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  3. Hazard trim piece, speedo cluster, turn signal/cruise controls,etc - No Longer Available
  4. B5 S4 Foglights - SOLD
  5. Pwrhaus Billet Diverter Valves Set - No Longer Available
  6. For Sale: I have 2001 audi s4 unused still in package stage 3 parts
  7. For Sale: Silver 2001 Audi s4 143k miles
  8. Wanted: wtb: stoptech passenger side caliper 332 kit
  9. S4/RS4 Clutch Disk - No Longer Available
  10. God working 2.7 Power steering pump and bracket - SOLD
  11. Good used 2.7T ac compressor - No Longer Available
  12. Custom Metal Late Allroad Vband Bipipe with Throttle body - No Longer Available
  13. Custom Metal Late Allroad Vband Bipipe with Throttle body - No Longer Available
  14. Wanted: Audi S4 B5 4x Brake calipers
  15. For Sale: B5 S4. Stock ECU & TCU
  16. Wanted: Need stock Mbox or equal
  17. Stock Brakes - No Longer Available
  18. Stock Ko3 Turbo B5 S4 - No Longer Available
  19. For Sale: A-box, Eurodyne Software+cable
  20. For Sale: BNIB SRM RS6/K24's, SRM 3" DP's, Vast Tubular Manifolds
  21. For Sale: 2001.5 Audi B5 S4 ASP Stage 3, Black on Black BW PJK04s, OEM+
  22. For Sale: Big Brakes z17 330mm rotors
  23. Prosport Evo Air/Fuel Gauge - No Longer Available
  24. For Sale: OEM RS6 TURBOS k04s modified with ko3 stems NEEDS SOME HELP!
  25. For Sale: B5 S4 Washer Fluid Reservoir With Plug (Brand New)
  26. For Sale: B5 S4 Steering Wheel With Airbag From 2001.5
  27. For Sale: B5 S4 Cargo Cover
  28. For Sale: B5 S4 Intake Manifold From 2001.5
  29. For Sale: E-Brake Lever
  30. Wanted: stock exhaust or any quiet aftermarket exhaust for b5 s4
  31. Wanted: N80
  32. For Sale: Nogaro Blue b5 s4 rear bumper
  33. For Sale: BMC Carbon Fiber Intake with Heat Shield
  34. Audi B5 S4 APR tuned ECU
  35. For Sale: 2.7tt stock SMIC's
  36. Wanted: WTB: Weighted shift knob or OEM RS4
  37. Wanted: Looking for a Boost gauge
  38. For Sale: 01E trans and shifter, and 3.0 crankshaft
  39. For Sale: For sale: A/S4 B5 taillights, A/S4 B5 sport steering wheel
  40. For Sale: B5 S4 Stage 3 Black Avant
  41. For Sale: bosch 550 fuel injectors true ebay auction
  42. For Sale: two s4 cargo covers
  43. For Sale: 17z Big Brake Kit!
  44. Wanted: wanted B7 RS4 Rims
  45. For Sale: For sale: JHM Trio Package - shifter, linkage, & bushing for early style B5 S4 NIB
  46. For Sale: Podi Electronic Stepper Motor Boost Gauge W/ Steering Column mount
  47. s4 b5 2.0t coil conversion - No Longer Available
  48. For Sale: 2001 B5 S4 Avant listed on BaT auctions
  49. Factory RS4 Carbon Fiber Engine Covers - 2.7T (078 103 927 T / 078 103 936 H / 078 103 935 Q) - SOLD
  50. Factory RS4 Carbon Fiber Engine Covers - 2.7T (078 103 927 T / 078 103 936 H / 078 103 935 Q) - SOLD
  51. Wanted: Carbon Fiber Interior Trim
  52. For Sale: Ohlins Suspension for B5 S4
  53. 2.7T EGTs - SOLD
  54. For Sale: B5 A4/S4 Shwaben floor mats
  55. For Sale: Arm rest lid "silver" alcantara
  56. Wanted: 2.8L V6 Heads
  57. Wanted: Apr bipipe spacers or blueprints
  58. OEM B5 S4 Front Grille - No Longer Available
  59. For Sale: Random B5/2.7 stuff
  60. For Sale: S4 Avant Floor Mats
