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  1. Independent fog lights relay - SOLD
  2. Sedan / Avant silver aluminum trunk struts - No Longer Available
  3. 2.7t buildable block with mains, heads, hbeam rods
  4. APR stg3 fueling kit for 00-02 Audi S4 - No Longer Available
  5. b5 s4 NEW projectb5 ported & coated exhaust manifolds/034 rear BBK/Headlights/cupra lip - No Longer Available
  6. 17Z/18Z Caliper Mounting Hardware - $39 shipped
  7. 2.0FSI Coil Conversion 4-pin Connectors
  8. Wtb: Fogs
  9. 034 Stage IIc + goodies - No Longer Available
  10. Part Out: B5 S4 Avant Finishing Complete Part Out!! - No Longer Available
  11. WTS S4 Bosch to Hitachi MAF conversion harness pigtail - No Longer Available
  12. New B5 S4 Fidanza / Clutchmasters replacement flywheel insert - SOLD
  13. K03 Turbos BW - No Longer Available
  14. b5 avant hatch spoiler OEM brand new - No Longer Available
  15. 2001 Audi s4 600hp Nogaro - No Longer Available
  16. WTB: WTB: IE Surge Tank - for Dual Pumps
  17. WANTED: Stock downpipes. - No Longer Available
  18. WTB: WTB: Steering Pump / Upper Radiator Hose
  19. WTB: wtb b5 s4 front bumper and fenders
  20. Wanted: S4/RS4 grille
  21. Wanted: Decent set of OEM S4 carpeted floormats
  22. Wanted: WTB Passemger side fog light
  23. WTB: WTB b5 s4 front bumper + grilles, headlight washers, fogs
  24. Part Out: parts for sale - No Longer Available
  25. FEELER: What's my Stage 2 S4 worth?
  26. WTB: OEM silver B5 S4 bumper hood and D/S fender
  27. WTB: WTB Headlight levelers
  28. more partout - No Longer Available
  29. Cayenne 18Z Brembo 6POT Calipers - SOLD
  30. Wanted: wtb spec steel flywheel
  31. Wanted: WTB: S4 rear driver brake caliper
  32. milltek 3" resonator/mid muffler - No Longer Available
  33. Wanted: Aftermarket SMIC's
  34. Wanted: Pet divider / cargo net
  35. Wanted: wtb: fog lights b5 s4
  36. Wanted: WANTED: B5 S4 front end & engine parts
  37. Wanted: Hood Latch Sensor
  38. Wanted: Wanted: RS4 y pipe
  39. Wanted: rear bumper - lower piece: Avant
  40. Wanted: WTB Rods, Pistons, etc.
  41. Wanted: Your Black Seats
  42. Wanted: Pass side mirror glass, rear view mirror, brake suction pump line
  43. Wanted: WTB fog lights.
  44. Wanted: boost gauge, vent pod, minty headlights, etc.
  45. PARTS 750cc ev14 injectors, Rs4 bumper, rs4 fog lights, rs4 grills, 2.7 block spare parts - No Longer Available
  46. Wanted: B5 S4/A4 Quattro Coilovers
  47. Wanted: RS4 Grill
  48. Wanted: Bilstein PSS9 Coilovers (Or similar)
  49. Wanted: B5 S4/A4 speakers + catback +giac x ecu
  50. Wanted: S4 b5
  51. Wanted: pear white door trim
  52. Wanted: WTB: 10mm spacers with ball seat bolts 5x112
  53. Wanted: OEM RS6 Turbos modified for B5
  54. Wanted: Wanted b5 s4 avant silver alcantara interior
  55. Wanted: B5 black fenders for 2001 B5 S4 Avant
  56. Wanted: Drivers side Plastic timing belt cover.
  57. Wanted: WTB: B5 S4 OEM axles!!!
  58. Wanted: WTB: Midpipes or full single exit, rear view and pass mirror etc.
