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  1. For Sale: S4 18' Avus wheels and tires
  2. Wanted: OEM 19" Rotor Wheels
  3. For Sale: Excellent condition S4 Titanium 19" rims
  4. For Sale: FS: Vossen VFS2's 22x10.5 5x112 ET30 w/Pirelli Scorpion 265/35/22 Seattle WA
  5. For Sale: BC forged HB27 wheels, 20x10 with tires
  6. For Sale: 2010 A6 3.0t
  7. Wanted: B6 A4 Avant
  8. For Sale: 2008 B7 A4 6MT Stock Exhaust - $300 OBO
  9. For Sale: ECS hubcentric spacers 8mm and 10mm 57.1
  10. For Sale: 18x9.5 Rotiform BUC 3 piece
  11. For Sale: Cross-posting: Imola 6MT B7 S4 Avant FS - Mid-Atlantic region
  12. For Sale: B7 S4 Exhaust
  13. For Sale: misc B8/8.5 S4 OEM parts
  14. For Sale: 19" VMR V706 wheel and Michelin PSS
  15. Wanted: B6 A4 exhaust
  16. For Sale: Enkei RS05RR | 18x9.5 +22 | Silver | $1400
  17. For Sale: Brake Vacuum Pump, B7 Thermostat, A4/S4 AT Tiptronic service kit, used D1S HID bulbs
  18. Wanted: WTB: 255/35/19 Tires
  19. Wanted: Wanted: 19-20 inch OEM Audi wheels low offset
  20. Wanted: 265/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tire
  21. Trade: Trade my 19" Peelers w/ tires for something B8 S4 related...
  22. For Sale: Weather tech floor maps
  23. Wanted: Looking for chipwerke pro piggyback
  24. For Sale: 2000 Audi S4 AMD Tuned, Laser Red $10,000
  25. Feeler: 2014 S4 premium plus 6MT w/under 17K miles
  26. For Sale: B6/B7 Silver/Gray Upper Half Interior Part Out
  27. For Sale: B7 A4/S4 left overs.
  28. For Sale: Vorsteiner V-FF 104's
  29. For Sale: BNIB RS6 Style Honeycomb Grill and Audi Emblem
  30. For Sale: Chipwerke for 3.0t and S7 rep wheels
  31. For Sale: Brand new OEM mkI TT floor mats (front)
  32. For Sale: 2007 Audi RS4 - Daytona Gray - Premium Package - NEW Engine + Trans
  33. For Sale: A4/S4 Stasis Touring spring kit $200 OBO
  34. For Sale: OEM B8.5 Audi S4 Grill.
  35. For Sale: 2009 Audi A4 Avant 2.0T Prestige, Quattro, 44k Miles, Fully Loaded.
  36. Wanted: Looking for Single 19" S4 Titanium Rotor wheel
  37. Audi B4 80/90 Depo e-codes
  38. For Sale: Left over Dark Gloss Grey vinyl wrap
  39. Wanted: Any skilled painters in the Seattle area?
  40. For Sale: Conical seat wheel bolts with key set of 20
  41. For Sale: Audi 16x7 wheels w/tires
  42. For Sale: OEM Audi part #8D0601025JZ17 16" 7- Spoke Alloy Wheel set
  43. For Sale: Carlsson 2/6 two-piece split wheels 19x8.5
  44. Wanted: 255/35/19 all season tires
  45. For Sale: Audi 3G+ MMI Lightning Adapter & Philips Xtreme Vision Bulbs & More.
  46. For Sale: S4 Peelers | 19x8.5 et 43 | Tires Included | $800 | Bothell
  47. For Sale: OEM Allroad Tow hitch
  48. For Sale: B8/.5 AWE track w/90mm tips
  49. For Sale: 1980 VW Rabbit 2.0 16v $8000
  50. Wanted: Wanted: AWE touring exhaust B8.5 S4
