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  1. Wanted: looking for MAF sensor pigtail for a b6/b7 s4
  2. Wanted: B7 S4 driverside motor mount - Central PA
  3. EBC Yellow Stuff Front Brake Pads - RS4 - RS6 - DP41513R - No Longer Available
  4. B7 Adjustable spherical rear endlinks - NEW - SOLD
  5. Part Out: 2005 Audi S4 B6 165K miles Silver automatic - hit in front
  6. Audi B6 A4/S4 front fenders (avus silver) for sale **Price reduced** - No Longer Available
  7. 034MOTORSPORT Street Density motor mounts (B6-B7 A4/S4/RS4) for sale **Price reduced** - No Longer Available
  8. For Sale: FS Rebuilt Stasis Ohlins Motorsports
  9. For Sale: Volk ZE40 19x9.5 +25mm
  10. Wanted: Rs4 fog light grill
  11. floormats and b6 tail lights - No Longer Available
  12. For Sale: IL/WI : 2007 S4 - Moro Blue/Platinum - Manual - $9,900 obo
  13. For Sale: B7 S4 Part Out
  14. Wanted: Wtb avant rear door hydraulic post
  15. For Sale: Aluminum Mirror Housings
  16. For Sale: 2006 Silver B7 S4 Avant Shell
  17. For Sale: Motor Mounts 034 Density for B6-B7 S4
  18. For Sale: New RS4 Pedals w/Dead Pedal
  19. For Sale: Euro homelink visors
  20. For Sale: B7 Sedan Euro taillights
  21. For Sale: Warning triangles
  22. For Sale: B7 S4 interior trim.
  23. Part Out: B6 S4 Partout 2004
  24. Wanted: WTB Black Glove Box Door
  25. Wanted: Rear window lock out b7
  26. Part Out: B6 S4 Engine Part Out
  27. For Sale: ADAPTER / CONVERSION STUD 14x1.5-12x1.5 - 78mm Black Bullet Nose Stud Kit W/ Nuts
  28. For Sale: B7 S4 stock exhaust
  29. For Sale: Stock S4 springs and shocks
  30. For Sale: Audi Aero Wiper Conversion Kit
  31. For Sale: B7 RS4 Push Start Kit
  32. Feeler: 25th Anniversary DTM Rear Bumper -
  33. Wanted: Front license plate bracket
  34. For Sale: Leftover items from my B7 S4
  35. For Sale: Part available !!
  36. For Sale: B6/s4 swap harness
  37. For Sale: Milltek Resonators
  38. Wanted: I need a Grey Rear Seat Bottom
  39. H&R Spacers - No Longer Available
  40. For Sale: B7 RS4 Pedal set
  41. Audi Allroad/S4 4.2 V8 Conti-V Multi-Rib Serpentine Belt - No Longer Available
  42. For Sale: 15mm ecs spacers and 5mm apikol 5x112 5x100 57.1 cb
  43. BINB URO Pressure Control Valve (PCV) for Audi Allroad/S4 4.2 V8 - No Longer Available
  44. Wanted: Dolphin Gray S4 blades to buy or trade for S-Line blades
  45. For Sale: JHM Sebring resonated exhaust 2.5
  46. Avant Garde M310 Hyper Silver Wheels & Conti Extreme DW Tires - SOLD
  47. Wanted: Rear bottom panda seat
  48. Wanted: Driver's door S4 door blade
  49. For Sale: Airlift suspension
  50. Wanted: WTB B7 S4 left and right engine bay beauty covers
  51. For Sale: PART OUT: B6/7 S4 RS4 Parts
  52. Wanted: WTB: Stock RS4 Grill
  53. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS4
  54. For Sale: FS S4/Rare parts
  55. Wanted: Passenger Side Heated Rear View Mirror
  56. For Sale: s4 bits, kws, etc
  57. For Sale: Miro 111 19x9.5 ET40 matte black
  58. For Sale: B7 S4 Eurogear Carbon Fiber Trunk Lid; B6/B7 L&R Engine Covers; RS4 034 MAF Hose
  59. For Sale: B6/B7 Complete Air Ride Kit - $1500
  60. Wanted: WTB: passenger side rear door blade for B6 S4
  61. Wanted: Need B4 S4 driver side mirror
  62. Wanted: WTB: Any B7 Rear sway bar 20mm or more
