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  1. For Sale: Aftermarket Exhaust Manifolds--No clue on brand
  2. For Sale: STE module
  3. For Sale: OEM B5 Audi RS4 grill
  4. For Sale: VCs (powder coated), airbag, side mirror housing w/ motor, Headlight washers,stud con
  5. For Sale: B5 S4 Supertech Valve Guides - New In Box
  6. For Sale: SRM Motorsports Billet Diverter Valves - New In Box
  7. For Sale: SRM K24 Turbos with NEW Oil Feed Lines and Inlets - Less Than 1k Miles!
  8. Wanted: ISO: rear B2-1 and B2-2 O2 sensors(brown and green)
  9. For Sale: 01.5 tiptronic stage 3- Vast tune (mbc included) and GIAC Tip chip
  10. For Sale: 2.7 BEL Block BORED to a 3.0L With 2.8 heads/cams- JE pistons I.E. Rods still in box
  11. For Sale: BW ko4's w/ inlets
  12. Wanted: APR Bipipe Wanted
  13. For Sale: B5 central locking pump
  14. Wanted: Looking for Some 2.8l Heads
  15. For Sale: FS OEM RS6 turbo pair, rebuilt & modified to fit B5
  16. Wanted: WTB: 2.8 heads
  17. For Sale: Vast Performance Dual Nozzle Methanol Injection System
  18. For Sale: V6 Cam Locking Tool & 2.7T Head Gaskets
  19. Wanted: Oem rs4 inlets
  20. Wanted: bosch 044 fuel pump
  21. For Sale: B5 s4 apr stage 2 ecu " a" box $200 shipped
  22. Wanted: B5 S4 front bumper cover
  23. For Sale: Mint S4 Wood Grain Trim
  24. For Sale: Halogen Headlights
  25. For Sale: 2.8 manifolds and other misc for sale FS
  26. For Sale: KW v3's - BNIB - $2100
  27. For Sale: RS4 throttle body
  28. For Sale: Awe center vent boost gauge
  29. Wanted: Wtb passenger front fender liner...
  30. For Sale: Innovate Motorsports DB RED LC2 Wideband
  31. For Sale: B5 S4 OEM Front right axle manual
  32. For Sale: B5 Tail Lights OEM
  33. For Sale: Podi "Classic" White Needle 52mm Electronic Stepper Motor Boost Gauge
  34. For Sale: B5 S4 PARTS FOR SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!All pricing negotiable
  35. Wanted: Stock Rear Spring Assembly
  36. For Sale: B5 S4 Hotchkis front sway bar with poly bushings
  37. For Sale: Audi B5 S4 Bilstein HD Front Rear Struts Vogtland Lowering Springs $375 Pick-up (NY)
  38. Wanted: front filler plate, silver
  39. Feeler: Mtm v2 rs4 exhaust manifold
  40. Wanted: Fast Intentions Exhaust
  41. Wanted: H beam connecting rods. Stock bore/piston
  42. Wanted: 2.7T Heads bare or complete
  43. Wanted: Looking for true dual 2.5 exhaust and some RS4 y pipes
  44. For Sale: 2.7T Heads, rebuilt last year **With Receipts** Stock & Fully Rebuilt $1,200
  45. Wanted: Stock RS6 BW turbo drivers side - Good OR Bad
  46. For Sale: B5 RS4 Steering Wheel
  47. For Sale: Motor part out
  48. For Sale: Multiple stage 2 Ecu's 2001 rs4 maf
  49. For Sale: Walbro 225 fuel pump used 100$
  50. FS: ICM's - SOLD
  51. FS: OEM rebuilt drivers side fron axle - manual - No Longer Available
  52. For Sale: Various Parts for sale
  53. Brand new complete Stage 3 kit, Adjustable control arms, and other parts. Tial, EPL, 034, etc - No Longer Available
  54. Complete Timing Belt Kit for Audi 2.7t or 2.8 - No Longer Available
  55. Wanted: WTB OEM 2.7t Shrouds
  56. For Sale: Penske 7500NA Coilovers B5 A4/S4
  57. Penske 7500 NA Coilovers B5 A4/S4 - No Longer Available
  58. For Sale: SRM 1-Bar Upgraded Wastegate Actuators - NEW
  59. For Sale: FS: OEM B5 RS4 Front Bumper w/ Free A4 bumper for Narrow body conv
  60. For Sale: 2002 S4 Stage 3+ for sale