  51. Trade: WTT/WTB 20mm spacers
  52. For Sale: Seattle B8.5 S4 part-out: BBS, KW, SPC, AWE, Roc Euro
  53. For Sale: B6 A4 OEM Halogen headlights
  54. For Sale: 17" OEM Ronal Wheels w/ Tires (16 Spoke)
  55. For Sale: New Verde V99 Axis 19x9.5 et36, matte graphite, set of 5
  56. For Sale: B6 A4 parts
  57. For Sale: Audi RS-Design 10 spoke A4 sport wheels 18x8 ET 47 66.6 - Seattle area
  58. For Sale: B6 A4 Halogen OE headlights.
  59. For Sale: Pilot Sport 255/35ZR19 96 XL
  60. For Sale: Audi S5 Peelers
  61. For Sale: B5 S4 Sport Trim
  62. Wanted: Wtb: 2014-2015 rs5
  63. For Sale: 05 6 speed USP, 95k miles
  64. For Sale: OEM B7 A4 2.0T manual catback exhaust, ~15k miles
  65. For Sale: OEM B7 A4 Headliner | Near Complete Set
  66. For Sale: OEM B7 Tail Lights | Complete Set
  67. For Sale: OEM B7 A4 Grill | Chrome Trim | + Black Filler Plate
  68. For Sale: OEM S4 Peelers 19x8.5 ET43 $300
  69. For Sale: SQ5/Q5 - KW Height Adjustable Springs (HAS) Kit
  70. For Sale: TWO sets of BBS RG-R 19x8.5 (RG780) wheels
  71. For Sale: B8 S4 EPL Stage 1 and 2 Tune with Brand New Pully and Belt
  72. Wanted: C6 A6 Front plate holder
  73. Wanted: WTB: OEM S5 Rotors 19x9 et33
  74. For Sale: Free stock b8.5 s4 exhaust
  75. For Sale: S7 reps 19x8.5
  76. For Sale: Stoptech Trophy ST60 calipers, rotors-355mm off of 2012 Avant (B8 A4 fit)
  77. For Sale: 2013 RS 5 - CPO, Ibis on black, Titanium Optics Pkg
  78. For Sale: Alzor 19x8.5 ET35 Wheels | $400 | + Bolts
  79. For Sale: B5 parts - OZ, Vogtland, Bentley Manual
  80. For Sale: 2001 Alpaka Beige Allroad
  81. For Sale: (2) Tom Petty Field Level Tickets - August 19 - Safeco Field
  82. Wanted: WTB/ 66.6 mm CB, 15mm or 20mm wheel spacers, and stud conversion
  83. For Sale: 2005 Audi S4 Sedan; Tiptronic. Brilliant Red/Black. EXCELLENT
  84. For Sale: OEM B8.5 Ecode's (Non-AFS)
  85. For Sale: B8 S4 Items
  86. For Sale: Work CR2P Wheels - 18x10 18x10.5 - Tires included - $2100 - Bothell
  87. Wanted: B6 A4 1.8t injector
  88. For Sale: OEM 18" S5 Wheels w/ Pirelli All-
  89. For Sale: B6/7 A4 Parts
  90. For Sale: TSW Bathurst 20x10 ET40 w/Hankook V12 255/30/20 - $800
  91. For Sale: Assorted RS4 stuff: JHM shifter, Wheels, Brake Pads, Air Filter
  92. For Sale: 2001.5 B5 S4 Stage 2
  93. For Sale: 2008 Audi S4 Avant Manual
  94. For Sale: Stasis Ohlins Motorsports FS
  95. Wanted: VCDS in Seattle Area
  96. For Sale: B8 S4 Black Optics Grille
  97. For Sale: ADAPTER / CONVERSION STUD 14x1.5-12x1.5 - 78mm Black Bullet Nose Stud Kit W/ Nuts
  98. Wanted: AWE Resonated downpipes B8.5 S4
  99. For Sale: B6 A4 Red DIS
  100. For Sale: B6 b7 full air ride kit
  101. For Sale: E-CODES!! brand new/never installed, B8.5 A/S/RS5 - with AFS
