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  1. Just bought a A4 1.8T salvage looks like it needs a new turbo
  2. How to use Unitronic support ticket system
  3. The Official “Before you get flashed…” Checklist
  4. Turbo died!
  5. crankshaft end play ?
  6. Limp turbo, Diverter valve issue?
  7. got a new 99 avant wth 160000 miles trying to upgradeREAD....advice!!!!
  8. Help !
  9. A4 Quattro 1.8T.. looking to mod it proformance wise. advice?
  10. Pic Needed Stock Exhaust Gasket on Stock Head
  11. Need Help..Oil Change Gone Wrong
  12. ko4 turbo upgrade
  13. How important is Flow-Matched Injectors....
  14. Buyin a Black avant USP
  15. CEL with Uni 630cc
  16. Suggestion for the best spark plugs for my 04/a4 1.8t
  17. help audi a6 1.8T engine, where is EGR valve? and engine symptom....
  18. Boost or Exhaust leak? (BT)
  19. Need New Turbo
  20. 2002 1.8t alternator
  21. weird Transmission sounds after cracking CrossMember
  22. Losing boost in my stock 1.8T
  23. 1.8T MBC in Parallel - part sizing
  24. P0638, P0221, P0507: TB, TPS, Something else?
  25. Installing New Spark Plugs: Tools & Gapping Information
  26. turbo stumble only on hard acceleration
  27. diy valve cover gasket replacement
  28. 1.8t build just got my audi need help
  29. Oil Loss and Burning Oil Smell
  30. 04 A4 avant codes help
  31. Need some advice!
  32. driver side turbo oil leak b5 s4
  33. how to build awm block?
  34. Loss of power
  35. P1176 code shown on 2001 MK1 tt 225hp Quattro
  36. Low boost won't pass 5psi
  38. Oil In The Wrong Place! Help!
  39. Car died while driving and won't restart??
  40. Need help Bad
  41. Need Some Cam Timing Verification
  42. Weak diverter valve?
  43. Need Help - New build will not start.
  44. 2 problems! Need HELP!
  45. b5 tuning guide.
  46. desperatly need help!!
  47. engine build help. need your input
  48. Apexi turbo timer
  49. Im doing this Vacuum Delete and it is not that easy
  50. 1.8t Battery drain, already checked normal causes
  51. Turbo Heat Shield
  52. Help Deciding An Exhaust !!
  53. Unitronic chip help please!!!!
  54. R1 DV question
  55. Weak/Hard Start
  56. t3t4 turbo upgrade (need some advice)
  57. BNS 4.0 to RNS-D installation
  58. Cruise control not working
  59. Coolant Leak. Anyone know the part number for this?
  60. losing boost and power after 4000rpm
  61. APR "flash code" ???? Does anyone know what this is?
  62. hard start after parked for 2 years
  63. Need advice on ko4 (i searched)
  64. im pulling my hair out with this idle issue
  65. new owner, need advice
  66. Idle issues please help
  67. Tried doing some ko4 research, but couldnt find much on my question
  68. S3 8L BAM tuning suggestions
  69. There's going to be a new to me 2005 B6 Avant in my driveway tomorrow...
  70. problems accelerating...
  71. Using ebay VAG cable to log
  72. Problem: Chevy V8 fuel mileage out of a 1.8t (stock)....ideas?
  73. Billy Boat exhaust / "resonance cones" - opinions - risks
  74. 2.0t coilpacks on 1.8t B5
  75. starting the new IE stroker solid lifter motor build
  76. Zero Boost on Elim Kit
  77. boost problem on b5 a4 1.8t ko4-15
  78. No Fuel Pressure
  79. rough idle.
  80. Boost gauge not reading boost when headlight switch is turned on
  81. AEB Rebuild Advice
  82. Secondary air injection pump HELP!!!
  83. High Idle issue after replacing PCV in 99 AEB
  84. I need advice for replacing exhaust/mufflers.
  85. giac and introduction !
  86. What does error code this mean, exactly?
  87. Forge Diverter Valve (The Splitter)
  88. vr6 maf in tt225?
  89. help
  90. How much can auto tranny take?
  91. Rough Idle And Climbing Vaccum On Cold Start
  92. >700 AWHP on the dyno tonight!!!!!
  93. 3" staright back exhaust for A4 B5 1.8T?
  94. Stock bottom end?
  95. Help pls! Fan turns on at cold start up?!?!
  96. turbo sound??
  97. Rear o2 LTFT question
  98. Anybody happens to have an exta cam cap?
  99. stalls when coming to a stop???
  100. Code p0299 under boost
  101. 2nd start cel
  102. 1.8L b7 aftermarket parts?
  103. Low Oil Pressure Problem
  104. no start issue
  105. Anyone successful with E85?
  106. new owner, throwing codes morning after purchase
  107. vag com on mac
  108. exhaust gasket for milltek downpipe/exhaust
  109. Coil Harness
  110. p1127 p1426 breaks up under boost
  111. 2001 Audi A4 1.8 models
  112. K03 with k04 compressor/turbine...check this out
  113. Puked antifreeze 2003 1.8T Quatro
  114. If you like lemons please read my story!!!
  115. Audi A4 Drivetrain Question?
  116. stuck with repeatedly going into limp!
  117. Car wont start!! PLEASE HELP!
  118. 1.8t Wiring Diagram
  119. acceleration cuts when at steady cruise
  120. Engine Mileage question
  121. Help identifying sound
  122. ECU Swapping
  123. Techtonics exhaust
  124. 01 TT dies while driving
  125. Main bearing color codes
  126. obd connector
  127. TT vs 350z
  128. Help!
  129. P0600 code what does this mean?
  130. 2000 ATW going to K04 or BT soon, need some advices.
