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  1. For Sale: Brakes, Mounts and Tie Rods.
  2. For Sale: A.w.E. catless downpipes MT $475 shipped
  3. For Sale: New OIL PUMP (never used)
  4. For Sale: TTRS Big Brakes
  5. For Sale: Wheel bearings brand new x 2 $50 each. set of 8 CP's $40. Rain sensor w gel tab $70
  6. For Sale: B7 RS4 Hood Strut, Rear Shelf, & Trunk Trim
  7. For Sale: FS: Stock RS4 Exhaust
  8. For Sale: B6 / b7 s4 transmission HHU
  9. For Sale: Rs rear bumper, blacked out tail lights and trunk lid
  10. For Sale: Custom rs4 interior door handle
  11. Wanted: Wanted 2 RS4 BNS connecting Rods
  12. Wanted: JHM Tuning Cable
  13. For Sale: CT: B6/B7 S4 Intake Manifold for sale
  14. Wanted: Clean RS4
  15. For Sale: RNSE Gen 1
  16. Part Out: B6/B7 S4 part out leftovers
  17. For Sale: B6/b7 double din dash kit and wiring
  18. For Sale: S4 Door Blade Set (Moro Blue)
  19. For Sale: Carbon Parking Brake Handle
  20. For Sale: Glove box door
  21. For Sale: Rns-e (192)
  22. For Sale: Audi avant sunshade inserts
  23. Wanted: B7 S/RS4 Grille Surround Trim
  24. Wanted: Passenger RS4 mirror cap (damaged or cracked)
  25. Wanted: Capristo exhaust for RS4 (have a Tubi Rumore + ECS h-pipe to trade)
  26. For Sale: Stock Ecu $175 shipped
  27. For Sale: Engine Harness MT
  28. For Sale: Misc b7 parts
  29. Wanted: WTB B6 Starter
  30. For Sale: B7 CSR Side Skirts (local only, Pittsburgh)
  31. For Sale: B6 S4 Front Brake Calipers + Pads
  32. Wanted: Silver front bumper plate filler for B6 S4
  33. For Sale: RNSE
  34. For Sale: Oem rs4 brake handle
  35. For Sale: B8.5 RS4 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
  36. Wanted: 4:1 Center Diff
  37. For Sale: FS: Bi-Xenon Headlights/Ballasts/Bulbs
  38. Trade: B7 RS4 Exclusive Interior
  39. For Sale: Both passenger side moro blue sline door blades
  40. For Sale: OEM AFS adaptive european xenon headlight pair with protective film
  41. For Sale: 2005 B6 S4 in Western NJ - Great Condition
  42. For Sale: B7 RS4 Stock Rear Sway Bar
  43. For Sale: FS: B6 S4 Lower Bumper Grille
  44. For Sale: FS: B6 S4 Aluminum Door Sills
  45. For Sale: JHM Flash Cable
  46. For Sale: Euro wingback Recaro buckets RS4 S4 S3
  47. For Sale: B6/b7 oem carbon fiber trim manual
  48. For Sale: SPC Adjustable Control Arms
  49. Part Out: Parting out 2005 audi s4 gray
  50. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4 - Black on black - 145k miles - $4500 obo
