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  1. b5 symphony + 5 channel amp.
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  13. Parrot CK3000 vs. EGO TALK
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  16. Dynavin
  17. b7 S4 head unit won't work
  18. Audi Symphony II+ Questions
  19. Anyone interested in a brand new Nakamichi TA-25 head unit?
  20. B7 Standard Audio to MMI
  21. audi mmi viseeo bluetooth setup
  22. B7 Double Din touchscreen install help
  23. Best sub/enclosure to go with MRP-M500 amp?
  24. RSNE, bluetooth, and the ipod controller woes, help
  25. Anyone Try this?
  26. 2012 A4 Sound upgrade
  27. Audi 3G MMI iPod Playlist Reset on Startup?
  28. what kind of antenna connector do I need?
  29. Need Ipod for my new RS4
  30. New Amp 'P.Control' wire help needed
  31. OEM Aux port connection to RNS-E help on 90 A3
  32. Audio System Questions
  33. Help me order the right parts from enfig!
  34. B5 audio set up help
  35. New A8 owner looking for some help
  36. Looking for the right iPod integration kit for my RNS-E
  37. B8 A4 Stealth Sub Help Choosing Components
  38. Need help figuring out wiring
  39. :: ECS Tuning :: Silverline DUO iPod/iPhone Integration Kit!!
  40. subwoofer suggestions and questions
  41. "warmest" component speakers
  42. Ripping/playing multichannel audio with MMI 3G + B&O?
  43. Looking for Blanpunkt A4 radio code
  44. Upgrading bose "woofers" A4 B5
  45. All the Bass GURUS chime in please
  46. WTB: Sirius Satellite radio module for 07 rs4 w/ nav&tpms
  47. How is this amp? Alpine V12 4 Channel Amp
  48. Want to add a sub to my B8 S4
  49. Would anyone be kind enough to copy their Nav DVD for me? North American
  50. B7 S4 w/ factory RNS-E upgrading to DNX-9990HD
  51. B8 Avant Stereo Upgrade Question
  52. B7 Aftermarket headunit - 3 problems!
  53. formatting MP3 SD on RS4
  54. question about a Bose system
  55. B5 S4...Gutting the stereo and starting over
  56. What are the best B6 S4 Radio Options
  57. Question/Issues with multifunction steering wheel
  58. Whats th edifference between Enfig trim kit and crutchfield?
  59. Aftermarket Viseeo Talk2Can AMI Bluetooth Phone Kit Coding VCDS
  60. Sundown SA-8 D2 Feedback Needed
  61. Help! A4 b8 :: Radio works for 22 seconds then stops
  62. amp blown, lookin for a new amp for these...
  63. Rns-e 4 keys needed asap
  64. 2010+ rns-e + ami + rvc ?