  102. Wanted: Anyone in Northern WA???
  103. For Sale: D2 a8l - wrecked - parts - $1500/obo
  104. For Sale: Hartmann 19" winter wheel/tire set for Q5 SQ5
  105. For Sale: Work/Vossen VWS-1 19x8.5 5x112
  106. Wanted: 255/35/19 All Season Tire
  107. Wanted: WANTED: Roof Rack B8 A4/S4
  108. For Sale: S5 B8.5 OEM Headlights
  109. For Sale: 3SDM 0.06 19 wheels
  110. For Sale: B8 Tinted LED Taillight for sale (1 burnt out LED) Picture Inside
  111. For Sale: 2017 RS3 19" Wheels & Reverse Staggered Tires -- In Portland!!!
  112. For Sale: Q5 3.0T Parts
  113. For Sale: Random bits and some b5 s4 stuff
  114. Wanted: 225TT injectors
  115. For Sale: Free B8.5 S4 Stock Exhaust
  116. Wanted: RNS-E 2007 Maps DVD
  117. For Sale: 20" TSW Nurburgring 20x9 Vancouver WA
  118. For Sale: Podi Electronic Stepper Boost Gauge
  119. For Sale: Dunlop Snow Tires/AT Italia Wheels
  120. For Sale: Vag-com diagnostic tool with hex-usb+can interface
  121. For Sale: ECS Carbon Fiber lip
  122. For Sale: ECS Carbon Fiber lip b8.5
  123. For Sale: *Free* Blizzak WS60 245/40/18 93R ~5-6mm tread left
  124. For Sale: FS: 2014 Audi SQ5
  125. For Sale: Rotiform RSEs 19x10 et25 5x112/5x114.3
  126. For Sale: 255/35/19 hankook evo v12 tires
  127. For Sale: H&R B7 RS4 Rear Sway Bar
  128. For Sale: 2016 RS7 Blade Wheels and Tires
  129. Wanted: Looking for a BWT head
  130. Wanted: Wtb 90 or 102mm exhaust tips
  131. For Sale: S7 19" w/tires ET32
  132. For Sale: OEM RS5 front scalloped rotors, new/never installed
  133. For Sale: RS3 OEM Matte Aluminum Mirror Covers
  134. For Sale: S4 Peelers 19x8.5 et43 w/ Michelin PSS 255/35/19 Portland area
  135. SOLD: 2001 Audi A4 OEM 16" wheel. Set of five with older Blizzak snow tires - $200
  136. For Sale: FS: Audi S3 aftermarket exhaust (BillyBoat)
  137. For Sale: A3 RNS-E with Pin + 2016 Maps
  138. For Sale: B6 s4 stock down pipes
  139. For Sale: Audi b8 a4 premium floor mat set of 4
  140. For Sale: RNS-E Audi B5 S4
  141. For Sale: S4 Peelers 19x8.5 et43 - Wheels Only - ZERO Curb rash - Portland Area $400
  142. For Sale: B8 US Millworks Tow Hook Plate Mount
  143. For Sale: B8 S4 Stock Springs
  144. For Sale: [FS] B8/B8.5 A4/S4 Thule Roof Rack $100 picked up
  145. For Sale: OEM Audi A6/A7 Sport Steering Wheel with Airbag and Paddle Shifters - Great condition
  146. For Sale: 19x8 et35 Hartmann RS4 DTM wheels/MTM BI-MOTO RS4 DTM Replicas
  147. For Sale: 2005 A4 Avant Ultrasport Artic White 6 speed $8k
  148. Wanted: B6 A4 Front bumper and Drivers side front quarter panel
  149. Trade: Anyone willing trade my silver rse 19x10 st 35
  150. Wanted: WTB: intake for b8.5 s4
  151. For Sale: 2003 burgundy Red Allroad -Rare Color!
  152. Wanted: Peelers