  131. Seals/Gaskets...What brands have you found trust in?
  132. light weight crank pulley?
  133. Just performed COAM and now P0102.
  134. Will S4 rotors fit on an a4 ?
  135. Pardon my noobish but..... Catch Can?
  136. Boost Spike, Then Limp
  137. Windage tray part number?
  138. Location of the crank position sensor
  139. hot engine, cracked head?
  140. 2001 TT Quatro 1.8 Clutch
  141. DIY 1.8T B6 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Replacement/Diagnosis
  142. O2 Sensor codes and losing boost
  143. That damn 1.8t audi BOOST ISSUE again!
  144. Overheating....PLEASE HELP!!
  145. Re-build
  146. infamous p0411 code
  147. car hesitates while accelerating
  148. Ko4 question
  149. aeb chip tuning
  150. Pcodes need help to fix??
  151. Oil after the turbo
  152. PCODE P0106 Manifold / Barometric Pressure Sensor ????
  153. Rebuilt but No Power
  154. 80k Service, $$ Pinch... Any Help?
  155. Grinding noise when reving?
  156. B7 1.8 DV or boost leak?
  157. OH NO, weak start really rough idle, stumbling acceleration, Help Please
  158. Looking for: RHD TT 225q owner?
  159. Was any 1.8t VW/A engine PZEV or similar? (no fuel burned when engine braking)
  160. A4 1.8L Caliper Covers
  161. shop near pasadena, ca for engine work?
  162. Weird issues
  163. ESP light comes on
  164. Misfire and excessive crankcase pressure
  165. Fuel Injector Max Capability
  166. High Boost
  167. My new 2000 TT logs
  168. '05 A4 Avant 1.8T timing belt-remove headlights?
  169. 2001 audi a4 1.8tqm TRANSMISSION WILL NOT SHIFT
  170. weird engine noise?
  171. Help!, Coolant Issues!
  172. Need help choosing a muffler
  173. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!! need 2ndaryair injection system
  174. Fuel problem after checking compression!!!
  175. govener???
  176. Crankshaft bolt
  177. Rear Brake Replacement, VAG-COM.. This is not DIY?? Please Advise
  178. Need some info 1.8t with stage2 APR and wmi
  179. Euro Customs Tuning Review
  180. Fuel gauge bad on pod, advice?!?
  181. Will this turbo fit
  182. 6 speed stiff after warming up
  183. Chewing Through A/C Compressors...What Now?
  184. Oil Pan Heater
  185. Moar boost!
  186. Limp mode?
  187. bov???
  188. Best FMIC?
  189. need help with methanol kit
  190. Ecu tuning for 99' a4 1.8t?
  191. 1.8t mt q no clutch start..replaced switches ... nothing ..relay219???
  192. Locked out of 1st & 2nd gear
  193. first upgrades for my FWD 1.8t automatic
  194. hids?
  195. Starter Bolts
  196. Normal boost? Vid included
  197. CEL P1128 - Rough Idle , 2000 1.8T ATW... A stumper..please help
  198. power surge when boosting over 10psi
  199. A4 won't start
  200. Engine continues to rev between shifts
  201. Belt Tensioner Pulley
  202. 99 A4 AEB 1.8TQ doesn't idle long before it dies. throttle response sputters ingear.
  203. fule pump upgrade?? need some advice
  204. No boost, burning lots of oil, high engine temps, wastegate rod does not move.
  205. Seems like clutch + flywheel went out but not 100% sure. Please help!
  206. 2000 A4 quattro 1.8t torque converter issue
  207. Broke timing belt on hwy!!
  208. Fueling, The AEB, and Unitronic 1+
  209. 1999 Audi A4 Quattro Help.
  210. 2003 B6 quattro avant front left axle broke on the way to S. Lake Tahoe 7/12
  211. N75 valve open circuit help!!
  212. 3" Downpipe for Milltek exhaust?
  213. Vibration from flywheel at maximum torque
  214. PLEASE HELP pulled vagcom codes today
  215. Doing an E85 conversion, comments appreciated
  216. Turbo Limp after intercooler pipe falls out of turbo Help! DV valve Problems?
  217. Turbo inlet pipe 2.0" AEB
  218. Test pipe - wideband - 1.8T AEB
  219. 2.0 inch compressor inlet diameter - how to connect to stock pipe?
  220. vacume leak under intake manifold, need help
  221. Is this a good intercooler deal?
  222. My build.
  223. 4g63 450's on b5 a4 awm??
  224. Random misfiring 3000-4000rpm
  225. CH box software versions
  226. Cold start problem/coolant problem help please...
  227. 6 spd MT conv for A4 B5.5 FWD 5MT...???
  228. 2004 Audi A4 1.8T erratic idling fault
  229. k04 question...
  230. A slew of problems
  231. strange jerk at low RPMs, in drive or tiptronic.. help?
  232. Fuel and ignition issues
  233. 99 b5 a4 1.8t quattro gearbox upgrades
  234. DIY sub$500 Mods
  235. A4 won't start; Bad ecu???
  236. b6 a4 1.8t tiptronic recoding with ecs master
  237. Leaking oil and idleing different
  238. Maf/Boost issue
  239. MagnaFlow, exhaust for TT mk1... 4in
  240. Wierd NON-start/START sometimes issue b6
  241. TT 225 burning oil - Turbo?
  242. larger throttle body - worth doing?
  243. VAG-Com log view in excel problems
  244. My Franken one!
  245. B6 Audi Crank/speed Sensor Problems HELP !!
  246. Question 98 a4 1.8 t
  247. What size bolts on the coolant flange?
  248. left blinker no response, right and hazards work fine.. problem?
  249. Clutch Master or Slave cylinder
  250. low coolant sensor at highway speeds