  61. For Sale: OE RS4 Front Bumper!
  62. For Sale: B5 1.8T X-S Power Exhaust
  63. For Sale: Brand New PCV Hose and refurbished cluster w new VDO screen
  64. Pwrhaus Billet Diverter Valves Set - No Longer Available
  65. Ohlin Suspension B5 S4 - No Longer Available
  66. Bosch 550cc Injectors - No Longer Available
  67. For Sale: 2001.5 secondary air injection pump w/ pigtail.
  68. For Sale: Stock 2001 S4 shocks & springs
  69. For Sale: mbox Ecu Giac chipped $199
  70. Wanted: Wtb: Front and Rear adjustable upper control arms
  71. Brand new Bosch ev14 52lb injectors - No Longer Available
  72. 2001.5 Stage 3 S4 $10,500
  73. For Sale: High spec B5 RS4
  74. For Sale: '01 S4 OEM tail lights - Perfect Condition - Open to Offers
  75. Wanted: Wtb: Awe dts
  76. For Sale: 01 B5 S4 manual - Stock exhaust & downpipes
  77. For Sale: 2002 pearl white avant for sale
  78. For Sale: H & R Lowering Performance Springs
  79. Wanted: Rebuilt Transmission
  80. For Sale: BNIB - Genuine B5 RS4 engine mounts
  81. Innovate Motorsports Wideband Air/Fuel Gauge - No Longer Available
  82. For Sale: 2000 s4 stage 2 ECM APR
  83. For Sale: Franken turbo kit NEW
  84. For Sale: Selling R1 SMIC Project B5
  85. S4 Sport Trim For sale - No Longer Available
  86. For Sale: B5 S4 stock suspension
  87. For Sale: B5 S4 complete stock brake system
  88. For Sale: B5 S4 Instrument Cluster
  89. For Sale: 2001.5 Audi S4 6MT Santorin blue w/ Sport package - blown turbo 137k MD
  90. For Sale: Used Fidanza Flywheel
  91. For Sale: 2000 Audi S4 Partout / B6 S4 Recaro Seats
  92. For Sale: 2002 B5 S4 sell as whole plus extra new front bumpers and Brembo 6 piston brake set
  93. Wanted: WTB Euro Rear bumper for a sedan
  94. For Sale: Six (6) aftermarket 058905105 coil packs for 1.8t AEB and 2.7t APB
  95. For Sale: (B5 A4/S4) Valeo E-Code Halogen Headlights - $250 + shipping
  96. Parting out my 2000 S4 6sp. - No Longer Available
  97. Wanted: B5 S4 Front bumper cover (Midwest Preferred)
  98. For Sale: WTS 2.0 Coil Conversion Kit
  99. Wanted: Complete 85mm hitatchi MAF setup w/ stock airbox
  100. B5 Avant Cargo Cover for sale - No Longer Available
  101. For Sale: F21 kit for B5 S4 new in box
  102. For Sale: Stage x clutch kit from project B5 with steel dual mass fly wheel all new
  103. For Sale: B5 S4 Fan clutch
  104. For Sale: 2000 Audi S4 Hibiscus Red Auto 201k
  105. Wanted: interior beltline trim clips
  106. For Sale: (B5 A4/S4) AWE Boost Gauge with Vent Pod - $125 shipped
  107. For Sale: built / ported / polished big-port 2.4 heads
  108. For Sale: Set of Bosch 980cc injectors to fit RS4/S4.
  109. For Sale: S4 b5 giac x ecu
  110. Wanted: Fully built heads OR parts
  111. For Sale: 5x112 57.1 bore 20mm spacers (adapter style) (4x) plus ball seat and cone seat bolts/
  112. For Sale: APR B5 S4 Test Pipes W/ B&B Cats 6 Pipe set $550
  113. For Sale: Brand New ICM
  114. Feeler: looking for S4 or A4 fron perches.
  115. Thickened, Re-Wrapped B5 S4 Steering Wheel and Airbag - No Longer Available
  116. For Sale: BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob - Air Leather (VW/Audi Fitment) - BRAND NEW, NEVER USED
