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  1. Full part out: 2001 audi a4 1.8
  2. 2000 a4 avant part out. Bad block. Everything else must go - No Longer Available
  3. Parting Out B5 A4 1.8t Q 5sp.
  4. 2000 Audi a4 part out - No Longer Available
  5. full part out - No Longer Available
  6. WTB Looking for a4 and s4 front end parts!
  7. Garage clean out - No Longer Available
  8. WTB: wtb facelift b5 a4 front bumper and fenders
  9. Wanted: B5 quattro Lowering Struts
  10. Part Out: B5 A4 Boost Parts
  11. Wanted: Facelift console parts
  12. FS: S4 front sway bar (NJ)
  13. FS: S4 suspension (NJ)
  14. Wanted: Passenger side pre-facelift headlight/corner light
  15. Part Out: 2000 A4 1.8TQM Silver/Black
  16. Wanted: 2000 a4 atw quattro Ecu 4B0 906 018 P
  17. Wanted: Wtb black b5 seats
  18. Wanted: Rear Suspension.
  19. Wanted: Black Driver side "Leather" seat cushion
  20. Wanted: Boost gauge sending unit
  21. Part Out: basement clean out
  22. Wanted: K03 with minimal shaft play
  23. Wanted: ST Coilovers.
  24. Wanted: WTB: pre facelift verbal locking pump
  25. Wanted: WTB: 10mm spacers with ball seat bolts 5x112
  26. Part Out: Garage clean out - Chicago IL
  27. Wanted: WTB Intercooler
  28. Wanted: Rieger RS4 Bumper
  29. Part Out: S4 parts
  30. B5 A4 & S4 Parts
  31. Wanted: WANTED: 1.8t AEB head + Adjustable cam gear
  32. Part Out: 1998 A4 Quattro Part Out
  33. Wanted: WTB ATW ECU plus Chip preferably 91 oct 2000 A4 AVANT 1.8TQM
  34. Wanted: Front & Rear Sport Struts Pleaseeee.
  35. Wanted: WTB: Driver Side Door Blades
  36. Wanted: black steering column trim (the piece with the "garage door thing")
  37. Wanted: Stock Front Shocks
  38. Wanted: Wtb taillights and airbag control module.
  39. Wanted: Carbonio Drive-By-Wire intake
  40. Wanted: WTB: small port 1.8t head
  41. Wanted: Test Pipe!
  42. Wanted: Wtb Quattro coilovers or lowering springs , exhaust, RS/S4 bumper and side skirts
  43. Independent fog lights relay - No Longer Available
  44. Wanted: WANTED: An AEB ECU stage 2/3
  45. Wanted: AWM Engine Code K03 Turbo
  46. RAI Motorsport J-Pipe O2 Sensor Spacer w/ 3 Gas Flow Inserts - No Longer Available
  47. Wanted: BFI Heavy Weight Shift Knob
  48. Part Out: tranny might be shot so parting her out
  49. Part Out: 2001 a4 2.8 30v pearl white part out
  50. Part Out: B5 A4/S4 OEM Parts
  51. Wanted: WTB forge, samco or APR turbo inlet pipe
  52. Wanted: Prefacelift a4 lower passenger grill
  53. Part Out: Volcano Black Mica '99.5 1.8tqm
  54. Wanted: Santorin blue hood for 1999.5
  55. Part Out: AEB parts For Sale
  56. Wanted: AEB pistons
  57. Wanted: Wtb: 2000 atw a4 ecu 4b0 906 018 p
  58. Wanted: WTB Child Seat Hooks
  59. B5 A4 1.8t Crankshaft Pulley - No Longer Available
  60. Wanted: Audi tool 3366
  61. Part Out: FS: 630cc AEB Chris Tapp ECU; B6 A4 Hawk Pads; 380cc inj ; BB FMIC
  62. Wanted: Clear corner 1-piece lights
  63. Wanted: Milltek B5 A4 Catback non-resonated exhaust (manual)
  64. Wanted: B5 S4 CREAM seats
  65. Wanted: WTB: Blinktek Heat shield or similar
  66. Feeler: FS: 2.8 A4 Cruise Control Module
  67. Part Out: FS: Climate Control Module
  68. Part Out: FS: Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners
  69. Part Out: FS: Cam Chain Tensioners (german oem)
  70. Wanted: Built/Rebuilt 06A 1.8T
  71. Wanted: Door Weathstripping
  72. Wanted: Rear Seat Armrest
  73. Wanted: Secondary Air Injection Hose : 058133817H
  74. Part Out: A4 Quattro 2.8 - Entire Car
  75. Wanted: A8 312x25
  76. Wanted: 034 HFC
  77. Wanted: Body Wiring Harness- switchable ESP Car, prefer 2001
  78. Wanted: Wtb awm mass air sensor.
  79. Wanted: WTB 5 Speed for 2001 QTM
  80. Wanted: Passenger side Fog Light
  81. Wanted: WTB COILOVERS FOR 01 A4 B5 fwd -__-
  82. ECU Tune for AWM 1.8t Only
  83. Wanted: Partial Facelift Console Parts 99.5
  84. Wanted: WTB ST coilovers wrench
  85. Wanted: PS fog light cover and grill for lower bumper needed
  86. Wanted: Quattro coilovers or lowering spring/strut setup
  87. Wanted: OEM exhaust a4 b5 1.8t quattro
  88. Wanted: Borla exhaust for a4 b5 QTM
  89. Wanted: WTB ross tech cable
  90. Wanted: Spring perch
  91. Wanted: Wtb Avant tail lights
  92. Wanted: OEM K03 Turbo
  93. Wanted: Those parting pre facelift cars!
  94. Feeler: Rare Gotti 3PC Wheels
  95. Wanted: WTB: B5 1.8T Manual Transmission Driver side output flange
  96. Part Out: 96A4 2.8 with seized motor
  97. Wanted: Ko3 Ko4 Lightly used
  98. Wanted: Stock 1.8t shifter
  99. For Sale: FS S4 breaks, rotors pads uprights $ 375 0B0
  100. For Sale: Valve cover 50% shaved
  101. Wanted: 1.8t fuel injector upgrade 386cc 06A906031J
  102. Wanted: WTB aeb pistons
  103. For Sale: Audi A4 B5 EFK Kit (Electric Fan Kit)
  104. Part Out: 1998 A4 2.8l Quattro Sedan
  105. For Sale: 4 Bolt down coils and ICM from AEB engine
  106. For Sale: Yakima Rack, w/fairing $300 OBO
  107. For Sale: Audi 4.2 ABZ Swap ECU $200 shipped.
  108. For Sale: 2001 headlight assemblies
  109. Wanted: WTB: Free or cheap: Rear Stock Springs: Baltimore, Harrisburg, Philly, Lancaster
  110. Wanted: full Terra Cotta Avant interior or full cloth Avant interior
  111. Wanted: WTB: Brilliant(Ideally) Black Doors can pick up at H2Oi
  112. For Sale: 1998.5 A4 1.8T Quattro Part Out, AEB engine 40k miles, APR Stage 3, Sport Interior..
  113. For Sale: Aeb coil packs
  114. Wanted: BBS Wheels, Any Kind '17 or '18 Only.
  115. Wanted: Wtb
  116. Part Out: 2001 Audi A4 Silver 2.8L Automatic
  117. Wanted: WTB bilstein Sport shocks
  118. Lots of leftover B5 A4 parts - No Longer Available
  119. For Sale: Forge 007 *Replica* Diverter Valve - $27 shipped
  120. For Sale: Straightback Quattro Exhaust
  121. For Sale: Integrated Engineering Billet Coilpack Adapters + choice of coilpacks
  122. For Sale: 034 motorspotrs 1.8t b5/b6 test pipe.
  123. Wanted: ...
  124. Wanted: wtb B5 stock air box
  125. For Sale: Driver side sun visor
  126. For Sale: Stage 3 557 p ecu for aeb
  127. For Sale: (B5 A4) Black Cloth Center Console Armrest Lid - $75 shipped
  128. For Sale: (B5 A4) 1.8t AWM MTM Stage 3 K04-15 ECU, Tune, and Injectors - $300 shipped
  129. For Sale: Apikol race transmission mounts
  130. For Sale: (B5 A4/S4) Neuspeed 19mm Adjustable Rear Anti-Sway Bar - $200
  131. Wanted: shift knob oem or aftermarket.
  132. For Sale: a4 b6 1.8t fmic kit cxracing
  133. Wanted: WTB: Facelift rear view mirror
  134. For Sale: B5 S4 Black and white alcantara front and rear seats 500 OBO
