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  1. APR vs Giac Tune! The Tuning War
  2. Cool VAG-COM codes
  3. B8 intake
  4. LED Interior Bulbs swap info details...
  5. Where is the Dip stick on the 2.0T??
  6. Fix for phone book bluetooth sync download issue Blackberry specific
  7. AWE FMIC and ross-tech datalogging
  8. DIY J-Code tinted front reflectors
  9. Guide: Datalogging with VAG-COM
  10. DIY: LED license plate bulb swap & comparison pics
  11. Disable TPMS
  12. FSI Engine - Excessive Carbon Buildup, powerloss, low miles, before & after pictures
  13. Audi FSI Engine Carbon Build-up Thread for B8 A4 2.0T/3.2
  14. Which ZF transmission is in the NA B8 2.0TFSI A4's?
  15. DIY Halogen to Bixenon- Conversion Complete.
  16. HKS intake for 2.0-1.8tfsi
  17. DIY Under Steat Storage Bins with Part Numbers
  18. RS4 Pedal Installation DIY Sorta - Picture intense.
  19. Front rotor and pad replacement DIY
  20. DIY Rim repair
  21. DIY Ambiance Lighting (Full time adjustable foot lighting)
  22. DIY - Fog Lights with High-beams and misc codes discovered.
  23. DIY - VAG- Euro Parking feature for North American owners
  24. DIY - Surround lighting under side mirrors - like A6 and above (NOT FOR MY2010 - YET)
  25. VCDS coding of Audi Drive Select default setting
  26. DIY Steering wheel and Stalk swap
  27. DIY Underway. Pass through and Rear heated seats.
  28. 2.0T Catchcan?
  29. Rear Bumper Cover Removal DIY
  30. Shell fuel for B8 2.0T ?
  31. New DIY, Trunk Accessory Plug
  32. Catch Can On B8?
  33. DIY Folding Mirror Install
  34. Oil Change DIY
  35. LED's in cup holder
  36. DIY Scratch Removal - Requested by DavidB8
  37. DIY - Creating Adaptation Maps in VCDS
  38. DIY - Auxiliary Ventilation
  39. DIY - Tweeter Install
  40. B8 A4/S4 Trim Removal Guide
  41. Need help...Needle sweep???
  42. Making the car keyless entry?
  43. Removing Back Seats and rear carpeting?
  44. Coming home feature on non-light sensor models
  45. 2010 B8 3G Navi / BlackBerry / Call Waiting
  46. Question to those who has rear door interior lock-switch
  47. ETKA Model Data Interpretation
  48. Are your brakes sticking when applied lightly?
  49. Need help with coding for bluetooth telephone module
  50. BlueTooth & Blackberry
  51. Power Passenger Seat DIY possible?
  52. Replacment h11 hid bulbs
  53. Battery power monitoring
  54. Possible to retrofit s-line steering wheel w/airbag to regular a4 b8?
  55. OEM Oil Filter
  56. Driver side mirror turn signal out
  57. VAG-COM expert needed
  58. Question on some VAG codes.
  59. Halogen Bulb Upgrades?
  60. DIY LED Reverse Light
  61. Anybody installed OEM backup parking sensors yet?
  62. Which version for my MMi ?
  63. What sound system is standard in our A4 B8?
  64. Official Grill/Bumper Removal DIY
  65. Amber turn signal for Non-LED tails?
  66. Idea for a basic LED for DRL's on Halogen housings
  67. Wire for MAF signal on B8 2.0T
  68. retrofit comfort and memory seat help needed
  69. Halogens leds front and back lights
  70. B8 A4 wheel size specs
  71. spark plug replacement
  72. seat symmetry vag-com code?
  73. "Dynamic" mode on "S" programmable?