  117. For Sale: Selling F21 kit
  118. B5 Carpet floor mats good condition - No Longer Available
  119. For Sale: Rs4 front grill - No Longer Available
  120. Front fender liners - No Longer Available
  121. For Sale: 034 Center Support Bearing
  122. For Sale: Set of adjustable DV's
  123. For Sale: Ecs 20mm spacers and lugs
  124. For Sale: Seat Latch Bracket Kit - Right
  125. For Sale: 4 POT Brembo Rear Brake Calipers
  126. For Sale: Stock Catback Exhaust - Super Cheap in good shape
  127. For Sale: Stock Front Springs - Make Offer!
  128. 01E transmission/ rear diff/ drive shaft and axles - No Longer Available
  129. Prosport Evo Air/Fuel Gauge - No Longer Available
  130. For Sale: Brembo 17z/18z mounting hardware for audi/vw
  131. For Sale: 034 bipipes w/ WM bungs
  132. Good used 2.7T ac compressor - No Longer Available
  133. God working 2.7 Power steering pump and bracket - SOLD
  134. S4/RS4 Clutch Disk - No Longer Available
  135. For Sale: Project b5 r1 smic
  136. For Sale: Frankenturbo f21's, most supporting mods, and lots of random parts.
  137. For Sale: RS4 B5 oem front and rear bumper
  138. For Sale: B5 Audi S4 Side Skirts
  139. For Sale: B5 Audi S4 Front Bumper
  140. For Sale: Four seasons tuning steel flywheel & project B5 stage x clutch kit
  141. vast stage 3 ECU and fueling - No Longer Available
  142. For Sale: oringinal Borg&Warner K04 turbo's
  143. Yakima Roof Rack (Q TOWERS) with ski/snowboard carrier - No Longer Available
  144. For Sale: 6x Siemens Deka V (875cc@3bar)
  145. For Sale: B7 Style Key Fob
  146. For Sale: SRM Aluminum Girdle: $500 Shipped
  147. Wanted: OEM B5 RS4 Grill
  148. Wanted: WTB: b5 tip Downpipes w/ working cats
  149. Wanted: Black side mirrors
  150. For Sale: Garage Clean Out....TONS of new parts **WARNING: PIC HEAVY**
  151. 82MM Hitcahi MAF housing with Sensor, Filter and elbow. - SOLD
  152. Wanted: Wanted......ECM box
  153. Enkei PF01 wheels Audi B5 5x112 18x8 - No Longer Available
  154. Audi S4 B5 - No Longer Available
  155. For Sale: Solowerks Coilovers
  156. Wanted: Drivers Side Upper Timing Cover
  157. Wanted: WTB Boost Gauge
  158. For Sale: A/C compressor 80 shipped
  159. For Sale: Aluminum uprights/knuckles
  160. Wanted: Wanted b5 s4/a4 misc interior parts
  161. Wanted: rs4 intake
  162. For Sale: 034motorsport density line adjustable upper control arm kit
  163. Wanted: Lightly used oem hitachi maf sensor
  164. For Sale: VR6 Longitudinal intake manifold for VR6 SWAP to AUDI S4 A4 etc.
  165. VR6 Longitudinal intake manifold for VR6 SWAP to AUDI S4 A4 etc. - SOLD
  166. Wanted: WANTED: SSAC dp's/ Motor Mounts/ O2 sensors/ Stock airbox.
  167. Wanted: Iso: stage 3 parts
  168. For Sale: TTE550 RS4/S4 Turbochargers
  169. For Sale: 2001 Stage II S4
  170. Wanted: Laser Red Mirror Caps
  171. NEED GONE ASAP Ported 2.7 heads bare pickup only - No Longer Available
  172. For Sale: Eibach ProStreet S Coilovers (Low Mileage)
  173. For Sale: OH: Aluminum uprights 8E0407257F & 8E0407258F
  174. For Sale: Volvo green giant 440cc injectors
  175. For Sale: Silver powdercoated valve covers
  176. For Sale: Project b5 R1 smics
  177. For Sale: Innovate MTX-L Wideband Gauge
  178. Wanted: Wanted steering wheel and shift knob.
  179. A4/b5/rs4 oem headlights (pair)
  180. ICM for b5 S4 - No Longer Available
  181. For Sale: RS4 B5 door cover entry seal liners L and R, for widebody conversion project