  63. Wanted: Wtb RS4 or aftermarket oil cooler asap
  64. For Sale: B7 RS4 Covercraft Car Cover C16321RS
  65. For Sale: JHM Aluminum Lightweight Flywheel B6/B7 S4 w/ new friction liner
  66. For Sale: Apikol rear diff bushing b6/b7 (red) [bushing only]
  67. Part Out: 04 b6 S4 Full car part out
  68. Part Out: 2005 Audi S4 B6 Black / Black 6 Speed
  69. Feeler: 2008 S4 DTM 6 speed (Maine)
  70. Wanted: B7 S4 grille
  71. For Sale: brand new Stasis SL coilover B6/B7
  72. For Sale: Avant Garde M310 Staggered 19x9.5 ET40 19x8.5 ET35 Matte (Satin) Black - Bay Area CA
  73. For Sale: Avus Silver B7 RS4 58k miles
  74. Wanted: 10mm spacers
  75. Wanted: rs4, or s4 black rear seat
  76. Wanted: B7 s4 rear tail light assembly
  77. For Sale: Front Suspension Components B6/B7
  78. Wanted: A/C Fitting for RS4 Line
  79. For Sale: 2007 S4 36k miles
  80. For Sale: Avus AFM02 20x9.5f 20x10r
  81. For Sale: Misano red S4 door blades. Perfect condition
  82. For Sale: FS Complete drop in Xenon Headlights, VAG computer, ECS catch can + more!
  83. For Sale: By/b6 timing chain setting tools
  84. For Sale: B6 S4 Avant Rear Bumper Cover
  85. For Sale: Pair of Brand New OEM Audi High pressure fuel pumps
  86. For Sale: Memory seat module
  87. For Sale: For Sale: B6/B7 S4 6 speed manual transmission
  88. For Sale: MKI RNS-E
  89. Wanted: B7 Ashtray wanted (clean, opens nicely and stays closed)
  90. Wanted: B7 S4 Corsa, FI, or JHM Catback
  91. Wanted: WTB B7 Audi RS4 aftermarket exhaust system and OEM Audi RS4 Grill
  92. For Sale: S4 B6 hood and bumper grills
  93. Wanted: Wanted JHM short shifter for my B7 s4
  94. For Sale: OEM Avant Roof bars/base bars
  95. For Sale: B6 S4 valve covers VT
  96. For Sale: S4 Supercharged Part Out
  97. For Sale: 2004 S4 2.7T Swap Stage 3 fueling and k04 turbos
  98. For Sale: Budget BBK
  99. For Sale: Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
  100. For Sale: ESC Flush Spacer Kit RS4
  101. Wanted: Wtb: B6S4 cheap needs work
  102. For Sale: B6:A4/S4 Rear Lower Grey Leather Bottom Seat Cushion
  103. For Sale: RS4 Grouppe M intake
  104. For Sale: Lug bolts - 17mm - LOTS of lengths
  105. For Sale: D3 Audi A8 12 Spoke Polished Wheel Set (4)
  106. For Sale: Wheel Spacers - 3mm + 5mm
  107. For Sale: OEM Center Caps + Lug covers
  108. For Sale: Audi A4 Moulding/ Audi S4 Door Blades (1 OEM/1 AFT)
  109. Wanted: OEM Wheel (1)
  110. Wanted: B7 S4 door blades
  111. Wanted: Wanted: 04 S4 headlight module
  112. For Sale: STERN pro-mount engine mounts
  113. Wanted: Used RS4 Exhaust
  114. 2006 audi A4 Titanium Edition - No Longer Available
  115. Wanted: RS4 Replica wheel
  116. For Sale: Tiptronic automatic transmission off B6 2005 S4
  117. For Sale: OEM RS4 Downpipes
  118. Wanted: B7 Audi Sport Monster Mats
  119. Wanted: Wanted; single recro sportster
  120. Feeler: 07 DTM S4 - 78k miles - $16,900
  121. Wanted: RS4 Intake Manifold Flapper Drive Units
  122. Wanted: Looking for B6 S4 Cabrio Performance Exhaust
  123. Wanted: Floor mats
  124. For Sale: 2008 Ibis S4 6MT For Sale
  125. For Sale: RS4 KW HAS kit for sale
  126. For Sale: 2007 Audi Rs4 door cards complete with controls, sun shades and pull handles
  127. For Sale: Brembo 4 pot calipers and parts for conversion
