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  1. Glovebox iPod options for B7 S4?
  2. Bose System to aftermarket? Avoid *POP* from AMP?
  3. VIM Hack for RNS-E
  4. b6 a4 amp and sub question
  5. RNS-E bluetooth
  6. Aftermarket Speakers Concert Deck
  7. B5 A4 Bose Audio Issues
  8. b5 double din intall kit....
  9. EnfigCarStereo - Pioneer AVH-P5200BT and the AVIC-U220 navigation module. $624.99
  10. Which wire is the motion activation wire?
  11. Aftermarket alarm, factory key fob?
  12. B6 A4 Stereo help
  13. HOW TO USE Pioneer AVIC D3?????? navi
  14. All I want is aux in (rns-e), nothing else
  15. My rns-e stopped recalcuating. Anyone seen this before?
  16. Pioneer AVIC-X920BT
  17. '08 A4 Ipod + Bluetooth Questions
  18. Enfig Car Stereo - Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT Sale Until 10/29/10
  19. Audi Concert II+ Change Country
  20. A4 B7 new stereo install ?
  21. OEM Aux for '08 A4 Sympony II+ w/ Bose and IPOD
  22. My Audio Install on b6 s4 - 75% completion
  23. XM question
  24. B7 A4 Non Bose Non Nav upgrade wiring harness q's
  25. Dynavin for A4, A3, TT In Stock!
  26. Is a capacitor really necesary for my system?
  27. B5 S4, added a subwoofer, few questions
  28. Alpine Amp - MRV F357
  29. B7 A4 Stereo upgrade comple, sounds fantastic
  30. Input sensitivity
  31. b7a4 non bose center channel?
  32. rns-e and iphone video out
  33. Connecting Alpine PXE-H650 to Bose in B7
  34. question about speaker going out
  35. Rear door speakers worth it?
  36. Harness adapters, Audi to Alpine. Where to buy?
  37. No sound??
  38. Wow.. check this out:
  39. Where can I find these buttons?
  40. RNS-E, aftermarket amp won't power off
  41. Anyone know how to bypass the auto shut off for the in-dash dvd player in a '10 Q7?
  42. Anyone have a source for speaker cloth that matches the Audi Grey color?
  43. Will my B6 navigation still work with an aftermarket deck?
  44. iPhone Software to monitor VW/AUDI in real time
  45. Dension Gateway 100 - steering wheel controls problem
  46. Is it worth the time / effort?
  47. B6 A4 Replacing oem rear speaker amp with aftermarket amp
  48. RNS-E acting strangely, and now it's dead?
  49. Bose Concert NO CDC
  50. Just bought the Pioneer Premier TS-SW841D for my S4.Other upgrades?
  51. I'm planning on installing speakers into the rear door. Best way to connect them?
  52. Aftermarket sub and amp on RNS-D
  53. Droid X and Blutooth! HELP!!!
  54. Amp gain working backwards??? What did I do wrong?
  55. looking for advice on single din deck
  56. b5 s4 sub install problem, please help
  57. rns-d cd nav disks
  58. Removal of Bose Amp / Sub from Avant
  59. RNS-E working with ignition off?
  60. help with HU replacement/non-bose concert/rear speakers not working??
  61. Rockford Fosgate t142 4" speakers in a B5?
  62. Where is the illumination wire?
  63. How to get speaker wire into the doors?
  64. New trunk setup for Remix this weekend..............
  65. What are you guys using to connect ipod/iphone to rns-e besides DICE?
  66. My stereo build (with plenty of photos)
  67. Symphony 2 to 2+ with Dension Ipod Adapter Problems
  68. Audi Concert II
  69. Ipod Intergration
  70. OEMish navi unit.
  71. Please Help . NO RADIO POWER FML
  72. iPod integration using headphone jack (AUX)
