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  1. Dice DL-1001 and 2007 A4 with Factory NAV
  2. Retofit b7 Nav in B6 advise
  3. Any body ever use or own the Smart Audio radios?
  4. Shopping for new head unit
  5. B5 Avant with Bose needs new speakers.
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  7. Need kit to connect iPhone 5 to stereo
  8. Looking for a Broken RNS-E for A4
  9. RNS-E alternative Android headunits
  10. Audi A4 B7 2008 Can question
  11. 2014 S5 system upgrade
  12. help with dice install
  13. Super Custom dual 12' sub box/amp's for S5/A4??
  14. Would this sub fit...
  15. B8.5 S4 non-B&O audio upgrade (lots of pics)
  16. Argh. Help. B7 RS4 Head Unit Selection
  17. Bose Amp question
  18. 1997 A4 Blaupunkt stereo with no display, backlights working
  19. Audi Bose 4166M Amp Compatibility
  20. Audi Navigation Plus RNS
  21. Replacing RNS-E for G version?
  22. Have you found a workaround for iPad mini to play podcasts and charge the same time?
  23. Is there a mod for getting _basic_ AUX on MMI 3G? (x-post c6-section)
  24. Where to find 8P0-AMI unit?
  25. 2013 Audi S6 - Audio Install
  26. Kenwood DDX470 with all enfig components, no dimmer.
  27. 2011 A4 passenger speakers cutting in and out
  28. Aftermarket Sub
  29. Wiring Solutions for Subwoofer Remote Knob
  30. Audi Q5 2011 vag-com issues for HID swap
  31. Need help for my mother's B8 a4
  32. Looking for NRS-E hack CD
  33. Any Help w/ PAC RP4-AD11
  34. A4 B6 Key Sense??
  35. 2006 a4
  36. Symphony 2 to 2+ issues.
  37. Lost steering wheel control functions
  38. RNS-E low/no satellite reception
  39. B5 A4 OEM radio sound only out of 1 speaker
  40. Getting Audi Logo on Aftermarket HU Startup
  41. After-Market Stereo for Audi TT
  42. Apple CarPlay
  43. RNS-E DVD Drive Failure
  44. B7 A4 looking for sound system upgrades
  45. B8 A4 Subwoofer Replacement
  46. Best IPOD/IPAD/IPHONE integrattion system for A4 b6
  47. Help with an Ebay item!!! AUDI RNS-E HD Navigation system-------->Any experiences???
  48. Changer and blue tooth module
  49. A4 B6 key sense wire found!!!
  50. Aftermarket Radio No Power?
  51. DAB radio in A6 C5, how to?
  52. Help setting up sd card
  53. HD Radio Text Not Displaying
  54. AMI radio not working on B8 S4
  55. Sliding Sub Box
  56. Would I notice a difference upgrading my Bose door speakers to a JL Audio setup?
  57. VAG-COM error - wrong coding. please help
  58. SAT for 2010 Audi A3 TDI???
  59. RNS-E Add ons
  60. Just got a nav uniy to replace stock radio. Have some questions.
  61. B5 2000 replace with aftermarket HU, what harness and dash kit?
  62. Anyone getting metadata to display when bluetooth streaming from Android device?
  63. Galaxy Note 10.1 Install
  64. Has anyone hear of this?
  65. Anyone know how to bypass dvd playing while driving? 2013 a6
  66. 2008 A4 Symphony II, Bluetooth streaming through iPod dock in glove box?