  128. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 Steering Rack / 07 RS4
  129. For Sale: Complete Set of Black Leather Recaros out of B6 S4
  130. Wanted: WTB: B6 S4 H&R Springs
  131. For Sale: OEM Porshe staggared turbo twist with snow tires
  132. For Sale: RS4 calipers and rotors
  133. For Sale: Brand new Spec single mass flywheel 2005 S4
  134. For Sale: B6 S4 Underbody Panels (used)
  135. For Sale: HRE FF01 Wheels 19 x 9.5
  136. For Sale: Jhm ported manifold w/spacers and ported throttlebody
  137. For Sale: Corsa Exhaust for B6 w/ AwE downpipes
  138. Wanted: 2004 S4 B6 TCU or Transmission Range Sensor
  139. For Sale: 2.75 JHM RS4 Non-Resonated catback exhaust
  140. For Sale: B6 2.7 swap for sale
  141. Wanted: B6 S4 front seats
  142. For Sale: Carbon fiber trim Ebay auction
  143. For Sale: Kw suspension
  144. For Sale: Remaining pieces for B6 S4 part out
  145. For Sale: Carbon Fiber Oil splitter for front RS4 bumper
  146. Audi B6 B7 S4 4.2 V8 Catless Downpipes - No Longer Available
  147. For Sale: B6 S4 4.2L Coil Packs - Set of 8 -- 077905115Q
  148. For Sale: B7 climate control
  149. For Sale: OEM S4 Door Blades
  150. B7 RS4 performance parts - MTM/Apikol/034 - No Longer Available
  151. For Sale: B7 RS4 performance parts - MTM/Apikol/034
  152. For Sale: Brembo 18z red calipers for sale (out of Canada)
  153. Wanted: RS4 or DTM carbon fiber trim
  154. For Sale: Audi TT MKII Flat Bottom Steering Wheel w/Airbag and New Harness
  155. For Sale: White Alcantara / Black Leather rear seats out of my B6 S4
  156. For Sale: Flat bottom steering wheel
  157. For Sale: JHM RS4 Parts
  158. For Sale: 04 S4 6 Speed Transmission
  159. For Sale: Red ebrake handle grip B7
  160. For Sale: ECS Tuning Luft Tecknic intake
  161. For Sale: S4 Plate Filler
  162. For Sale: Complete Partout STK
  163. Wanted: WTB: Brilliant Black B6 Audi S4 Parts Car
  164. For Sale: 034 solid rear sway bar
  165. For Sale: B7 s4 piggy downpipes.
  166. Wanted: Need fuel pump asap
  167. For Sale: B7 center console
  168. Wanted: S4 B6 Auto trans + TC
  169. For Sale: 2007 a4 for sale
  170. For Sale: ECS LED tail lights for B7 A4/S4/RS4
  171. For Sale: JHM Helical Rear Limited Slip Differential, LSD for B6-B7 A4-S4 Manual Transmission
  172. For Sale: ECS LED tail lights for a sedan
  173. For Sale: FS: RS4 door blades. 3/4.
  174. Part Out: 2005 Moro Blue S4 Sedan - 6MT : Located in Central Connecticut
  175. For Sale: B7 S4 Avant Interior
  176. Wanted: WTB: Front PS B7 RS4 door blade Daytona Grey
  177. Wanted: WANTED: JHM Catted DownPipes for B7 RS4
  178. For Sale: Suzuka Grey RS4 87k miles W/ JHM mods
  179. For Sale: A few B7 RS4 parts..
  180. For Sale: JHM Tuned ECU, Carbonio Intake, JHM Crank Pulley, Southbend single mass flywheel, etc
  181. For Sale: FS in CA: 2008 B7 S4 Avant 6MT, OEM+, Supercharged, $30K in upgrades
  182. For Sale: OEM Audi wheel bearing
  183. For Sale: B6/B7 S4 Front Rotors
  184. For Sale: 2005 S4 for sale
  185. For Sale: B7 RS4 JHM/034 lightweight flywheel (13 pounds)
  186. Wanted: Want to buy light grey b7 console
  187. For Sale: OEM B7 S4 Exhaust. Off a 2005.5 TIP
  188. For Sale: Black Front Emblem LED
  189. Wanted: RS4 pedal set
  190. Part Out: B7 S4 Sprint Blue partout