  61. Wanted: Wtb your stock m box ecu
  62. Trade: Authentic AWE TWIN 2 Cat-Back Exhaust for Authentic AWE TWIN 1 Cat-Back Exhaust (PA)
  63. For Sale: For sale: partout 01 cactus 1.8 tip
  64. For Sale: Audi A4 S4 98-2001.5 Powerflex lower control arm strut bushings
  65. Wanted: Stage 3 Fueling kit for B5 S4 for use with KO4's
  66. For Sale: Brand New B5 RS4 Alcantara Steering Wheel
  67. For Sale: S4 Doors front & rear
  68. For Sale: B5 S4 rear BBK
  69. For Sale: FS: B5 VDO central door lock pumps (2)
  70. For Sale: FS: B5 OEM Audi hazard switches (2)
  71. For Sale: FS: Audi A4/s4 headlight housing rear cap weather seal
  72. Wanted: b5 s4 avus hub caps
  73. Wanted: OEM springs '02 sedan
  74. For Sale: 2.7T Cylinder Heads (Stock) - $125 + shipping
  75. For Sale: New never installed Stern adjustable upper front control arms. $350 shipped (ground)
  76. For Sale: New 034 billet aluminum b4/b5 audi a4/s4/rs4 & rs2 rear crossmember/differential
  77. For Sale: 01e Core/JHM Rebuild kit - WESTERN CANADA
  78. For Sale: PODI electronic boost gauge
  79. For Sale: 6 speed swap
  80. Wanted: LF rear strut mount towers things
  81. For Sale: Used k03's little to no back and fourth
  82. For Sale: Part outs
  83. For Sale: FS: Audi B5 S4 / A4 Parts Stock and Aftermarket Clearing out Garage Sale!!
  84. Wanted: ABS/ESP Hydraulic Module 2001.5 S4
  85. Wanted: WTB: 00 B5 S4 6speed Virgin ECU Bosch
  86. For Sale: random leftover oem parts
  87. For Sale: Pair BW K04's good working condition, about 40K on them, from California car. $850.00
  88. StopTech Front Big Brake Red Caliper - No Longer Available
  89. For Sale: GIAC Stage 2 Tune
  90. For Sale: Silly Rabbit Motorsport Intercoolers
  91. Audi S4 B5 OEM Tail Lights with Silver Trim - No Longer Available
  92. Wanted: WTB B5 S4 Fog lights
  93. Wanted: Silicone Boost Hose Kit
  94. For Sale: 034 rear sway bar , brackets and links
  95. For Sale: RS4 Lobster Claws
  96. For Sale: BEL block, machined 3.0L
  97. Wanted: Downpipe hangers
  98. For Sale: 2001 S4 (B5) // Silver // 6-Speed // Always Kept Stock // MINT Condition // 123k
  99. For Sale: FS: 18" VMR Wheels - Hankook Ventus v12 Tires
  100. Wanted: WTB BF or BEL block
  101. For Sale: FS: Partial lltek intake
  102. For Sale: Custom 5mm Wheel Spacers - Rotiform fitment
  103. For Sale: 24v VR6 Swap kit
  104. For Sale: 2001 Audi S4 6 speed Manual For Sale 5500
  105. For Sale: Excellent condition B5 S4 headlight housing
  106. For Sale: 2001.5 B5 S4 SEDAN/ Automatic/ BEL/ PART OUT!!! Chicago.
  107. For Sale: Ross Tech Key -USB VCDS Cable
  108. Wanted: STOCK ECU
  109. For Sale: B5 RS4 Alcantara Steering Wheel with Airbag
  110. Wanted: Complete heads 2.7t
  111. 8d0 907 551 a / 2000 b5 s4 stage ii + tune - sold
  112. For Sale: OEM B5 RS4 Widebody kit In the US
  113. For Sale: Brand new OEM B5 RS4 intake manifold with larger plenum from ASP
  114. For Sale: Snow meth kit (not complete)
  115. For Sale: Brand new B5 RS4 bipipes
  116. For Sale: Brand new GTX2867 turbos with 64ar tial vband hot sides
  117. For Sale: ER side mount intercoolers
  118. For Sale: Custom AR design tubular manifolds ceramic coated
  119. For Sale: 38mm Tial MVS wastegates (pair)
  120. For Sale: Stoptech 355 bbk
  121. For Sale: NEW Aquamist HFS-3 kit
  122. For Sale: Ocarbon interior trim
  123. For Sale: 3L cranks
  124. For Sale: New fluidampr crankshaft pulley
