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  1. DIY: Install RS4 E-Brake Handle Cover
  2. DIY: Side Marker Reflector Removal Pics & Tips
  3. DIY: 2.0T Test Pipe Install
  4. DIY: ECU Removal (RHD Vehicle)
  5. DIY: B6/B7 Suspension Removal and Install
  6. DIY: OEM HID bulb change w/o removing front bumper
  7. DIY: 2.0T K04 Turbo Installation
  8. DIY: CityLight with Fog Mod
  9. DIY: Citylight LED Regulator Install
  10. DIY: 2.0T Forge Diverter Valve Install
  11. FAQ: Common B7 A4 Problems/Issues & Solutions
  12. DIY: 3M/Scotchgard Clear Paint Protection
  13. DIY: iPhone/iPod Docking Station
  14. DIY: 2.0T Coil Pack Replacement
  15. DIY: Sedan Rear Bumper Removal
  16. DIY: Valentine 1/Passport Radar Detector Hardwire w/ Remote In-dash Mute Switch
  17. DIY: RS4 Rear Sway Bar Install
  18. DIY: Clear Corner Mod/Removal of Bumper
  19. DIY: 20 Steps To B7 Brakes
  20. Specs: Interior Lighting Guide
  21. DIY: RS4 Grille to DTM Bumper
  22. FAQ: Official Thread for your Cam Follower(s).
  23. DIY: Front Bumper Removal
  24. DIY: CC (Clear Corner) Mod
  25. DIY: 034Motorsport B7 A4 2.0T FSI Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose Installation
  26. DIY: Intake Flap Motor Replacement
  27. DIY: Fuel Level Sensor/Sender Replacement
  28. DIY: S6 LED S-Line Installation - Umnitza Aries LEDs
  29. DIY: EVAP Fault Code Fix
  30. DIY: Post Cat O2 Sensor
  31. DIY: B7 A4 Timing Belt Change
  32. DIY: Faulty Trunk Latch
  33. DIY: Spark Plugs for Dummies - update for B7 A4's
  34. DIY: Fog Lights with DTM Bumper
  35. Audi FSI Engine Carbon Build-up Thread for B7 A4 2.0T/3.2
  36. DIY: Replacing the Fuel Filter
  37. DIY: A4 B7 - Inner CV Boot Replacement
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  39. DIY: How to submit your own FAQ/DIY write-up.
