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  24. Designed, built, and installed a custom allroad tow hitch over the weekend
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  26. Designed my second rim on SolidWorks
  27. 40V 4.2S/C out of an RS6 plenum?
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  35. rs4 rear fenders.
  36. Need exhaust advice on my A5
  37. B6 Avant - Custom stainless steel cargo/dog partition (pics)
  38. intake piping and air box DIY question
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  40. 2.8 supercharger build
  41. Big THANK YOU! to RAI and the staff
  42. Experienced Aluminum Welder Needed
  43. mesh in the MAF
  44. USP Front Lower question
  45. How much is a matte (flat) black paint job? (socal)
  46. It's a pretty simple little piece...
  47. exhaust hanger under warranty?
  48. calling on exhaust experts
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  52. For all you body shoppers out there
  53. Hofel HF7451 b6 to b7 front bumper installation
  54. performance-angle cut valve-seats vs. Porting
  55. Body kit???
  56. Some pictures of my powder coating
  57. Custom Exhaust Question
  58. Fault Code - P2440 - Secondary Air Injection Switching valve stuck open - HELP
  59. Playing with CF on my buddies //M deffuser, mehhhh
  60. Custom lip for my A4...what will fit?
  61. HELP with fiberglass
  62. Bent Alloy Wheel recycling.........anyone for a coffee table?
  63. Air to oil heat exchanger
  64. Help with front left vent
  65. Bracket for 355mm Brembos to fit b6 s4 Rotors
  66. Beginner Welding
  67. S4/RS6 motor swap
  68. B5 A4 Hood Wanted: Hood Wanted!!!
  69. :: ECS Tuning :: Up To 50% Off Universal Tubing *Stainless And Aluminum!*
  70. Quick question, mesh
  71. Torque plate blue-print Audi 2.7T
  72. Removing ebrake plastic
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  74. Recaro Sportster CS Sport Seats from GMP Performance
  75. The Fabrication thread for R.A.I. Motorsport, see what we're up to...
  76. S4 Interior Painting "piano black"
  77. Replica RS4 bumper install help
  78. Having some fun at work 600cc honda motorcyle engine in an ATV
  79. Nubworks custom A2W IC piping, Linder Power System couplers
  80. Rear Spring Spacers
  81. Best fitting FMIC for B6 A4
  82. Paint/dye black leather to red?
  83. Exhaust fabrication help.
  84. Color/dye black stiching?
  85. A4 B7 FMIC installation
  86. Any Ideas How To Fabricate Interior ?
  87. side skirts a4 b8 2009
  88. Diolen (polyester fabric) instead of CF for body panels?
  89. diy car painting
  90. Sports Fever Across the Atlantic
  91. B6 A4 RS4 bodykit with fog lights
  92. 2.2Turbo questions
  93. Rolling fenders and adjusting coilovers in Massachusetts
  94. 8.xx 1/4 mile plans, some tube frame work in progress.
  95. need someone to fabricate a 3" resonated DP that will...
  96. B7 A4 Grille Replaced - Audi Rings and holder required!
  97. B5 S4: Lowering factory seats?
  98. Pearl Blue with blackout grille
  99. Hardwiring my passport 8500 x50 and have a question
  100. DIY Power Bleeder for less than $30
  101. Which one do you like mostly?
  102. Inner fender apron BENT, how to make it straight? HELP!
  103. USP Motorsports Audi R8 V10 Exhaust System | Pics & Video
  104. Stock seat harness location
  105. Anyone good at working with plastics - Fog Light Grill
  106. fabricating RS4 bumper "gills" to match EU version
  107. pre-fab B7 EU side air-intakes?
  108. Wastegate flapper
  109. 1.9 tdi engine rebuild
  110. b7 s4 diffuser retrofit
  111. Source of O-rings?
  112. 2001 Audi Steering wheel change
  113. c5 rear diffuser
  114. Fog lights for 93' urS4 with apikol FMIC
  115. Looking for Beta Testers! Titanium Exhaust No Pie Sections!
  116. 2005 AUDI front bumper
  117. 2000 Audi a6 4.2 exhaust ?
  118. 1999 4.2 V8 swap into a 914 ?
  119. DIY B5 Passat to A4 shift knob & boot
  120. Reenforce a4 b6 hood release lever
  121. All metal Wide Body
  122. Custom 2.7T large port intake manifold
  123. Roll Cage A4 B5
  124. Fabrication Toronto
  125. Titanium CP2 Mandrel Bends!
  126. Ls swap b6. Looking for info
  127. Should my sideview mirror move, by itself?
  128. Need help locating Vacuum Hose on my 2010 Audi A4 2.0T Premium
  129. Im not an engineer im a mathematician. What do you think about this exhaust crossover
  130. VIN code check
  131. Front bumpers for the b5 s4
  132. A4 B6/7 - Passenger sunshade installation
  133. A4 B8 dual exhuast Rear valance part number?
  134. I've got a 1500WHP 6.7L LSX that needs a Quattro home....
  135. Custom license plate bracket
  136. front fender gouged from installing grille.
  137. Exhaust Manifold Outlet Flange for 4.2 Liter BBD Engine
  138. Audi 80 front seat disassembling
  139. 3D printer savvy?
  140. Need help with wiring car siren
  141. '09 A3 Floor Pan
  142. Spherical bearings ?
  143. What is easier to work with, ABS plastic or fiberglass?
  144. Brushed Aluminum Audi Rings
  145. Carbon Fiber repair
  146. Radar detector bracket ideas?
  147. Resonators instead of cats? Drone?
  148. Removal of Door/Dash Trim and Center Console
  149. Exhaust layout.
  150. rebuild my turbo
  151. Need help with custom switches b8 a4
  152. Supercharged 3.0T mated to 01E FWD
  153. SALE ALERT! 10% off ECS Exhaust Cutouts + FREE SHIPPING
  154. Audi b5 front bumper repair
  155. 2017 rs7 steering wheel
  156. 2011 Audi S4 wheel block ideas?
  157. Audi S6/S8 V10 (D3) Bellhousing Bolt pattern
  158. Window Switch D3 child safety Lock
  159. Carbondesignz, OSIR
  160. B8.5 S4 - original hood vs oem replacement