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  1. OFFICIAL - SoCal sighting thread
  2. My ABS indicator started flashing. Who should I take it to?
  3. Daly City Sighting
  4. AWD Dyno Days - 7/24 & 7/25 - San Jose - $40
  5. Autox Practice/Racing sat/sun tomorrow!
  6. so whats going on sunday in the BA?
  7. wheel repair and painting in thebay area?
  8. Any B6ers gonna be at the HID?
  9. need help: a good exhaust shop in the bay
  10. Suspension install in the LA area
  11. Happy Birthday to the Gold Club VIP... CDUB!!
  12. Can some one VAG my car please
  13. Feeler So Cal GTG/BBQ
  14. NE1 needed to paint lower? body kits??
  15. Audi Meet In Cali!
  16. Big SoCal Euro GTG coming !!
  17. You in the Malibu area ...
  18. Anyone in LA has an A box ECU chipped or stock for me to borrow for 20 min?
  19. Pictures at Ft. Baker
  20. Any red audi in la jolla area??
  21. Throwing together a little last min. party/gtg Thursday night at Midori in Sunnyvale
  22. Happy Birthday Anth!
  23. NE1 can help me install my stereo?
  24. Reschedule of OC/SD/LA BBQ GTG
  25. Service at Auto Gallery in Woodland Hills?
  26. Any of you guys has the c spot coupons?
  27. Going to Disneyland this weekend
  28. A1 Autobody meet this sat yet again! 7/10
  29. Who's goin to HID???
  30. Anyone have the # for in new Audi dealership in Mission Viejo?
  31. bay area versus san diego
  32. anyone interested in GTG in SD before HID
  33. anyone in socal want to help me install coilovers this weekend?
  34. hey there's a lil pic of us in tuningwerks
  35. anyone in socal know of a zf1 motorsports?
  36. Need a south/central OC Audi dealership for my 20k service. Specific mechanic?
  37. San Diego Tuesday July 13th GTG
  38. Long Beach Get Together
  39. Blk B6 on BBS's parked in the D&B parking lot at the BLOCK friday nite
  40. OC GTG July 14th
  41. PAGING: FooF
  42. anyone know how to install brake pads/rotors?
  43. New kids on the block for new car needs
  44. Las Angeles Drag Racing GTG
  45. Wow! congrats to Imperial on mod status!
  46. bike/snowboard rack help
  47. SoCal Euro goes to Las Vegas, March 2005
  48. Waterfest
  49. Need Blitzsafe...
  50. To All My laker Fans
  51. AZers at Pasadena - CSCA?
  52. Palmdale drags
  53. A1 is not open tomorrow folks
  54. Anybody here at the Long Beach GTG last night?
  55. Well it was fun at pamldale
  56. Havent seen anything on rave/shows lately... anything around ---
  57. ECU Help
  58. Anyone know how to get a hold of "shroomin" (Chris).Drives an 04 dolphin Ultra Sport
  59. gtg?????
  60. Anyone Interested In Watching Japanese Touring Car Racing At Fontana?
  61. OC GTG July 21st Wednesday
  62. Hip Hop/Rock/Reggae Show
  63. Audi Tuner in Los Angeles ???
  64. anyone coming down for comicon?
  65. Pics of my "new" car =)
  66. A1 this saturday?
  67. Streets of Willow - June 24 & 25
  68. Good mourning earthquake
  69. The Valley.
  70. LA Sports Car Club G2G this Saturday 7/31 (aka GT Meet)...who's down? :)
  71. Meet on thursday July 29th at Fuddruckers in Pasadena
  72. Whoever went to Mercedes C Spot Drive..
  73. 1.8t Challenge Hotel arrangements
  74. free coldstone tomorrow
  75. 100 octane race in da OC????
  76. anyone know what happened to alpha quattro?
  77. A4 sighting...
  78. FS: Local only! Alcantera Boot
  79. magic mountain 2 for 1 passes
  80. coming to an area near you... (for a limited time only!)
  81. places in socal that will polish lips...
  82. Some Pics (and short movie clip) from the LA Sports Car Club Meet pics today...
  83. Anyone want fiberglass sub box made to fit the car?
  84. Las Vegas Meets
  85. any arizona guys?
