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  1. RS4 Enhancements
  2. GT3RS green RS4
  3. Audi RS4 - Titanium Edition
  4. RS4 logo floor mats
  5. Special Order/Exclusive Package RS4's
  6. 2007 rs4 Manheim prices?
  7. RS4 Motorsport Installation, Part 1, DIY
  8. RS4 Low OIL again
  9. The JHM RS4 part suggestion thread
  10. Whats the word on GIAC and an RS4 tune?
  11. RS4 only 263whp flat from 6k rpm ?!?!
  12. RS4: Intake Manifold Carbon Build-Up & Clean Up
  13. RS4: -- PART 2 -- Intake Manifold Carbon Build-Up & Clean U
  14. JHM B7 RS4 Tune *The beginning*
  15. RS4 B7 makeover
  16. Updated Pics of the RS. New Mods.
  17. RS4 Magnaflow downpipes
  18. B7 RS4 oil catch can..
  19. GIAC Software NOW Available for the B7 RS4 with switching!
  20. NEW! 034 Motorsport 4-ply Silicone MAF hoses for the B7 RS4 - INTRO PRICING!
  21. B7 S4 Wheels installed on B7 RS4 - bad idea?
  22. (RS4)weekend project, take wheels off and clean clean clean
  23. More APR RS4 Stage 3's (supercharger kits) Arriving Shortly!!!
  24. NEW! JHM B7 RS4 Front 380mm Big Rotor Kit (15mm larger than stock). INTRO PRICING!
  25. (07 RS4) air filter question.
  26. A.W.E. Exhaust for B7 RS4 - Owners Please Chime In!
  27. RS4 Idle issues
  28. Official, RS4 Carbon documentation thread
  29. Official, RS4 Carbon documentation thread "Discussion"
  30. RS4 Alignment with stock suspension.
  31. (07 rs4) *urgent* turning and hearing a crackling sound
  32. 18 inch Rs4 wheels help!
  33. Custom B7 RS4 seats
  34. (b7 rs4) anyone have interior LED lights?
  35. Installing H&R Springs on B7 RS4 - DIY?
  36. New shoes for my rs4
  37. Official B7 RS4 Picture & Info Thread.
  38. ECU Upgrades for RS4?
  39. RS4 Cab? Or sedan?
  40. Thanks Audizine
  41. Is this a real Exclusive RS4?
  42. RS4 won't start anymore...
  43. RS4: Carbon build up Part 3....WAIT I need a RS4 for that.
  44. Greetings!!
  45. (07 RS4) bose subwoofer question
  46. Anyone sold their DRC?
  47. Do '07 RS4s comes with working Voice and Mode buttons
  48. RS4 Winter Setup - For those looking
  49. (07 RS4) will ECS L.E.D. tails throw a code?
  50. Regarding the JHM rotor upgrade.
  51. RS4 Dyno (NEW ENGINE), vids, logs and graphs
  52. Hello...
  53. Trans & Diff mounts....worth it?
  54. Fall = Picture time!
  55. Possible RS4...
  56. RS4 Mirrors Peeling (PICS)
  57. 4.2 FSI motor
  58. 19x10
  59. KW V3's and Winter - Anyone?
  60. Adding Euro Push Button Start??
  61. WTB...GMG or Tubi for my RS4
  62. Sell or keep after repairs?
  63. RS4 Brake Caliper Paint Chips - Fix?
  64. Part # Request
  65. Spark Plugs: 101905531g vs. 101905631g...
  66. Props to APR and a Pro-Tip or three...
  67. New
  68. Buying a used RS4
  69. New wheel teaser and such
  70. My new to me 2007 RS 4
  71. RS4 for in the $30's!
  72. Exhaust?
  73. Factory warranty's ending soon. Question:
  74. the wheels (w/ brake dust) are on the car
  75. 17 or 18 inch wheels on 2008 RS4 cabrio?
  76. For those with painted front/rear bumper lense..
  77. Which looks better? (RS4 grilles and on-car PICS)
  78. ECS Tuning RS4 H-Pipe?
  79. RS4 Study Guide
  80. Dyno testing - the beginning.
  81. spacers?
