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  1. For Sale: B7 S4 Front Calipers
  2. For Sale: Yakima q tower rack system and wind shield
  3. For Sale: Euro RS4 Trunk Lid
  4. Wanted: Piping kit for a TR18T
  5. For Sale: New Engine ACHTUNG Warning Decal
  6. For Sale: 034 Street density upper control arms
  7. Wanted: White alcantara back seats
  8. For Sale: Dolphin gray B6 S4 Part out
  9. For Sale: B7 RS4 front and rear Recaro seats (higher quality leather than S4 recaros)
  10. For Sale: Nogaro blue 04 s4 98k miles!
  11. For Sale: 198.5 AG M310 with Pilot super sports 1 season 750 comes with wheel lugs
  12. For Sale: Power steering engine cover
  13. For Sale: 2005.5 Tip downpipes- $50
  14. For Sale: Apiko rear diff mount red bushing inserts
  15. Part Out: BBK 2007 engine motor 2007
  16. For Sale: B6 S4 Upper Grille
  17. For Sale: Milltek High Flow Cat Downpipes
  18. Part Out: RS4 Part Out
  19. For Sale: Bi-Xenon AFS headlights
  20. Part Out: Garage Clean Out
  21. B6 A4 Euro Trunk - No Longer Available
  22. For Sale: B6 S4 and B7 A4 S-Line Door Blades SINGLES
  23. For Sale: RNS-E out of 2008 RS4 - $150 shipped
  24. For Sale: ECS tuning 10mm spacer kit - $110 shipped
  25. For Sale: iPod Package 30pin Sleeve
  26. For Sale: 4 Audi OEM B7 RS4 wheels 19x9 ET29
  27. For Sale: Custom 2.5 inch S4 B6 Exhaust with Trex Turk Downpipes with cats.
  28. For Sale: B7 S4 Part Out
  29. For Sale: B6/B7 S4/RS4 ECS Tuning Motor Mounts
  30. For Sale: B6 S4 armrest lid
  31. For Sale: Selling RNS-E Audi Nav! $300 Shipped FIRM
  32. For Sale: 04 B6 oem tail lights
  33. For Sale: S4 B6 Intake Manifold (used)
  34. Wanted: Oem RS4 rear bumper diffuser
  35. Wanted: Wtb front engine cover V8 S4
  36. Wanted: JHM RS4 Catback Exhaust
  37. Wanted: WTB 12mm spacers
  38. For Sale: Glove box for sale, excellent working hinges.
  39. For Sale: 2005 s4 part out.!
  40. For Sale: R8 Calipers and
  41. Wanted: B6 S4 headers
  42. For Sale: B7 RS4 shift knob for sale $150
  43. For Sale: Rs4 Trunk
  44. Wanted: Factory Shifter Base for B6/B7 M6 A4/S4/RS4
  45. For Sale: B7 A4/S4 AVANT Tail Lights (OEM)
  46. For Sale: Rs4 Steering wheel and Airbag
  47. Feeler: Audi Rs4 2008 Armored !! ???
  48. Audi RS4 8 POT Brakes - No Longer Available
  49. For Sale: B7 RS4 Rods (BNS) with New OEM Rod bolts $850
  50. For Sale: B7 RS4 stock cat back deleted resonators
  51. Wanted: WTB: B7 Rs4 coilovers
  52. For Sale: !!!Audi b7 rnse mk1 !!!
  53. For Sale: Buyer beware
  54. Feeler: Part Out Rs4 or not !!
  55. For Sale: FS: Like new card holder
  56. For Sale: B7 RS4 Recaro (Full Back Seats & Bench Assembly)
  57. Wanted: Looking to buy euro b7 rs4 front seats !!!
  58. For Sale: B6 S4 Cylinder Head
  59. Wanted: WTB: 10mm or 15mm Wheel Spacers & Bolts (DC area)
  60. For Sale: ECS Tuning Wheel Locks -- NEW - Ball Seat Locking Wheel Bolt Kit
  61. For Sale: NEW Fuel Pump and seals for B6 B7 S4 -- Siemens VDO
  62. For Sale: Nuespeed B6 S4 Cat Back Exhaust SEMI LOCAL SALE ONLY
  63. Wanted: OEM RS4 Wheel - Silver (One)
  64. For Sale: 2008 S4 Avant (6 speed manual)
  65. For Sale: Another Full Set of B6 S4 Door Blades White
  66. Wanted: DTM bumpers
  67. For Sale: WTB: Black Avant headliner
  68. Wanted: WTB: S4 Valve Covers
  69. For Sale: RS4 complete Pedal sets, Shifter, Parking brake lever (All Brand NEW)
