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  1. Installed OEM DAB, but sound quality sucks. Access green menu??
  2. AMI power in glove box?
  3. Radio wont power on after install
  4. Mmi display turns on for 10 seconds then shuts off. Any ideas?
  5. 4F0 919 142 Digital TV tuner for A8 D3 2003. Please Help!
  6. B7 to B6 nav install with Bluetooth/ iPhone/ and backup camera questions.
  7. B7 Avant - front door component options
  8. Galaxy S8+ not recognizing RNS-E
  9. Remove rear entertainment (DVD) system from Q7
  10. MMI 3G issues recognizing iPod about 50% of time
  11. Mmi works when car is off, but cuts on and off when car is pn
  12. What's your current setup?
  13. Where to source genuine OEM rear view camera?
  14. Phatbox with MMI 3G
  15. Bluetooth Adapter and MMI 2015 A4
  16. Symphony 2 to rns-e
  17. Anyone else have issues with A2DP???
  18. RNS-E DVD drive strange behavior
  19. RNS-E Way over rated
  20. Rnse
  21. B6 Faint Hum and Whine
  22. B5 S4 RNS-E retrofit problem, advise please
  23. S4 B7 "Bluetooth phone preparation"?
  24. Seeking bjarne's CANGate
  25. 1999 B5 A4 w/Bose - trouble with aftermarket headunit install
  26. B7 RNS-E 193 upgrade: Phone and VCDS issues
  27. Tuning
  28. Panlelo navigation
  29. Hard wire for an ESCORT radar detector
  30. looking around at headunit replacements for an 02 A4 and found this.. any experience?
  31. B6 A4 iPad to Bose amp??
  32. B8.5 Audi S4 B&O crackling
  33. Where is the CAN bus plug?
  34. 2016 A3 B&O MMI Plus 3.5 mm stereo jack question
  35. Big 3 upgrade a4 b7
  36. Bose Symphony Problem - Audi a4 2004
  37. B6 & B7 Android Google Nexus 7 2013 Tablet Install Guide
  38. Rear view camera retrofit not working. Hoping to figure out before taking to dealer.
  39. OEM Sirius w/ Aftermarket HU
  40. Enable Navigation?
  41. HELP , RNS-E Audi A4 B6
  42. PLEASE HELP ME IDENTIFY MY OEM RADIO and also any updates or upgrades for it !!!!!!!
  43. Oem Audio help!!!
  44. upgrade to Bose?
  45. 2014 R8 retrofit backup camera
  46. RNS-E code help? I have S/N
  47. Audi OLD Gamma Aux input.
  48. Need CAN BUS wiring expert, to tell me if this will work to add memory seats to Q3
  49. Confused A4
  50. How to modify AMI cable to stream audio with Bluetooth and USB hard drive
  51. Pioneer AVH-4200NEX - Enfig harness - Cutting Sound issue
  52. 2010+ RNS-E Into B6 A4
  53. No Rear sound after new head unit fix
  54. A4 B&O system upgrades?
  55. RNS-D Code Help
  56. RNS-e dead unit?
  57. updating sw
  58. NO AMI(ipod interface) on 2015 R8, HELP!!
  59. Front Door Speaker adapters, B8.5
  60. AUX. audio for MMI ,?
  61. B7 RSNE is Prefacelift B5 A4
  62. How To Mirror iPhone Media To MMI Screen on 2017 A4
  63. My S6 Audio Install!
  64. Resistor For Color Code Calculator
  65. Aftermarket amp/sub install
  66. Helpp aftermarket amp/sub
  67. B8 A4 Allroad Changing artist over Bluetooth
  68. B8 S4 BO Subwoofer Upgrade
  69. 2011 B8 S4 w/B&O audi options
  70. 6 Channel amp install
  71. Battery Draining with Bluetooth
  72. Alpine X702D-A4
  73. What to focus once installing sub-woofers?
  74. Rns-e
  75. Aftermarket Sub issue
  76. USB/Lightning **AND** Aux 3.5mm input from AMI - can you do it? If so, is this how?
  77. Bootloader 2G High MMI
  78. 2015 S3 Backup Camera Upgrade
  79. iTunes sync to SD Card
  80. B7 owner looking for Android capable headunit. NOT AN IN DASH TABLET
  81. MMI connecting to phone
  82. Need help updating RNS-E firmware to version 260 so it will support AUX input.
  83. aftermarket bluetooth with retrofit rns-e in b6
  84. Sound problem after changing Chorus for Concert. Please help!
  85. RNSE and OEM Bluetooth retrofit....in call volume way too low...please help
  86. Need Help on DSP Sound Intermitient
  87. 3G+ Retrofit Changing Vehicle
  88. Looking for sound system advice
  89. Wanted: Bjarne Cangate Help! Help! B5 S4
  90. Noise playing CD's in 2011 S4
  91. RNS-E screen issues
  92. RNS-E DVD Drive problems
  93. Anybody used the iDatalink Maestro RR?
  94. Adding backup camera and parking sensors to Concert stereo in 2015 Q5?
  95. 2016 Q5 3G MMI stuck in Media Initializing
  96. 2012 A6 alternative options to connect subwoofer, mObridge, optical split, modded amp
  97. CD Changer Help......I think
  98. RNS-E 2010 Maps DVD
  99. 2005 allorad trouble shooting rear speakers
  100. 2012 Audi A6 stock subwoofer watts?