  153. For Sale: B6/B7: S4 Door Blades / S4 Side Skirt Set / RS4 Inner Door Handles
  154. For Sale: 17" OEM Audi S4 Avus wheels
  155. For Sale: OEM Xenon Headlight set
  156. For Sale: MK2 TTRS Brake Setup
  157. For Sale: B8 S4 18s with Hakka 9s
  158. Feeler: Feeler/FS 2013 Sepang Blue S4
  159. For Sale: B8 S4 S5 Eurocode Flywheel
  160. Wanted: WTB: 4 OE Silver RS4 wheels 19x9 +29
  161. For Sale: Thule Areoblade Edge Bars Fit Allroad Aluminium Color
  162. Trade: Trade my wheels for yours, needs to fit my B8.5 S4
  163. For Sale: A3 Mk1 RNS-E - $400obo
  164. For Sale: FREE: Seattle: 18" RS4 Replica wheels with Blizzak WS60 Snow Tires
  165. For Sale: FREE: 17" Toyota 4Runner Wheels
  166. For Sale: 2013 S5 exhaust--$50
  167. For Sale: NEW 52mm VDO Boost gauge
  168. Wanted: Looking for random spacers Laying around, doesn't need to be a set of 4
  169. Wanted: 3.0T intake // AWE Track (or similar) exhaust // 19" wheels (or trade for OEM S5 18")
  170. Wanted: OEM S5 rotor wheels
  171. Wanted: 2.7 engine
  172. For Sale: FS: Carbonio/APR B6/B7 S4 Intake System
  173. For Sale: 2014 Audi A4 Premium Plus Quattro
  174. For Sale: OE S-line Air Leather Shift Knob
  175. For Sale: Used Pirelli Cinturato P7 245/45-18 A/S Tires
  176. For Sale: Audi 100,200 official factory repair manual
  177. For Sale: Audi c5 a6,s6, rs6 and Allroad Bentley manual
  178. For Sale: C5S6 raxles, pair, lightly used.
  179. Wanted: OEM C5 Allroad Wheels
  180. For Sale: new in box 034 rear sway bar for B8/8.5 A4, S4, A5, S5, RS5
  181. For Sale: B6/B7 Meyle HD Front End Links BNIB
  182. For Sale: Thule aeroblade edge crossbars
  183. For Sale: Black Power Heated leather A6 seats from a 2009 C6. Excellent Condition
  184. For Sale: 2003 Red S6 Avant
  185. For Sale: 14 Allroad Premium Plus - loaded with features
  186. Wanted: Borrow 2.7T Timing Tools
  187. Trade: WTT: My 19 Q5 stockers with winters for your Q5 stockers A/S - Portland
  188. For Sale: Winter wheel setup. Big brake friendly
  189. For Sale: 2017 Nardo Gray RS3 #49 of 250
  190. Wanted: Single 19" Peeler
  191. For Sale: Brand New 18 VMR V810 with Michelin PSS
  192. For Sale: 2013 CPO RS5, 52k miles, HRE's
  193. For Sale: 2012 B8 S4 parts
  194. Wanted: Looking for 19s with or without tires
  195. For Sale: Couple of things left over Allroad / A4
  196. For Sale: Test pipe b5 a4
  197. For Sale: B5 A4 S4 pair FCP front tie rods
  198. For Sale: B5 A4 Front Mount intercooler core
  199. For Sale: B5 JHM 2-piece front rotors, refreshed hp2 calipers
  200. For Sale: Timing Tools: Camshaft Sprocket Puller, Camshaft Alignment Bar & Cam Timing Pin tools
  201. For Sale: BBS CH-R 19x9.5 ET35 Silver w/ Michelin PSS 255/35
  202. Wanted: Stock b8 s4 exhaust