  74. Audi A4 2.0T Quattro WIRING QUESTIONS
  75. Ordered the parts for the 75K mile service.
  76. Changed my front brake pads and now my peddle is spongy
  77. Battery meter says itīs 70%...need to replace it soon?
  78. Amber Delete = Brighter Headlights
  79. Changed out the serpentine belt out.
  80. Technical Service Bulletins
  81. Check battery status with vag-com (quite useful)
  82. Wiring Help...
  83. Audi B8 vag com code ! Need help !
  84. Audi B8 battery change
  85. Screws used for Ballasts?
  86. I need a picture near the ecu !! Audi B8
  87. Had low speed shudder TSB fixed, now seems worse?
  88. B8 A4 Bluetooth Cannot Download Phonebook
  89. Repairing my wrecked Audi B8 2009 NEEP HELP
  90. 2011 A4 2.0T engine diagrams, service information?
  91. How to deliberately to go back to D using the right paddle
  92. Folding Mirror Install Troubleshoot
  93. Great Worklight
  94. Video In Motion VAG help........
  95. Android + Audi Bluetooth
  96. Red LED Drls - Photos to Come
  97. Cold Air Intake and Warranty
  98. install glowshift boost gauge
  99. Disable the Amber Indicators when the Headlights are on?
  100. Ground clearance with P+ 18" sport
  101. Audi B8 TBA
  102. a4 accident question
  103. Front PDC install Issues
  104. What is in the MMI Hidden menu?
  105. Vag com help
  106. Spring Installation DIY
  107. A4 B8 iPhone mount, very clean install?
  108. 2009 a4 2.0 tip stage 3 ?
  109. Audi B8 mechanical problem
  110. BlackBerry and Bluetooth - Please help
  112. A4 B8 Service manuals?
  113. Fog lights on with DRL
  114. Question about Suspension install.
  115. Euro-Spec Turn Signal DRL Brightness
  116. Help with LED tail mod
  117. Custom exhaust for B8- ????
  118. s-line steering wheel
  119. Halogen to Bi Xenon for 2009 A4 B8
  120. Turbo trim size?
  121. MMI Screensaver mode?
  122. 2009 A4 tail light removal to install LED tails
  123. TPMS program HELP!
  124. Rear Diff and 8sp oil change
  125. Some interesting thoughts on oils
  126. 2009 A4 / B8 Electronic Brake
  127. DIY - White to red foot lightning
  128. Bit Calc
  129. welded seam on differential
  130. ACC Coding
  131. Going through oil
  132. How To: Third Brake Light Removal and Install
  133. Wiring assignments - can anyone help?
  134. Fluttering with KO4
  135. 3 zone clima + confort seats help please ?
  136. DIY: lower back pain with lumbar suport
  137. Auto-on/off Headlights
  138. Compiled Drive Select VAG-COM codes
  139. Stage 3 Ko4 redline
  140. 2004 A4 cooling fans run at full speed for 9 minutes
  141. Length of front and rear wheel hub for 2009 A4
  142. Audi B8 EPC + CHECK ENGINE + RPM
  143. ___Is it normal?___
  144. Strange sound from the engine compartment
  145. Audi B8 2009 BAD SOUND !! NEED HELP !!
  146. A8 style DRL + turn signal
  147. Camshaft RVU (required vehicle update)
  148. Squeaky shifter when shifting between 1st and 2nd.
  149. Okada Projects Plasma Direct Ignition Coil Packs - Feedback?
  150. Another Single to Quad Exhaust Conversion Question...
  151. 3 flashes on turn signal gone!
  152. S4 Steering wheel airbag ...
  153. Anyone know how to expose the back side of the trunk lid?
  154. Turbo timer in 8k0?
  155. Steering wheel/airbag compatibility question
  156. Turning off DRL
  157. Can B8s be programmed via VCDS to enable autoclose of windows when raining
  158. Tell me I'm stupid - very late oil change 3.2
  159. Aux Ventilation vag problem
  160. Audi B8 2.0T Engine interference or not interference ?
  161. Stock Turbo Question
  162. Looking for hydraulic jack adapter
  163. audi a4 B8 SDS / Voice control questions !
  164. 2010 B8 Complete failure and shutdown during a drive
  165. cold air intake - anyone?