  82. Herrmann-klappenauspuff Exhaust
  83. Rims Sanded, Re-Painted and Clear Coated v.Woah
  84. Pic Request: Lowered B7 RS4's...
  85. Price Drop! Hawk RS4 Front Brake Pads
  86. *b7 rs4* need help with tranny mount from JHM
  87. Used RS4 or New S4 Can't decide... any thoughts?
  88. RS4 tester sale?
  89. Hmmm
  90. Coming up to 35K mile service interval.....
  91. Questions from a new RS4 owner
  92. Stern, 034 Motorsports - ACA's?
  93. RS4 Rollbar/cage?
  94. Im doing a RS4 1/4 mile list. Anyone that wants to be included Post info here
  95. rs4 floor mats
  96. Long Term Storage v.DeployingAgain...
  97. (B7 RS4)sunday fun with the car taking pics. enjoy.
  98. Ferodo DS2500 Brake pads
  99. Rotor/pad advice
  100. First RS4 I've Seen For Under $30k...
  101. Oil Temp digital display disappearing
  102. RS4 best model year & why
  103. New product alert: Milltek CATLESS RS4 DP's
  104. JHM Holiday Sale! "SOLID" SHIFTERS 10% OFF! + MANY other ITEMS up to 15% off!
  105. The great "Air Box Flapper Mod" debate!
  106. is there a b7 rs4 tow hook bracket license plate bracket out there?
  107. Battery Replacement Options
  108. EPL Releases RS4 4.2 FSI ECU reflash!
  109. APR Stage III Supercharger: $18,999.00 Retail, $16,244.14 TODAY ONLY
  110. Spotted TTRS
  111. Super low mileage RS4
  112. TTRS Flat-Bottom Steering Wheel Available...
  113. RS4 Aftermarket Suspension Dynamics! Whats your feedback?
  114. b8 s5 fitment on b7 rs4
  115. rs4 prices?
  116. 08 Titanium RS4 below $40k
  117. adv1 wheels and jordan
  118. local shop in fairfield/westchester county or long island? to do carbon clean out
  119. DO Audi dealers do manual carbon cleanouts under warranty
  120. How to change front foglight bulbs?
  121. Happy Hannukah!!
  122. double cross post but probably worth it.
  123. Official RS4 1/4 mile list.
  124. Collected RS4 Avant Yesterday - First Pics
  125. Stalled at ~110 MPH this morning...
  126. which mods would you go with?
  127. Random rpm increase at idle.
  128. RS 4 Calendar
  129. Ram Air type Sound coming from my car
  130. cold starts......exhaust throws out blue smoke
  131. Possible new buyer but Carbon is scaring me
  132. Dropping off RS4 for Audi De-Carbonization...
  133. Can Someone Help Me Out? NY/NJ
  134. Question For Stasis Alcon BBK Owners
  135. Best place to look for an RS4
  136. best winter tires?
  137. Picking up a RS4 this weekend
  138. strange fuel cut problem at 6700rpm
  139. Europrice Holiday Sale (12/15 - 12/31)
  140. whats the difference between the white cabin filter and the charcoal filter?
  141. Does it make a difference when I do a carbon clean?
  142. AWE Tuning’s New Website and Special Holiday Pricing!
  143. Spare tire/sealant options
  144. EUROPRICE - Unique TTRS steering wheels are available, as well as others...
  145. Coilover help - Stasis SL vs KW V3
  146. RS4 LSD
  147. Needed: driver side rear rotor or caliper
  148. Required Vehicle Update (RVU) 24T9
  149. 034Motorsport - Adjustable Upper Control Arm Group Buy
  150. RS 4 Wheels for 3 season use: Demodo?
  151. wheel spacers.
  152. Totaled her...
  153. Thought I'd put this in my '93 Honda ;p
  154. Tires - What are your thoughts on these tires
  155. RS4's in nassau county, ny
  156. How Does The B7 Audi RS4 Compare To The B8 Audi S4?
  157. Differences between B7 A4, S4, RS 4
  158. Magnaflow RS4 Downpipes
  159. Can ride height be adjusted on stock suspension?
  160. Got a JHM Short shifter for xmas, what did you get?
  161. Carbon Cleaning Help
  162. Ibis Used RS4
  163. A few parts arrived and ready for install .....
  164. My Last Track day in my RS4
  165. question... how do I unhook this clamp
  166. 0.9% on CPO RS4s Will I ever see this deal again??