  135. Wanted: gauge pod
  136. Wanted: one 16" 5 spoke wheel
  137. HUGE part out, Performance parts, S4 parts, Terra cotta
  138. Part Out: HUGE part out, Performance parts, S4 parts, Terra cotta
  139. For Sale: (B5/B6 A4 1.8t, Passat 1.8t) Borg Warner K04-15 and/or AWM MTM Stage 3 tune/injec
  140. Wanted: Black 96 Audi A4 leather seats, heated. Shift knob and boot
  141. Wanted: Want to buy 1.8t atw ecu
  142. For Sale: Audi A4 2001 odds and ends for sale!
  143. B5 S4 GIAC Stage 2 93 octane tune 4B0908018M Computer Control ECU ECM tuned - No Longer Available
  144. For Sale: Trunk clean up make over cheap or pick ups
  145. For Sale: Trunk clean up make over cheap or pick ups
  146. Wanted: wanted 50 trim
  147. For Sale: Terra Cotta sedan seats
  148. For Sale: (B5/B6 A4 1.8t) 2.5" Test Pipe - $70 shipped
  149. For Sale: 312mm caliper carriers
  150. Borg Warner k04-020 - No Longer Available
  151. For Sale: ** ECS RA4 FLYWHEEL Brand New **
  152. Part Out: 2002 a4 part out
  153. For Sale: Raceseng Sammer, Still Hood Shift Knob, 1.8t ATW coils
  154. Wanted: Looking for: 1.8 quattro turbo back, working abs module, intake, 440cc injectors, etc
  155. For Sale: 557P Unitronics 1+ ECU $200
  156. Part Out: 1998.5 A4 2.8 Avant Part Out Front end damage
  157. Trade: 16" "swings" with winter tires for sale/trade
  158. For Sale: b5 a4 woodgrain shift knob (5-SPD Pattern)
  159. For Sale: AVANT headliner parts (B5A4)
  160. Wanted: WTB: Stock front A4 valance
  161. For Sale: 01 a4 parts and go fast parts
  162. For Sale: FS: Reflect Tuning Stage 1 557P ECU AEB Manual trans
  163. For Sale: B5 A4 1.8t Engine cover with heat sheild
  164. For Sale: (4) Bosch F5DP0R Spark plugs BNIB
  165. For Sale: B5 A4 Silver door jam mouldings
  166. For Sale: Free B5 1.8T Mann Oil Filter
  167. Wanted: Sail Panel / C/D pillar trim - dark pearl
  168. Wanted: Rear Brake Calipers
  169. Part Out: 2000 A4 2.8 5mt Hibiscus pre-facelift
  170. For Sale: FS: Dahlback Racing diverter valves
  171. Part Out - No Longer Available
  172. Wanted: Aeb tune
  173. Wanted: 06A Engine Block (wtb
  174. Wanted: 8D5 511 115 G Rear Coil Spring
  175. Wanted: WTB: Fiberglass or Carbon Fiber hood (CA)
  176. For Sale: Set of 5 18" Ultrasport 9 spoke wheels with tires for sale
  177. Wanted: WTB: Tensioner Tool 3366
  178. For Sale: Audi b5 a4 bentley manual
  179. For Sale: rosstech KII+USB vagcom cable
  180. For Sale: One Washer Cap - Driver's side, in Volcano Black Mica (LZ9U)
  181. Wanted: SEDAN Trunk lid plate bracket. PN 8d5827113c
  182. Gt28r and tial 38mm wastegate - No Longer Available
  183. Wanted: Black Leather Seat Bottom (Non-Sport)
  184. For Sale: FS: Hawk HPS Brake Pads HB269F.763
  185. For Sale: B5 A4 New OEM Drivers Mirror Glass (Pre-facelight - Also fits A6, A8, S8)
  186. For Sale: APR Stage 1 AEB Tuned/Chipped ECU
  187. For Sale: FS: 18x8 ET48 Sparco Asseto Gara w/ 225/45/18 Blizzak WS80
  188. Wanted: AEB oil squirter "bolts"
  189. For Sale: 01 audi a4 quattro 2.8 30v part out
  190. Wanted: WTB: 2.8 heads or 2.7 ported heads… no bent valves or damage.. also used k04 turbo's
  191. Wanted: Facelift hibiscus drivers side fender and hood.