  59. Wanted: WTB S4 radiator support
  60. Wanted: My B6 for your B5.
  61. Wanted: WTB: Working air bag module
  62. Wanted: WTB: B5 S4 2.7T Dipstick tube
  63. Wanted: bunch of stock parts and few aftermarket
  64. Wanted: Grill Surround
  65. Wanted: Busted Front bumper.
  66. Part Out: 1998 A4 Part Out
  67. Wanted: WTB: Central Locking Pump
  68. Wanted: wtb eurojet kugel gernade dvs
  69. Wanted: Wtb: mbox ECU
  70. Wanted: USP or Equivalent Clutch Slave Line
  71. Part Out: Audi S4 Parts Massive Inventory Clean Out!
  72. Wanted: B5 S4 Front Brake Pads
  73. Wanted: WTB Avant Tail Light
  74. rebuilt k03's zero miles - No Longer Available
  75. Wanted: black steering column trim (the piece with the "garage door thing")
  76. Wanted: WTB: 2.7T Short block complete
  77. Wanted: OEM RS6 Turbos
  78. Wanted: brilliant black drivers side fender
  79. Wanted: Icm delete kit
  80. Wanted: 2.8 cylinder heads
  81. Wanted: B5 S4 Black Dimming Rear View Mirror
  82. Wanted: Good working 6 disc changer!
  83. Wanted: 2.7T Tip Downpipes - Avus Wheels - Differential Mount
  84. Wanted: Steering column pod
  85. Wanted: 6 speed conversion
  86. Wanted: wtb: stage 3 fueling injectors and intake setup for K04
  87. Wanted: WTB: aluminium/piano black interior trim
  88. Wanted: 071K MAF
  89. Wanted: Sport mirrors
  90. Wanted: SSAC Tiptronic downpipes
  91. SRM full 3" down pipes - No Longer Available
  92. Wanted: Wanted front bumper
  93. Wanted: Wanted: Nogaro PS rub strips/bump stops in good condition
  94. Wanted: Intake Snorkel
  95. Wanted: WTB: S4 or RS4 grille
  96. Wanted: Stock B5 S4 Suspension
  97. 2001 S4 Shell $500 - No Longer Available
  98. Wanted: Transmission Cross Rod Linkage
  99. Wanted: Wtb: 630cc deka/Siemens injectors
  100. Wanted: WTB: black leather drivers seat
  101. Wanted: WANTED: FMIC preferably JHM
  102. Wanted: WTB - B5 Avant rear spoiler
  103. Wanted: Wanted drivers side front and rear fender moldings
  104. Wanted: WTB: KW V3 Suspension
  105. Wanted: B5 S4 Driver Side Silver Front Fender and/or Fender Liner for BOTH sides
  106. Wanted: Monster mats!
  107. Wanted: 3.0 Crank
  108. Wanted: 2.7T passenger side cylinder head
  109. Wanted: S4/Rs4 front bumper and side skirts
  110. Wanted: Front bumper, left fender, headlight, horn (nogaro)
  111. Wanted: OEM Fog light assemblies
  112. Wanted: rs4 Y-pipe(rep is fine too) and rs4 lower bi-pipes
  113. Wanted: S4 front mount Intercooler or side mounts
  114. AVANT euro rear bumper W/O crash bar - No Longer Available
  115. RS6 perforated steering wheel with paddle shifters & Shift knob - No Longer Available
  116. Wanted: WANTED b5 s4 passenger side skirt, NO CRACKS
  117. Wanted: WANTED: Fender molding mount bracket
  118. Wanted: Core support
  119. Wanted: Nogaro Blue Front Bumper
  120. Wanted: RS4 Shift Knob
  121. Wanted: Both Front Fenders BLACK
  122. Wanted: Torque plate 2.7t or 1.8t
  123. B5 S4 Mirror Assemblies - No Longer Available
