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  1. Exhausts for S4/A4 Convertibles?
  2. B6/B7 Convertible Mod Photos
  3. WOW we got our own forum now?
  4. Sway Bar for S4 cab.
  5. What's your favorite top care product?
  6. Recode B6 top module to open while underway?
  7. Deutsch Teile Haus is here for you!!!
  8. VAG-COM
  9. S5 Cabriolet - With Recaro Seats? Perhaps retrofit-able?
  10. '09 A4 Cabriolet 2.0T CVT TFSI FrontTrak Spl Edition
  11. A4 Cabrio. Did it ever come MT?
  12. New A5 + S5 Cabs What you guys think?
  13. convertible top lining material
  14. how many miles?
  15. What B6 A4 Cab body mods are available?
  16. tarnished windshield frame
  17. HID on Fog
  18. Third Sun Visor.
  19. Vag Com for Convertible....help
  20. Need some clarification
  21. Stereo Cuttoff when raising/lowering top
  22. b6 cabrio hid help oem
  23. Maintenance So Far?
  24. Maintenance So Far?
  25. Wheels for our cabs!
  26. B6 Cab Headlight help
  27. Wheel Choices
  28. DTM Bumpers on Convertible
  29. 2006 A4 Cabrio Pricing
  30. Trunk protective flap is stuck in
  31. Location of Factory Radio Amp
  32. Lots of fixes
  33. Mud Flaps on Cabiolet?
  34. after clay bar & waxing
  35. How Warm Does it Have to be For You to Put the Top Down?
  36. CUPRA R Lip
  37. Anyone know what's wrong with my convertible top?
  38. Quick Question for Cabriolet Owners
  39. XM Sirius Satellite Radio Reception Problems Cabriolet
  40. Topped off gas, any concerns
  41. Major changes to B6 Cab - more pics to come
  42. dumb a$$ question
  43. Lowering options
  44. Storage under the driver seat?
  45. Hi, noob thoughts
  46. Gas Mileage? Thoughts?
  47. Hey you B7 cool cats, seat Q for you.
  48. Tints on a B6 Cab?
  49. Guess who got some chin spoilers?
  50. Extended warranty
  51. Spoiler on a B7 S4 Cab?
  52. New Suspension and Wheels - B7 S4 Cabrio
  53. tail lights
  54. P6 blowout
  55. Corsa exhaust..does it fit??
  56. No StaSIS Ohlins SL for Cabs????
  57. Wind deflector/screen
  58. Grease under top
  59. how to remove upper trim in rear seat area?
  60. Wierd S4 Cab.
  61. side view mirrors
  62. Can windows with remote fob AND turn key in lock cylinder top up/down work?
  63. Some random pictures of my project
  64. Snowboard in a B6 S4 Cabriolet?
  65. musty smell
  66. Questions about our new to us 2006 A4 cab
  67. Changing Bulbs in the Cabrio
  68. S5 Cab, HRE, GMG, AP Racing.............
  69. Upgrade Exhaust System
  70. Help needed on 05 cab
  71. Lowered
  72. Interior Trim
  73. air leak in the roof and windows
  74. rear sway bar swap
  75. interior trim
  76. bluetooth retro fit on b6 cab.
  77. Scuttle shake
  78. Windscreen / wind deflector for sale
  79. Does anybody make a vent gauge pod for B7 convertibles?
  80. Having trouble VAGCOMing my S4 con.
  81. Windshield Frame Rattle?
  82. Anyone ever done a manual swap?
  83. random pic I found
  84. Fabric top catches on rear joint?
  85. Rear window won't go all the way down??
  86. B6s with Ecodes...
  87. leaky roof
  88. anyone selling their b7 cabriolet tail lights + adaper? Did you guys get an error?
  90. trim removal cab
  91. Top dash light blinks when starting car
  92. Finally took pics.
  93. My B6 A4 1.8t
  94. Try It Again-Pics of My Ride
  95. Noise from Passenger Side Front Wheel…
  96. b6 cab bose subwoofer?
  97. Finally a bike rack for my '09 A4 Cabriolet
  98. Passenger window rattle
  99. OE headlight issues
  100. CHRIS555 - Audi A4 1.8T Quattro Convertible - Stage 1/2
  101. My next project, coming soon
  102. cab owners with H&R coilovers ... what's your rear GTF height?
  103. HID Fogs
  104. Gratuitious pics of the Roadster as it sits right now...
  105. My cabby slammed on 20s
  106. Rear Seat Wind Deflector for Back Seat Passengers
  107. Help Identifying Wheels
  108. interior trim
  109. Convertible Top Overview
  110. Convertible Top Overview Part Deux
  111. Clear Cornering our headlights
  112. Swedish A4 Cab
  113. Part No's for rear valance?
  114. Audi Convertible Windscreen
  115. Wind Deflector for 1996 convertible
  116. B6 S4 Cab Front and rear bumper removal
  117. Satellite receiever module installation ( I Searched)
  118. moonlight blue color
  119. Fog Lights
  121. Convertible Top Light Flashing
  122. Power top problems!?!
  123. filled n painted my curb rashed wheels with JB weld n Einszett Silber
  124. B6 Cabriolet Windscreen
  125. B6 to B7 conversion
  126. Anyone Need Any Cabrio Specific Parts?
  127. oCarbon - Finally got some installed pictures of our carbon fiber trim in a Cabrio