  51. For Sale: JHM downpipes (catted)
  52. For Sale: B6/B7 S4 4.2 SouthBend 22lb Single Mass Flywheel and Stage3/4 Clutch
  53. For Sale: Wheel Spacer Flush Fit Kit 10mm fronts / 15mm back
  54. For Sale: 2008 Brilliant Black S4 Avant Tip 72K Miles - $23K
  55. For Sale: SportShifters Shifter Setup
  56. For Sale: BHF timing Tools $115 shipped
  57. For Sale: RS4 Deal of the Century
  58. For Sale: AC Compressor With Kit.
  59. Feeler: ISO catless DP o4 S4 tiptronic
  60. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS4
  61. For Sale: APR Intake for B6/B7 S4
  62. For Sale: Hotchkis sway bar set for B6/B7
  63. For Sale: AWE Track catback exhaust for B6/B7 S4
  64. For Sale: B6/B7 HVAC controls in great condition
  65. For Sale: 8 OEM injectors. RS4 R8
  66. For Sale: OEM Intake Manifold Flap Linkage Arms
  67. For Sale: Porsche Brembo 18z F & R caliper set
  68. For Sale: AT Wheels with Snow Tires
  69. For Sale: 2007 RS4 Phantom Black - $31,000 New York
  70. For Sale: Mint condition Daytona Grey Audi RS4!!
  71. For Sale: B7 S4 Brand New Air Lift Performance Rear Bag no shocks
  72. Wanted: RS Exhaust Tips
  73. For Sale: Black B6/B7 S4 Door Blades
  74. For Sale: B7 S4 OEM Downpipes
  75. For Sale: B7 S4 OEM Front & Rear Swaybars
  76. Wanted: S4 driver rear door blade
  77. For Sale: Schwaben Audi Camshaft Timing Tool Set
  78. Wanted: RS4 s-button with silver trim
  79. For Sale: Various Parts Audi RS4 Stasis coilovers, stock wheel, spacers, more
  80. For Sale: BHF motor w fresh chain job w receipts! VT
  81. For Sale: CT: 034 Motorsport Adjustable Upper Control Arms -$75
  82. Wanted: Stock springs
  83. For Sale: B6 S4 6spd complete engine harness/ fcm/starter/tails/subframe
  84. For Sale: JHM Tuning Cheetah Cable
  85. For Sale: Subwoofer box with JL12 and Amp and Travall Gate
  86. For Sale: RS4 fuel injector wiring harnesses
  87. For Sale: OEM B7 lower dash, like-new
  88. For Sale: Modified Daytona Grey B7 RS4 for sale
  89. For Sale: SOME Rear Mount B6/B7 S4 4.2 Turbo kit components
  90. For Sale: Water/Meth Throttle body Sandwich Plate
  91. Wanted: WTB: B6/B7 Arm Rest Assembly
  92. For Sale: OEM aero wiper arm pair
  93. Wanted: Jhm supercharger kit
  94. For Sale: 2007 a4 S-line door blades 3x
  95. For Sale: JHM Cheetah cable
  96. Wanted: Looking for 2005 b6s4 avant 6mt exhaust - western canada
  97. For Sale: B6/B7 center console upper trim and b6 e-brake trim
  98. For Sale: Oem s4 b6 trunk spoiler
  99. For Sale: S4 convertible stock suspension
  100. For Sale: RS4 door handles
  101. For Sale: FS: Set of 4 Ultrasport Wheels, 18x8 et43
  102. For Sale: RS4 fog light grille set
  103. For Sale: RNS and Bluetooth parts $300
  104. For Sale: RS4 Steering Wheel Badge $75 Shipped
  105. Part Out: S4 Cabriolet parts
  106. Wanted: FI Catless downpipe b7 S4
  107. Wanted: RS4 Downpipes (After Market)
  108. Wanted: WTB B7 RS4 exhaust
  109. For Sale: Leftover parts
  110. For Sale: Jhm cam adjuster rebuild kit
  111. For Sale: B6/B7 SymphonyII+ W/Bluetooth
  112. For Sale: Audi A1 A3 A4 A5 A6 Carbon fiber flat bottom steering wheel
  113. Feeler: 2004 Audi S4
  114. For Sale: RS4 driver mirror glass
  115. For Sale: Nitrous Kit BNIB Never installed
  116. Feeler: B6/B7 Grey S4 Doorblades, Grey S-Line Doorblades, and future parts list
  117. Wanted: WTB: Platinum S4 Recaros
  118. For Sale: FS: Fish Scale Aluminum Trim
  119. Trade: Trade DTM bumper for s-line
