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  1. Maintenance and Performance Tuning Shops
  2. Vancouver Audi Club (Lower Mainland)
  3. Any Audi owners in the OK area?
  4. Sightings Thread (Vancouver)
  5. I live in BC but see more and more Alberta plates each day, is it cheaper?
  6. MMI 3G Traffic in Vancouver now working?
  7. They don't deserve these cars!! 13 exotics caught racing in Vancouver.
  8. Vancouverites; What website do you use to sell used cars?
  9. Western Canada Section?
  10. CTS Turbo Fall into Fall Club BBQ
  11. What up AZ peeps, this place is kinda slow, eh? ***special west coast edition***
  12. [GVA] Carbon fiber wrap shops?
  13. 2011-2012 Audizine Winter Tire / Pakage Pricing - SimplyTire
  14. Are radar detectors any use in Vancouver?
  15. Something FEDEX dropped off this morning :-)
  16. Anyone going to Quattrofest?
  17. ST Coilovers in Vancouver
  18. How has no one jumped on this S4?
  19. Vagcom in Calgary
  20. Vancouver BC owner needs help!
  21. Wow
  22. OFFICIAL Western Canada Check-in
  23. Write-up about the Toronto 'Audi driving experience' by our very own RippleChip!
  24. New here!
  25. Where to buy snow tires in lower mainland?
  26. A good Audi shop in Vancouver/Richmond/Burnaby?
  27. Anyone in Alberta buy something from JHM?
  28. AN Fittings in Canada
  29. Leavenworth 2012!
  30. 2012 Q5 discount
  31. Paintless Dent Removal - Vancouver
  32. import a car from Europe
  33. Last night's coffee meet
  34. VAG-COM Available for use in Vancouver
  35. CTS BBQ with the VAC Crew!
  36. Edmonton Audi club?
  37. Calgary Audi Club
  38. Last minute random Richmond meet
  39. Vancouver International Auto Show 2012
  40. Late night meet tonight: Bridgeport Tim Hortons
  41. Audi tuning shops in Vancouver, BC?
  42. Need a body shop in Edmonton, soon!
  43. CTS Turbo OMG BBQ!!!!!!! Saturday April 28th 2012
  44. Since i see there are so many *active* vancouverites here on AZ, local meet soon??
  45. New Audi Club Western Canada Chapter website officially launched!
  46. Audi Safety? So lucky the guy survived this.
  47. [Vancouver Audi Club] Annual Harrison Hot Springs BBQ
  48. Calgary - H&R Springs install
  49. Canadian Vendors
  50. First service for car in Vancouver
  51. Speed Syndicate BBQ June 9
  52. Window trim wrap in GVA
  53. PSA 94 Octane - Calgary Alberta
  54. Feeler: Richmond Coffee Meet next week
  55. invoice price vs msrp in gva
  56. Selling (Local) Quad Exhaust for B8 A4
  57. Edmonton meet
  58. Thursday Night Coffee meets
  59. Calgary - Help with summer tires
  60. AutoUnion Car Show 2012 - Red Deer, AB
  61. VAG-COM in Edmonton
  62. Does anyone in AB have the Milltek non-res on their B8S4?
  63. Whistler Cruise 2012 + Whistler Cruise AFTERPARTY
  64. Audi of Richmond in BC incident
  65. Driving B5 S4 in winter in Canada
  66. Vancouver Audi Club Video
  67. Winter racing in Alberta.
  68. Hood paint damage
  69. Riviera Blue 997 Turbo
  70. new rs5 owner - hopefully
  71. Turbo mapping
  72. Calling all Vancouver Audi's ...
  73. Edmonton VAG-COM caregivers?
  74. RS5 Photoshoot with new BBS CX-Rs rims
  75. Aussie coming over.
  76. Cruise
  77. Detailer in Calgary?
  78. Pulled over for being too loud [GVA]
  79. Need help - doing mods in Vancouver BC area
  80. recommendations based on experience for Independent Audi shop in Vancouver
  81. Fog light replacement in gva?
  82. dashcam good or bad? need advise
  83. H&R dealer in Calgary area
  84. Aftermarket Dealership Install
  85. Clear Car bra
  86. Calgary Dealers - options at purchase
  87. Anyone know where to find trashed B7's in Edmonton?
  88. VAG-COM in Calgary
  89. Leavenworth 2013 Announced! June 15th, 2013
  90. :: EuropaParts.com ::Like us on Facebook! Free Prizes!