  73. Aux Audio Input for 2003 TT
  74. Speaker buying tip needed
  75. Let me see your...
  76. The Trunk goes BOOM!
  77. What should the gain be set at?
  78. Bluetooth connectivity with HTC EVO 4G phone
  79. iPod/iPhone Interface Questions
  80. Kenwood DDX616
  81. A5 Rattling with Bass
  82. 2005 B6 S4 adapter question
  83. amp installation
  84. radio turns off and back on (A4 B6)
  85. Question about Symphony II+
  86. Looking to update stereo (07 A4 Base 2.0 Quattro)
  87. anyone do "the big 3"
  88. Have the ipod integration but how do I do this...???? HELP PLEASE
  89. Stereo turning off and on
  90. Dension Gateway100 + Nano (g6)
  91. Stupid Question
  92. Dension Gateway 5 in B6, pairing with RNSE, MFSW, iPhone 4
  93. Just picked up RNS-D
  94. HELP with bose amp wiring/ground loop issue
  95. Am I ordering the right stuff? Dension + iPhone 4.
  96. '99.5 A4 Avant w/Concert Stereo
  97. Kenwood KIV-700 Video Problem...
  98. Dbl din treasure hunt
  99. Help replacing RNS-E
  100. C5 A6 stereo replacement suggestions?
  101. B7: Perfect-Fit Sub Enclosure
  102. B5 + double din?
  103. Concert Stereo - Vag Com?
  104. 04 TT 225 with Bose system
  105. Calling Car Audio Gurus
  106. Symphony II Radio, SCAN Button
  107. Staging a DYNAMAT vs DAMPLIFIER noise suppression upgrade.
  108. Symphony II+ compatibility
  109. Kenwood DNX 5160 Question
  110. Question for those with the older oem Navigation systems
  111. Aftermarket Car Stereo Component Buyer's Guide?
  112. Completely replacing stock bose system
  113. audi a4 b6 single din radio instal sound problems
  114. 2001 B5 S4- Ipod integration
  115. Anyone using Dension 100/300 with RNS-E but without MFSW?
  116. Help Locating 2011 Audi A3 RNS-E with Navigation Plus (yes, I searched)
  117. B5 a4 how do I get the stock deck out
  118. Connect Iphone 4 to B7 S4
  119. B6 A4: Radio removal w/ Metra Install kit??
  120. I need Speaker/harness help
  121. Any DIYs on removing a Bose amp?
  122. Dealership says A5 audio CANNOT be upgraded... Options?
  123. Symphony 2+ AUX harness?
  124. road noise in speakers after installing new double DIN.... HELP!
  125. Stereo Works, Speakers Do Not
  126. "Upgrade" to Symphony II+ in C5 S6???
  127. My Stereo Build: JL 10W7, 750/1 ; Focal Components; 920BT ; etc. . .
  128. RNS-E line out for amp?
  129. anyone know of navi unit with a 'queue' type function
  130. Radio Problem (Symphony II) - xpost from B6 forum
  131. Stupid iphone 4 integration question please help!
  132. I just realized...
  133. Cracked RNSE
  134. 02 a4 double or single?
  135. B6 A4 Bose System - Rewire / replacing speakers
  136. B7 navi question??
  137. 96 b5 a4 speakers are on and off
  138. B5 1997 Audi A4 Speaker Upgrade
  139. SymphonyII + SAFE code trouble? for gods sake... WTF
  140. Phatbox in 2002 S4 w/ Symphony
  141. please help before i light this on fire and stomp the ashes out
  142. Metra 70-1787 and B5 S4 Bose - Pioneer install ?
  143. Ground Zero Sub
  144. Anyone with experience using the Lilliput EBY701?
  145. Update my audi-o
  146. Symphony II+ Question
  147. Complete sound system overhaul with a question
  148. How to install aftermarket sub and amp on A4 B8 (2011) ?
  149. Ground Noise after Avic D3 Install
  150. under seat subwoofers?
  151. Scosche wiring harness VW03B/VW03 with AVH-P2300DVD
  152. B5 S4 stereo ideas?
  153. Max on volume in 3G MMI
  154. Hissing Noise after Audio upgrade
  155. Interface factory bluetooth with Alpine head unit?
  156. Anyone getting electrical gremlins after installing new head units?
  157. Rear Concert Radio Wiring Diagram
  158. Iphone4 & Symphony II
  159. Metal Cage for a 99 B5?
  160. Recommend some sound deadening material?
  161. Sat Radio Control Unit Question
  162. correct harness for new head unit?