  65. I need the replacement cap for the MMI joystick in an A5
  66. Looking for 2010 A4 B8 B&O Amp Schematic
  67. 2 ohm sub on a 2 channel amp
  68. RNS-e + IOS5 / Galaxy S2 LTE
  69. Sirus XM volume is low?
  70. pictures of my b6 s4 install
  71. Q5 Speaker Upgrade
  72. mObridge M1000-M-DA1 vs.mObridge DA1 bit (MOST CONVERTER) B&O Upgrade
  73. Non-Bose Sub and Amp Install w/ Dynavin Head unit
  74. Help Needed with VAG-COM reverting to previous version of RNS-510 Firmware
  75. Stock replacement options for B6 A4 w/ Bose
  76. Touched positive and negative sub cables together. How to fix?
  77. No sound with Sirius radio? B6 A4
  78. A6 AMI Retrofit?
  79. A3 RNS-E Issues
  80. weak rear speaker output with aftermarket HU installed
  81. No Radio Reception w/aftermarket HU's 2 cars, not one =(
  82. AMI with Samsung galaxy S3
  83. C5 S6 bluetooth phone + a2dp integration
  84. Symphony 2+ issue. CD changer reads "error" "service" and won't accept any disks
  85. Symphony 2 XM radio problem - help help!
  86. How to introduce a new OPTICAL surround audio input in MMI3G
  87. Rns-e Help!! please!
  88. Upgrades for B8 A4
  89. Special tool for getting cables through grommets?
  90. XM vs SIRIUS
  91. A4B7 Aux port with Symp II+ (concert III)
  92. Volume Increase on Acceleration
  93. Looking for speaker sizes for each speaker in a 2009 S5 B&O system?
  94. B7S4 with RNS-E, what changes will I notice when swapping head unit?
  95. Need help with center channel speaker installation in dash
  96. Playing iphone 4s in B6 (05) audi s4
  97. Symphony II+ "Service" on Radio Display
  98. Controlling spotify on Ipod 4th Gen via Audi MMI
  99. Audi RNS-E Amp & Sub Upgrade Help
  100. Need foam padding for wrapping door panel components?
  101. Programming MFSW Rotary dials in CAN-BUS
  102. Custom Audi sub box. Work in progress.
  103. Memphis Car Audio and Recommended Audio Installers around Southern New Hampshire
  104. Panavise Mount doesn't fit B6 Audi A4
  105. custom audi box, with pic this time!!!
  106. My first audio build, B7 A4 Avant
  107. Playing CD's with RSN-E?
  108. cant get radio tools out :(
  109. factory amp adjustment??
  110. No reception, possible missing audio components
  111. Bluetooth sounds like Crap!! Pioneer AVH-P4400BH
  112. Aftermarket Radio Install on '04 A6 C5
  113. What headliner material is used in new S-line models?
  114. RNS-E...Just activated XM - data showing, but no audio...
  115. B7 A4 Bluetooth connection.
  116. B6 S4 Non-Bose system, Can the head unit be replaced by a bose head unit?
  117. Is my Bose amp on it's way out?
  118. RNS-E and S4 Color Display Cluster
  119. popping,crackling noises...
  120. B&O -- how loud?
  121. steering wheel controls
  122. Single din quality flip out touchscreen/nav/entertainment
  123. CC holder V1 display unless someone wants to sell me an ADR module (please!)
  124. iPod Solution
  125. Help with ENFIG and JVC AV60BT
  126. Is my stock deck cooked?
  127. just installed the Dension Ipod kit from Enfig.