  91. Best Independent Audi Service in Edmonton
  92. Best detail shop in Fraser Valley or Vancouver
  93. Podi skid plate
  94. Sun Visor clips...
  95. Anyone from Vancouver have experience with Boca Designs?
  96. Huge Favor to ask
  97. Feeler: Vancouver B7 Parts - OEM HIDs, FMIC kit, titanium s-line grill
  98. FS - Anyone interested in OEM 19" S4 peelers?
  99. Bring on the Spring BBQ @ CTS Turbo Sunday April 21st
  100. Western Canada Wanted: 18' Gunmetal wheels with rubber
  101. .:Eurocode Tuning:. Now offering USPS shipping to Canada (when applicable)
  102. FS: AWE Exhaust B7 A4 2.0T 6MT - Cheap!
  103. Ohlins shock rebuild?
  104. Help with VAG COM please!
  105. RS5 sports exhaust to get rid of in Calgary
  106. FS - B7 RS4 headlights (with AFS)
  107. Edmonton Meet
  108. Calgary floods
  109. Best Local Edmonton Parts Supplier
  110. Mt Baker Drive Anyone coming down?
  111. O2 spacer
  112. Drive to Mt-Vernon this Sunday
  113. THURSDAY NIGHT MEETS (BC lower mainland)
  114. Fs: 20x9 tsw nurburgrings!
  115. Fs: H&r oe sport springs
  116. AutoUnion Car Show - Red Deer, AB, Aug 16-18
  117. FS: 2012 B8 A4 S-Line Springs
  118. do u know a good mechanic in Edmonton ..need to instal a new clutch
  119. JHM tune cable
  120. VAG-COM In Edmonton
  121. Edmonton meet
  122. FS: Some parts for B7 A4 2.0T Quattro
  123. FS: Packasport System 60LP
  124. price opinion on a B5 S4 in BC
  125. i need help with a salvage
  126. i need help with a salvage
  127. Calgary to Red Deer (Auto Union) Sunday?
  128. DTP Vancouver
  129. Picture Whoring Thread!
  130. Mechanic shops in Victoria?
  131. Intersted in an all-German Car Club Okturbofest?
  132. Feeler: B6 parts
  133. Selling : 2001.5 B5 S4
  134. Red S5 & Black RS 5...
  135. HELP! Any memebers here from or near Delta.BC? Need to checkout a car for me.
  136. 'Okturbofest 2013' on Thursday Oct.10th @ The Vancouver Alpin Club
  137. WTB:Audi S-line A4 Avant (wagon) 3.1L V6 engine prefer automatic transmission
  138. Fort Mcmurray
  139. FS/FT: My built B5 A4
  140. New Audis just got cheaper in Canada
  141. Front Window Tint- Alberta
  142. Edmonton Euro Meet - Sunday Nov. 3 @ 10am
  143. What oil do you run for colder climates??
  144. FS: 19" HARTMANN HLP-410 in Kelowna BC
  145. Land of Quattro
  146. 2005.5 Audi S4 B7 344hp V8 AWD Sedan SOLID Winter vehicle - Edmonton
  147. Body Shop Recommendations in Edmonton and Area?
  148. ACWC & VAC All-Audi Christmas Party...
  149. B8 S4 Appearance Mods Part Out
  150. Where all the vancouver classifieds at?
  151. Please i need help with my clutch !!!
  152. Wheels and Tires for sale!
  153. Audi Club Western Canada Thursday Night Burger'N'Bevy Meet...
  154. Looking for 1.8t Breather Hose elbow - Calgary
  155. VCDS in Victoria
  156. Leavenwoth 2014
  157. Spring unSprung | Vol. 6
  158. B5 RS4 are almost 15 years old, now how can I get one over here?
  159. Revscene March 30 Spring Meet
  160. Ordering aftermarket parts
  161. VCDS In Saskatoon,SK ?!
  162. Anyone out west with a stock B6/B7 S4 exhaust that they're looking to get rid of?
  163. Vancouver area meet feeler
  164. New audi- how to avoid voiding my warranty?
  165. ** Vancouver Audi Club** For those that are in Vancity and surrounding areas