  128. Water in the passenger compartment
  129. B6 S4 Convertible ... Exhaust Options???
  130. Looking For More Power
  131. Should I install Neu Speed or H&R
  132. My A4 8H
  133. Changed my fuel filter at 54,000 miles
  134. Clear Tail Lights for a B7 Cabrio (yes I searched)
  135. My 1998 Audi Cabriolet
  136. Buying a B7 S4 Cab
  137. Car Alarm for convertible??!! HELP!
  138. Roof of my A4 Cabrio Leaking
  139. For those who dont like to be crowded in the B7 section.
  140. Cup holder difference for the verts. B6
  142. Looking for possible cabby trades for my 2004 S4
  143. My B6 S4 Cabriolet!
  144. Convertible top gets stuck.... Any suggestions what it is?
  145. Cabrio Ecodes?
  146. Nice Convertible
  147. Convertible Top Seals
  148. New Suspension on my 04 S4 Cab
  149. need help
  150. Sold my S4 Cabriolet!
  151. Convertible top repair question
  152. 19" wheels rubbing.
  153. Drying cabrio roof
  154. Right Rear Window Regulator
  155. R8 Spider Burnt orange
  156. R8 Spyder Burnt orange
  157. Daily driver
  158. Rattles from trunk???
  159. RS Style Grill for Base B7 H8 Cabrio? Having trouble finding
  160. B6 Subwoofers?like
  161. Trade wood A4/S4 Trim for ?
  162. Wheels
  163. Where can I get a wind deflector cheaper than the $300 Audi is trying to charge?
  164. Cabriolet Troubles!
  165. How to remove bird poo ?!
  166. Tried to remove yellow corner marker...
  167. B8.5 Cab Mods?
  168. Water deposit
  169. B7 RS4 Convertible Tail Lights the same as the Sedan?
  170. Top down, windows up; why the outrage?
  171. New Wheels (Finally!)
  172. Anyone with a b7 cab, can you answer a question for me?
  173. Will the front sport suspension from a 2003 sedan fit a convertible ?
  174. b6 cab third tail light blackout??
  175. Convertible Front Edge
  176. New soft top A5 2009 where to buy?
  177. Air Lift Convertible
  178. Wheels / Tires / Front & Rear Sway Bars and Coilovers Finally installed...
  179. B6 A4 Cab - Rear glass separating from canvas top...Help!
  180. Voice Control on S5 Cab 2010 Model?
  181. Traded in my S4 cab for a red beast. Tires/wheels and wind screen available!
  182. Life for the Roof
  183. Cleaning your top
  184. 08 RS4 Right rear window retract
  185. Excessive heat with the top down
  186. Convertible Picture Game
  187. Driver door window controls, down but no up
  188. Cabriolet Sill Covers Removal.
  189. 2007 B7 S4 Cabriolet production numbers; only 254 made!
  190. A4 B7 Cabriolet queries on parts fitment
  191. 2008 RS4 Cab for sale in Boston
  192. A4 Cab roof not working
  193. b7 2.0t exhaust
  194. Mirrors
  195. Just some pics of my b6
  196. Please help! After fitting miltek downpipes mpg fluctuating up to 300mpg?
  197. bunt out looms
  198. Looking to buy a windscreen- B6 A4 Cab
  199. B6/B7 Rear Subframe Compatibility: Sedan/Avant vs. Cabriolet?
  200. Top went down, didn't come back up.
  201. Props for Rhino Glue top glass corner repair
  202. Anybody need a Driver's Side Door? Basically giving this thing away
  203. When closing convertible top- driver side latch does not go back straight
  204. B7 rear fog lights
  205. SmartTop
  206. Anyone know the difference with the Cabriolet grilles? Looking at aftermarket
  207. A4 B6 8H cabriolet aftermarket / e-code headlight options?
  208. Recent pickup: Sprint blue S4 cab (1 of 11)
  209. New owner of 2009 convertible... Lots of questions
  210. Neuspeed race springs
  211. Airbag Module
  212. convertible top rattle
  213. Viper remote start / parking light question
  214. License Plate LED lights upgrade
  215. Convertibles. Dumb questions from new owners.
  216. S5 chrome wrapped
  217. B6 Cab 1.8t CVT to 5spd swap almost done
  218. Replacing Tail Light Bulb 2005 s4
  219. Control with fob
  220. A couple problems....Cant raise top manually
  221. Seat question
  222. Asked to drive In a parade?
  223. Water sloshing noise on drivers side
  224. Dash trim removal
  225. One last pass in an R8 V10 Spyder in the Alps...
  226. Thanks to my co-worker its time for a fix. 2006 A4 cabrio
  227. Does the Audi All-Weather Cargo Mat Really Fit?
  228. B7 A4 Hardtop vs. Convertible
  229. Opinions on top, open or closed?
  230. Trunk Subwoofer Stock Look
  231. Been Fun
  232. Avery blue car wrapping
  233. Reglueing Rear Window
  234. Top down windows down?
  235. any aftermarket b6 front spoilers??
  236. Cabin or cowl shake ?
  237. rattle when hood NOT down
  238. Any help welcomed.......pleeeeease
  239. One touch top retrofit
  240. Arrrrg Someone cut my top
  241. Lazy roof opening
  242. Top down while moving
  243. Black Optics grille on B8.5 cab?
  244. A4 B6 Cabrio - broken glove box hinges
  245. Another MK1 leaking
  246. New A3 cabriolet owner
  247. Wind Screen Choices/Question
  248. Mud flaps
  249. Roof cleaning and restoration
  250. Top stop strut leaking