  163. Enfigs Connect2 CTSAD003 harness
  164. Need some in dash navi recommendations
  165. Need help! No sound from rear speakers. Front and sub works fine. 2005 A4
  166. SD Card "Corrupt Music Files" in B& O system
  167. RCA Audio Out from MMI via MOST interface
  168. Sub sounds muddy
  169. Radio conversion on Ebay?
  170. 2008 A4 B7 non-bose OEM front left woofer part #?
  171. Remote turn-on signal too weak.
  172. Review: Budget SD+USB+ AUX MP3 player thing
  173. C5 S6 - Symphony II to Symphony II+ - DTCs - Radio doesn't turn on with igntion
  174. allroad stereo install.. amost done :( connect2 harness issue :(
  175. 2007 B7 A4 with Symphony - going aftermarket
  176. 2001 A4 1.8T aftermarket deck
  177. What to buy speaker-wise?
  178. Aftermarket Stereo B5
  179. RNS E repair? HELP
  180. B7 aftermarket navi
  181. B5 A4 Avant Rear Panels
  182. Removing Cigarette Lighter
  183. Unlock code for Delta
  184. Male pins ?
  185. Bad radio reseption
  186. B8 Avant Custom Subwoofer install
  187. What Ipod Cable is This?
  188. 2008 A4 w/ factory iPod ** reroute cable?
  189. Amp Remote Turn On B8 A4
  190. have stock bluetooth and controls on wheel but want nav head unit and ipod hook up
  191. Any Help on this Double Din Kit
  192. bose or no bose ?
  193. my stereo build
  194. Need RNS-E wiring harness adapter for non-bose B6 symphony
  195. Need receiver recommendation
  196. Wiring and Speaker questions.
  197. My 2011 B8 custom amp and subwoofer install
  198. Here is my plan... will it work - B7
  199. purchasing some parts, have some questions.
  200. Reinstalling Concert II in '07 A3, can't get rear speakers to work
  201. New to stereo upgrades: please advise. Replace speakers / amps / sub?
  202. Single din install in a b7...
  203. 2005 C7 A6 audio questions (want to use Stock MMI sub control with aftermarket amp)
  204. glove box 6-disc cd changer replacement?
  205. Paging Audi Audiophiles
  206. Amp & Sub in Audi A6.. Is it possible
  207. Using the factory GPS and Sirius with Pioneer Head unit
  208. HAALLLPPP!!
  209. 6 disc cd changer in glovebox upgrades? aftermarket or OEM ??
  210. ipod solution needed
  211. OEM Sirius and RNS-E
  212. B6 S4 Cabriolet harness pinouts
  213. Alpine mono amp MRP-M1000 yes or no?
  214. B6 Symphony speakers, amp, wtf.
  215. Radio code for blaupunkt radio from audi s8
  216. Audio help. Noob to it.
  217. Want to play my Ipod but dont have a output!!! HELP!!
  218. 2006 s4 avant bose subwoofer replacement?
  219. Rns-E help. Sticky keys
  220. new speakers
  221. Need detailed information about Bose system
  222. Radar detectors: K40 or Escort
  223. Need insight on my sub system
  224. B5 BOSE Bypass
  225. aftermarket navigation a3
  226. Dension Cradle
  227. Replacing all the B&O Speakers
  228. Anyone have a Vag-Com/VCDS on Long Island?
  229. OEM Sirius Intermittent -doesn't work sometimes at cold start
  230. Want better sound in my car (b5)
  231. 2004 Audi a4 sub woofer installation question.
  232. Installing stock head unit in 2001 A6, need stock wiring harness
  233. Light Dimming Help
  234. rns-e retrofit question
  235. matching Sub to Amp
  236. Getting No CD error
  237. iPod hardwired adapter issues
  238. Best car speakers for b5 a4
  239. My RNS-E Nav is off about 3 to 6 miles
  240. Help with Blitzsafe AUX
  241. Concert I wiring harness
  242. Replacing stock speakers with B&O
  243. About to get one sub but cant decide which one Alpine or Rockford?
  244. Dynavin units have Android!!!
  245. Stereo Build 02 Audi TT
  246. Re-coding EU RSN-E to US Spec
  247. A4 metra dash kit removal/speaker install
  248. ***Kufatec Summer Sale is Here***
  249. Dash Kit
  250. converting Navi Disc US-Euro