  70. For Sale: Set of 20: Chrome Gorilla Lug Bolts/locks 14mmx1.5 w/Cone Seat
  71. Wanted: Fast intentions Exhaust and or downpipes
  72. Wanted: Wanted: Tubi Exhaust
  73. For Sale: B7 Dash Buttons & Tray
  74. Wanted: OEM S4 Avant Springs and 21mm Sway Bar
  75. For Sale: Depo E-codes
  76. For Sale: Sebring tuning exhaust
  77. For Sale: JHM flash cheetah Cable for turning
  78. For Sale: B6 e-codes for sale
  79. For Sale: RNSE and extras
  80. For Sale: B6 2005 Sedan 6 spd S4 w/ 80k miles $11,500
  82. For Sale: Bilstein shock kit
  83. For Sale: B6 s4 black door blades
  84. For Sale: Beige dashboard
  85. For Sale: Flat-bottom steering wheel
  86. For Sale: RNSE w/ xtras
  87. For Sale: Millitek Cat-back exhaust with Piggie pipes
  88. For Sale: Full Partout
  89. For Sale: Corsa RSC Catback Exhaust
  90. Wanted: Convertible Top Manual 'Port' Plug - Black
  91. For Sale: JHM 380mm rotors rings with spacers, almost new.
  92. For Sale: RNS E
  93. For Sale: Flat Bottom steering wheel Perforated leather W/airbag $625 shipped
  94. Wanted: Wtb s4 motor and auto trans mounts !!
  95. Wanted: B6 front bumper
  96. Wanted: WTB: B6 S4 Driver's door blade
  97. Wanted: 2.5 inch downpipes for a B6/B7 Manual S4
  98. For Sale: RS4 Mirrors
  99. For Sale: Aftermarket RS4 goodies
  100. Wanted: Rs4 fender. Asap
  101. For Sale: ISO airbag occupancy sensors for front seats
  102. For Sale: B7 recaros alcantara
  103. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 emblems
  104. For Sale: a4 s4 rs4 b7 OEM KEY FOB
  105. Wanted: WTB: (2) OEM RS Wheels - Silver
  106. Wanted: S$ steering wheel emblem
  107. Wanted: WTB: S4 Intake Manifold
  108. Wanted: Wtb: Delphi alternator b6s4
  109. Wanted: B7 S4 (tip) exhaust!
  110. For Sale: 034 adjustable controls arms - new in packaging. $375 OBO
  111. Wanted: S4 Rear Brake Setup
  112. For Sale: Stoptech Front Big Brake Kit ST-40 Complete
  113. For Sale: Big brake kit
  114. For Sale: RS4 Mirrors
  115. For Sale: Avant tail llights
  116. For Sale: B6/B7 front subframe
  117. Wanted: WTB: JHM supercharger kit
  118. For Sale: B7 S4 stock mufflers
  119. For Sale: Timing Tool Rental - $50 plus shipping
  120. For Sale: Rs4 Exhaust
  121. Wanted: 06 S4 stock downpipes automatic transmission
  122. Wanted: WTB: Mechanical Cam Adjuster
  123. For Sale: STi-R Clear Lens Bi-Xenon Projector
  124. Wanted: B6 S4 radiator
  125. 18z Calipers, mounting bolts, hardware, pads - No Longer Available
  126. For Sale: Full JHM Exhaust (B7 RS4) Brand New
  127. For Sale: Alpine Amp
  128. For Sale: OEM Audi PCV Valve, never used
  129. Wanted: Front Passenger Side Door Blade
  130. For Sale: Bagyard front air struts
  131. For Sale: Brand New BRONZE VALVE GUIDES
  132. For Sale: Rs4 Exhaust
  133. For Sale: B6 parts
  134. Wanted: WTB: Front Passenger Fender Liner
  135. Wanted: S4 b6 bottom end
  136. Wanted: Wanted: Stock RS4 downpipes
  137. For Sale: Rotiform IND-T black machined 18x9.5 et35.
  138. For Sale: ECS No Holes License Plate Bracket Kit
  139. Wanted: b6/7 S4 driver side valve cover
  140. For Sale: OEM Adaptive Euro-Spec Xenon Headlight Set - BRAND NEW - $1200 shipped
  141. For Sale: 05 s4 quattro trans 6 speed
  142. Wanted: Iso b7 rs4 motor mounts, snub and tranny or similar,
  143. For Sale: Brand New Radiator- $50
  144. 2006 B7 Grill, Chains, Cam Adjusters, and other Misc. Parts - No Longer Available
