats
  151. Wanted: 2 B7 S4 engine covers
  152. Wanted: B7 Avant rear bumper
  153. Wanted: Audi s4 motor wtb
  154. For Sale: JHM Nitrous kit $2,100
  155. For Sale: A4 B6/B7 RNS-E MK2, AMI with Tune2Air, BT, Sirius, HEX-CAN USB and more
  156. For Sale: B7 S4 Recaro front and rear for sale.
  157. For Sale: 2.5" Fast Intentions B7 S4 Exhaust
  158. For Sale: 2007 Sprint Blue Audi S4
  159. audi a4 b6/b7 interior door master switch,memory,harness - SOLD
  160. For Sale: A4/S4/RS4 Joey Modded Complete Adaptive Bixenon
  161. Wanted: B7 RS4 coilover system
  162. Trade: Trade round single stage airbag for duel
  163. Audi S4 Recaro's front and rear Black on Black - No Longer Available
  164. Fast Intentions JHM B7 Non Res Exhaust - No Longer Available
  165. For Sale: S5 Steering Wheel w/ mfsw module
  166. For Sale: Audi RS4 Euro Steering Wheel Perfect condition
  167. Audi RS4 Euro Steering Wheel Perfect condition - No Longer Available
  168. For Sale: Thule roof racks
  169. For Sale: B7 RS4 OEM differential mount & OEM Transmission mount
  170. Wanted: WTB B6 silver tow hook cover
  171. WTB APR, JHM or any tune compatiable for a B7 S4 w/Tiptronic - No Longer Available
  172. **price cut** Brand new HMS exhaust for B7 RS4 & Miltek down pipes - No Longer Available
  173. Wanted: B7 DTM rear bumper black
  174. Wanted: WANTED 32 pin plug for RNS-E AUX mod
  175. For Sale: Hartmann Replica RS4 Wheels
  176. For Sale: Audi Rs4 US spec Steering wheel
  177. For Sale: Audi Rs4 Magnaflow
  178. For Sale: 05 Audi s4 struts and springs
  179. Wanted: Looking for a black S4 grill or black rs4 style grill
  180. Wanted: WTB: JHM automatic belt tensioner kit
  181. WTB: WTB: s4 bhf Engine
  182. For Sale: DTM Carbon Fiber Spoiler B7 OEM
  183. For Sale: Autometer boost gauge with B6/B7 A4/S4 Podi column pod. $110
  184. B6 S4 Complete Recaro Seat Set - Black / White Alcantara - Heated / Power - NJ - No Longer Available
  185. For Sale: Single stage round airbag
  186. Wanted: Looking for a set of catless downpipes for a b6 s4
  187. For Sale: 5X B7 S4 OEM Wheel's(RS4 style)
  188. For Sale: 18' LM 60 Bridgestone blizzaks
  189. For Sale: AC Control module, new plugs for RS4 , new lugnut caps for RS4 $100 for all
  190. For Sale: 2004 S4 Silver/2-tone interior. Excellent condition.59K Original Miles. Upgrades.
  191. For Sale: Rs4 b7 JHM Flywheel
  192. 2016 Audi tt flat bottom steering wheel - No Longer Available
  193. For Sale: B7 S4 Grill For sale
  194. For Sale: NIB: JHM Rear Big Brake Kit 330mm for B6-B7 S4
  195. Wanted: b7 s4 glove box/ac vent knobs
  196. For Sale: S4 B6 OEM Exhaust
  197. Wanted: Air Ride
  198. Wanted: Wanted RS4 B7 front Grill
  199. For Sale: Bilstein PSS9 - Brand New
  200. For Sale: Stasis Motorsport coilovers - RS4
  201. For Sale: OEM B6 A4 single xenon headlights
  202. Wanted: Used Tubi Exhaust
  203. For Sale: BC type BR Coilovers 500 miles
  204. Wanted: wtb B7 RS4 Stock Downpipe
  205. For Sale: 2005 moro blue b6 s4 avant - manual - clean!
  206. For Sale: 2004 Audi B6 S4
  207. Trade: 18" BBS RK 2 Piece Rims 5x112
  208. 2007 B7 Audi S4 DTM - No Longer Available
  209. Wanted: WTB: RNS-E w/ connections
  210. For Sale: ECS H-Pipe for RS4
  211. Wanted: Silver Rear USP or S4 bumper
  212. For Sale: ECS Smoked Reflectors B7 only
  213. WTB: HRE 593RS 19x8.5 ET22 & 19x10 ET22 5x112 Super Polished
  214. BNIB 034 Adjustable Upper Control Arms - No Longer Available
  215. For Sale: HRE 593RS 19x8.5 & 19x10 5x112 ET22 Super Polished
  216. WTB: air ride
  217. For Sale: JHM intake spacers for RS4
  218. For Sale: JHM Lightweight Crank Pulley for B6/B7 S4 w 4.2L
  219. Wanted: WTB Intake manifold flap
  220. Wanted: B7 Coilovers, snub mount, rear dif mount, trans/engine mounts
  221. For Sale: Part out 2007 B7 2.0t 164k
  222. Wanted: WTB: Front sway bar
  223. audi a4 b6/b7 front door handle
  224. For Sale: B6/B7 S4 parts for sale (RNSE, Sub, etc..)
  225. For Sale: 17Z and 18Z Brembo 6 POT Calipers
  226. For Sale: 18" BBS CH Rims 5x112 - full set of 5 with tires (75-80% tread)
  227. For Sale: B7 RS4 grille modded for DTM / Non S-Line bumper
  228. For Sale: JHM motorsport flashing/tuning cable for AUDI (for all models)
  229. Wanted: Glove box Ipod Dock
  230. Wanted: WTB: Stock catted downpipes for B7 S4 MT
  231. Wanted: Oem cf 25th/dtm rear spoiler
  232. For Sale: Parting out a 2007 RS4 4.2engine (BNS)
  233. For Sale: B7 RS4 Downpipes
  234. 2007 B7 RS4 // 6MT // 188,000km // Clean Title // Long list of upgrades - No Longer Available
  235. Wanted: LF: 04 B6 S4 engine
  236. Wanted: RS4 style grill
  237. For Sale: 42 Draft Designs 5x112 Wheel & Hub-centric 10mm wheel spacers
  238. Wanted: B7 climate control unit
  239. 2007 Audi RS4 Seats. Front and Rear - No Longer Available
  240. Stern Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kit - SOLD
  241. Valeo-OEM Starter Brand New - SOLD
  242. Wanted: b6 s4 6spd aftermarket downpipes
  243. Wanted: WTB RS4 fuel injectors
  244. Arm rest from 07 RS4 - No Longer Available
  245. Audi S4 4.2 Throttle Body 077133062A B6 B7 2004-2008 - No Longer Available
  246. RS4 Throttle Body - No Longer Available
  247. Audi AC Compressor A6 S4 RS4 B6 B7 4F0 260 805L - No Longer Available
  248. Wanted: RS4 Euro steering wheel and front bumper.
  249. AUDI S4 RS4 B6 B7 SECONDARY AIR INJECTION PUMP 079 906 601 A - No Longer Available
  250. AUDI S4 RS4 A6 4.2 - STARTER 079 911 023 D - No Longer Available