  86. is wayne alive?
  87. LA KK GTG tomorrow night.
  88. Who is going to Nisei Week next weekend (Aug 14/15)
  89. So Cal Carputer install...
  90. Roll call: tonight's Van Nuys KK meet.
  91. who's going to the 1.8T challenge
  92. CA plate :GOT HRE - Black lowered sitting on... you guessed it... HREs you here?
  93. Painted lowers
  94. Tickets at door for 1.8t Challenge
  95. Status from 1.8t Challenge
  96. in better news....
  97. Malibu Window Tint
  98. Black B6 Sighting on I-605N Tonight (Near Norwalk and I-5)
  99. Thanks everyone for coming out to the BBQ GTG
  100. Can anyone in LA area help me out?
  101. Photo Shoot!!!
  102. For those in So cal
  103. I work at goodguys!! Need N E Thing??
  104. need to sell some beds and a fridge
  105. Online ShowOff (Vote)
  106. weekly OC GTG question?
  107. OC GTG Aug 11th Wednesday
  108. waste some time SoCalers
  109. Bodyshop in san diego area?
  110. any1 in or around LA wanna help???
  111. who's b6 did i semi race in carlsbad today?
  112. this saturday night seinfeld tickets - san diego
  113. Greetings SoCal'ers
  114. anyone planning on rolling out to KK Van Nuys tonight? 8/12/04
  115. Hey guys, who's good for suspension in SoCal?
  116. fuddruckers???????
  117. Anyone parting out their B5 EXHAUST in socal?
  118. wtf?!?!
  119. Hi, I am from Norcal.
  120. OC GTG Aug 18th Wednesday
  121. whos b5 s4 on the 405?
  122. FS: S4 wheels (x-post)
  123. tight
  124. Hapy birthday JMG
  125. does anyone here go to Mira Costa College in oceanside
  126. Any AZers go to S.D.S.U. ?
  127. need to get to Irwindale, which airport to fly into?
  128. San Diego Tuesday Aug 17th GTG
  129. FOO's new business venture
  130. [Issue with] Group5 in San Diego
  131. Open Box!!!!!!
  132. Performance Auto Brokers - Grand Opening
  133. San Diego Wed Aug 25th
  134. Just got to LA...want a GTG!!!
  135. Just released from Prison (USP Ft. Audizine)
  136. all german auto (in escondido)
  137. What do you think of my sig
  138. Fontana Drags this saturday(tomorrow)
  139. Happy Birthday Hyperspeed!!!
  140. AZ SoCal Peeps know how to Par-Tay!
  141. In-N-out van nuys
  142. Anyone going to saddleback college?
  143. crystal blue b6 avant on the 15 south....
  144. Body Shop Recommendation in OC
  145. Irvine Pho 99 GTG
  146. need recs. for good strip clubs in LA
  147. LA (Van Nuys) KK GTG on Thursday 8/26.
  148. USC MEET/ LA meet
  149. SoCal people; check out Shoreline Motoring Inc. in Huntington Beach.
  150. Vote Next Big SoCal Euro GTG Location
  151. Denny's on Alicia tonight?
  152. Anyone selling a Brilliant Black B5 front bumper?
  153. since we are askin.. anyone go to chapman university?
  154. No More Loaner Vehicles From Dealerships?!
  155. La Jolla Lunch GTG?
  156. Who's got the best B5 in SoCal?
  157. Pasadena fuddruckers thursdays??
  158. Reminder: LA (Van Nuys) KK GTG on Thursday 8/26.
  159. Another A1 meet this sat 28th in huntington beach
  160. Who did i see last nite around 8:30
  161. I guess i should start posting in here
  162. La Jolla Lunch Sept 2nd Thursday
  163. Eagle Rock Tommy's Night...
  164. Los Angeles Body Shop
  165. whos got a vag in the sd area?
  166. Oakley meet was a blast!
  167. bugzy, any news on the socal euro goes to vegas gtg??
  168. what regional section do people from utah ussally post in?
