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  1. 08 s5 v8 problems
  2. AWE track exhaust has pitiful drone!
  3. 6 spd swap RS5
  4. S5 V8 Issues
  5. :: ECS Tuning :: NEW!! Audi RS5 Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System | Now Available
  6. 2014 RS5 Production Numbers
  7. Model year differences
  8. RS5 Rumors
  9. Oil change on a 2015 RS5 via oil drain plug
  10. Audi buybacks?
  11. My new S5, need front bumper lower moulding
  12. Lower right and left hand grill tabs
  13. Do all RS5's have AFS?
  14. Redline Speed Worx (RSW) APR Stage 3 Supercharger Install on 6 Speed S5
  15. JHM B8 S5 4.2L FSI Tuning is Officially Available!
  16. I need one OEM 20" Rotor wheel if anyone has one they can part with?
  17. RS6 Rims on S5
  18. 08 S5 clutch replacement
  19. Metallic pads for rS5
  20. 2012 S5 - Flat spots in acceleration from gears 1-3
  21. RS5 wheel size question
  22. If you had 20k to spend on your RS5
  23. Someone finally captured my V8 S5 exhaust note.
  24. Body kit for 2008 audi S5
  25. 2009 Audi S5 Manually Turning Engine Over
  26. RS5 Stock Wheels
  27. Tightening spread between octane ratings
  28. Car buying help?
  29. Sunny weather in the Swiss Alps :) My RS5 2011
  30. What is the size of the Oil drain plug crush washer for V8?
  31. 4.2 Intake Manifold Replacement
  32. 91 vs 94
  33. RS5 2011 couple error codes.
  34. Front Rotor size for 2008 Audi S5?
  35. 2009 Audi S5 Facelift - Has anyone done one?
  36. :: ECS Tuning :: Want Milltek Exhaust? CALL US! Promo Ends 3/5/16
  37. P0087 and EPC light after changing plus and coil packs. Uh oh
  38. '15 RS5: Red Caliper Touch-up Paint
  39. ArmyTrix Exhaust, owner feedback needed
  40. 2008 S5 fuel pump access cover
  41. s5 v8 calipers
  42. Quattro not just for snow
  43. Starter Removal, Audi S5 possibly RS5 as well. V8 FSI
  44. S5 manual rev matching
  45. :: ECS Tuning :: Save Up To 30% On ECS Assembled Kits | Limited Time Only!
  46. Ordered the Capristo
  47. :: ECS Tuning :: RS5 ECS Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System Promo!| Limited Time!
  48. :: ECS Tuning :: ECS Flush Fit Kits | Up To $50 Off!!- Limited Time Only
  49. V8 Idler pulley & tensioner Pulley washer
  50. Trying to locate the vacuum line behind or under the manifold for P2006/p2007 code
  51. Thoughts from anyone that moved from an RS4 to an RS5?
  52. b8 S5 v8
  53. Time to get Supercharged
  54. APR Sale @ The European Experience - May 13-15th!
  55. RS5 rear spoiler
  56. JHM test pipes for S5 V8
  57. Gas Mileage
  58. Exhaust tip pitting
  59. OEM exhaust vs OEM sports exhaust - RS5
  60. Brake Pads for 2015 RS5
  61. Fast Intentions or JHM/Fast Intentions exhaust
  62. HELP !!!
  63. My Somewhat Detailed Experience with Daily Driving in Dynamic...
  64. Early vs Current version RS5 Ceramic rotors
  65. Can you guys give me some advice lowering my S5?
  66. NOW AVAILABLE: JHM B8 S5 4.2L Stage 1 Supercharger Kit
  67. :: ECS Tuning :: Billet Oil Filter Housing Hook-Up! | B8 RS5
  68. :: ECS Tuning :: Ignition Service Solutions | B8 S5 4.2L
  69. My review of Caste System Performance
  70. Front camera for the RS5?
  71. :: ECS Tuning :: Save 15% On ECS Wheel Essentials | 7/6- 7/14 Only!
  72. Swapping Over
  73. It's not my HPFP whining after all.
  75. 20" x 10.5 Wheel fitment/offset question for audi s5
  76. anyone with a s5 4.2 repair manual?
  77. Race pipe cold start video w/FI exhaust.
  78. :: ECS Tuning :: Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System | Includes $100 ECS Gift Card!