  124. Wanted: Want 1 rear ST coilover and/or stock front suspension
  125. Wanted: Sport Mirrors
  126. Wanted: WTB: Passenger side mirror glass. Heated and dimming.
  127. Wanted: 3.0L Crank for B5 Stroker Builder
  128. Part Out: Santorin 2001 Audi S4 (Auto)
  129. Wanted: RS4 intake or Loba Motorsport intake manifold
  130. Wanted: Metal Bi-pipes with meth bungs
  131. Wanted: Non broken arm rest
  132. Some OEM stuff: Ignition parts, K&N, stock shocks - No Longer Available
  133. Wanted: My timing belt sanpped. Need 2.7t engine
  134. Wanted: WTB avant taillights
  135. Wanted: 750cc injectors
  136. Wanted: Wtb center diff
  137. Wanted: WTT Black S4 front bumper for Silver one
  138. Wanted: Manual S4 B5
  139. Feeler: What's my car worth?
  140. Wanted: Your junk Symphony radio
  141. Wanted: looking for a set of ko4
  142. Part Out: FS: Climate Control Module
  143. Wanted: Clockspring (Auto)
  144. Wanted: WTB: dual asp or milltek catback
  145. Wanted: wtb: guage pod for colum and wideband guage setup/kit
  146. Wanted: RS4 grille
  147. Wanted: RS4 grille ring
  148. Wanted: Washer fluid reservoir
  149. Wanted: Your [broken] Sachs Slave Cylinder (pushrod)
  150. Wanted: WTB Rs4 Y-pipe, RS4 Throttle Body BOOT, Bi pipes, and RS4 grill
  151. Wanted: Piggie/Aftermarket downpipes
  152. Wanted: rear strut mounts
  153. Wanted: wtb b5 s4 shell
  154. Wanted: Car got hit, need some things
  155. Wanted: Bumper Grill Inserts - Any Color Wanted
  156. Wanted: 2001.5 S4 power steering pump
  157. Wanted: APR Bi-Pipe
  158. Wanted: Upper B Pillars, Visors and Sunroof Control Dome Light
  159. Wanted: B5 s4 front bumper
  160. Wanted: Body Wiring Harness- switchable ESP Car, prefer 2001
  161. 2001.5 Casablanca S4 6 speed - SOLD - No Longer Available
  162. Wanted: Rear headlight adjuster
  163. Wanted: WTB: downpipes
  164. Wanted: WTB: Brembo 17z calipers
  165. Feeler: Trade Clutchnet puk disc for stock new s4/rs4 disc
  166. Wanted: B5 s4 6 speed. Trade for 04 a8l.
  167. Part Out: b5 s4 interior
  168. Wanted: 90 Degree Hose From Check Valve to F Hose
  169. Wanted: Forged rods, stroker pistons, fuel rail, EV14 750cc, TB, etc
  170. Wanted: SMIC (not stock)
  171. Feeler: Trade white seats/ interior for black
  172. Wanted: Looking for mint condition silver sport interior (black leather/w alcantara)
  173. Feeler: Srm k24s, inlets and 3" downpipes
  174. Wanted: A/C fan
  175. Part Out: b5 s4 parts
  176. Wanted: wtb: b5 driverside foglight
  177. Wanted: UUC VM3 or AWE Twin 1
  178. Wanted: Stage 1
  179. Wanted: Need stock ecu 2001 s4 avant 6 spd
  180. Wanted: Wtb Silver nappa front leather seats
  181. Wanted: WTB: A/C lines
  182. Wanted: b5 spring perches
  183. Wanted: Samco Silicone Boost hoses
  184. Wanted: Aftermarket Torque Converter
  185. Part Out: b5 s4 shell
  186. Wanted: WTB intercoolers
  187. Wanted: WTB: aftermarket BiPipes
  188. Wanted: Looking for fan control harness
  189. Misc intercooler upgrade hoses, etc - No Longer Available