  192. Wanted: WTB: A/C Compressor from a B5 AEB 1.8T
  193. For Sale: wheels, tires, lowering springs, struts and shocks
  194. For Sale: FS: Audi A4 99.5 with 94K miles manual transmission quattro AEB $400 ((OBO))
  195. For Sale: OEM Mud Flaps
  196. Wanted: Looking for OEM Suspension parts for 1.8T non-sport
  197. For Sale: Complete AEB Head
  198. For Sale: (Australia) 1.8T ATW/AEB cam chain tensioner and cam seals
  199. Wanted: Front left axle / cv joint 97 quattro a4
  200. Wanted: B5 A4 driver's side fender - silver
  201. Wanted: Santorin headlight washer cap
  202. For Sale: 1999 a4 1.8t NYC QUEENS Part Out
  203. For Sale: 2.8 30v parts just under 100k
  204. For Sale: Audi A4 water pump kit - $65
  205. For Sale: 99.5 Audi a4 1.8t big turbo NJ
  206. Wanted: Wtb: black hazard surround trim
  207. Wanted: dismantle 6 speed to prepare 1st\2nd fork
  208. Wanted: Roof rack
  209. For Sale: Catless downpipe
  210. For Sale: Spare and used parts (K04's, SRM shrouds, Dual mass flywheel, Etc.)
  211. For Sale: KO4 turbo & STAGE 2 GIAC TUNED ECU
  212. Wanted: 034 Rear Sway Bar
  213. For Sale: A4 AEB 1.8t borla exhaust
  214. For Sale: FS: 2.8 30v heads
  215. For Sale: Cat back exhaust
  216. For Sale: Thule Traverse 480 Feet & Fit Kit for B5 Sedans
  217. For Sale: 2001 Audi A4 Quattro awd 58k box A
  218. For Sale: Trunk Cargo Net and Stock B5 A4 Taillights
  219. Part Out: 2000 2.8 V6 Quattro Michigan Part out
  220. For Sale: P box ECU with 3 APR Programs $280 obo shipped in continental US
  221. For Sale: Thule Fit Kit #1019 (Audi B5 Sedans)
  222. For Sale: Parting b5 a4 Quattro 58k original miles
  223. For Sale: 2001 Audi a4 Spare Tire Rim / Jack kit with Cubby Lid/ Floor Mats SOCAL
  224. Wanted: WTB: Rubber floormats, passengers side fog grille
  225. Freshly powder coated AWM intake manifold - SOLD
  226. For Sale: 2.8 30v heads $275obo pick up + 120 for shipping
  227. For Sale: Thule Roof Rack with attachments B5 Sedan (SoCal)
  228. For Sale: 99.5 facelift black leather seats
  229. Complete door panels out of a S4 - No Longer Available
  230. For Sale: Led interior lights / cluster climate control radio led
  231. Wanted: 2.8 Super Charger
  232. Wanted: Pre facelift center console
  233. Pre facelift center console rear section in black - No Longer Available
  234. For Sale: Hawk hps f+r
  235. For Sale: 1.8t silicone turbo inlet pipes
  236. For Sale: APR R1 Diverter Valve
  237. For Sale: BORLA
  238. For Sale: Yakima Whispbar tower and cross bars S4 - $250
  239. For Sale: FS: A4/S4 B5 Quattro Rear upper suspension mount set -OUTSTANDING Condition-
  240. Wanted: WTB 5spd Trans
  241. For Sale: BFI B5 / B6 / B7 Stage 1 Complete Replacement Engine Mounts
  242. For Sale: Used B5 A4 Armrest and B5 A4 taillights.
  243. For Sale: BNIB Vogtland GT3 Coilovers B5 A4 S4
  244. Wanted: Want to buy : ecu cover/box
  245. FS: WA: Audi A4 S4 B5 chassis rear upper suspension mounts - No Longer Available
  246. Wanted: Audi 16" 7 spoke sport rim
  247. Part Out: 00,01 a4s 2.8 and 1.8
  248. For Sale: FS: FORGE DV 007 NIB LQQK!!! Glossy black!!
  249. Morel Maximo 5.25" component speakers, plug and play kit for B5 A4/S4 - No Longer Available
  250. For Sale: SOCAL- oem+/aftermarket/stock parts