  182. For Sale: B5 S4 Hazard Switch Relay
  183. For Sale: Fog Light Relay
  184. For Sale: OEM Front Lucas Calipers
  185. Wanted: Both front seats black
  186. For Sale: Selling new in the bubble wrap, silver powder coated valve covers
  187. For Sale: Stern adjustable front control arms
  188. Wanted: B5 Avant Headliner and A Pillar
  189. For Sale: Team Dynamic 18x9 et20 275-35-18
  190. For Sale: B7 S4 Rear Brake Calipers & Carriers
  191. Wanted: ISO: used 01e in canada
  192. For Sale: Aquamist HFS-1 Kit
  193. driver side fog - No Longer Available
  194. Depo black housing headlights - No Longer Available
  195. Brembo 17Z/18Z Stainless Brake Lines for Audi B5 B6 B7 C5 A6 ALLROAD - SOLD
  196. For Sale: Stage 3+ full built motor single tubo kit partout
  197. Wanted: Looking to buy something to replace my bad cats with on my 2002 s4
  198. Wanted: Looking to buy b5 s4 drivers side front bumper piece silver
  199. Wanted: Looking to buy drivers side tail light
  200. For Sale: Carbon X1/X34 Intake
  201. For Sale: AeroCatch Hoodpins BNIB - 235-2100
  202. Wanted: Early style oem b5 s4 shifter asap
  203. Wanted: WTB: Passenger Antidazzle Glass
  204. For Sale: Giac stage 1 ecu
  205. Wanted: Looking to buy chipped ECU for 02 S4 Auto
  206. Wanted: SRM SMICs
  207. Audi S4 A6 2.7TT EGT sensors - No Longer Available
  208. Wanted: Need these pieces for an s4 bumper in silver
  209. For Sale: Audi S4 B5 Full Leather/Alcantara interior
  210. Wanted: Wanted Stage 1 ECU for auto transmission
  211. Wanted: Audi A4/S4 Santorin blue driver door and driver side rear door wanted
  212. Wanted: Iso 2000 b5 s4 "a box" stage 2 ecu
  213. Wanted: WTB: 6 Bosch 550cc Injectors w/adapters
  214. Wanted: WANTED- Front license plate mount
  215. Wanted: ISO Front mount
  216. For Sale: B5 S4 Tip-Tronic Transmission
  217. Wanted: (2) Stock Good Coil Packs for 2001
  218. For Sale: FS: Stage 3 ASP F21 Tune
  219. Wanted: Looking for Ballast(s)
  220. For Sale: Deatsch Works- DW 300 fuel pump
  221. Part Out: 2000 S4 B5, Canada
  222. Wanted: Passenger side window motor
  223. B5 S4 front bumper, trunk lid, headlights, tail lights, fog lights, rotors, ECUs - No Longer Available
  224. For Sale: B5 S4 A6 2.7 6-Speed Manual Wiring Harness OEM New/Used
  225. For Sale: 034 Aux Water Pump Delete Hose
  226. For Sale: 034 Motorsport Polished Diverter Valves
  227. Wanted: 85mm hitatchi mah housing
  228. For Sale: 3l brand new fresh built part out
  229. For Sale: Random Stuff
  230. Wanted: Front mount intercooler
  231. For Sale: Fan Clutch
  232. For Sale: FS: Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass - $85 SHIPPED OBO
  233. For Sale: FS: Stage 2 APR H-Box. $250 OBO SHIPPED.
  234. For Sale: FS: Stock M-Box ECU. $200 OBO SHIPPED
  235. Wanted: WTB F21 Stage 3 parts
  236. Wanted: In Search of S4
  237. For Sale: H&R lowering springs
  238. Wanted: AWE Twin1
  239. Wanted: RNS-E
  240. For Sale: 2001.5 Black S4
  241. For Sale: 2001.5 S4 oem struts and springs
  242. Wanted: WANTED: Rear sedan bumper lower trim piece in silver
  243. Wanted: black and grey s4 avant rear seat
  244. For Sale: Left front upper control arm
  245. Wanted: Anyone parting a Santorin B5?
  246. For Sale: B5 S4 A/C Condenser for Sale (BNIB) for $70 shipped
  247. For Sale: 2001.5 b5s4 parts
  248. For Sale: front H&R ultralow coilovers
  249. For Sale: New in box exhaust gas temperature sensor (left side)
  250. Wanted: 2.7t main caps