  167. on the RS, how do you put just the FOGS on while driving?
  168. Wiper Arms
  169. *rs4 owners read this* intake flapper problem fixed
  170. B7 RS4 Rear bumper
  171. what wheels should i get
  172. What LED plate light will fit the RS and NOT throw a code?
  173. Do I have any recourse against AOA?
  174. Michelin PS2s at Tire Rack, clearance too good to be true?
  175. APR Chipped RS4 Owner's?
  176. Europrice is now on Facebook...
  177. Some neglected issues...RS counseling needed.
  178. Anyone know this Sprint Blue RS4?
  179. RS4 with RS6 Engine
  180. MTM Exhaust Interest
  181. Paying up for the RS in my life, speeding!
  182. TTRS steering wheel arrived - big THANKS to Alex @ Europrice
  183. H&R sport spring
  184. RS4 and gas prices
  185. RS4 with $50k in Mods
  186. S/C RS4 for $47.5...(Not Mine)
  187. New RS4 Orlando FL
  188. GruppeM Intake part2
  189. Bit of a teaser..
  190. Who has piggies? Are you using spacers?
  191. Another new RS4 owner
  192. Stasis Alcons BBK Kit
  193. KW V3 Variant Coilovers for RS4
  194. vin number site???
  195. rattles
  196. CO2 - Is this normal?
  197. KMD Oil Catch Cans
  198. Recommendations for $3K in Mods
  199. Tire size
  200. Difference in Audi Decks
  201. Carbon fiber filler plate?
  202. How much should a 35K service cost?
  203. Best Tires: Track and Street?
  204. need help asap where is the rear tow hook on a rs4 im stuck lol
  205. **JHM Intro Sale for NEW B6/B7 chassis Apikol Rear Diff. Mount**
  206. Long Term Experience w/ Aftermkt Upper Contol Arms
  207. JHM IM spacers & coolant by-pass ... KMD heat shield.
  208. Small issue
  209. I'm looking at a couple of RS4s for sale.
  210. Reset service indicator
  211. What tire pressure do you run?
  212. The Last Photoshoot of my RS4
  213. Tire shopping...(cross post)
  214. 034 Motorsports Upper Control Arms
  215. RS4 Supersprint Exhaust: complete / catback. Prices, video, pictures, dyno.
  216. Stasis/Ohlins Motor Springs
  217. Any place to buy nice RS4 exhaust tips?
  218. warm/cold starts....
  219. Jacking
  220. BG Products on 4.2L FSI
  221. I love the way a supercharger sounds on an RS4!
  222. Stop Tech front pads for $112 ?
  223. is it safe to use 100 or 110 octane fuel once in a while?
  224. Parts question
  225. A few better pics of my euro front end...
  226. Price check - Carmax RS4 in Houston
  227. OIl change, sucking it out better with an RS4 - Discuss!
  228. Need your advice on possibly trading my RS4 for another RS4
  229. My RS4 needs a new home...
  230. RS4 Newbie Owner Looking for Pointers
  231. 02 sensor trouble
  232. what percent tints is everyone running?
  233. future mods for the rs
  234. Removing the front ring emblem
  235. How long does it take for springs/coilover install?
  236. The car then the wheel
  237. Failing moldings
  238. Picked up 2007 RS4 Daytona all stock.
  239. Euro RS4 Seats
  240. new iPhone rs4 pics. enjoy
  241. Looking for B7 RS4 front rotor options
  242. YES FedEx..a few items going on asap!
  243. New (to me) RS4, home for 1 week.....in shop for 2!
  244. 35K mile service, tech overfills oil by at least 2 quarts (RS4)
  245. Oil Consumption Concern
  246. Tire Rubbing?
  247. how many of you considered.......
  248. Carbon Clean-up Around Chicago?
  249. Street You're Driving On - On Display?
  250. I'm going to attempt to do a carb. cleaning