  145. For Sale: Stock B7 S4 Avant MT complete exhaust
  146. Wanted: Looking for b7 RS4 Exhaust
  147. For Sale: Audi s4 3 spoke wheel with air bag
  148. For Sale: B6 S4 partout
  149. For Sale: B7 Glove Box Lid $60 Shipped
  150. For Sale: RS4 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover $90 Shipped
  151. Wanted: AMI wanted
  152. AUDI A4 S4 CARBON FIBER INTERIOR TRIMS - No Longer Available
  153. For Sale: 3 spoke stock steering wheel
  154. For Sale: RNSE-$200
  155. For Sale: Sprint blue 07 Rs4 part out 83k on car
  156. For Sale: Used Fast Intentions Down Pipes
  157. Audi B7 A4-S4-RS4 center console for sale - No Longer Available
  158. For Sale: 2006 Audi S4
  159. For Sale: RNS-E out of B7 RS4 (Audi Navigation Plus)
  160. For Sale: RS4 Mirror housing / cap - Driver side
  161. For Sale: B6 a4/s4 parts
  162. For Sale: V1 Radar Detector with Laser Warning + V1connection + Hardwire kit
  163. For Sale: iPod Package 30pin Shelf insert (Audi OEM)
  164. For Sale: Spring Cleaning Blow Out SALE!!!!
  165. Wanted: b6 stock exhaut
  166. For Sale: RS4 Front Brakes
  167. Wanted: Wanted: Single Black Recaro Rear Seat Headrest (B6 S4)
  168. For Sale: 2007/08 RS4 Front Brake Pads $250 OBO
  169. For Sale: Euro Recaro Sportster CS Seats Pair
  170. B7 RS4 Front Brakes Calipers/Rotors - No Longer Available
  171. EURO B7 RS4 Front bumper - SOLD
  172. Audi RS4 Mirror assemblies - No Longer Available
  173. For Sale: RNS-E gen2
  174. For Sale: B6 S4 Remus Axle Back
  175. Wanted: 2004 Audi S4 MT Engine Harness
  176. For Sale: DTH/RELAK/CSR carbon fiber and fiberglass side skirts
  177. Wanted: Wanted: B6 S4 floor mats
  178. For Sale: Audi B7 S4 Stock suspension
  179. For Sale: S4 grill
  180. For Sale: B7 DTM CF Splitter
  181. For Sale: 2004 BHF motor and random parts
  182. Part Out: 2004 S4 6spd Moro Blue, JHM mods
  183. For Sale: Yakima Whispbar Crossbars
  184. Wanted: Headliner Parts
  185. Wanted: WTB RS4 front bumper
  186. For Sale: USP Metal Slave Cylinder Braided Line (PN: USP-014CL)
  187. For Sale: JHM b7 S4 trans parts, Gears, Internals
  188. For Sale: Custom new floor mats w quattro logo
  189. Wanted: Wtb rs4 grill
  190. Wanted: WTB: LOW mileage RS4 (50k or less) and or exclusive interior/ exclusive color RS4
  191. For Sale: 2005 S4 Arctic White on Black
  192. For Sale: RS4 front brakes
  193. For Sale: RS TTS wheels with tires (NEW)
  194. Wanted: WTB: Atlas Gray S4 Door Blades
  195. Wanted: Looking for 18" Avus Wheel
  196. Wanted: Fast Intentions FI Down Pipe and Exhaust B6 S4 Manual
  197. Wanted: Looking for a nice B6 S4 in Ontario
  198. For Sale: Used B7 S4 oil check valves and sprayer