  120. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4
  121. For Sale: RS4 Parts for sale
  122. For Sale: B6/B7 trunk panel trim cover (x2)
  123. For Sale: OEM RS4 Front/Rear sway bars
  124. Feeler: Keeping an eye out for red or yellow B7 Audi S4 manual to buy soon
  125. Wanted: ISO RS4 B7 rain sensor
  126. For Sale: B6 B7 ESP Button Chrome RHD 8E2927134 (includes cable)
  127. For Sale: B6/B7 A4/S4 miscellaneous parts
  128. For Sale: B6/B7 passenger-side seatbelt buckle
  129. For Sale: 034motorsport rear differential carrier mount insert kit
  130. Wanted: WTB: Rear Passenger Fender Liner
  131. Wanted: JHM High Flow Cat Downpipes (RS4)
  132. For Sale: EURO S3 Recaro Wingbacks (identical to EURO RS4 Wingbacks)
  133. Wanted: Driver Front Door Blade
  134. Wanted: B7 s4 Rear Bottom Valance.
  135. For Sale: S4 Door Blades
  136. Wanted: Rear ashtray cover in piano black
  137. Feeler: Feeler Trade brand new B6 S4 Magnaflow Exhaust system for Recaro seats
  138. For Sale: New Old Stock Stratmosphere Exhaust Center Section
  139. For Sale: 2 black gloveboxes
  140. For Sale: RS4 Carbon Engine covers
  141. Wanted: 07-08 RS4 Engine BNS
  142. For Sale: 034 lightweight flywheel-New
  143. For Sale: WeatherTech Floorliner Laser Measured Mats (front only)
  144. Feeler: 8k redline
  145. For Sale: S4 Recaros, Black Leather
  146. For Sale: 2006 B6 S4, 47.5k Miles, 6-Speed, $15,749
  147. For Sale: Stasis Motorsport MS coilover - rebuilt by FEAL
  148. For Sale: Premium Stock Wheels from 2003 A4
  149. Wanted: WTB - titanium exterior trim for B7 Avant
  150. For Sale: JHM rear bbk
  151. Wanted: S4 Slave Cylinder Boot or whole part
  152. For Sale: 034 Adjustable CA BNIB
  153. For Sale: Audi B6 B7 S4 (aluminum Knuckle) Read Big Brake bracket Kit
  154. Wanted: ISO b6 oem e code headlights
  155. For Sale: Vag Com Ross Tech Hex+Can Cable
  156. For Sale: B6/B7 Audi A4 S4 RS4 52mm Gauge Pod Upper Dash Vent
  157. Wanted: B7 Audi RS4 ECU/ECM
  158. For Sale: Milltek Resonated Exhaust RS4
  159. For Sale: Audi OEM Black Leather Armrest
  160. For Sale: Audi OEM TT S-Line Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
  161. For Sale: Aluminum Front Uprights (spindles)
  162. Wanted: B6/b7 flywheel
  163. For Sale: FS: Complete Thule Roof Rack for B6/B7 Avant
  164. Wanted: WTB 15mm spacers
  165. Part Out: B7 S4 engine part out - lots of parts!
  166. Wanted: WTB. S4 B7 xenon headlights n/afs wanted
  167. For Sale: MaxPeeding.com ko4s turbos
  168. For Sale: B6/B7 Audi A4 S4 RS4 DUAL 52mm Gauge Pod
  169. Wanted: B7 S4 grill
  170. For Sale: Audi B6 A4 S4 A6 strut top hat mount drivers side 8E0412383C
  171. Wanted: ISO: b7 S4 headlights, s4/s-line front bumper, trunk, S4 rear valence, mufflers
  172. Wanted: WTB S4 engine covers and S4 center caps
  173. For Sale: RNS-e Great Condition
  174. Wanted: 2006 S4 Stock Suspension
  175. Wanted: Resonator for exhaust
  176. For Sale: OEM Audi B6 B7 Carbon Fiber Trim Kit
  177. For Sale: B7 S4 Milltek Non-Resonated Catback Exhaust
  178. Wanted: WTB: B7 S4 or S-Line Phantom Black Door Blades
  179. For Sale: B6/B7 A4, S4 & RS4 Genuine OEM Black Carpeted Floor Mats F/R *BRAND NEW*
  180. Part Out: hard modded AUDI A4 DTM (RS4 bucket seats, RS4 WIDEBODY, V8 RS6 C5)
  181. For Sale: B6/b7 Side view mirror blande w led light
  182. For Sale: 18 Winter Wheel Set
  183. Wanted: Wanted: unrepairable long blocks RS4 S4 R8 V10