  128. Kenwood DNX6190HD in my 2006 B7
  129. Symphony ii+ vs. RNS E
  130. Can this be done dsp and sub control on concert 3 in a4 b8
  131. wiring diagram for B5 S4 metro kit to Pioneer avic z2
  132. Custom audi sub setup. Finished product
  133. best door speakers? for a 07 a4
  134. HELP! Issue with Fiscon Bluetooth Retrofit - B7 S4
  135. B6 A4 head unit install
  136. Looking for In-Dash Navigation Recomendations
  137. Amplifier Power Wire Question
  138. Symphony II to Dynavin sound question
  139. wiring help for a blaupunkt amp
  140. Need Some Help please! VAG-COM coding for reverse camera in A4 B7
  141. WTB: Symphony II+ w/ code for Symphony Upgrade
  142. Help Identifying Headunit
  143. Audio Ideas for 2011 B8 A4
  144. Symphony to Dynavin D30 harness?
  145. Pioneer Z130bt and 2006 audi symphony II = rear speakers VERY low
  146. Help me decide what Head unit to go with
  147. Problem with my Reverse Camera function on RNSE, it won't auto switch...
  148. 2000 S4...trying to do a stereo is making me crazy
  149. Are newer Pioneer deck plugs the same?
  150. A5/S5/RS5 speaker question
  151. Noob requiring help with A5 MMI
  152. Problem with Bluetooth and iPhone 4S
  153. Need a Navi plus unit
  154. I Pod Question
  155. Busted Speaker?
  156. Can sirius xm unit from symph 2 connect to symph2+
  157. Audi s8 amp upgrade into A4 - experiencing trouble
  158. Center speaker
  159. S4 Cabriolet - satellite antenna problem
  160. Audio advice needed! Audi 2001 s6 concert head unit Bose speakers
  161. About to buy 2012 RNS-E
  162. Symphony 1 - unplug small medal plug?
  163. No AM reception
  164. Help me build a SQ system
  165. Tapping into B5 Bose amp harness in trunk
  166. Swapping RSN-E over - radio code needed?
  167. Will this set up play iPhone 5 video and sound on RNS-E?
  168. Aux input for Symphony II+
  169. 2013 S4 - JUKEBOX IMPORT question
  170. Help ID some factory B5 head unit wires.
  171. What do I need - iPod addition
  172. How to connect wires (what colours) between SWI-JACK and SWI-CAN2 modules...
  173. Temperature Sensitive Bose System (2001 Audi A4)
  174. Alpine INE-Z928HD?
  175. Wiring harness issues on TT with Bose
  176. What is this connector?
  177. Antenna issues
  178. Connecting sirius to my a4 b6- Still no reception
  179. New Iphone 5 owner, looking for options for the RNS-E
  180. Dension GW17AC1 new install problems
  181. Lookin for a radio.
  182. Dension Gateway 500 Installer
  183. I need help looking for a better iPod integration
  184. Improving my first Audi
  185. Symphony II+ to RNSE aux problem
  186. Non-existent AM radio reception on B5 S4
  187. Anyone that has experience with Audison Voce?
  188. Aftermarket HU integration with steering wheel controls AND dash display
  189. Mounting iPhone in car
  190. HELP! Please!! Audi unlock code for RNS-E from a 2007 TT Mk2
  191. Los labs custom sub box
  192. B5 Symphony head unit swap
  193. 2007 A6 subwoofer
  194. IPad 2 Charging in Car help
  195. Jukebox Import of Audio CD
  196. Reprogramming issues after SW Control Module Install
  197. Anyone know how to make the left scroll wheel on the steering wheel auto select MMI2
  198. Stereo Whine
  199. Trouble playing Dension 100 (GW17AC2)
  200. RS6 or S8
  201. Need Help putting stereo wiring harness on audi a6
  202. 2002 Allroad - new Symphony Radio from ECS - hangs in "PHONE"
  203. Staticky rear speakers after new head unit, Bose
  204. A4 Avant Symphony Rear Speaker connection has strange harness??
  205. Axxess Steering Wheel Control Adapter programing?
  206. Kenwood DDX419 install questions
  207. USA Spec Audi iPod Integration Kit/XM Satellite Receiver Removal
  208. RNS-E Randomly Shutting Off
  209. B6 with Symphony II+
  210. B6 avant speaker questions
  211. Making a trunk mounted subwoofer enclosure using panels from a 96 and 00 b5 A4
  212. Adding 3.5mm Aux input to a stereo
  213. Symphony II+ steering wheel control question
  214. Polk db 651/ 651s
  215. RNS-E Bluetooth with Galaxy S3 - phonebook contacts wrong
  216. Auxiliary plug via GROM/CD Changer
  217. B8.5 Subwoofer + amp + L2CI no remote trigger with subwoofer tap?
  218. Bluetooth Streaming IPhone music question [x-post from telematics forum)
  219. Head unit wiring and relays
  220. Ipod integration -- a new and foreign territory for me
  221. C5 A6 Avant Beeping sound coming from my rear driver side speaker
  222. Help with Aux Button/Connection
  223. Symphony II+ to be used as aftermarket headunit; Is it Possible?
  224. Aftermarket HU/Sub/Amp with Bose system HELP
  225. Was all excited about my Aftermarket Audio Upgrade...until...!
  226. RNS-E
  227. Weak back speakers after New HU
  228. Need Help
  229. What will I need for aftermarket HU?
  230. 2011 A6 help with wiring Accessory Power to trunk and MMI drain
  231. Need quik advice via Power hook up
  233. B5 S4 Non-Bose speaker Upgrade Help
  234. Do I really have to add a switched 12VDC+ wire to my aftermarket Pioneer HU?
  235. Thinking about selling my RNS-E
  236. No audio from front right door when listening to XM radio on RNS-E
  237. B5 aftermarket head unit help needed
  238. Connecting Android tablet to oem Bose system
  239. what do i need for after market hu
  240. Dension GW 16xx Symphony II+ question ? (christian?)
  241. Dice I-Audi-R/5V and iPhone 4S No Audio Output
  242. Stereo install shop? Rochester, NY
  243. Questions about Dynavin's CANBUS features
  244. symphony II+ into a4 b6 kufatec harness bns 5.0, concert 3, symphony 3 not turning on
  245. 2008 A4 Symphony II+ and iPod factory integration, want BT integration with Android
  246. Nexus 7 Install
  247. MMI audi navigation plus A4 2008
  248. Passenger door speakers not working, ideas why?
  249. Stereo keys
  250. Problem with RNS-e