  169. labor day weekend parties... Los Angeles
  170. Tribal Tattoo Artists?
  171. Anyone here used to play magic?
  172. Dyno in West LA area?!?!
  173. Thursday Sept 2nd Pasadena Fuddruckers GTG
  174. Sunday, OCT 31 Chargers/Raiders GTG
  175. Shop to do install springs
  176. powder coating wheels
  177. c/f hood for b5 for sale locally
  178. Where are all the hot chicks in Socal?
  179. Look How we roll to Hooters
  180. My contribution to the Oakley meet last Friday(lots 'o pics)
  181. Los Angeles Valley Meet Up -- Final nites of summer
  182. It is so freaking hott in the OC!!!!!
  183. Burn your own flesh at Satan's - San Diego
  184. Photoshoot GTG Saturday 9/11/04
  185. Shop for alignment in LA?
  186. San Diego Wed Sept 8th GTG
  187. Sept 11th Dyno Day @ Harman Motive
  188. paging thrawn/randrew
  189. Dont trip if this goes by you
  190. Happy Birthday ianlionzion
  191. OC GTG 2nite
  192. San Diego Wed Fusion Cafe Sept 15th GTG
  193. Feeler: Rim repair day at A1?
  194. you asked, here it is. Another valley GTG @ Burbank Krispy Kreme -- next Tue Sept 14
  195. Where did all the birds go???
  196. Test Pipe...
  197. first post from socal photoshoot!
  198. 2nd Post from Socal Photoshoot
  199. 3rd post from the SOCAL photoshoot
  200. Since everyone else is doing it... My Pics...
  201. My Photoshoot Pics....
  202. Pasadena fuddruckers meet! Sat. sept 25th
  203. Hey Guys just got my new A6
  204. SCC Audi's Fall Ojai Drive --- Saturday Sept 18 beginning in Malibu
  205. neuspeed sway bars for local pickup
  206. Happy b-day 2 TCM GLX....
  207. My Photoshoot Pic. jk.
  208. Photoshoot Day....
  209. Projectors by Ansen
  210. USC Pre-Burbank Meet Tonight, Tuesday 14th
  211. USC/Burbank KK GTG TONIGHT Tuesday the 14th
  212. Who's got tooooolz?!
  213. 1 extra ticket to beastie boys TONIGHT in LBC
  214. B6 Cosmetic Questions
  215. 12:30 am Suction Mount test with my Olympus 3.2 Megapixel still camera.
  216. Go-Go Piaadoll gets the NorCal luv...who's #1 in SoCal?
  217. FS: 94 Honda Accord EX Coupe 5spd
  218. Car Meets
  219. Pics from SD Wed 9/15 GTG
  220. San Diego P&O Wed Sept 22th GTG
  221. OC Hooters GTG Wed Sept 29th
  222. Happy Birthday ZoomTT!!!!
  223. for you asian males
  224. Any Socal'ers install a Nav+?
  225. Carshow - Oct 23rd. - Lancaster Marketplace
  226. Any update on the wheel guy GB?
  227. Help guys... Stealth turn signals not workin
  228. End of Summer Bonfire GTG *postponed*
  229. anyone in SOCAL (west la or san gabriel valley area) has radio removal tools?
  230. San Diego Revo chip day
  231. No more modding for me
  232. Some pics from the San D meet last week with Da A Team Crew:
  233. Any of you guys have Sirius or XM sat
  234. Good Detail Place?? - Near Metro LA
  235. Feedback: Big SoCal Euro GTG Dec 11th
  236. Paintball?? WHOS DOWN??
  237. La Jolla Lunch Wednesday Oct 13th
  238. DUBFEST gtg @sgtuning
  239. Is anyone going to Dennys off Alicia tonight?
  240. San Diego Wed Sept 29th GTG
  241. WTB Stock B5 1.8 tip downpipe
  242. Are us audi people the only ones...
  243. So I went Mod Happy
  244. Ok, so Bonfire canceled, will there be anything going on tonight?
  245. Miramar Audi does it again!!!
  246. Nooooooooooooooooooo....!
  247. Sponsorship opportuity: Looking for Audi A4 B6 Model in S. Cali Area
  248. Dubfest Car Show-N-Shine....
  249. California registration
  250. ansen - audimods - ive got a question/concern for you