  125. For Sale: New 034 Motorsport fuel rails
  126. Wanted: Passanger side Fender
  127. For Sale: B5 fitment for track 17" enkei PF01 with Hoosier drag radials
  128. For Sale: 18Z Cayenne 6-Piston Calipers
  129. Steering Wheel AUDI S5 RS5 FLAT BOTTOM ! SPORT MODIFIED - No Longer Available
  130. Steering Wheel Audi RS4 B5 NEW ALCANTARA !! STUNING FLAT BOTTOM - No Longer Available
  131. For Sale: RNS-e off B7
  132. For Sale: MAF HOUSING, 2.7T HITACHI, 95MM, Hitachi sensor and MAF HOSE, B5 S4/RS4, 4"
  133. For Sale: Rare 05 allroad metal TBB with bipipes and throttle body
  134. For Sale: Pair of fogs. No cracks all tabs intact
  135. For Sale: Driver side anti dazzle mirror
  136. Wanted: WTB 6spd shifter assembly
  137. For Sale: UUC Rob Knob for sale or trade for rs4 alacantra
  138. Wanted: WTB - Need 01e pinion shaft + gear
  139. For Sale: New 044 Pump
  140. For Sale: 121pin ECU connector - standalone adapter
  141. For Sale: Zeitronix ZT3
  142. For Sale: Eurospec RS4 Engine mounts
  143. For Sale: 17" SSR Competition (Comps, Type-C) - $1,250 picked up in Sacramento, CA
  144. For Sale: Random part-out leftovers
  145. For Sale: Audi iPhone 6-6s Kevlar phone cover
  146. For Sale: Set of two new never installed outer tie rod ends, lemforder p/n 2597201, $75 shipped
  147. For Sale: Aluminum Thermostat housing 2.8-2.7T V6 Upgrade
  148. Wanted: WTB B5 S4 Front Bumper/Side Skirts
  149. For Sale: B5 S4
  150. ClutchMasters FX 400 for sale - No Longer Available
  151. For Sale: S8/D2 Rear Brake Calipers & Carriers
  152. For Sale: Audi "Quattro" Vinyl Decals
  153. For Sale: Neuspeed RSB + Hardware (BNIB)
  154. For Sale: Integrated Engineering Fuel Rail Setup
  155. For Sale: 00 b5 s4 122k miles. With parts car 6000 obo
  156. Wanted: Looking for a decent set of coilovers for B5 S4
  157. For Sale: TTRS 370mm Front Brake Package
  158. For Sale: CatCams Audi A4,A6,A8,RS4 Biturbo. VW Passat,Synchro V6 30v
  159. Wanted: WTB Avus wheel caps
  160. For Sale: Turbo kit GT2871R 2,7tt S4 RS4
  161. Wanted: WTB Power steering pulley
  162. For Sale: Multiple sets of Brembo 17Z 18Z TTRS and Rear Calipers FOR SALE.
  163. Trade: Trade My STOPTECH ST40 355MM for your 17z or ST40 332MM
  164. For Sale: 034 motorsports center support bearing
  165. Wanted: Wtb s4 k04 kit
  166. Feeler: 2001 S4 Santorin Blue 6MT 117k
  167. For Sale: Nogaro S4 125k miles
  168. For Sale: Audi RS4 perforated leather shift knob for sale
  169. Wanted: Anyone have an OEM RS4 Front Bumper for sale?
  170. Wanted: RS6 compressor housing
  171. For Sale: Stock M-box ECU from S4
  172. Wanted: WTB: B5 S4 Front bumper, and really, any parts you have
  173. For Sale: B5 S4 Piano black interior trim * Perfect Condition*
  174. For Sale: Long Island, NY: stage 3 s4 $6k
  175. Wanted: WTB: Passenger Headlamp US-spec
  176. Wanted: B5 S4 Front bumper, hood, passenger headlight (silver)
  177. For Sale: New JHM Late Style Shifter with used linkage and centering spring
  178. For Sale: FS: Rear BBK Porsche Cayenne 17z 4pot Kit
  179. Wanted: WTB stock flywheel for 2.7t
  180. Wanted: wanted stern mounts and intake spacers.
  181. Wanted: NEED HELP
  182. For Sale: B5 Brushed Aluminium Trim Sets
  183. For Sale: 18Z Calipers w/ Meaty Brembo pads
  184. For Sale: Basement Sale - Round 1
  185. Wanted: WTB 2000 front grille
  186. Wanted: Trunk badge