  199. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS4 | Avus Silver | $24K
  200. Audi B6/B7 S4/RS4 COMPLETE HEADLINER TRIM FOR SALE - No Longer Available
  201. Part Out: B6 A4 Cabriolet 3.0L/CVT
  202. For Sale: 2004 b6 S4 black mt
  203. For Sale: B6/b7 dash switch esp sun shade airbag off
  204. For Sale: b6/b7 Amplifier booster antena sedan
  205. Wanted: B6 S4 bumper center grill.
  206. For Sale: B7 S4 Part Out
  207. Part Out: B7 S4 for parts
  208. Wanted: Bentley DVD - A4/S4 2002-08
  209. For Sale: B6 S4 Bixenon Headlights, Pair
  210. For Sale: Fiberglass sub-woofer enclosure
  211. For Sale: Fs 2 peace ecs rotors for 18z bbk !
  212. For Sale: B7 S4 stock downpipes 6MT
  213. For Sale: RNS-E
  214. Wanted: WTB left front manual transmission axles 8E0407271AT
  215. For Sale: Thule AeroBlade Edge roof bars
  216. Wanted: 2005 B6S4 Looking for:
  217. For Sale: Apikol street rear diff mount
  218. For Sale: RS4 manual pedal kit plus dead pedal
  219. For Sale: JHM Clutch and LW Flywheel for sale (RS4)
  220. For Sale: ECS Tuning S4 Avant LED Tail lights
  221. Wanted: Wanted rs4 shiftknob
  222. For Sale: B7 rs4 front bumper . H&r springs
  223. For Sale: B7 S4 mechanical adjuster sprokets
  224. For Sale: FS: Audi S4 Hood (Upper) Grille B6
  225. For Sale: FS: Audi A4 Upper Hood Grille (Brushed Aluminum Trim)
  226. For Sale: FS: Xtrons Headrest Entertainment System Black Leather
  227. Wanted: Underbody Liners
  228. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 Front Lip Spoiler
  229. For Sale: OEM S5 Titanium Rotor 19x9 ET33 New Car Take-off
  230. Wanted: I am looking for front bumper splitter that goes in the center for rs4
  231. B7 RS4 Bilstein Sport shocks and struts - No Longer Available
  232. For Sale: Alpine IVE-W535HD
  233. Wanted: B7 Rs4 Carbon fiber trim
  234. Wanted: B7 S4 Tip Exhaust
  235. Wanted: WTB: B7 Cabriolet Interior Trim
  236. Wanted: OEM B7 RS4 Rim (Silver) (Used or New)
  237. For Sale: B6 S4 Radiator 8E0121251AC
  238. Wanted: FI Catback Exhaust 2.5"
  239. Wanted: Wanted: rear bumper trim (new or used)
  240. For Sale: B6 JHM Fast Intentions Catback
  241. Part Out: Part out from 04
  242. For Sale: FS: B6/B7 S4 4.2L Throttle body
  243. Wanted: Looking for a memory module overnighted or local
  244. For Sale: JHM B6/B7 S4 light weight crank pulley
  245. For Sale: Apikol B6/B7 S4 rear diff mount
  246. For Sale: F/S: 19x10 Strasse Forged SM7 Deep Concave 3-piece wheels
  247. F/S: 19x10 Strasse Forged SM7 Deep Concave 3-piece wheels B7 RS4 - No Longer Available
  248. For Sale: RSN-E w/extras........$675.00
  249. Wanted: Want 10mm or 12mm spacer
  250. For Sale: Federal 215 40 18 set of 4