  190. Wanted: cheap set of oem or aftermarket wheels in MA
  191. Wanted: Tiptonic B5 S4
  192. Wanted: Aftermarket Side Mounts
  193. Wanted: 00 engine harness
  194. Wanted: Anyone have stock m box??
  195. Wanted: WTB OEM Headunit and Parking Brake
  196. Part Out: b5 s4 seats Front+Rear
  197. Wanted: 00 engine harness
  198. Wanted: K04 or K24 Turbos
  199. Wanted: Manual B5 S4
  200. Fidanza LWFW with like new insert - No Longer Available
  201. FS: GIAC stage 1 T-Box, GIAC flashloader
  202. Wanted: Nogaro Blue Door and trunk
  203. Wanted: WTB 01.5 manual APB engine harness
  204. Wanted: Passengar fog light
  205. Wanted: Downpipe Mounting Hangers
  206. Wanted: Clutch switches
  207. Wanted: silver pass (right) lower fog light grille
  208. Part Out: 2000 B5 S4 Silver 6spd Partout
  209. Wanted: WTB Carbon Fiber Interior trim and Sunroof cover
  210. Wanted: B5 RS4 Engine Covers
  211. Wanted: Clean stage 3 avant
  212. Wanted: WTB 2.7 BF/BEL Short Block (Tri-State)
  213. Wanted: OEM front cv axles for 6-speed
  214. Wanted: S4/RS4 front bumper / and possibly fenders
  215. Wanted: S4 lower fog lights, both sides
  216. RS4 2.7t maf - No Longer Available
  217. WTB: WTB: Aftermarket black lobster claws
  218. Part Out: 2001 Nogaro Blue S4 Partout
  219. Wanted: Wanted, euro rear bumper...
  220. Wanted: wtb: santorin passenger (right) lower fog light grille
  221. Wanted: Wanted: Hood | Trunk | Misc Parts
  222. FS: Coolant expansion tank - No Longer Available
  223. Wanted: APR bipipe
  224. For Sale: Clean 2001.5 S4 B5 triptronic $3,999 obo
  225. Wanted: Wanted complete b5 Audi s4 avant parts car. Preferably blown auto tranny/cheap
  226. For Sale: Brake rotors and pads (S4 sized) and 17z calipers, also rear knuckle bushings
  227. Wanted: RS4 Carbon Fiber Engine Covers
  228. Wanted: ICM delete and coil pack conversion
  229. Wanted: Looking for f21,rs4 rs6 turbos
  230. B5 A4/S4 3-spoke sport steering wheel with TIP buttons and airbag - No Longer Available
  231. For Sale: Ecs rear diff mount and stern power ring
  232. Wanted: Stage 3 or stage 3- tune
  233. For Sale: 5x BBS CH WHEELS 5x112 ET35 $1350
  234. Wanted: WANTED: Need hardware kit for my APR Bi-pipe
  235. Wanted: JHM Short Throw Shifter (Early Style)
  236. For Sale: 2000 Nogaro S4 Project - Kingston, NY
  237. For Sale: 2002 b5 s4
  238. Depo Morimoto Retrofit Brackets - SOLD
  239. For Sale: Audi S4 - Black / Black - 70k miles - 500 hsp - RS4 upgrades!
  240. For Sale: Bosch EV14 550cc Injectors & Adapter clips
  241. Wanted: Drivers front CV axle
  242. For Sale: Ross-Tech VAG.COM HEX-USB
  243. Srm ko4/rs6 full 3" downpipes m/t - ceramic coated black - sold
  244. For Sale: 2000 stage 3 S4
  245. Wanted: B5 RS4 engine covers
  246. Feeler: Used K03 pass. side
  247. For Sale: Random left overs from engine reshreshing
  248. For Sale: 2.7T engine parts
  249. For Sale: Forced performance super 99 turbo with manifold
  250. Part Out: 01 Audi A4 2.8L Silver Automatic