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  1. Your System Setup
  2. Dension Ipod Interface with Text Demonstrations Now Up On Youtube!
  3. 2point5 Spec.docks Now Available!
  4. How difficult would this be?
  5. GROM Ipod Adaptor
  6. Kenwood DNX-5140 - Picture
  7. Need a longer dension cord, where to buy?
  8. Pioneer Suggestions!
  9. Aftermarket Handsfree, Bluetooth, Nav suggestions
  10. Share : how to rip DVD and convert Video to iPod
  11. Connects2 Radio Install Interface (Install your radio in MINUTES!)
  12. need another sub?
  13. Do they make digital tv tuners yet for kenwood/alpine/pioneer etc?
  14. Very Cheap Car Video/Audio
  15. i-pod adapter
  16. R-NSE Navi and sd cards
  17. can I tap the bose amp harness on a B6/7 have RCA level inputs?
  18. debating whether 2 dynamat floorpanels
  19. B7 Nav problem
  20. Pioneer AVH-P4000DVD installed
  21. WTB: Bose AMP for my 2003 A4 Avant.
  22. Which Navigation Headunit is this?
  23. simplest ipod/iphone connection
  24. best and cheapest ipod solution?
  25. Tech help with Dension Ice Link
  26. Ipod connect to our B7 A4Hi
  27. More Symphony II to II+ questions
  28. What is my Bose AMP part number
  29. what would the best way to wire up subs to bose (b5)
  30. code poping up on bose headunit
  31. does the symphony 2 have rca in?
  32. Concert vs Symphony
  33. Pioneer AVIC-D3 in an '08 A4
  34. infinity components? a good choice or not?
  35. Zapco to JL
  36. Amplified or not???
  37. Installation parts
  38. AVIC IN B5 Install
  39. DVD playback for Nav
  40. B5 door speaker adapters
  41. Pioneer releases new NAVI for this year
  42. Symphony Hidden EQ
  43. OEM Ipod adaptor problem, Please help
  44. Security code on head unit?
  45. Need IPOD Solution for A6
  46. Audio Expert in GTA/Canada needed for Project
  47. Dension v. Dice for B7
  48. RNS-E Low Leve Out
  49. B6 S4 vs A4 Head Unit Housing Sizes
  50. help mounting speakers
  51. aftermarket nav antenna
  52. iPod integration problem
  53. Steering Wheel Controls (Changeable?)
  54. help searching posts...
  55. Brand new 09 TTS Nav selling price question
  56. Aftermarket alarm for A4
  57. B5 nav question
  58. Iphone cable
  59. RNS-E MMI update for 2010 Models
  60. Remote wire from Bose Amp - B7 RS4
  61. new sound system =)))
  62. new sound system!!not sure how to install??
  63. Help designing a ported box
  64. PTT integration on STeering wheel with after market?
  65. Few questions for my '06 A4 Cab
  66. OEM car amp location
  67. Best Pioneer Double din in-dash?
  68. Kenwood DNX7140 Navigation/DVD Radio installed into B7
  69. hardwiring Passport 8500
  70. Connects 2 Rubber Touch Bezel
  71. Warning Triangle
  72. Need help with Bose
  73. Sound coming in and out? Bad amp?
  74. LG Dare stereo connection?
  75. A3 System install help/ideas needed
  76. key to remove Audi Nav unit
  77. B6 Speaker Sizes
  78. Pioneer...which one
  79. B6 Cab - Where to put Sat Antenna
  80. 2007 B7 Avant - Speaker Recommendations
  81. Enfig cable questions for DNX7140
  82. Parts List for B6 S4 HU Install
  83. Power output
  84. What factors should you consider for Head unit?
  85. Parrot Bluetooth kit problem
  86. Parrot Bluetooth kit problem
  87. DNX 9140 or AVIC-Z110BT
  88. LCD boost/vac gauge?
  89. B6 oem subwoof ?
  90. Hi / lo converter.
  91. Removing Rear Deck (Shelf) on B7
  92. ch chagner problems.. volume problems too..
  93. want I pod connection on 2006 a6 avant
  94. Audio upgrade of 09 TT
  95. opinions on navi/audio for 2001 A4 Avant
  96. Eclipse AVN 726e
  97. Replacing RNS-E with aftermarket, help
  98. Audi B7 sedan..time to upgrade system
  99. Dension Gateway 300
  100. RNS-E questions for video, etc.
  101. Adding aux input
  102. dice/dension ipod issue
  103. Power sources for aftermarket HU
  104. pioneer avh-p4000dvd HELP!!
  105. water in tweeter
  106. Alpine Amp & JL Audio Sub...
  107. Crutchfield shows no double-din for my car?
  108. 96 a4 stereo help
  109. I need the (32)? pin out diagram for Bose amp
  110. Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth and I-Audi-R together?
  111. I can't get my stereo to play my SD Card and I'm losing patience..
  112. Symphony radio prob with putting in code
  113. PhatBox cables rattling in the back, need solution...
  114. a4 ipod display on head unit?
  115. aftermarket HU= no radio
  116. AUDI RADIO: Hey Guys, i need an answer quick before monday please.
  117. troubleshooting ideas anyone?
  118. Suggestions on a Double Din in-dash?
  119. Sound System Upgrade Suggestions
  120. Questions about Kenwood DNX7140 and install
  121. Factory Microphone with aftermarket?
  122. Eclipse AVN 5435 Updated Navi DVD
  123. Too many amps?
  124. AHV-p3100 HELP!!! B5 S4
  125. WTB: Your Audi Symphony II or II+ Radio
  126. Symphony I to Symphony II
  127. Help, cut wires.
  128. can i use the stock head unit for an after market amp and subs?