  166. clutch
  167. new tune for s3 ko4?
  168. Audi A4 burned light/missing light sensor help :(
  169. DIY Escort zr4 installation?
  170. Oil leak, random third brake light, fan speed
  171. MMI: please drain oil 2k miles after piston/ring replacement
  172. How often do you clean your Intake filter?
  173. Hignbeams not staying on - only flash to pass
  174. 3.2 engine code for A4 different from A5? (leads to more...)
  175. brembo bbk b8 a4
  176. brembo bbk b8 a4
  177. Speedodometer correction
  178. a "is in normal when" question??
  179. Need help selecting winter tires for 19" wheels 2011 A4 2.0T Quattro
  180. 4-Spoke Steering Wheel to 3 Spoke Multifunction Steering Wheel?
  181. Did audi make any changes to the shocks and springs of a (B8) A4 after 2010?
  182. Breaking in new car
  183. Funny thing about my heated seats
  184. Storing phone book?
  185. VCDS codes, please help...
  186. Charisma Fault even after installing Charisma Switch?
  187. Anyone ever get an ESP malfunction light ?
  188. Dealer installed 3 spoke S wheel on my new A4 avant ...
  189. A4 B8 Audio upgrade?
  190. Etka parts catalog
  191. ***S-Line Front Bumper Conversion Thread***
  192. Memory seat project
  193. B8 Windshield Washer Nozzle to Jet Conversion
  194. another odd issue
  195. how to erease error to make the light bulb to work? HID reverse light
  196. B8 S4 DSG into 2.0 B8 ?
  197. What am I doing wrong? Trying to read the oil level through MMI
  198. steering issue after coding
  199. 3-zone climate control retrofit quesions
  200. Component Protection
  201. Disable automatic rear window wipe on the Avant?
  202. Rear Electric Sunshade install
  203. Retrofit control light LED, from safe function in the passenger door.
  204. Any chance of installing a front camera / sensors in my B8?
  205. Any 2-piece rotor upgrades for B8?
  206. Changing brakes
  207. Crash Sensor Help ?
  208. Akebono Ceramic part number for rear pads (standard '10 A4)?
  209. REVO Tuning
  210. Rain & Light Sensor and Headlight Assist Wiring VAG COM Help!
  211. i need help tuning
  212. Ignition only Fuse
  213. $30 Boost Gauge (Android)
  214. Airbox delete?
  215. halogen to bi xenon wiring
  216. Radio not working
  217. Buying VAGCOM help
  218. Engine shut down
  219. 2G NAV to 3G NAV retrofit?
  220. AirBag Light
  221. 09 B8 M/T in cold weather
  222. Looking for VagCom in NJ.
  223. B8 rain sensor
  224. Upgrading Hard Drive for more space?
  225. need part number for b8 xenon headlights
  226. Audi Docs Online
  227. Accessing system files / custom mmi themes?
  228. Ignition Coil Pack Revision F
  229. MMI Basic Plus with Navi
  230. Fuse for the rear view mirror compass and homelink (garage opener)?
  231. need info on how to take off rear bumper
  232. question about headlights
  233. Horrible misfire
  234. Can someone decipher this VCDS error for me?
  235. CEL Help: P0215 engine shutoff solenoid or intake manifold?
  236. Facelift steering wheel removal?
  237. Cruise control coding help please
  238. :: ECS Tuning :: 2.0T Ignition Service Kits!!!
  239. Question about J519 ECU unit
  240. Coilovers Installation Question
  241. Efficiency Program & Red DIS
  242. A4 B8 Interior LED lights install video
  243. Almost DIY - Rearview Mirror Upgrade
  244. A4 B8 2.0 TDI Error Codes
  245. Brake Install - Couple Questions
  246. Oil Change Interval Question - considering frequent top ups
  247. Help me locate Mute wire/pin of my stereo .
  248. B8 S4 Front Brakes on B8 A4?
  249. Modified TR6 Intercooler fits OEM tubing A4 B8 - Interested?
  250. EVAP purge valve error?