  79. S5 Motor Mounts
  80. Questions regarding High Mileage B8 S5
  81. RS5 track day
  82. Audi s5 b8 2009 misfire cyl 1 idle
  83. Potential New Owner ~ Need your advise!
  84. ::Excelerate Performance:: End of year sale!
  85. Is the v8 dct ?
  86. Low pressure A/C port
  87. JHM Vs AWE Track
  88. RS5 Cold Air Intake Eventuri Carbon Fiber vs. Luft Technik
  89. Which 4.2 S5 Motor Mounts Should I Buy
  90. ACC won't go away
  91. Do NOT buy the ecstuning.com in tank fuel pump.
  92. RS5 Clutch Not Engaging at Low Speed
  93. ::Excelerate Performace:: Limted Time Offer!
  94. Is this a good RS5?
  95. RS5 exhaust difference between sport and non sport
  96. In case anyone is interested in a catch can setup...
  97. RS5 Front Rotors ? Best Iron After market brand ?
  98. HELP, manual transmission diagnosis?
  99. EPL V8 tune
  100. A4 B8 2.0T upgrades
  101. Nav Update!
  102. Any JHM love coming to the RS5 soon?
  103. Has anyone tracked carbon build up? - RS5
  104. DTM
  105. Can you cold start RS5 with valves closed?
  106. WHy not buy Magnuson Supercharger cheaper
  107. JHM or APR SUPERCHARGER for Audi s5 4.2L
  108. Manual Transmission Parts
  109. :: ECS Tuning :: NEW!! Rear 2-piece Tru-Float Wave Rotors For Your B8 RS5
  110. AWE or Armytrix
  111. Supercharger, jhm, apr, tts etc??
  112. 35k RS5 service
  113. Front grill replacement
  114. Supercharger installation cost
  115. Pre facelift AFS to facelift AFS headlights retrofit
  116. Misfire and EPC light after hard acceleration
  117. Facelift retro fit on pre Facelift 2009 S5 with AFS
  118. APR Software Sale: Dec 12th to Jan 7th
  119. Driver door not locking with keyfob or door sensor
  120. Opinions would be nice.
  121. Adaptive Cruse Control Calibration Help! Please
  122. MK5 R32 to B8 RS5
  123. Code p0016 - what to do?
  124. Bluetooth help
  125. Cruise control
  126. ANYONE have JHM supercharger
  127. Random Cylinder Misfires. 4.2 L...............NEED ADVICE!
  128. O34 motorsports Rear Sub-Frame INSERT "Varient" on B8 S5
  129. EPC Light
  130. How much Oil should RS5 "eat" ?
  131. S5 Low Oil Light
  132. RS5 quarter mile results
  133. STG 1 ECU flash JHM or REVO
  134. Why Side mirrors keep fogging up while driving
  135. Agency Power S5 Titanium Exhaust
  136. Squeaking/Creaking Sound Coming from the Back Seat or Trunk
  137. Dyno results After JHM supercharger
  138. ROLL on with mustang V8
  139. did anyone ever get a TSB for brakes or any help from AoA?