  129. new headunit with connects and bose issues
  130. RS4 Stereo gut job and DNX7140 Install
  131. Pioneer AVIC-EXT910BT Install (What color is VSS and reverse?)
  132. Got my subwoofer box f/s
  133. Avant Amp and Sub
  134. good navigation system
  135. need help to install my pioneer f900bt
  136. Symphony "Phone Mode" Prevents radio while car is started
  137. need help to install my f900bt plz
  138. amp install question
  139. Serious RNS-D Help....
  140. OEM ipod integration install *HELP*
  141. kenwood ddx514 parking brake wire
  142. 2006 A6 3.2 aux input
  143. 4 Gauge Amp Kit
  144. Kenwood DNX7140 Firmware upgrade
  145. Bose Rewire?
  146. My kenwood harness for steering wheel function didnt work
  147. Fiberglass sub enclosure in 06 Avant
  148. Kenwood DDX512 in a B6 A4
  149. iPod Hook-up...new guy question
  150. Where to run wires, A3?
  151. upgrade suggestions (B6 A4)
  152. Upgrading
  153. Eclipse AVN726E Pic request
  154. Tapping Bose Amp...searched the Forums
  155. Rockford Fosgate ipod connector with text display???
  156. What is this...?
  157. Best Subs for B5
  158. Another front speaker wiring question
  159. radio safe mode
  160. rns d to rns e retrofit a4 b6 avant
  161. Whats this Concert rear connection
  162. switched power supply help
  163. rca converter ?s
  164. DICE Shuffle Steering Wheel Controls Stopped Working
  165. Need stereo help - on a budget! Please chime in!
  166. headunit choices
  167. Single DIN pictures in B6 or B7
  168. OEM cd changer on a B7
  169. Aftermarket radio and dash RDS question in a B6 A4
  170. Amp for 05 s4
  171. Sirius OEM Receiver for A4 2009
  172. Audi Concert 2
  173. help adding hi-lo converter to b6 a4 with bose symphony 2 PICTURES INCLUDED
  174. Having Problems With New System
  175. Q5 AMI cables; USB and what does it support?
  176. Symphony II+
  177. TO Enfig.. time to call you out
  178. Simple upgrade from stock
  179. Replacing Symphony II
  180. Installers in New Jersey
  181. Bose or No Bose
  182. bluetooth
  183. Carputer into Bose
  184. rear speakers inop
  185. Audi Symphony Having Problems
  186. 1999.5 bose system
  187. need help replacing head unit.
  188. what OEM radio has bluetooth and Ipod B6 A4
  189. Ipod in 06 a6
  190. Audi XM Module usable on Aftermarket HU?
  191. Anyone know why the sound quality through my ipod interface is diminished?
  192. mono amp suggestion?
  193. B6 Speaker Grill Replacement Question
  194. Radio Signal???
  195. Ipod Nano does not charge in with factory interface!
  196. RNS E and Dension Ipod Adapter
  197. Looking for wires to tap?
  198. A6 XM install - no sound
  199. New HU install, clipping at high volumes
  200. Axxess HD Radio Integration with Audi???
  201. RF hum and vibration issue on B6 A4 with Bose...
  202. For all of you alarm installers...
  203. Tips? About to replace bose head unit with after market
  204. Holy crap this is irritating!!! Audio specialist help please!
  205. B6 IPod/Aux Install Help/Recommendations
  206. ipod solution for symphony I
  207. B5 s4 system
  208. Installed Blitzsafe Audi M-Link 1V-1B and sounds like crap!!!
  209. audio pros
  210. build in antenna!!???
  211. Need help with door speaker resonance, aftermarket speakers 2001 A6
  212. mm5251 component speaker series issue
  213. concert II rotary encoder - ALPS help!!
  214. dead battery dead radio?
  215. new to audio systems... what are these wires?
  216. Looking for a Sony Headunit w/ specific features (For the winter truck)
  217. Ipod question
  218. What else do i need for this pioneer.
  219. radio not working/grom usb stuff
  220. Bose Concert front tweeter questions
  221. RNS-E Satalite Radio?
  222. non-bose system help
  223. Remove head unit
  224. Connects2 CT24AU06R
  225. Help! Symphony II unit
  226. Advice on installing a pioneer P6000DVD in a B6 A4
  227. Dice I-Audi-r/5v in but low volume?
  228. B6 Symphony II - Where is a good ground?
  229. Very Poor Radio Reception?
  230. Cheapest mod for B6 S4 bose unit
  231. Weird stuff last night!
  232. MMI 3g and ipod "mix" setting---argh
  233. Do I have a bad AMP?
  234. Having a tough time deciding: Eclipse AVN726E or Kenwood DNX7410.
  235. Speaker Help
  236. Looks for good shallow mount components
  237. Aftermarket amp to stock speakers
  238. My new "Stock" looking itouch dock
  239. God I hate Audi right now
  240. Navi head unit/ amp and sub question
  241. Speaker rattle with sound OFF?
  242. 2Point5 Spec.dock for Audi A4 and Iphone.
  243. double din ??
  244. Can my RNSE play dvd movies (U.S.)?
  245. Hardwire Portable Alpine GPS/Bluetooth
  246. radio just stoped working
  247. HELP ME!
  248. stock speaker ohm
  249. 6.5" infinity component set, bad idea?
  250. need help rewiring B7 taillights