  184. For Sale: Sprint Blue 2007 RS4, 118k miles, $21K OBO
  185. For Sale: Piano Black Titanium Package trim (9 pieces)
  186. Wanted: RS4 Driver Side Mirror Cap
  187. For Sale: Carbon fiber trim kit 9pcs
  188. For Sale: Bi Xenon headlights (clear signal lenses, all bulbs & ballasts)
  189. Wanted: RS4 front sway bar
  190. For Sale: B7 A4/S4/RS4 Bi-Xenon Adaptive (AFS) Headlight Set
  191. For Sale: B7 Centre Console, Arm Rest, and Parking Brake
  192. For Sale: Brilliant Red Ultrasport Trunk (Complete)
  193. For Sale: left/right front windows
  194. For Sale: Dtm rear bumper for b7 avant
  195. For Sale: Mixed Lot of B6/B7 Audi S4 Parts
  196. Part Out: Partout Brilliant Red S4
  197. Part Out: 05 S4 4.2 BHF motor part out
  198. For Sale: Oem Rs4 convertible interior door handle
  199. For Sale: B7 center console
  200. For Sale: 4.2 B7 S4 filters, gaskets and cargo net for sale
  201. Wanted: Iso front lower grille
  202. For Sale: OEM B6/B7 S4 Door Blades
  203. For Sale: B6/B7 S4 Valve Cover Gaskets and Serpentine Belt
  204. Wanted: B7 6MT Catless Downpipes
  205. For Sale: FS:B7 S4 wheels & misc DTM parts
  206. For Sale: B6 Euro / Black Grilles (upper and lower)
  207. For Sale: Bi Xenon headlights (clear signal lenses, all bulbs & ballasts)
  208. For Sale: RS4 top engine cover b7
  209. For Sale: S4 Raxles axles (Front, TIP/Automatic)
  210. Wanted: Audi RS4 Belly pan
  211. For Sale: B7 s4 parts
  212. For Sale: SCALE Coilovers - AUDI S4 03-08 (B6/B7) INNOVATIVE SERIES with swift spring upgrade
  213. Wanted: wanted: powerflex or 034 spherical front sway bar endlinks- upgrade
  214. Wanted: RS4 Front Bumper
  215. For Sale: B6 S4 complete engine harness
  216. Part Out: B6 S4 part out leftovers
  217. Wanted: T40054 and T40097 Audi Special tools
  218. For Sale: front and rear spindles
  219. For Sale: OEM Avus Centre caps 8E0601165H
  220. For Sale: Card holders, esp,airbag of,..
  221. For Sale: Used S4 Piggies (JHM) - Gutted
  222. For Sale: Silver Carbon Honeycomb Trim
  223. Feeler: 2008 Audi RS4 w/ executive package! AMD Supercharged!
  224. Wanted: Ohlins Stasis MS
  225. Wanted: Looking for an exhaust for my RS4
  226. For Sale: S4 JHM and Stock Parts
  227. For Sale: FS: Audi rs4 oem downpipes
  228. For Sale: Used Stasis 355 and 370mm rotors
  229. Wanted: Rear b7 s4 brakes
  230. For Sale: Bose sedan amplifier
  231. For Sale: Black Optics RS4 Grille
  232. For Sale: RELAK FRP Side Skirts
  233. For Sale: Brand New oem carpet floor mats (exclusive)
  234. For Sale: VAG COM - VChecker
  235. For Sale: 2008 RS4 Misc Partout, Interior- seats, door cards, Navi, Bumpers, Coolers , Lights
  236. Wanted: WTB: B7 S4 Avant 6spd - WA
  237. For Sale: Misc RS4 Engine Parts FS
  238. For Sale: Whispbar Roof Rack Flush System B6/B7
  239. For Sale: 18z Calipers
  240. For Sale: 2007 Rs4 Avis *non affiliated*
  241. For Sale: 18 INCH Remanuf. GUN METAL RS4 Replicas (Set of 4) $700 + Ship OBO
  242. For Sale: Oem hested Windshield washer nozzles,upgrade
  243. For Sale: RS4 Girodisc Rear Brakes
  244. Wanted: ISO B7 05.5 S4 Electronic Control module
  245. For Sale: For Sale: B6 Sportec Replica Front Bumper $350
  246. For Sale: Brand New Relak replica side skirts. $205 shipped!
  247. Wanted: B7 A4/S4/RS4 LED tail lights
  248. For Sale: 4.2 BHF Engine
  249. For Sale: 2007 Audi S4 - $13,500 obo
  250. For Sale: Avant Cargo Cover