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  2. just got this kenwood receiver
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  23. Mehta are these
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  30. WTB AMI
  31. Mystery iPod/iPhone cable in '02 S6. I need Ideas on how to activate it.
  32. 2011 A3 S-Line audio help
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  34. Concert System
  35. 2012 audi a7 premium plus looking for bose system... help ?
  36. Just bought A 95 URS6 and I...
  37. 2004 Audi A4 B6 Non-Bose rear amplifier location?
  38. 814 MMI update part number
  39. Alpine X701D-A4
  40. Car Audio Help
  41. Garage door opener is causing remote start on other car to activate
  42. 2005 A8 Quattro.. No bluetooth?
  43. Symphony 2+ want to add Bluetooth. For iPhone music streaming. But how?
  44. add a fuse question
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  51. Confirming before starting work on the stereo
  52. 01 B5 S4 Stereo Replacement (need some guidance)
  53. Need some insight
  54. Play music on iPod and stream Pandora from Smart Phones with AMI 2 & 3G
  55. Audi A4 - B5 - Non Bose System - Front Speaker Replacement
  56. factory reset on concert gen3
  57. CarPlay/Steering Wheel controls issue
  58. Radio code 93 Audi 90cs
  59. rnse coding to a3 8p
  60. Pioneer AVH-X3700BHS with Bose speaker system in B7 S4
  61. Rns-e radio code
  62. adding new components HELP PLEASE!!!
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  64. Bench test power source?
  65. sub sounds great at decent volumes but makes a lousy tap noise at lower volumes
  66. Sirius Module -OEM
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  68. Recommendation internet radio streaming app
  69. MMI Navigation and Sprint
  70. Does MMI-Connect let me unlock my car ?
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  72. B5 A4 non-Bose complete system replacement
  73. Question on stock amp in a4 b7 non bose
  74. Splitting signal?
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  76. RSE HELP
  77. Three good subs, ruined... WHY!?!?!
  78. Subwoofer enclosed in armrest
  79. So.. I need help with RNS-E and Bluetooth
  80. Enfig Wiring Harness Colors
  81. Reverse camera install with Car's Gadget components
  82. 3 socket ISO to 2 socket ISO, pls help!!!
  83. Q5 aftermarket Sub installation - HELP!
  84. Amp for JL W6 12" in a 2007 A4
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  87. Good audio shop in the Philadelphia area?
  88. 2002 A6 - Amplifier / Subwoofer ? Non-bose
  89. AMI Connector Not Working
  90. re-wiring stock a4 b6 sound system
  91. Sub woofer
  92. Anyone in the northeast do retrofits of the rns-e in a b5?
  93. Wire gauge??
  94. HEEEEELP!! Sub needs an amp!!
  95. Troubleshooting and repairing bose audio in A4 B5 Avant - I need some advice
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  99. I'm really struggling to remove my SymphonyII head unit. I have tried multiple
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  102. Dension or new headunit? - Need your suggestions!
  103. 2016 C7.5 3.0T USB Audio Issue - Not Recognizing the Device (iPhone 6s)
  104. B6 A4 help
  105. Installing Sub & Amp to factory stereo.
  106. Need help! Speakers going in and out. Popping noises. 08 a4 Bose
  107. 2007 OEM RNS-E Bluetooth Cutting In and Out with Iphone 6S Plus
  108. Sirius / XM Radio wont activate - B7 S4
  109. Just help me out here please
  110. Need help phone screen mirroring
  111. RNS-E question/Line output converter
  112. rear sub
  113. Symphony I to RNS-E Reviews
  114. Symphony ii+ with OEM Bluetooth - Options needed
  115. Audi CAN-BUS documentation. B8 C7 and others
  116. Stream Video and Audio: Raspberry Pi 2 and MMI 2G
  117. 2016 S3 b&o pinout
  118. 2012 B8 A4 door speaker straight replacements no added amp?
  119. B5 s4 boost gauge install
  120. Volume Range Adjustment Question - w/ Enfig HILO / NEX8000 / A4 B6 w/ Bose w/ sub
  121. A4 B8.5 Audio Upgrade (pics)
  122. Adding a Garmin
  123. B7 S4 Symphony II+ to RNS-E (Noob please help!)
  124. Part Number Clarification for AMI AUX Cable
  125. Satellite Radio Question
  126. wire gauge required?
  127. Aux in + mmi basic plus / audi a4 b8
  128. 2 din convert
  129. Dead S100 Head Unit After Rough Start
  130. B7 A4 aftermarket switched power
  131. How to unlock my AUX input on my MMI?
  132. Alpine INA W910 harness
  133. speakers on my b5 not working
  134. Anyone know the specs of the non-B&O amp?
  135. upgrade sound system on b5 a4
  136. Reverse camera B7
  137. C6 A6: How to install an AMI w/o removing CD changer on a A6 C6/4F
  138. Double din questions navigation vs non navigation
  139. New radio install, 2001 a6
  140. Audi A4 B8 2012 Concert (Non Bose) Bypass OEM Amplifier - Need Radio/Amp Wiring Info
  141. Analog TV Tuner 4E0919146 Installation On MMI 2G
  142. Reset Symphony II+
  143. 2010 audi a5 mmi upgrade
  144. For Sale: Audi RCA input
  145. RNS-E PU Unlock Pin Code
  146. 2015 SQ5 - Sound Quality Stereo Build (removed Bang & Olufsen)