  187. Wanted: Looking for complete 2.8 heads to swap in my s4
  188. For Sale: FS: Euro Knee Bolster - CT
  189. Wanted: WTB silver (grey) front seats
  190. Audi 2.7t A6 S4 B5 OEM K03s - No Longer Available
  191. Audi 2.7t OEM Airbox & Bosch MAF/Accordion - No Longer Available
  192. NEW 2.7t OEM LUK Clutch & Pressure Plate - SOLD
  193. Audi 2.7t Intake Piping, Inlets, Intercoolers & Bi Pipes, ECS Silicone Hoses, 710A Diverter Valves, F Hose - No Longer Available
  194. For Sale: OZ Ultraleggera 18x8 5x112
  195. For Sale: FS: Stoptech 332 BBK BNIB $1500 GunmetalBBS RS-GT perfect shape 19x8.5 $1800
  196. For Sale: B5-S4 Brembo 6 pistons BBK kit 17z Brembo
  197. For Sale: 18z bbk
  198. Wanted: B5 A4/S4 Windshield Rain Tray/Cowl Plastics
  199. For Sale: Vast stage 3 tune
  200. New door hadles S4 b5 - No Longer Available
  201. For Sale: Audi S4 intake manifold 2001
  202. Wanted: 2.7t alternator (2001 APB)
  203. For Sale: H&R s4 coilovers
  204. audi concert 2 - No Longer Available
  205. Wanted: WTB S4 bumper grille's
  206. Wanted: turbo back exhaust
  207. Wanted: Wtb T-Box or M-box
  208. For Sale: Alcantara interior
  209. For Sale: B5 A4/S4 Pristine Interior Parts
  210. Part Out: 2001.5 Audi S4 Laser red body parts for sale (Atlanta,GA)
  211. For Sale: B5 Xenon Headlights
  212. For Sale: Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror
  213. For Sale: Thule roof racks *CT*
  214. For Sale: 3.0 BEL block, 2.8 heads (unassembled) pistons, rods, 3.0 crank.
  215. For Sale: Valeo head light ballast
  216. Wanted: WTB 2001 Audi S4 Core Support
  217. For Sale: Hid headlights.. could use sand/buff.
  218. For Sale: 01E transmission
  219. For Sale: B5 S4 heads
  220. For Sale: $4200 - 2001.5 STG 1.5 6sp Silver S4 - RICHMOND VIRGINIA
  221. For Sale: ECS 8mm wheel spacers - $60 shipped
  222. For Sale: USED Ko3 Turbos
  223. Trade: Looking to trade 034 3.5" exhaust for something a little more quiet.
  224. Wanted: WTB Rear rotors
  225. For Sale: Mk3 TT Flat Bottom Steering Wheel
  226. For Sale: !!!!!!!!!!fs b5 s4 oem wood interior trim !!!!!!!!
  227. Wanted: WTB Front bumper
  228. Wanted: Wtb black S4 filler plate
  229. For Sale: Meth Kit, Alcantara Steering Wheel, Fidanza Fly Wheel
  230. For Sale: 0E1 Transmission Cryo Treated Rebuild Upgraded Plus More
  231. Wanted: RS4 intercooler hose kit
  232. For Sale: B5 S4 tubular exhaust manifolds DAMAGED
  233. Wanted: Clean B5 S4 shell
  234. Wanted: Fog Light Any Condition
  235. Wanted: Rear brake stainless steel hoses and pads
  236. For Sale: 2001.5 B5 S4 Avant with 6 speed manual
  237. For Sale: Ecs front BBK stage 4 new never mounted
  238. For Sale: ONE (1) rear rs4 door (right/pasenger side)
  239. Wanted: Looking for B5 S4 front bumper & passenger fender (Canada)
  240. Feeler: Water meth injection kit
  241. For Sale: B5 S4 Mudflaps For Sale
  242. For Sale: 2001 nogaro blue s4 parts local pickup NJ
  243. Wanted: Injectors
  244. For Sale: Cam Bar, Crank locking Pin, Fan "chopstick" tool and 32mm fan wrench. $100 shipped
  245. For Sale: B5 RS4 Bi Pipes for sale.
  246. Wanted: Wtb 17z set up
  247. For Sale: JHM/ 034 Lightweight Flywheel b7 rs4 clutch, piggy pipes
  248. Wanted: ISO: aluminum knuckle bushings/adapters
  249. For Sale: 3 button fob, buttons only. 4D0837231E 4D0837231P MYT8Z0837231
  250. Wanted: Looking for down pipes and ko4 turbos