  191. Wanted: Driver side S4 Door blade or whole set
  192. For Sale: B6/B7 Front brake caliper clip
  193. For Sale: B6/B7 S4/A4 Interior Belt Line Trim (Sabre/Grey)
  194. For Sale: Front Ashtray Assemblies
  195. Wanted: Black/Blue Alcantara Sports Seats
  196. Wanted: RS4 grille or whatever fits B7 RS4 Bumper cover
  197. For Sale: OEM USP/S4 Sport Suspension
  198. For Sale: OEM B7 RS4/R8 Fuel injectors (2) NEW
  199. Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 235/45R17 235/45/17 97H on 5x112 Sport Edition Wheels (17x7.5 +35mm offset) from B6 S4 - No Longer Available
  200. For Sale: RNS-E Clone with tons of features
  201. For Sale: Audi B7 RS4 Brembo 8 Piston Front Big Brake Kit 365x34 Rotors
  202. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 LPFP controller
  203. For Sale: Relak replica side skirts.
  204. For Sale: FS: OEM RS4 Front Grill ($480 US) and AFS Joey Modded Bixenon Headlights ($500 US)
  205. For Sale: Sportec Replica Front Bumper $350
  206. Wanted: Looking for catless downpipes
  207. For Sale: S4 B7 Wheel and air bag.
  208. For Sale: 2007 Rs4 28k miles
  209. For Sale: BREMBO BIG BRAKES RED - Porsche Cayenne Calipers 18Z
  210. Wanted: Silver front bumper plate filler
  211. For Sale: B6 s4 seats
  212. For Sale: Ti S-Line Grill
  213. Feeler: Full 2.75" JHM Exhaust B7 RS4
  214. For Sale: PANDA (white alcantara/black leather) RECAROS complete for sale b6/b7 S4
  215. For Sale: B6 steering wheel parts
  216. Wanted: B6 s4 flight grills.
  217. For Sale: 2006 S4 Auto JHM Tune, Corsa Exhaust, gutted DP's, 126k
  218. For Sale: H&R F&R Swat bars
  219. Audi S4 (B7) Front Plate Delete Panel - SOLD
  220. Brand New Audi S4 Clutch Plate (#078-141-032-BX) - No Longer Available
  221. Genuine Audi "Sport" All-Weather Mats (Front only) - No Longer Available
  222. Bentley Publishers B6/B7 Repair Manual on DVD - No Longer Available
  223. Part Out: 05 s4 b6 complete part out
  224. For Sale: DAMA D1S HID bulbs/ PIAA 1156 LED bulbs/ deAuto 1156 LED Kit
  225. Wanted: Manual Rear Sunshade
  226. For Sale: B6/B7 Sport Mirrors *Multiple Sets Available*
  227. Wanted: B6 S4 18 wheels
  228. For Sale: Tune2Air Bluetooth adapter to stream music
  229. For Sale: OEM DTM Trunk Spoiler
  230. Wanted: RS4 exhuast tips
  231. For Sale: 2004 Audi S4 manual
  232. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS$ Sprint Blue w/Titanium PKG - $25,750
  233. For Sale: 2005 A4 Cabriolet Quattro 3.0L V6/Auto $3300
  234. Wanted: cam adjuster solenoids pair
  235. For Sale: B6 S4 Recaros
  236. For Sale: RNS-E gen2
  237. For Sale: B6/7 S4 side mirrors
  238. Wanted: WTB: RS4 Flat Bottom Steering Wheel With Airbag
  239. For Sale: Selling RNS-E $400 SOLD
  240. For Sale: 2004 B6 S4 Wagon FS
  241. Part Out: B6 S4 6 Speed Black on Black
  242. Wanted: drivers front S4 door blade
  243. For Sale: 2005 Audi S4 leftover odds and ends
  244. For Sale: 034 Front Billet Subframe Bushings
  245. For Sale: 2007 rs4 ecm(ecu)
  246. For Sale: 18 Inch VMR V710 with like new Pirelli Cinturatro P7 All Season Tires
  247. For Sale: B6/B7 parts
  248. For Sale: ebay listings 0.99 start price
  249. For Sale: Forge Atmospheric Blow Off Valve (BOV)
  250. For Sale: Rotiform RSE 19x10 et25 5x112