  147. How to add sub to 2006 A4 Avant ?
  148. B7 A4 with Pioneer AVH-4200NEX sounding weak
  149. Issues with B&O System in My B8 S4
  150. Mmi 3g plus Bluetooth menu greyed out
  151. B6 Avant Bose Amp Connector Pinout
  152. stereo build question
  153. Finally deciding between pioneer/kenwood
  154. 2007 A4 B7 no power to radio - please help me
  155. A4 B7 multi function steering wheel controls
  156. Symphony 1 -> RNS-E: Adapter wiring question
  157. Video out from 3G MMI?
  158. Bluetooth Support
  159. Premium plus Bose subwoofer upgrade
  160. Subwoofer Clipping
  161. Getting the best sound quality from iPhone sourced music
  162. Best Way To Add Bluetooth to 05 S4 Cabrio?
  163. XM Tuner Not Getting All Channels (05 S4 Cabrio)
  164. B7 Bose bypass amp upgrade information
  165. Adding SiriusXM to Existing Symphony II (05 S4)
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  167. Dension Bluetooth coding with RNS-E - Help Please!
  168. iPhone connection
  169. Installed DICE Ipod adapter, draining battery?
  170. RNS-E unlocking CD
  171. Audi MMI 3g LOW II AMI Retrofit
  172. cheaper way to add bluetooth a2dp than dension?
  173. adding android to my concert - i think i got it, need reassurance
  174. Problems With MMI and iPhone6
  175. No sound with OEM cable 2015 RS5
  176. 2016 A6 2.0T - Amplifier Location?
  177. interface cable help!
  178. Does WMA3000A Tune2air draw power when car turned off?
  179. Denison connectivity inconsistent
  180. Remapping Hands-Free Bluetooth Button?
  181. 2011 s4 b8 multiple speakers blown?
  182. B6 A4 Blown Speakers
  183. Q3 Coding help
  184. Removed Cd changer - now what?
  185. Using Component speakers in a B6 A4 Bose system
  186. Ipod hook up options for Symphony II+
  187. Adding Subwoofer and amp to B6
  188. Adding a sub
  189. iPod adapter help for 2008 Audi A4
  190. Upgrading the B7 S4 Avant stereo system - need opinion/advice
  191. Seeking Advice on 2008 Audi S4 Head Unit
  192. RNS-D PIN code lost.
  193. Pioneer 8200NEX is in - Random battery drain is gone and sound is 120% improved
  194. A4 Cabriolet radio reception not brilliant
  195. Dumb question...sub wiring
  196. 2016 Audi TTS (8S) Retrofit on my 2015 Audi A1 ( and pretty much on any VAG car )
  197. B8 a4 audio streaming options?
  198. Install 12" sub on rear deck
  199. Door card lining vibrating?
  200. 193 RNS-E rear plug diagram?
  201. B8.5 S4 with B&O - Installed Sub, looking to determine if there's a better way
  202. Sympony II to RNS-E
  203. Rns-e with aftermarket speakers amps?
  204. Android After market battery drain
  205. Audi a4 b7 double din info
  206. B7 A4 audio upgrade
  207. RNS-E wiring help!
  208. Where to find an AUX input port that fits a B7 A4 dash?
  209. RNS-E
  210. What Radio Do I Have?
  211. RNS-e Screen repair
  212. 04 audi S4 denisen adapter for android
  213. '08 A4 iPhone adapter
  214. Upgraded the Front Speakers in My B8 S4 B&O
  215. B8 with strange audio issue
  216. 2015 S4 Sirius Radio "LINKING", No sound playing
  217. Symphony II (Non-Bose) Speaker Problem -- Looking for Advice
  218. 2012 a4 b8: subwoofer install not playing low low frequencies? Help? (<40hz)
  219. Need help finding RNS-E LCD Replacement
  220. Upgrading my DSP system?
  221. B8.5 on B&O question
  222. Symphony ii to RNS-E
  223. C5 Avant sub out, rear speakers work...
  224. Just installed Alpine SPS 610C
  225. Factory sub drop in options...
  226. B7 A4 Bose equipped Radio wiring harness diagram
  227. 3G or 3G+
  228. Unplugging Subwoofer
  229. RNS-E MK1 malfunction
  230. Replacing A6 C6 MMI
  231. Won't read a couple CDs
  232. Radio Reception Woes
  233. Stock speaker swap?
  234. Looking for RNS-E bluetooth wiring diagram / info
  235. MMI Basic Plus 2G is driving me crazy
  236. B8 "Audi Concert" speaker upgrades
  237. Aftermarket antenna replacement
  238. iPhone 6 does not see Dension Pro Bt
  239. CD-Changer Issue. any Ideas?!
  240. Phone not finding AUX bluetooth
  241. Rns-e "mix" option
  242. Audi A6 2009 MMI 3G + Aftermarket Subwoofer(Active)
  243. A6 C5 BOSE Aftermarket Installation
  244. Upgrading from Symphony II to Symphony II+
  245. B7 A4/S4 + Enfig steering wheel control adapter + Pioneer AVH-4200NEX functionality?
  246. b7a4 Upgrade from Submarine to Shark Fin
  247. HELP! Speakers on passenger side not producing any noise!
  248. Anyone with a Vcds in the SEATTLE area?
  249. HELP! Component Protection
  250. Installing Dension GWP1AC1 in B7 S4 with RNS-E and OEM Bluetooth