  101. Hardwiring dash cam and radar detector
  102. audi s3 2015 b&o system how many channel ouput does the stock amp put out?
  103. Has anyone had success de-coding a radio in "SAFE mode"? - B6 A4/S4?
  104. Audi Concert II 1DIN --> Aftermarket Stereo
  105. How to replace the front door tweeter speaker grille?
  106. question about bench testing a 05 mmi high
  107. 2009 A5 B&O Amplifier Got Wet Due to Design Flaw...Now What?
  108. B5 xtrons head unit
  109. CD Copied with iTunes Don't Play - Help Needed
  110. Subwoofer and Amp Question - Upgrade to 2105 S5 B&O System
  111. Retaining oem backup camera
  112. MMI No Sound for Radio, but CD and Bluetooth Audio Work Fine
  113. 2015 S5 non-MMI video input
  114. SD & Map Update???
  115. RNS-E Bluetooth Questions
  116. Too good to be true?
  117. From Audi Chorus to Audi RNS-E
  118. What is this?
  119. OEM rear camera retrofit on Q5 2014
  120. Remove factory iPod adapter
  121. RNSE code retrieval
  122. Apple CarPlay vs CarPlay iOS vs iOS Screen Mirroring on MMI 2G
  123. 2012 a4 B&O issue
  124. Have a quick amp install question
  125. B5 S4 w/ 8v A3 Steering Wheel - Possible to get Buttons to Work? Aftermarket Headunit
  126. Bench VCDS rns-e?
  127. 2015 RS7 Issue with Using SD Cards or DVDR Disk......
  128. Android TV Box and MMI 2G with Screen Mirroring
  129. Sirius module 8E0 035 593 D
  130. Tone controls unavailable and grayed out.
  131. Factory rns-e wiring for CD changer AND satellite radio?
  132. Kufatec backup camera compatibility for RNS-E
  133. Full range signal tap, which wires? 2012 S4 B&O
  134. test tones and DMM?
  135. Blue Tooth Connection Issue with MMI
  136. Center Channel
  137. 2014 Q5 - any way to get Android Auto?
  138. Anybody need an Infinite Baffle Subwoofer?
  139. B5S4- Has anyone change the OEM Bose speakers for aftermarket
  140. MK2 TT Bose amp replacement w aftermarket
  141. iphone X or iphone in general OR bluetooth in 2012 S5?
  142. Aftermarket Navigation/BU Camera?
  143. Audi Symphony in a 2009 A4 Cab
  144. Best Speaker for Car?
  145. Stereo Swap
  146. RNS-E Ambitions Idea/Project for Bluetooth and Media Integration
  147. Helix car amplifiers
  148. B5 S4 head unit
  149. B8 A4 Mirror Link (or similar) No Nav
  150. Speaker noise/static --- looking for advice --- factory stereo (RS6)
  151. How to enable VIM MMI 2G with OBDeleven
  152. Please help w/Bit DMI & VCDS setup issues.
  153. How to enable Hidden Menu MMI 2G using OBDeleven
  154. 2016 Rs7 ... I want Apple car play (NY/NJ)
  155. Open/Close Windows and Sunroof via Key Fobs on Audi using OBDeleven
  156. 2007 A4 Avant RNS-E Retrofit issue
  157. 2011 A4 Avant How to Upgrade Audio Electronics...
  158. No volume and NOT AVAILABLE message, S6 2016
  159. 2004 S4 RSNE to 2008 A4
  160. rear camera
  161. B8 Avant enclosure
  162. 2014 sound system upgrade - stock amp sub roll-off at high volumes?
  163. B8.5 Allroad - center speaker and sub only working
  164. Apple CarPlay for MMI 2G
  165. Clean Navigation DVD... Hmm
  166. Fix "Please Check Navigation DVD"
  167. Bass hits hard when ignition shuts off
  168. A4 B6: Speakers + subs + amps vs HU upgrade
  169. SD card Random Playback setting lost fix
  170. Help upgrading speakers in non-Bose in b7
  171. adding a sub woofer and amp or just adding amps
  172. Remove Pins from connector
  173. Audi A4 B8 Symphony telephone
  174. 2015 Q5 Concert - AMI Port?
  175. Stealth Sub Woofer Box Source for B9 RS5
  176. B7 S4 Satellite Radio Issue - Stations "Loading"
  177. Upgrade MMI - Sirius?
  178. Changing Sirius Module to Sirius XM module 2013 A6 3+ MMI
  179. Audi Concert Component protection
  180. Help Needed: Install AliExpress CarPlay
  181. Unsure on what amplifier and sub system to work with?
  182. No luck with script to get to Green Menu
  183. B&O Subwoofer Wire Color Code
  184. Kufatec Customer Support
  185. SD Card with Latest Map Software 3+ MMI?
  186. MMI 2G High - white screen
  187. b8 dash speakers -10uf capacitor wiring with replacement- help..
  188. Placement of Laser Shifters in Honeycomb grill
  189. Having issues with bass out of sync /w amp
  190. FS Alpine X701D-A4 used in great condition $800 plus shipping
  191. Upgrade 3g+ ???
  192. Siri voice control
  193. Swap Sirius radio for SiriusXM radio (2013 A6)
  194. AMI USB Splitter for SD Card and OE BT?
  195. First fault issue with stereo
  196. A6 4f/C6 BOSE Audio Retrofit
  197. Can Gateway Confused
  198. Upgrading from B&O system