  40. DIY: Aux Input for Symphony II+
  41. DIY: FWD to AWD Conversion
  42. DIY: Door Panel Removal
  43. DIY: Battery Replacement on Keyless Entry Key Fob
  44. DIY: HID headlight bulbs replacement without removing the front bumper
  45. DIY: RS4 Rear Sway Bar Installation
  46. DIY: B7 Window Regulator Tutorial
  47. Specs: DIY S3 K04 Kit (under development)
  48. DIY: JH Motorsports 4:1 Center Differential Install for 02X 6-Speed M/T
  49. DIY: Lower Control Arm Replacement
  50. DIY: Licence Plate LED: Review & Problem Solution
  51. Specs: Audi Headlights Comprehension Guide
  52. DIY: Halogen to Bi-Xenon - Kufatec Interface
  53. DIY: B7 A4 Tiptronic - ATF Replacement
  54. DIY: Bumper/Hood Gap Adjustment (after bumper removal)
  55. DIY: Custom Roof Rack Fairing
  56. DIY: PCV Valve, Breather Tube, & Gasket Replacement
  57. DIY: B7 A4 FMIC Install - eBay CX Racing
  58. FAQ: For Those Who Wish To Be Knowledgeable When It Comes To Being Different With Wheels
  59. DIY: Reset the Service Interval Display
  60. DIY: Wastegate Adjustment
  61. FAQ: Blow-Off Valves and Bypass Valves/Diverter Valves
  62. DIY: Cluster Dial Color Change
  63. Specs: B7 A4 2.0T Spark Plugs Replacement Guide v2.0
  64. DIY: How to use Seafoam on a B7A4
  65. DIY: How to Properly De-badge (walkthrough w/ pics)
  66. DIY: How to change LED stipes on Dectane Headlights
  67. DIY: $20 Carbon Clean-up 2.0T FSI *reference/walkthrough*
  68. DIY: B7 A4 Snub Mount Installation
  69. DIY: AUX RNS-E (pics)
  70. DIY: Cooling Fan Relay (Repair/replacement)
  71. FAQ: Ultimate Catch Can Reference
  72. DIY: Rear suspension install/removal
  73. DIY: B7 A4 Turbo/Intake Manifold Removal (STaSIS PDF file)
  74. DIY: KW V1 Coilover Suspension Adjustment
  75. DIY: Carbon Canister Fix / Pumping Gas Problem
  76. DIY: Convert/install 2010 RNS-E EU to US
  77. DIY: Podi Electronic Stepper Motor Boost Gauge Install
  78. DIY: Repainting Center Caps
  79. DIY: Fuel Rail Pressure Regulator Valve Install/Replacement
  80. DIY: The CHEAPEST and the BEST Battery A4 B7 from COSTCO - F** The dealer
  81. DIY: Led DRL Lights (S6 alternatives) to DTM bumper...
  82. FAQ: EPC Light
  83. DIY: Boost Manager Plus & Water/Meth (Wiring Walk Through)
  84. DIY: Engine Cleaning
  85. DIY: Hardwire Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector
  86. DIY: B7 Carbon Fiber Vinyl Film Your Interior Trim (Beltline Trim)
  87. DIY: LPFP AWD DW300 Upgrade
  88. DIY: :: ECS Tuning :: D.I.Y - VIN Decoding!
  89. DIY: B7 Glovebox Hinge Repair
  90. DIY: B7 A4 2.0T Diverter Valve Removal/Installation
  91. DIY: B7 A4 Motor Mount install
  92. FAQ: Program an Arduino to act like control modules
  93. DIY: A Much Easier Way For Carbon Cleaning
  94. FAQ: What tool is needed for this clamp?
  95. Specs: Front Bumper to Fender Nuts
  96. FAQ: Cluster questions
  97. DIY: DIY: How to adjust koni yellow sport shocks / dampers
  98. DIY: How to Properly Re-Calibrate and Adjust Adaptive Bi-Xenon Headlights
  99. DIY: Dipped headlight issue solved for good !! DIY
  100. DIY: The Ocho's Spin on a Podi Electronic Stepper Motor Boost Gauge Install.
  101. Specs: TPMS Replacment *Questions* along with lots of info and pics
  102. Specs: VCDS Vag-Com Measuring Blocks Map, with greater detail
  103. New south boost gauge problems
  104. FAQ: Audi B7 A4 - Bluetooth and iPhone
  105. DIY: B7 A4/S4 Headlight Restoration
  106. DIY: Clutch slave cylinder replacement
  107. DIY: A4 B7 Drivers Side Fender Removal
  108. DIY: (rough draft) A4 B7 2.0T engine swap/pull/replacement/install
  109. FAQ: 360 degree views of a mostly assymbled 2007 BWT 2.0T engine and a 2006 BPG engine
  110. Specs: Will a scan tool (Autel Maxisys) read actual boost on channel 115?
  111. DIY: DIY : Auto Dimming Side view mirrors
  112. FAQ: Missing or blocked?
  113. Specs: B7 A4 Brake Lines
  114. DIY: Helicoil stripped plastic valve cover threads.
  115. DIY: mini h1 projectors to oem halogen headlight
  116. Specs: 2007 a4 2.0 running lean (vagcom)
  117. FAQ: 400hp Goal with great spool time. High and low end build
  118. FAQ: Xenon headlight issues
  119. DIY: Morimoto Mini H1 retrofit
  120. Specs: Koni springs with bilstein shocks / struts
  121. DIY: Transmission fluid change
  122. DIY: EGR/Inlet manifold removal and clean out 2l tdi
  123. DIY: DIY Remove Trunk Lid Liner
  124. FAQ: 2.0 TDI cant start
  125. FAQ: CODE: U0100 - Loss communication with ECU...
  126. Specs: P0441 evap incorrect flow. 08 a4 2.0??
  127. FAQ: Strange issue
  128. FAQ: Audi catalog
  129. FAQ: Cam Follower Problem- Dealer Dealing With It
  130. Specs: fuses for hedlight (low and high beam)
  131. DIY: Oil Cooler/Oil Filter Housing Gaskets
  132. FAQ: Car thinks hatch is open when its closed shut
  133. DIY: 2.0fsi spun bearing. time fir rebuilf
  134. FAQ: Installing amp while keeping stock head unit
  135. DIY: Visor airbag warning sticker removal
  136. FAQ: how to set amber ligth vcd"s like ? thx
  137. DIY: Correct B7 Avant Reverse Bulbs
  138. FAQ: Front rearward facing control arm
  139. B7 PINCH BOLT REMOVAL No Torch and keep your control arms - EZ
  140. DIY: Remove Starter from 2.0T with CVT Transmission
  141. DIY: JHM B7-A4 2.0T FSI Cam Follower Replacement DIY
  142. DIY: Modified Air Intake - The Noise and Performance people look for with a factory look.