  67. SD Card Issue
  68. Static from my pioneer x2500BT
  69. Help me help myself, speakers, amp, sub purchase/install
  70. Play video from sd 2010 audi a4 premium
  71. Can this horrible radio reception be improved on my S5
  72. Adding a Subwoofer to my bose setup
  73. Can you buy harness pins?
  74. B5 radio upgrade
  75. In Line Output Convertor
  76. Help with issue on system
  77. Confused iPod dock on RNS-E in 08 A4
  78. C4 1998 a6 radio problems
  79. chinese oem look multimedia units
  80. 2013 b8.5 non navi upgrade to navi question
  81. C5 S6 with RNS-E mk2 bose - Speaker/Sub upgrade help
  82. Need help: Ported Sub vs. something like a shaker?
  83. Make MKV no longer works?????
  84. RNS-E Problem
  85. How to disconnect bluetooth module in 2007 Audi A4 (B7)
  86. What sound input?
  87. 2004 B6 Audi S4
  88. 2008 Q7 AMI system not connecting to iPod
  89. A4 b6 speaker trouble
  90. Q7 rear rows entertainment systems
  91. Aux-In Recoding Issues - Error 31
  92. Disconnect Stock Sub and Center Channel? B7 A4
  93. 2006 S4 iPod Connection
  94. Receiver that works with Android Torque app
  95. Help me choose SD card, Aux and usb player
  96. 2001 Audi TT Factory Stereo
  97. How can I adapt the Shark Fin (B7) to aftermarket Nav/Sirius
  98. Camera wiring b7
  99. Panel rattle from speaker bass
  100. Couple b5radio questions. Anybody know the pre out voltage of the symphony head unit?
  101. MMI 3G HDD problem after update
  102. Replacement for RNS-E
  103. Real stupid questions about older RNS
  104. Symofny II to RNS-E general questions
  105. New Bluetooth streaming option
  106. Swap internal HDD
  107. 2005 a6
  108. Can't Get Power Wire Through
  109. What is an easy audio upgrade for A4 B7 S-Line
  110. RNS-E Retrofit Cable Assistance
  111. Audi b7 new layout my ideas
  112. Sub won't work with aux
  113. B8 S4 - Sirius option doesnt show up
  114. cable Q for samsung phone.
  115. 12v AMP/SUB install B8.5 S5
  116. AMI AUX Sound Problem
  117. Need a simple ipod interface to replace factory cd changer in trunk.
  118. RNS-E MK2 with Bose volume problems.
  119. OEM HU and no sound from Rear
  120. AMI/iPod problems on 2G High on A6 Avant 2007
  121. replacing RNS-E knobs
  122. LC2i and Aftermarket Sub in B8 non b&o
  123. So Anyone Successfully Use Kivic One To Airplay Mirror In Audi ???
  124. RNS-E CD help
  125. Question about speaker sizes in the a4 b8
  126. I can't believe the amount the POS 8 year old RNS-E units are bringing....
  127. No audio output with new Sirius install
  128. Thanks to Christan at Enfig
  129. Upgrade for my A4 B7 Symphony? Wanted: iPod and/or Bluetooth
  130. Radio Stations Disappearing/Reappearing?
  131. RNS-E bluetooth and SAT module question and B5 S4 face place
  132. Can't get head unit to recognise wallpaper
  133. Need advice with a Bluetooth dongle installation
  134. Amp flashing protect mode with LOC hooked upů
  135. CD ripping time.
  136. Looking for advice in replacing bad Sirius module (4F0 035 082 A) - 2010 Q5 Prestige
  137. Rant! 2014 S4 audio system sucks balls!!
  138. New Digital Ice front end for Android
  139. DAB+ compatibility with Audi MMI/DAB tuner 2011
  140. where this cable goes to? (Audi antenna adapter)