  140. Rs5 grille for b8 s5
  141. S5 Transmission Issue
  142. RS5 New driver. Help Needed.
  143. Confused about options for Supercharger B8 S5...what's still current?
  144. :: ECS Tuning :: NEW!! Stainless Steel Center X-Pipe | Audi B8 RS5
  145. Rear Brake Pad Wear Sensor for RS5
  146. tire size
  147. tts perforfance supercharger
  148. potential new v8 S5 club member
  149. AWE Track Extreme Exhaust Drone. Need quiet it down
  150. Keeping backup camera
  151. Rear diffuser fitment
  152. Off with the AWE Track Extreme on with the Capristo for my RS5. Thoughts?
  153. Sport diff / tpms malfunction rs5
  154. Is Capristo quieter WOT then AWE Track Extreme?
  155. 2008 Audi s5
  156. No question is a dumb question
  157. Shopping for a RS5
  158. Help!!!! What would you do
  159. RS5s with OEM carbon ceramic brakes with aftermarket wheels
  160. Auto to Manual Swap?
  161. RS5- Front Lip. BO now damaged. Need advice
  162. Cool video series of our dealer PHP Specialists installing a JHM S5 Supercharger!
  163. Engine to Transmission Bolts (OEM part numbers: 11 bolts) MY2009 ,4.2L, 6spd. man. S5
  164. Help on which Brake kit to use
  165. Audi RS5 All Weather Floor Mats
  166. 2011 s5 4.2 Cel p0087 low fuel pressure
  167. Questions regarding buying RS5 w/o oil change history
  168. jhm test pipes and need a inspection
  169. P2006, P2007, P0491 -- Running out of ideas.
  170. Radiator problem....
  171. P0480 Radiator fan keeps running
  172. RS5 exhaust tips question
  173. Suspension failure....
  174. The wife's RS5...
  175. New Brake Pads for RS5, street use only
  176. Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake Yellowing Issues
  177. E-Codes Headligths?
  178. Misfire cylinder 7?
  179. What aftermarket parts can transfer from B8 to B9 S5?
  180. Could appreciate quick advice on 2014 RS5 Covert
  181. remote control for your RS5 exhaust valves
  182. Anyone heard of the tire brand Altenzo
  183. 2015 RS5 Cabriolet production numbers
  184. :: ECS Tuning :: StopTech Braking Products Now Available!
  185. RS5 Fuel Door NOT opening
  186. A post for rs5 owners
  187. Extended Warranty Options on RS5
  188. I finally narrowed it down to Eneos, Redline or Motul (whew)
  189. Help !!!! S5 major problems
  190. How to tell if you lost TUne etc for exhaust etc
  191. Oil on MAF sensor
  192. :: ECS Tuning :: NEW!! ECS Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler | Audi B8 RS5
  193. Supersprint X-pipe for the RS5
  194. Cam position sensor
  195. "engine speed governing" light came on
  196. HELP!!! Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected
  197. PSA:Photobucket Sucks.
  198. Cleaned 02 sensors and now i think i effed myself.
  199. Help* new car questions
  200. Oil Report RS5
  201. Present market price for 2011 Audi S5 V8 prestige
  202. Hard starting after fueling
  203. Jhm/intercooler/stage2
  204. part number help request RS5 ceramic set up
  205. APR Software Sale: Jul 20th - Aug 13th @ all USA Dealers.
  206. New to the S5 Platform
  207. 09 S5 MMI/Headlight/Motor(maybe) damage!
  208. Quick pics
  209. Pirelli p-zero life-span on RS5
  210. Servtronic Steering
  211. So what is the latest verdict with Armytrix on RS5? Yay or nay?
  212. Fault code help P1068
  213. Wheel fitment on an RS5
  214. X-POST: BIG Thanks to S VIER...... Rotors look perfect!!!
  215. H&R RSS setup
  216. Enhanced engine sound on RS5?
  217. Timing Chain service at 100k miles?
  218. Labor cost for JHM supercharger upgrade
  219. Stock airbox
  220. Highest All Motor HP Output?
  221. B8 S5 feels weaker after carbon clean and spark plug swap
  222. Water Pump Failure?
  223. Cost to replace cat converter B8 4.2
  224. Best tuning options for S5 V8
  225. Serpentine belt replacement
  226. RS5 Catastrophic Stock Rim Failure
  227. RS5 Headlight Issue
  228. What exhaust is this? RS5 content
  229. Hood to fender misalignment, sign of bodywork?
  230. Single exhaust pipe on S5 V8
  231. Please help me identify this noise on my RS5
  232. APR Fall Sale: 15% off all Software until Oct 31st! (USA)
  233. RS5, Bilsteins and a road trip
  234. Very dumb question
  235. Thickness of RS5 ceramic disks when new?
  236. 2011 S5 Manual - Shifter Knob Loose
  237. Where is mass air flow sensor
  238. Weird up rev while deceleration
  239. Throttle body adapter
  240. Rebar Visibility FIX on S5 with RS5 Grill!
  241. AIRBAG Module location and removal 09 S5?
  242. Code P2014
  243. Multiple engine codes
  244. Trade in and private sale values for 2013 RS5?
  245. Random misfires, serious cold start issues 09 S5
  246. Ecu help - just need a picture
  247. Spark plugs for the RS5
  248. can will not atart
  249. Carbon Fiber Parts
  250. Alignment numbers