  166. Looking for B6/B7 Bentley Manual
  167. VAGKRAFT 2014 - Presented by: The Source and Humberview Volkswagen
  168. York Region Area Vag Com??
  169. BEWARE: German Car Specialists by Two Square in Calgary, Alberta
  170. Looking for recommendations for Calgary garages (suspension install and others)
  171. 13th Annual German Car Festival
  172. Denis Kirk - Audi of Kelowna
  173. Edmonton Air Riders End of Summer 17 Show and Shine!
  174. Secret Broadcast LIVE @ VAGKRAFT 2014!
  175. BERLIN KLASSIK 2014 - The Ultimate German Car Show - Official Sponsor GermanOEM.ca
  176. eurodrivers Charity Cruise - INTO THE ROCKIES 2014
  177. Radio keys
  178. Vag-com calgary
  179. Glenmore Audi in the News!
  180. ACWC Drive down to the 7th Annual H & R Wanderlust Mt. Baker Drive Saturday Aug. 16th
  181. E85 now in BC
  182. Pre-meet Richmond for Revscene Summer Meet Roll-in - Sunday August 17
  183. AWE Tuning Exhaust SALE @ .:Eurosport Tuning!
  184. FS: 2009 Audi S5 Premium
  185. OkTurbofest Dinner!
  186. Glenmore Audi - Mod Friendly?
  187. Winter tires
  188. Vancouver owners
  189. GIAC shop in Vancouver
  190. Airbag Recall
  191. meanwhile in Calgary
  192. Eurasia Automotive - Edmonton, AB
  193. VAG COM - In kelowna!
  194. Vancouver Audi Enthusiasts
  195. Audi TT heated seat
  196. need new keys programmed
  197. Whistler Recommendations
  198. Brakes in Coquitlam
  199. Spotted this beauty up at the Canmore Nordic Centre over the weekend...
  200. Looking for ECS Tuning products?
  201. My Baby -- STOLEN!! Maple Ridge, BC, Canada area - Calling on all troops!
  202. Anyone in the Calgary area with a JHM data cable? Looking to buy/rent/borrow one.
  203. New parts from 034 Motorsports!
  204. [OEMconcept] Avant Garde Spring 2015 Group Buy | Lowest Prices EVER!
  205. 3-piece rotiform ROC for sale
  206. Spring Unsprung
  207. Recommended icbc auto body shop in Vancouver?
  208. Just another Thursday night
  209. FREE Shipping on ECS Tuning Parts - Month of March!
  210. Leavenworth Drive 2015
  211. Spotted in Vic, whose car is this?
  212. WTT: My 2014 S4 Rotor Wheels for your 2015 S4 Petal Wheels
  213. Edmonton help for a fellow enthusiast...
  214. Tuning shops in Edmonton
  215. Air ride
  216. Vancouver B8 S4 AWE Track exhaust
  217. WTB Audi RS4 body parts..
  218. B5 VR6 Swapped - import
  219. Would anyone be interested in a heated windshield for their B6/B7 A4/S4/RS4?
  220. Anyone have a Supercharger Pulley, Puller, I can rent?
  221. Klima Cleaner in Vancouver area?
  222. Feeler: WTT Rotiform SPF 19x8.5 Wheels for your 2015 S4 Petal Wheels
  223. JHM Tuning Cable on the Island
  224. Help: Value of your c5 A6?
  225. Exhaust shops in Calgary that KNOWS Audis
  226. edmonton meets?
  227. May 30th Chuckanut Cruise
  228. 18x10J 3 Piece Rotiform LHRs for sale in YYC
  229. Buying parts in Canada
  230. Shipping Wheels to the States from Alberta
  231. SQ5 Part out!
  232. Leather Repair in Calgary
  233. FS Audi A5/S5/RS5 20 Inch PUR forged wheels with Falken 275-30-20 tires
  234. Vagcom needed in Vancouver
  235. BNIB AWE Exhaust S5 Touring with Resonator downpipes
  236. Vinyl wrap window trim
  237. Reputable shop is Calgary
  238. Reputable shop in Edmonton :)
  239. Has Any one done 2.7 swap in Alberta
  240. Need help from fellow Audizine brother!
  241. need information for garage AB
  242. Lets get together!!!
  243. Thanks to Cosmos Collision in Calgary!
  244. Can anyone recommend a good shop to have tires mounted in Calgary?
  245. Any Calgary guys/gals around?
  246. Vancouver ppl with Ross tech vcds
  247. Oil change
  248. ECS Tuning March Specials @ .:EuroSport Tuning
  249. ECS Tuning Canadian Pricing on EuroSport Tuning website
  250. Selling my K04/Bagged B8 Avant if interested.....