  203. For Sale: Continental 255/35 ZR 19 Extreme Contact DWS - 2 used tires
  204. For Sale: Tune2Air
  205. For Sale: FS: 2014 Audi A6 3.0T Quattro - Premium Plus
  206. For Sale: Audi Team Cycling Jersey's
  207. Wanted: Low mileage K03's or decently priced K04's
  208. For Sale: OEM Audi 18x8.0 ET39 wheels + tires + center caps
  209. For Sale: RS Brembo BBK
  210. For Sale: B7 S4 Steering Wheel
  211. For Sale: B7 S4 Custom Logo (stitched) Floor/Trunk Mats
  212. For Sale: 2008 B7 A4 - 150,000 Miles - Black / Black
  213. Wanted: Tonneau cover for 2005 - 2011 A6 Avant.
  214. For Sale: 18 Winter / Summer Setup
  215. For Sale: Avante Garde wheels for sale
  216. For Sale: 3 piece spoiler
  217. For Sale: 2010 BB Audi A4 2.0T P+ Highend Mods + K04 340awhp/awtq
  218. Wanted: WANTED: S4 B8/8.5 Black/Black Alcantara Seats
  219. Wanted: SC Pulley Puller
  220. For Sale: OEM B8.5 Audi S5 18" 5-Spoke Split Parallel S Design Wheels -- 18x8.5, et29, CPO
  221. For Sale: B7 S4 2.5" FI NON-RES EXHAUST (neck down)
  222. For Sale: For sale: Rotiform IND-T 20x10 et.25
  223. For Sale: Mini Part-Out: Genuine Ecode Taillights with 'sweep' blinkers, OEM Red Start Button,
  224. For Sale: B8 S5, B6 A4 Avant, & C5 A6/S6/Allroad Parts
  225. For Sale: B8 S4 Stock 18" Wheels
  226. For Sale: B7 Split Fives in Gunmetal with Winter tires 17"
  227. Wanted: B7 S4 6MT with lowish mileage - Portland local preferred
  228. For Sale: 20" HRE FF01 w DWS06, black, only ~3k miles on them
  229. For Sale: 2010 Audi A4 - 2.0T - $7,500 OBO
  230. For Sale: C5 a6/s6/allroad 6mt swap parts
  231. For Sale: B8 A4 Bilstein B12 Pro-Kit + VMR V710 Wheels
  232. Wanted: WTB: B8.5 S4 or S5
  233. For Sale: B8 S4 front leather seats
  234. For Sale: B7 2.0t vacuum pump, OEM rebuilt.
  235. For Sale: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S 285/30ZR20 (set of 4)
  236. For Sale: 2013 Audi S4 - 6spd - 52K miles - Modded like it should be :) - $28K
  237. Wanted: WTB: vcds
  238. For Sale: 2001.5 B5 A4 2.1L stroker build.
  239. Wanted: Wanted: H&R OE Sport Springs RS5, Exhaust Feeler, 10MM & 15 MM Spacers
  240. For Sale: SELLING: Panda Alcantara B8 S4 Seats & Door Cards
  241. For Sale: RS6
  242. For Sale: FS: SQ5/Q5 3.0T KW V1 Coilovers
  243. For Sale: AWE Tuning goodies
  244. For Sale: Audi Sport Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame (Genuine)
  245. For Sale: Audi Q5 SQ5 OEM Rubber All Weather Floor Mats
  246. For Sale: Avant Red B7 S4 98K miles
  247. For Sale: Parting out silver 2001 A6 6MT 2.7T. Marysville, WA
  248. For Sale: B5 S4/ C5 A6 HP2 Brakes
  249. For Sale: EuroCode Tuning HPipe Stainless Steel High Flow Cat B8/B8.5 A4/A5 2.0TFSI
  250. For Sale: C7 S6 Valved sports exhaust mufflers, $300 for the pair