  141. MMI upgrade and Bose problems
  142. Covering bases for aftermarket stereo
  143. Mirror Tap to power Escort 9500ix: rear view mirror trim removal question
  144. Where are the classified for Car stereo stuff on Audizine?
  145. B5 A4 Non Bose, I want to add an A8 amp
  146. Grom vs. Dension bluetooth A2DP kits
  147. 2013 S4 Premium Subwoofer planning
  148. Upgrading non bose stereo low $$$ help with amp?
  149. Audi A4 B8 Avant, DanielBj's Audio build thread
  150. Fuse Tap-in Question - Please help
  151. merging OEM cd changer + satellite radio cables into RNS-E
  152. Roku or G box in my car?
  153. RNS-E DVD stuck and won't read
  154. B5 S4 Stereo change and now sounds like !!!!!!
  155. Please Help! Audi A4 B6 Concert AUX Adapter
  156. Sirrius install into 2002 A4 with Symphony I
  157. 2009 Audi S5 question
  158. Audi RNS-E unit Removal keys not engaging not able to remove unit ?
  159. How to remove metra double din bezel and adapter?
  160. Audi A4 B8 2008 2.0TDI
  161. 2005.5 Audi a4 B7 going from Symphony II to Symphony II + help
  162. Audi A6 Oem Navi Install help please. thanks
  163. Audi A4 B7 RNS-E Missing Low # Sirius Channels
  164. Audi B6 S4 (2004) - Pioneer AVIC 8000NEX anybody ?
  165. Speaker Sizes of '08 Audi A6 (C6)
  166. Any B8 owners here that have a quality upgrade done by a pro for less than $2k?
  167. RNS-E Coding Issue - AUX input
  168. Strange DAB issue
  169. 2007 A4 - Pioneer Appradio 2 install problems
  170. Trying to identify audio connections under climate control unit
  171. Aftermarket nav system for 2014 A4?
  172. Audi C6 A6 cd changer help...
  173. B7 Symphony - help ident wiring harness
  174. Do I have a subwoofer?
  175. Alpine KCE-245i
  176. 2006 A4 B7 symphony w/BOSE
  177. playing spotify and charge iphone with MMI3
  178. How to get jukebox to read ID3 tags
  179. Amp Ground Came Loose, Now Sub Acting Funny
  180. Good head unit?
  181. New Head unit in a 06 A4
  182. Issues with radio, HELP please
  183. Audi TT 2008 Symphony Stereo Power Issue
  184. Audi TT 2008 Head Unit Upgrade
  185. Budget B5 Audio Upgrades...
  186. Need suggestions for replacing factory Blose speakers in 2002 S6 Avant
  187. Sorting out an A4 B5 Avant
  188. If you need to buy Enfig, I've got parts I don't need
  189. whining sound in speakers
  190. 01 Allroad with JVC-NT700 (phone control)
  191. Enfig: Problems with head unit install into B7 S4
  192. B7 A4 Sedan Sub enclosure help
  193. B8.5 crappy subwoofer
  194. Iphone > AMI question
  195. Symphony II to RNS-E and Bluetooth harness question
  196. anyone running Apple CarPlay - Alpine iLX 007 - vs NavPlus RSE-E for B5
  197. Fiberglass 10" Sub Box (B8)
  198. No power going to radio
  199. Need help on installing a Pioneer radio
  200. Quiet rear speakers and sub A4 B6
  201. trouble connecting iphone 6 ios 8.1.2 to 2007 A4 with RNS-E
  202. Poor FM Reception - Kenwood HU in A4 B7
  203. s3 2015 sedan usa model, does it have live traffic on the navigation?
  204. Best of all worlds. (CD, Sat, iPod)
  205. Cable identification in Aftermarket Radio Installation
  206. Anyway to upgrade the rear view camera to higher resolution cam?
  207. Symphony 2+ to rns e problems
  208. what is the best way to install an amp in the new s3 2015 sedan and make it look oem?
  209. B7 RS4 RNS-E upgrade path
  210. Christian question for you
  211. B5 non-bose speaker upgrade
  212. Bluetooth question??
  213. RNS-E with AUX integration, and what is that cable
  214. Kenwood 8105d with pioneer ts sw2002d2
  215. Rewired power to head unit, now no sound??
  216. New back windshield and now radio barely works.
  217. xm receiver in B6 A4
  218. rear speaker issue, 2002 a4 avant bose symphony 2
  219. Radio wiring help
  220. 01 AR with RNS-E - unable to unlock
  221. Radio replacement time.
  222. CarPlay in 2016 Models
  223. Bricked MMI!!
  224. Xcarlink and backup camera
  225. Simple Stereo Upgrades (S4/B8 B&O)
  226. Planning to Install Dynavin N6 tomorrow. PLEASE HELP!!!
  227. Symphony 2 to RNS-e
  228. Dietz 1417 help please
  229. Digital head unit in b5 a4
  230. Help with radio install 2003 a4
  231. My custom fiberglass box
  232. Audi A5 Android screen
  233. 3 wire connection for ipod adaptor help
  234. Navigation 30pin adapter to lightening cable
  235. Aftermarket Stereo Speakers for B7 A4
  236. Video in motion Help Please
  237. Audi RNS-e Navigation dic issues
  238. Has anyone used Audax speakers
  239. Symphony 2+ no bass unless disconnect and reconnect...
  240. OEM Reverse Camera Install Help A4
  241. Switched Fuse Socket Remains 'Hot" When Fuse Tap Used
  242. Aftermaket navigation added to my 2002 Aidi a6 3.0 quattro
  243. iOS 8.3 UPDATE Brings Wireless Carplay / Audi Voice control Steering wheel button ?
  244. Several Dension questions
  245. MMI Randomly Shutting Off ?
  246. Need MMI updates for download...anyone?
  247. RNS-E (2010 LED update) no longer allowing brightness adjustment
  248. RS5 B&O sub upgrade info required
  249. 7" Android Tablet Integration
  250. Not happy with the sound from my b5 A4 looking for a good set of 6.5 components